Ambush Pt. 7: Playboy (Karen McDougal) vs. Penthouse (Elizabeth Hilden) by Irish

Bob Guccioni was sitting behind his desk working hard on expanding his Penthouse Empire. He was making headway in a lot of areas, but he still ran the #2 publication in the industry. And it was a very distant second to Playboy Inc.

Just then his phone rang, it was his private line rather than the phone that went through the switchboard, so he picked it up without hesitation. He glanced over at the caller ID as an after thought as the receiver came up to the side of his head.

What the hell does this bitch want, he thought to himself regretting answering the phone.

"And what can I do for the heiress to the Playboy thrown?" he asked as he immediately recognized Christy Hefner's phone number.

"Hi Bob! I'm glad that I caught you at your desk!" she started off. As she continued on with her pitch, he thought "Caught" was defiantly an appropriate term to describe his situation. Mental note to self: Look at the caller ID before you answer the fucking phone!

"Bob it's been awhile since our girls have gotten together to mix it up. You know as the loser of the last series it's your obligation to issue the challenge for the next series," she continued.

"Christy, I'm well aware of what my obligations are. But believe it or not, things are going just fine around here with out the added publicity of the tournament series," was his reply to the pushy bitch. A smile crossed his face as the thought of hoping Hef lives another 25 years came to mind.

"I'm sure every thing is just fine there at #2 headquarters," Christy purred. "I thought you might be too ashamed after the performance of your last set of champions at our last meeting to step up and issue the challenge. If your girls aren't up to it, I understand."

"First of all Christy, fuck you and fuck your number two bullshit! For the record, my girls have been very busy producing videos and working on our web site for me to take them away for another circus stunt!" was his heated reply.

"Temper! Temper! Mr. Guccioni! I was just trying to help you through an awkward situation! If you feel that your girls aren't up for the challenge, I understand!" bellowed Christy as she slammed the phone down back into its cradle.

Bob was pissed at Christy for slamming the phone in his ear as his ear drum continued to pound almost a minute later. "Damn that little cunt; who the hell does she think she is!" He buzzed his secretary and demanded she get Hef on the phone pronto.

"Hef," he snarled. "I was just blessed with a phone call from your lovely daughter Christy breaking my balls about having another Playboy-Penthouse tournament! Since she slammed the phone down in my ear before I could finish, give her a message for me... Tell her to give me a call when she doesn't have her head shoved so far up her ass and I'll talk. Until then tell her to lose my number and not to bother me any more!" That was all Hef was able to hear before the dial tone began coming through his ear piece.

Hef buzzed his daughter's office over the intercom. "Christy! Get your ass in here right this minute!"

With all the parts of her latest plan falling into place, she figured she'd have no problem eating a little crow.

"I just got off the phone with Guccioni and he gave me quite the earful! What the hell are you up to now!" asked Hef.

"Say no more dear old dad of mine. I'll call him right back and straighten out everything." Was her honey coated answer.

She was up to something... Again! But he had no idea what. "Just try and keep yourself and the magazine out of trouble for once."

"I'm on it dad! I'll call him back right now!" Christy said as she glided out of his office. "Here we go again!" Hef thought to himself, "Now I know why lions eat their young."

The bells on Bob's private line sprung to life once more. "That bitch sure doesn't waist any time when she's on the prowl." He thought as he glanced at the caller ID first this time. "Be careful Goochy! I smell a set up!"

"OK Christy, I know that you're up to something. Keep your sales pitch short and sweet and don't try and jerk me off!" was the way that he answered the phone.

"Bob! I'm insulted! First of all, I'm not up to something. Second, the only reason I called was to try to keep the rivalry alive. You and I both know it's good for the business of both magazines!"

"Short and sweet Christy! The meter is running her!"

"OK Bob the abridged version of the conversation is I'd like to set up another tournament. I appreciate that you're as busy in your camp as we are here at Playboy. But to make sure that we don't let things cool off too much... put one of your girls up against one of mine so that we can film a little tease commercial for an upcoming event at the end of the season. It could be a staged fight with no real punches thrown. When we have more time and want to pickup where we left off, we flood the market with the commercials to help build the hype. That's it! Short! Sweet! No strings attached!"

Bob was very leery dealing with Christy Hefner. She didn't do anything for anybody that didn't benefit her personally. "OK Christy, despite my better judgment I'll trust you this once. Give me some time and we should be able to put something together in about a week."

"That would be perfect Bob. But to get as much mileage from this as we can, we should put one of my Playmates of the Year against one of your Pets of the Year. I'll even pick my girl first so that you can find a good match up for her. Later today I'll call your secretary with all the details."

"Don't screw with me on this one Christy! Before I sign anything my lawyers are going over the contract with a fine tooth comb!"

"Bob, if it would make you happy, have YOUR lawyers draw up a contract guaranteeing the safety of your girl and I'll sign it. Give me a couple of hours for some last minute details and I'll drop by your place to ink the deal."

Shazam! She was getting good at this. The PMOY of her choice would be the only one in town next week. I'll have daddy call her so that she doesn't suspect anything.

Hef was brought up to speed on the deal that she had brokered with Penthouse. "Dad I have some last minute errands to take care of to make this happen. Bob insisted on a PMOY Vs Pet of the Year for maximum exposure for the commercial. Can you find one of the girls to step up to the plate on this for us? Just call Bob's secretary with the name when you're done so he can find a good match up for her." Before he had a chance to answer her she was already out the door and making her way back to her office.

Well, this seems harmless enough. Maybe this will work out after all he thought. He picked up the phone and started making some calls to get his girl picked out.

The week passed quickly and the two owners found themselves in the film studio prepared to film the commercial. There would be several takes or rounds with the two women in various outfits that would sufficiently sell the sex angle without actually baring to much skin so that the commercials could still be hawked on network TV. The first round would be in evening gowns with low necklines and high leg slits. The second round would find the two women dressed in sexy lingerie. A tug of a bra strap here and there would be sufficient to suggest that just about anything could happen during the actual matches later on in the year.

Cordial greetings were exchanged between Bob and Hef and they settled in by ringside next to each other to watch the "staged" catfight. "GOD Bob, I didn't think we would be able to pull this one off. When you insisted on a PMOY I had the toughest time digging one up on such short notice. I had only one that would be in town this week so she's doing me a huge favor."

By the look on Guccioni's face, Hef knew something was up. "What do you mean when I insisted on a PMOY? This was all Christy's idea!" She had done it to them again.

"Christy!" Hef bellowed as he looked around for his daughter, but she was nowhere to be found.

The director and camera crew were in place and they called for the introduction of the two women. This was Hollywood after all and time was money. Hef and Bob knew it was to late to stop anything at this point and just hoped for the best.

The music began to play as the director yelled action. First to make her way down toward the ring was 1997 Pet of the Year Elizabeth Hilden. She was dressed in a royal blue gown accented with silver floral print that wrapped it's way around her plunging neckline that showed ample cleavage.

Both owners were speechless as the blue gown was the perfect compliment to her blonde hair and blue eyes. As she stepped between the two ropes, the slit on the side of her gown became more apparent as the dress slid up to mid thigh of her long golden tanned leg.

It was a moment before either man trusted his voice enough to speak, then Hef gave it a shot. "Jeez Bob, where have you been hiding her?"

The pitch of the music changed and the 1998 Playmate of the Year Karen McDougal began making her way down to the ring. Karen was wearing a white blouse and tartan skirt, the typical schoolgirls costume of many sexual fantasies.

Both owners took note of the stark contrast between the two women. The Pet was a very elegantly dressed blonde and the Playmate was a plainly dressed brunette. Liz's hair and makeup looked like it was professionally done for a black tie affair while Karen dark hair was in pigtails.

Hef had forgotten about Christy for a moment and jumped up on the apron of the ring. "Karen, what's with the outfit? You look great and all but look at the way that Hilden is dressed! If you were wearing glasses I'd swear that you were a librarian!"

"Look Hef! You don't like the way that I'm dressed talk to your darling daughter. My evening gown is still in the locker room! This is what she made me wear and she insisted on doing my hair herself!" was Karen's reply.

Hef knew that he shouldn't be surprised at this point. Christy's long standing hatred for Karen was legendary around the mansion. "But Jesus! Why did she always have to drag the magazine into her childish antics?"

Hef turned to Bob in hopes of either calling off the event or just giving Karen enough time to change into something more in line with the way that Hilden was dressed, but before the words came out of his mouth, the director yelled "Action!"

Liz charged at Karen from behind as she still faced Hef outside the ring and fired several punches aimed directly at her kidneys. Karen slumped to her knees with her hands reaching around to her back to try and deflect some of the blows and provide some shielding. With Karen favoring her back, Liz bounced her head off the turnbuckle several times till her head spun.

Given the open invitation, Hilden changed her target and placed the stiletto from one of her high-heeled shoes directly into the area just under Karen's skull and used her foot to push Karen face first into the middle turnbuckle. Grabbing both top ropes, Liz pulled back with her arms for leverage as she extended her foot till she locked her knee holding Karen in this painful position.

As Bob and Hef argued over what the hell was going on, Christy appeared behind them and waved her arms to get Liz's attention out of their line of site. As Liz looked over in the trio's direction, Christy gave her thumbs up with both hands. The next signal she transmitted was to turn the palms of her hands skyward and started moving them rapidly in upwards as if to say crank up the pressure.

Christy was paying Liz ten times what Guccioni was paying her to film the commercial, so she slowly began to grind the heel of her shoe into the back of Karen's head like she was drilling for oil.

Just then the director yelled "Excellent ladies! That looked very real. We'll print that take and see you both back here in fifteen minutes for the next catfight scene."

Liz wiped the glistening sweat that had developed on her brow due to the bright movie lights and headed back to her room to change into her next outfit.

At each other's throats, and when they realized that the action in the ring had stopped, Hef and Bob stormed off to the parking lot so each could retrieve their copy of the contract dictating the rules to the "staged catfight".

Christy wasted no time and enlisted the help of two of the cameramen to assist her in getting Karen back to her dressing room. Once there she turn to each of the cameramen, who still could not believe what they had just witnessed, and began barking out orders.

"You! Go get your camera equipment and the director! Tell him that the rest of the commercial will be filmed in this room!" when he didn't move instantly, in a very commanding voice she yelled "Now!" That got his attention and he bolted out the door.

She then turned to the second cameraman and asked, "What's your name?"

He was barely able to stutter out "B...B...Bill."

"Well today is your lucky day, Bill. Have you ever spent some time alone with a Playmate?" The shocked look on his face was answer enough to her question so she continued. "Listen closely, I'm going to go get the other girl and I want to start filming right away. I need you to strip her out of that costume so that she's just in her bra and panties. And if you do everything that you're told, later I'll even let you take them off too."

By the size of the pup tent that was developing in his pants, Christy knew that she had sent the right man for the camera, and kept the right man here to perform this more delicate and rewarding task. "Don't disappoint me or you'll never work in this town again!" Were her parting words of wisdom as she stormed out the door.

Christy ran down the hallway and grabbed hold of Liz. "You're doing great hon! Keep up the good work. We have a slight change of plans though. It doesn't look like the coward is going to answer the bell for the next scene. I already have the cameras setting up in her dressing room. When I give you the cue, you charge in and continue kicking her ass. And remember, the more humiliating you make the beating, the thicker the envelope is going to be at the end of the night."

Back in Karen's room, the lucky cameraman began to slowly unbutton the front of McDougal's blouse and rolled her onto her stomach. He then slid the shirt off her shoulders and then unzipped the schoolgirl's skirt and began to work it down off her luscious and yet untouched body. When he rolled her onto her back to finish sliding it off her legs, he realized that one of the bra straps had slid down her arm allowing one of the cups to slip baring her right nipple.

When he completed the task given to him by Christy he knelt down next to Karen and cradled her head between his knees. He gently brushed her pigtails aside and fully took in the site before him. Unable to control himself any longer, he slid his hand down the front of her chest and allowed his fingertips to make their way between the fabric and her breast. After all Ms. Hefner had already promised her to him after the commercial, what ever he did now nobody would ever know about.

He slowly worked his finger in a circular pattern around her areola till she began to stir. In a panic, he pulled up the bra cup and strap and jumped backwards allowing her head to slide down his legs and off his knees. Unfortunately for Karen, his quick retreat caused the back of her head to slam into the tile floor, returning her to the dazed state that she was fighting to return from.

In the back of the Penthouse limo Hef and Bob rifled through the fine print in the contract for the commercial. "Look Hef, I have nothing to do with what's going on in there. This contract was written up by my lawyers and then reviewed by Christy for her approval. She had a couple of changes that she insisted on in the contract and my lawyers guaranteed the safety of my girl so I signed what I thought was a fair document."

After that last statement, Hef knew exactly what to look for in the wording. And surer then shit, the safety of the Pet was guaranteed in writing. Reading down the how fore's and the to wits, it was plain as day. Not only was the Playboy bunny's safety not guaranteed, it was rabbit season!

Both men agreed to void the contract and charged into the studio before any more damage could be done. When they hit the area that surrounded the ring, they found that they were the only two people there. "That fucking Christy! So help me this time if she wants to see Karen get her ass kicked, I'm going to let her try to do it herself! I don't think Karen would have any problem with that!"

Karen was placed in a chair in front of her makeup table; her head slouched forward supported by her arms that were crossed on the tabletop. The first cameraman returned to the room with his camera but told Christy that he could not find the director. "Well screw him then! We'll film without him. Now set up those cameras!"

Karen woke to an incredible pain at the base of her skull. She slid her right arm out from underneath her and ran her fingers over the site that was causing her so much pain. She felt dampness and withdrew her hand to find that the swollen area she found was oozing blood. Her hand returned to the area to try to massage away the pain.

With the cameras rolling, Liz walked up behind Karen and grabbed hold of her wrist and twisted her arm around behind her back. Karen went from being startled to being on the receiving end off a barrage of punches to her right flank as Liz fired at will at her unprotected ribs.

Karen was having a hard time catching her breath when Liz picked up the hand-held mirror from the tabletop and broke it over the top of the Playmate's head sending little pieces of glass showering to the floor.

Liz grabbed hold of Karen's hair and yanked the rubber bands out that were holding her pigtails in place. "There! Those stupid pigtails looked ridiculous!" With a firm grasp of brown locks still in her hands, Liz sent Karen flying across the room, crashing into the wall. Not giving her opponent a moment to rest, Liz was on top of Karen in a flash.

"Good! Good Liz! Now rip her goddam clothes off!" Christy encouraged her. "You two better be getting all this on tape!" she turned and scolded the two cameramen. Bill the cameraman swallowed hard, after all Christy had promised him the pleasure of removing the rest of Karen's clothing. Oh well, keep filming he thought. It really didn't matter who did the honors as long as he got the fruits of their labor.

Hilden looked towards Christy, who was in the process of fanning herself with handful of bills as if to say... Do what your told, and these are yours. Seeing red, or green as the case may be, Liz made quick work of removing Karen's bra. She then used the undergarment to secure Karen's arms at her wrist behind her back.

A well-placed boot to the belly sent Karen rolling onto her back with a grunt. Liz plopped down onto Karen's belly and bounced several times as the Playmate gasped for air. "And what do we have here?" was Elizabeth's question to Karen as she began to playfully slap her breast back and forth with forehand and backhand slaps. The intensity of the slaps grew with each slap until Karen's breasts were cherry red. The Playmate fought back tears as Christy glared down at her behind a broad smile, "Excellent Liz! Keep it up baby!"

Liz stepped off of Karen and pulled her to her feet by her hair. Once standing, Liz powered several knee lifts into her belly with such force, that her feet left the ground. When the barrage stopped, Karen began to pitch forward at the waist. But Liz didn't allow her to go far and pulled her upright with a handful of hair. Holding her in place, Liz lined up one last blow, and dropped Karen with a straight right to the chin. Karen's eyes rolled back in her head as she came to rest at the foot of the makeup table.

Looking back to Christy, Liz asked if she was satisfied. "Not quite my blonde warrior." As she pulled a second wad of money out of her purse. "I believe that these two fine gentlemen still have some tape left. Give me another five or ten more minutes of demolition, and this is yours too," she said as she held up the additional pack of twenties.

"OK... It's your cash." Said Liz as she returned to work. She bent down over Karen and began to work her panties down off of her hips and off her legs leaving her lying there out cold and completely naked. Tossing the panties to Christy for a souvenir, Liz sat down on Karen's belly facing her feet. With an open hand palm down, the Pet began to slowly work her finger in a circular motion over Karen's womanhood stimulating her and engorging the area with blood.

When Karen involuntarily became moist in the area, Liz slapped down as hard as she could in the very sensitive area. McDougal who was trying to fight back to consciousness, shot straight up when the blow connected. "Where the hell do you think you're going Playslut!" Liz yelled as she drove an elbow back into Karen's face knocking her back down on the floor.

Liz stood up over Karen and stomped down onto her belly causing one last grunt to escape her lips. Liz held the pose and shifted her weight to that foot till she made sure that the cameramen had all the footage that they wood need for the commercial. She then walked up to Christy and collected the bounty that she had earned and left for her dressing room to collect her clothes and laugh all the way to the bank.

The cameramen began to pack up their equipment but were stopped when Christy bellowed, "I'm not done with you guys yet! Keep the tape rolling." Christy approached the downed Playmate and repeated the same pose that Liz had ended with as she stomped down on Karen's belly. She then straddled Karen's waist and began to tear at the Playmate's breast with her claws.

Karen was now awake again so Christy sunk her nails into Karen's nipples and began to twist them as hard as she could. "Well Karen, in the end it looks like you got what you had coming to you!" Then with one brutal bitch slap across the face, Christy got up and made her way out of the dressing room. As she neared the door, she yelled back to the cameraman that she had sent for the cameras and the director. "You! Come with me!" and the two left the dressing room locking the door behind her.

Hef and Bob met them as they entered the arena and immediately tore into her. "What the hell were you thinking Christy! This bullshit HAS to stop!" they berated her.

"Relax dad, wait'll you see the footage we got. Let's go up to the control room and you'll see that this next tournament is going to be a box office smash!"

Back in the dressing room, Bill knelt beside Karen and wiped the tears from her cheeks. He slowly made his way down the front of her body stopping to caress her bruised and battered breast. He continued south working his hand across her once taught abs down towards the Promised Land. Bill couldn't restrain himself any longer. He stood at her feet, undid his belt and feverishly worked his pants down and stepped out of them. Just as he was about to kneel between her legs, he stopped to admire the sight then before he knew what happened, his balls exploded as Karen's foot shot up scoring a direct hit. He stumbled to the couch and collapsed on it trying to rub the pain away.

"GOD I'm going to need a cold shower...or better yet, a long sit in a tub of ice," he moaned.

Karen had picked up one of the pieces of glass from the broken mirror and worked like a woman possessed on her restraints. There was no way that this clown was coming near her. "Sorry Bill, I guess it wasn't your lucky day after all!"

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