Madchen Amick vs. Gabrielle Anwar by Interac

Madchen was close to forty years old but she still had an amazing body. She was 5'5" of lean muscle and still looked great in a bikini (see 'Californication') but her career was as the "sexy guest star", the mother of a younger actress or a "cougar" as in 'Gossip Girl.' Rare were parts like the sexy woman she played in 'Californication.'

Such had her once promising career been reduced to. To make matters even worse, a woman about the same age and the same body type - was having a huge upswing in HER career on the hot basic cable show, 'Burn Notice.'

Madchen looked back on her career now and thought, "I never did have that rival the others did. But that's all going to change when I defeat this woman. Then when others look at her, they'll say, 'She got her ass kicked by Madchen Amick'." And now Gabrielle was getting movie offers!

Gabrielle was at a sauna registering for the day when she looked over at the other side, saw Madchen and was taken aback by her body and how similar it was to her own. Gabrielle worked hard to maintain her body and, obviously, the other woman followed the same kind of nutrition and workout regime as herself.

"Hello. Do we know each other?" she asked, cocking her head as she studied the vaguely familiar visage.

The woman smiled. "Well, I certainly know you. You're in that show... Burn Notice."

"Yes," Gabrielle grinned, pleased she was known. "Weren't you" she snapped her fingers as the name came to mind. "...Californication? Last year, right?"

Madchen nodded curtly, then said, "Bye. Nice to meet you," as she turned her back on Gabrielle, got into the elevator and, when she saw Gabrielle reach out to stop the elevator doors from closing, Madchen started opening and closing her fists behind her back.

Gabrielle got in and the two shared a polite smile, Gabrielle looked at the button Madchen had pressed and saw it was the same floor as her own "Oh good; that's my floor too."

Madchen nodded, unsure what to do. She was suddenly unsure of herself at this point and wondered if she'd have the courage to go through with her plan. But as the door closed, she slowly looked Gabrielle up and down and purred, "Well we're on the same floor...but it's not really YOUR floor."

Behind her sunglasses Gabrielle rolled her eyes and muttered, "Sorry; slip of the tongue."

Madchen sighed out loud and Gabrielle turned abruptly to face her. "I'm sorry," she growled. "But did you just sigh."

"I guess maybe I did. Did you really not know who I was when we met down there?"

"I knew you were a guest on some cable soft core porn show," she sneered. "Isn't that enough at your age?"

"A 'guest'?" Madchen bristled. "I've been in a lot of movies and quite a few TV shows."

"But haven't you been a 'guest' on an awful lot of shows lately?"

"What's my name Gabrielle...?" Madchen prompted.

The two women were face to face as Gabrielle tossed her long hair dismissively and said, "I don't know. And you know what? I really don't care!"

"I did my research on you and we've been in this business for the same amount of time and this is the first time our paths crossed," Madchen hissed.

Gabrielle smiled. "Is that what this is about; our paths crossing. I've never been in one of those Hollywood catfights but if that's what you want, I'm pretty sure I can accommodate you."

Madchen arched an eyebrow and muttered, "I want you to say my damn name... or I swear, I'll MAKE you say it"

Gabrielle turned her head, took off her sunglasses and put them in her briefcase. When she turned back, Madchen lunged and slammed her head and back into the wall of the elevator. She grabbed a handful of hair and rammed Gabrielle's head into the control panel of the elevator, then stepped behind Gabrielle and smashed her head into all four walls. Finally, the doors opened on her floor and she heaved Gabrielle headfirst out into the hallway where she went sprawling on her stomach.

"Come on Gabby," Madchen yelled. "You're so eager for this fight, show me whatcha got!"

Gabrielle was still trying to get her bearings after being slammed around and bounced off the elevator walls while being thoroughly dominated at the start. She tried to get up, but Madchen kicked in her solid stomach and she collapsed back onto her belly.

Gabrielle was quickly brought back to her feet by the hair and thrown into the wall. Her hands went up and Madchen grabbed her wrists and pinned Gabrielle's arms beside her head as she drove a knee into her flat, tight, belly.

Madchen pressed her body into Gabrielle's and hissed in her ear, "My name is Madchen Amick and I'll make you scream it before I'm done, bitch!"

Madchen made it seem that Gabrielle was pushing her backwards as she pulled her into an open janitors room. When the door slammed shut behind them, the people who’d been watching could only listen to the sounds of ‘combat.’ Madchen pushed Gabrielle against the closed door, then hit her with hard slaps, first right handed, then left handed. Gabrielle started to slide down as Madchen kept slapping her with such malice on her face you’d think they’d been lifelong enemies.

Then, suddenly, Madchen screamed, “STOP IT!, LEAVE MY CHEST ALONE DAMMIT!” She ripped the front of her shirt and scratched her chest, then grabbed Gabrielle’s hair, lifted her up and then started slamming her around the room - all while pretending she was the one being beaten up instead of what was really happening.

Finally, someone decided to open a door and the two women tumbled back out onto the hallway floor with Gabrielle on top; Madchen was on the bottom crying, “No! I won’t let you beat me!”

She made it seem like it took all her power to roll Gabrielle over when in fact it was very easy since Gabrielle was barely fighting back. Madchen slammed Gabrielle’s head on the floor, then sat up and smashed a hard punch to Gabrielle’s cheek. She grabbed a handful of Gabrielle’s shirt, pulled her up and hit her with three more hard punches. Finally, Madchen pulled Gabrielle up and dragged the shirt over her head.

At this point, Gabrielle found the strength to shove Madchen, slamming her into the closed elevator door. The hard bodied Anwar got up and went for a slap - but Madchen beat her to it and Gabrielle went back to the floor in a heap. Madchen was panting and couldn’t believe Gabrielle gotten a legitimate offensive move on her. Madchen jumped on Gabrielle’s back and started slapping the back of her neck and head as she scrubbed Anwar’s face into the carpet. Madchen pulled Gabrielle’s head up and then slammed it back down.

“You’re nothing; a wimp!” she screamed. “You’re weak! I’m stronger; I’m tougher; I’m better looking; I’m more talented and my body’s better...I’m just better all around then you are Gabby…period!” Madchen stood and pulled Gabrielle up by the hair, then walked her around so anyone there could get a look at her beaten, crying, face. She wanted everyone to see the answer to a question of who would win in a fight between them. “Want me to stop?”

“Yessss…” Gabrielle moaned pathetically; her slim body quivering.

Madchen turned and drove a punch into Gabrielle’s flat, taut belly, burying her fist in the defeated abs. “Who’s the more talented actress, huh Gabby?”

“Yuh…you…you are…” she gasped breathlessly.

Madchen stepped back to look at the people watching, then stood in front of Gabrielle with a tight grip on her hair as she backhanded her with her free hand. “Don’t say ‘you are’ bitch! Say my name when I ask you a question. Now, who’s the more talented actress?”

Absolutely defeated she said, “Madch…Madchen…Amick…” Gabrielle sobbed, her spirit broken.

“And who’s the tougher and stronger woman?” Madchen demanded, looking around at the faces of her audience.

Gabrielle started to say, “You are” but when she saw Madchen’s fist ball up she caught herself in time. She couldn’t take another hit and blurted out, “Madchen Amick is!”

“The Better body?” Madchen persisted, getting a warm glow in her groin as she humiliated the slim girl.

“Madchen Amick…” Gabrielle sobbed, her shoulders shaking as she broke down and cried.

Madchen proudly smiled then turned into another vicious body punch that lifted Anwar’s ass into the air as she folded forward over Madchen’s fist. Gabrielle was crying and gasping for air; muttering “Why?” when Madchen pressed the elevator button for down.

As she looked around, Madchen realized she’d never felt a high like this one. The elevator door opened and she grabbed Gabrielle by the hair and pulled her into the elevator with her. As the door closed, Madchen sighed, “Wow that was such a rush. Now what to do when these doors open... what position I want them to see you in.”

The doors opened to reveal Madchen holding Gabrielle in a Full Nelson. She threw her face down onto the luggage cart and then wheeled her out. “If you ever want more, remember what I did to you today!” Madchen warned as she gave Gabrielle’s ass a SPANK and walked away grinning.

And Gabrielle WOULD remember it all - every slap, every kick... she’d remember everything about this day and swore to repay everything - twofold!