Madchen Amick vs. Shannen Doherty by RedRottingBeast on 5/22/01

Sometimes, actresses working in different movies end up meeting in certain places, such as a toilet. Unluckily, it might turn out that one of the actresses is someone the other actress really doesn't like. This is what happened when Madchen Amick and Shannen Doherty entered the toilet at the studios where they were both working.

Shannen rarely liked anyone, in fact, so, it came as no surprise that when she opened the door and saw Madchen, she didn't bother greeting her. She just glanced at the other actress. Not that Madchen cared, not until, that is, she went to the sink, washed her hands and then distractedly flipped a few drops toward Shannen.

The Witch suddenly grunted "You did that on purpose, didn't you?"

Surprised to hear her voice, Madchen just replied, "I'm sorry Shannen, just didn't mean that".

"Well it's too late to apologize, you know?"

"Look, I'm not wasting my time talking to you over a few drops of water. The towels are there, get one and leave me alone."

Shannen wasn't the kind of girl you tell to do things. She stepped to Madchen and snapped, "Look yourself! You're a lousy actress, a pathetic woman and I have no doubt how you got the part in that B-movie you're working in now."

"Leave me alone Shannen," Madchen said as she turned her back on Shannen and looked at herself in the mirror, checking her black dress.

The contrast between them was pretty striking. Madchen was wearing a dress that covered her down to the knee, but left most of her upper torso bare so that her necklace - a plastic prop made up for the movie - was even more evident. On the other hand, Shannen wore jeans and a tank top.

Shannen was none too happy about Madchen turning her back to her.

"Look at me when I am talking, you bitch!"

Madchen was about to leave without saying a word, when Shannen suddenly grabbed her around the wrist and pulled her back into the toilet.

"I said, look at ME!"

"Let go Shannen," Madchen gasped. "You... you're hurting me!"

"Hurting? I am not hurting you - yet. But if hurt is what you want..."

Vicious as usual, Shannen slapped Madchen's face so hard the girl almost lost her balance. In fact, if Shannen hadn't tightened her grip on her wrist, Madchen would fallen to the floor.

"That's enough, Shannen! I'm gonna teach you some manners," said the Twin Peaks girl, sending a punch directly into Shannen's belly.

When the brunette doubled over in pain, Madchen thought that would be the right time to leave.

She badly underestimated Shannen's experience in fights. Shannen quickly recovering from the blow - not even a very hard one - grabbed Madchen by the back of the hair and once more pulled her back into the toilet. Madchen cried in pain as her scalp was viciously pulled. Then Shannen let her go and, totally off balance, Madchen crashed against the wall. She didn't have time to catch her breath as Shannen was immediately in front of her.

Holding her against the wall by an arm across her throat, Shannen used the other fist to punch Madchen in her stomach, once, twice, three times! The poor victim coughed, moaned or grunted at each blow, but Shannen kept punching.

"How did you dare hit me, bitch?" Madchen gasped. "Oooof... Stop Shannen!!"

Shannen finally let Madchen go and the girl fell to the floor doubled over; both her arms around her aching stomach, coughing and moaning.

Shannen stood over her as she pushed her own foot against Madchen's lips and uttered, "Lick my foot, bitch, then I'll let you go".

With what little energy she had left, Madchen spat on Shannen's shoe which only made the witch angrier.

"You asked for it, slut!"

Shannen lifted Madchen by the hair and, when the girl stood in front of her, Shannen punched her in the face. Madchen fell backward and landed on a sink. Trying to recover, Madchen charged Shannen, trying to send her fist smashing into Shannen's chest, but the brunette was too fast and too vicious. She deflected Madchen's fist and sent it crushing against the wall. "Aaawwww!" shouted Madchen, feeling her knuckles crack on impact with the cold, hard tiles.

Shannen took Madchen's arm again and twisted it behind her back, then pushed her against the wall and started to put pressure on her joints. Meanwhile, she kept pushing Madchen with her body against the wall so hard the poor girl could hardly breath.

"Stop! Stop, you are breaking my arm! Awww!!!" Madchen wailed.

Far from stopping, Shannen punched Madchen on the shoulder, near the joint, again and again. Then she threw her to the floor keeping her arm raised. Shannen kicked and stomped Madchen's shoulder taking pleasure from the cries of the other girl. Shannen twisted and pulled awfully, enjoying the feel as the arm was almost disjointed at the shoulder. Then she dropped that arm and picked up Madchen's other arm, giving it the same punishment; kicking and stomping, pulling and twisting.

After ten minutes of pain, Madchen's arms were useless limbs. Every movement cause terrible shocks of pain through her shoulders. Then, Shannen sat on Madchen's stomach, bumping a few times to emphasize her dominance, then she started punching Madchen's face. She kept punching and punching, left-right, left-right, splitting her lips, making one eye swell and sending drops of blood from Madchen's nose flying against the walls.

Far from being done with her punishment, Shannen next tore off Madchen's dress, revealing the gorgeously sexy body beneath. Then, Shannen started punching Madchen's perky breasts, smashing them as flat as she could. After that, she clasped those firm breasts, scratching them and biting the nipples. Shannen was savage, smashing them, kicking them, stomping them. She punched so hard and so viciously that after ten minutes, they had turned purple and were bleeding.

"You're destroying my breasts!!" cried Madchen, helpless after the awful attack on her shoulders.

Next, it was the turn of her legs. Shannen stood up, lifted one of Madchen's sexy legs, and stomped it as hard as possible, right on the knee.

"Aaaarrrggghhh!" screamed Madchen, feeling her joint almost destroyed.

But Shannen, of course, did the same to the other knee. Madchen was just a helpless moaning mass of flesh on the floor, all her joints aching, unable to protect herself in any way; her breasts swollen and bleeding, her face a battlefield. Shannen glanced at Madchen's panties. She spread her foe's legs and then, as hard as she could, sent her heel right in Madchen's womanhood.

As Madchen groaned in pain, Shannen ripped her panties, shoved them up in her mouth, and then punched, stomped, kicked and scratched Madchen's crotch mercilessly. Madchen was totally destroyed by the attack, her body went limp and she passed out.

"NO! Not yet!" grunted Shannen.

She lifted Madchen by her nipples, shoved her head into a toilet and flushed it. The swirling icy water woke Madchen enough for her to feel Shannen sit on her back and camel clutch her. Her back arched dangerously until Shannen let her go, her chin crashing painfully on the hard floor as she collapsed.

"Not much of a fighter, you are...", laughed Shannen.

In a final indignity, Shannen tore off Madchen's necklace and shoved it up her crotch, making sure it scratched the inner walls as much as possible. Then, she took the panties out of Madchen's mouth and shoved her bare foot in it. Madchen was unable to move, so Shannen just explored her mouth with her toes before she pulled her totally limp foe up by her nipples again and began choking her. It didn't take long before the completely destroyed Madchen passed out again.

"You won't mess up with me again", smiled Shannen as she left the other girl in the toilet where she was found an hour later by her colleagues.