Playmate Catfight: Gianna Amore vs. Renee Tenison by kit

When it was announced that Miss November, Renee Tenison, was named as the 1990 Playmate-of-the-Year, Miss August, Gianna Amore, was livid. Not only was she extremely jealous that she wasn't picked, she was also outraged that Hef had selected a Black woman.

"I can't believe that that black slut was picked over me and you," she said to her friend Petra Verkiak.

"Well she was. I guess it's 'bout time we had a black PMOY. Hef's just bein' politically correct," sighed the very busty and popular Miss December.

"Well it's just not right. We're both much better lookin'."

Gianna started trashing Renee behind her back and calling her by anything other than her name. Naturally word quickly got back to the new PMOY and she went to Kimberley Conrad about it.

"Yeah, I've heard what she's been sayin' and so's Hef," said the former 1989 PMOY and future Mrs. Hefner.

"Well, what's he gonna do 'bout it?" asked Renee.

"Nothing I'm's a Playmate thing and it's gotta be settled by Playmates," said Kimberley. "I remember how mad and jealous Pia Reyes was 'bout me gettin' picked over her."

"What’d ya do?"

"Well, after a couple of weeks I went and talked to her about it and she stopped."

"Hmm, what’d ya say to make her shut up?"

Kimberley grinned, "I told her if she didn't shut her fuckin' trap I'd shut it for her."

Renee chuckled, "I thought about that too but I didn't want to make Hef made at me. I know he doesn't allow fightin' ‘cept when he approves of it."

Kimberley leaned forward, touching Renee on the arm and whispering, "He doesn't like it, but knows it's gonna happen from time to time. Trust me, you won't get in trouble."

The two queens visited a little more about other things now as Renee was relieved to find out exactly how far she could go to shut Gianna's big mouth. The next week there was a big party at the mansion and Gianna was trashing out Renee to several Playmates as they stood around talking. Miss February, Pamela Anderson, slipped away from the group and told Renee what Gianna was saying about her.

"I'm sure she is," thanked Renee, hugging the future icon.

About an hour later, Renee caught Gianna alone in the bathroom. "Hey, wait your turn," snapped Gianna as Renee moved in the bathroom with her.

"Shut up and listen," fired Renee, pushing Gianna further in and closing the door.

"Don't push me, and get the hell outta here. I'm usin' it," said Gianna, not taking kindly to Renee forcing her way inside with her.

"I wanna have a talk with you."

"We've got nothin' to talk 'bout," said Gianna, putting her hands on her hips.

"Oh yes we do," replied Renee, cocking with her. Gianna shook back her hair as the two centerfolds glared at each other. She knew damn well what this was all about. "You seem to be doin' quite a bit of talkin' lately and I'm gettin' tired of havin' you trash me and call me names behind my back. Why don't you just say it now if you've got a problem with me," said Renee, looking hot in her gold colored bra, panties, garter belt and matching hose.

Gianna was just as hot in her black floral print bra, panties, garter belt and black nylons. "Alright, so I've been sayin' a few things. Big deal. I don't think you should've been picked over me or anyone else."

Renee sorta smirked and slowly shook her head. "Jealous. Just admit it, bitch, you're jealous."

"I'm not jealous, bitch. The only reason you got picked was because you're Black," blurted Gianna.

"Oh is that a fact?" said Renee, shifting her weight.

"Yeah, that's a fact," said Gianna, shaking back her hair.

Black and blonde both spread their stances a little wider. Renee hitched up her garter a little and Gianna did the same. Each cast their eyes up and down the other’s body, studying and assessing her.

"Are you thru?" Gianna asked in a low voice.

"I'm thru talkin', but I'm not thru with you!" Renee spoke calmly, taking a step.

Gianna nodded and took a step, closing the distance to about a foot between them. Their dark eyes now danced and jumped back and forth between slow heaving breasts and stern, determined faces. Looking into Renee's eyes Gianna saw that she was very serious about wanting her to stop the trash talk. The black looked in the blonde's eyes and knew that there was no other option now but the most obvious.

"I guess I shouldn't be surprised it's come to this," said Renee, slowly slipping her arms around Gianna's waist.

The blonde engaged with her, saying, "It took long enough. Why do you think I did all that talkin'."

Their breasts crushed together and spilled over the half-cups of their bras as their hips came together and their legs interlocked.

"I just thought you were a jealous, racist bitch," said Renee, rolling her breasts with the blonde.

Gianna softly moaned and tightened her arms around Renee's ribs. "I'll admit I'm jealous. I've been very jealous of you and knew you'd get picked. Being black has nothin' to do with it. I just said stuff to get you mad enough to fight."

Renee moaned softly and pulled Gianna in closer with her. "Well, I guess it worked. If you won I'da wanted to catfight you too."

Gianna looked up from their breasts and into Renee's eyes. "Then you're jealous of me too?"

"Very!" admitted Renee. "I don't see any flies on you...not yet anyway."

Renee and Gianna were a good match; both young, beautiful and very well built. At 5’7” Gianna was a little taller than Renee (5’6”), but Renee was slightly heavier (112 to 110) and both stacked out with round, solid tits and toned, trim bodies. Gianna was a bit chestier 37" to 36" and broader around the hips 34" to 32". Thru the waist the blonde was 24" while the black was 23". They both had nice, shapely legs, and tribs of dark, wiry pubs between creamy thighs. Overall, Gianna had the fuller lines and curves while Renee was more compact and athletic.

As the Playmates tightened their arms around each other more and started rubbing their breasts harder together, there came a knock on the door. "Anyone in there?" said a sweet voice. "Anyone? I need to pee bad."

"Just a second; we're usin' it," Renee raised her voice.

"I guess we need to find more privacy," said the blonde.

"We can go to my room and really go at it in there," whispered Renee.

Gianna frowned and curled up her lips, "Good. I wanna really have it out with you, bitch."

"Oh don't worry, bitch," glared Renee, "by the time I'm done with your ass, you'll know why I'm the Playmate-of-the-Year."

"Bitch, I'll show you you're rightful place," said Gianna as they unwrapped.

"Well, we'll sure find out, bitch," said Renee, opening the door.

Passing Erika Eleniak (July 89) and Karen Foster (Oct 89) at the door, Gianna and Renee walked towards the stairs leading to the upstairs bedrooms. "Wonder where they're goin'?" asked Karen.

"Probably to fight," said Erika.

"Oooh, we better go warn Hef," grinned Karen, excitedly.

Standing nearby was Kimberley Conrad who grabbed Karen’s arm. "You two just keep your mouths shut about this unless you want to deal with me. Whatever it is that they're doin', it's between them and no one else."

"Yeah, sure, Kim," said a startled Karen.

"Yeah," chimed in Erika, not wanting any part of Kimberley.

Once inside Renee's private bedroom, the door was bolted and the stereo was turned on just loud enough to help mask the sounds of a catfight. "You ready for this, bitch?" asked Renee, having just adjusted the volume and turning around into a wicked slap.



"Are YOU?" asked Gianna, watching Renee rub her cheek as she turned back to face her.

"You fuckin' whore," swore Renee, landing a deafening slap of her own. “You’re really gonna get a lickin’.”

POW! Gianna staggered back from the blow, and this time it was Renee doing the watching.

"How'd that feel, slut?"

The blonde stepped in, slapping. "You tell me, bitch."

POP! "Ooww! Shit bitch," yelped Renee, catching her balance after almost falling off her high heels.

CRACK! The blonde stumbled in her high heels as the black moved in to get her.

WHACK! "Uuunngg!" grunted Renee, stumbling as she was backhanded across the left breast. Gianna straightened up, shaking back her hair and rubbing her cheek as Renee held her boob and rubbed her cheek too.

"Okay, okay," said Renee. "I know you can slap now."

"Yeah, well, you slap pretty hard yourself," admitted Gianna as they collected themselves. The two Playmates then circled each other once as Renee suggested that they resume what they had started in the bathroom, only this time topless. "Sounds good to me, bitch," agreed the blonde, unhooking her bra. As their bras hit the floor, both centerfolds cupped her own breasts for the other's envy. Gianna jiggled her breasts as Renee pushed hers together and rubbed them.

"Jealous, bitch?" asked the PMOY.

"They're nice, but mine are better, bitch," said the blonde.

"Let’s see, slut," said Renee, opening her arms to hug Gianna. The two Playmates slipped their arms around each other's waist as they aimed their nipples together and made them fence. Shifting their weight, Gianna and Renee glanced up and down, locking eyes or watching their nipples tangle and twist.

"Looks like MINE are winnin', bitch," the blonde stated as both her nipples were longer and stiffer and digging into Renee's areolas.

"Uuummm," moaned the sexy PMOY. “Maybe, but my tits are firmer." She pulled Gianna in closer and the blonde moaned as she flexed her arms around Renee’s waist as they laid each other's breasts open. Renee's hard, chocolate orbs crushed and mashed with Gianna's full, tan line globes as both centerfolds lay their head on the other's shoulder and tit fought.

"Uumm," moaned the blonde as her right tit was pushed up and flattened out.

"Aahh," Renee moaned as her right tit was rolled over and mashed out. Gianna worked her breasts over Renee's left tit and squeezed it between her globes. Renee moaned but slipped her tit free and dragged it across both of the blonde's tits.

"Uumm," Gianna moaned, running both hands into the back of Renee's thick, curly hair.

"Oohh," Renee moaned as her hair was pulled.

"Aahh," the blonde moaned as her rich, soft hair was now pulled in the back. "You bitch."

"You won't be so pretty after I tear out all this slutty lookin' hair, bitch," whispered Renee, stretching back hard on Gianna's tresses.

"Nor you, bitch!" whispered Gianna, pulling Renee's hair back.

"You fuckin' cunt!" shouted Renee, jerking the shit out of Gianna's hair now.

"Oooww! Fuuuck!" cried Gianna, feeling her hair getting pulled out. Swearing, Renee violently slung Gianna once in a circle, tearing out two fists of hair in the back. Gianna cried out, but stopped the slaughter with a nasty backhand to Renee's face. The black let go and staggered back a few steps rubbing her cheek as the blonde massaged the back of her scalp. "You fuckin' black bitch," swore a teary Gianna as she saw Renee still holding a fist of her hair.

"Fuck you, bitch," snarled Renee, shaking that hair in her fist. "You'll lose more of this shit before the night's done."

"You fuckin' black cunt," swore Gianna throwing up her fists to fight.

Still clutching that hair, Renee threw up her fists as they stepped in punching. Renee ducked Gianna's right and then snapped back the blonde's head with a jab to the chin. A hard, hooking right then plowed across the blonde's belly, doubling her over for a left uppercut that slammed into her right tit and sent her peddling backwards against the wall. "You white fuck, I'll teach you to trash me, bitch," snarled Renee, fired up and going after her.

"Nnnooo," squealed Gianna, blocking Renee's right punch and lunging off the wall, catching her by the hair. Renee was forced back but she grabbed Gianna's hair in the process.

"Fuck you, cunt!" swore Gianna, throwing a knee towards Renee's snatch but hitting her on the thigh instead. Renee grunted, but kneed Gianna in the thigh as they slung each other in a circle by the hair.

"Unngh!" Renee groaned, catching another knee in the thigh.

"Ungh!" grunted the blonde, taking a knee in the thigh in return. Still very much pulling each other's hair, the two centerfolds slung in a circle together before Renee bulled into Gianna and drove her backside hard against the wall. Gianna grunted deeply as her shoulders and head banged and she lost her grip on Renee's hair. Letting go of a handful of hair, Renee went for the blonde's snatch as she lowered her face over her left breast.

"Aaarrggg!" screamed Gianna as Renee's teeth sank in the inside portion of her orb, and then she screamed out again as the black's fingers pinched her vagina thru her thin black panties.

Throwing her left arm around Renee's head, Gianna clamped her in headlock and came off the wall throwing her right fist into Renee's face. The black lost her handful of pussy she was pinching as she was jarred by the blow in her cheek. The two Playmates then stumbled in the direction of the queen size bed as their legs tangled up and caused them to fall down on it. Now scrambling for positioning, the two centerfolds swore as they rose up on their knees and went back down together pulling hair. Throwing their legs together, Gianna and Renee locked down in a hard hair pulling and wrestling match. It was tough back and forth body banging as they bucked hips, butted breasts and pulled like hell on each other's tresses. The language was very dirty as they quickly took turns wrestling on top only to be bucked and yanked off and rolled upon.

"Uuunngg, you fuckin' black bitch!" cussed Gianna, thrusting her hips into Renee's hips and jerking her off by the hair.

"Cunt-face blonde," Renee swore, bucking hips and yanking Gianna off by the hair. Unlocking their legs that had been flexing so hard with each other, the two centerfolds rolled up to their knees and started trading slaps and hair pulls. With one hand firmly embedded in the other's disheveled locks, they slapped the living shit out of each other with the other.

Renee slapped Gianna.

Gianna slapped Renee.

They yanked hair as Renee slapped Gianna…

…and Gianna slapped Renee.



Gianna closed her left hand into a fist and put it across Renee's jaw. The PMOY fell sideways and over on her back as the blonde reached down and latched on to her bouncing brown breasts.

"Ooowww! My t-i-t-s!" sobbed Renee, prying on the blonde's squeezing, turning hands.

"I’ll rip those black sacks right off, bitch," growled Gianna, digging in with her sharp, slut-red nails. Renee stabbed her sharp slut-pink nails into Gianna's hands and wrists and forced her to free her tits. Gianna let go only to trade tits for hair as she pulled Renee up from her back and slung her sideways off the bed. Renee hit the floor, but quickly got up as Gianna got to her feet and met her at the foot of the bed. "Black fuck," swore Gianna as they lunged together pulling hair.

"White fuck!" Renee cussed as they started shaking each other from side-to-side. Slinging each other in a circle, both Playmates brought tears to the other's eyes as they each tore out a handful of hair and sank to their knees still very much catfighting.

"Oooowwww! Fuck!" cried out Gianna, stretched back as she painfully lost another handful of precious hair. Renee was doing and had done a really good number on Gianna's hair as the blonde's long hair was now scattered in four different places on the floor. Falling over on the floor now, the Playmates hooked legs and kept right on pulling hair as they started a steady roll from the foot of the bed to the dresser and then back towards the bed again.

"Give it up, bitch," said Gianna, rolling on top of Renee.

"Never, bitch. You give it up," answered the black, pulling her off and rolling on top. Gianna pulled Renee off by the hair, and the PMOY was now pinned against the foot of her bed. The blonde reached down and found the black's right areola.

"Ooowww, mmyy fuuuckin' nipple!" groaned out Renee from the pit of her stomach as Gianna stretched out her brown flesh.

"You gonna give, bitch?" asked Gianna, twisting the nipple as Renee still pulled on her hair. "Bitch, give it up," the blonde said again, letting go and punching the tit with her fist.

"Oommgghh!" grunted the dark centerfold as her tit soaked up the blonde's knuckles. Renee pushed/shoved Gianna off. Gianna stood up on her knees and took a handful of Renee's hair for control as she punched her in the other tit with her right fist and then punched her a square one in the nose. Renee's eyes watered heavily just as a nice trickle of blood began to flow. But the punches that she just threw also caused the tired, sore blonde to fall halfway forward with her left breast on top of Renee's face.

"Aaaarrrgggg!" cried the blonde, unable to pull free because of the teeth around her whole areola.

Doing about the only and best thing that she could do, Gianna went for Renee's snatch. Unlike Renee, Gianna got her hand inside of her panties and was able to put her nails directly into the womanly flesh of the Playmate's lovely body.

"Aaaaarrrrrrggggg!" screamed Renee as her sex took on five angry, sharp talons.

Now with her tit free, Gianna leaned down and returned the favor to Renee's left areola as the black Playmate concentrated on saving her hot sex.

"Aaaaarrrrrrggggg!" Renee cried as her whole areola was caught between grinding teeth.

Bucking and kicking, Renee jerked Gianna sideways by the hair. Gianna grabbed Renee's hair and pulled her over on top of her and then down next to her. Now in the middle of the floor again, Renee and Gianna lay side-by-side with their legs tightly encased as they simply stretched back on each other's hair.

"Oooo...le me go," moaned Renee, but pulling firmly on Gianna's hair.

"Uuummm, give it up," moaned Gianna, her neck feeling like it might break any second from being pulled back so hard.

"Nnoo, please, my bleedin'," sobbed Renee, just now noticing the warm, salty taste around her lips and mouth area.

"Bitch, give it up and I'll leggo!" Gianna demanded as they still pulled like hell on each other.

"Uuuunnngggg," groaned Renee, starting to give Gianna's head a little shaking.

"Aaahhhh," moaned Gianna, giving as good as she got.

The two centerfolds went into a quick flurry of hard hair shaking for nearly half a minute before ripping straight back and nearly tearing each other's head off. Then suddenly one sexy Playmate simply sighed and let her hands fall drop from her hated rival's hair and rolled onto her back.

The victorious Playmate rose to her knees and straddled her opponent in a schoolboy pin. As the teary-eyed loser lay on her back between the teary-eyed winner's sexy legs, they looked at each other and knew they'd just had the catfight of their lives. It was a very humbling feeling for the loser and a very satisfying feeling for the winner.

"Well, bitch," said the victorious centerfold from her perch atop her defeated rival. “Did I put you in your place or not?"

Renee closed her eyes and silently nodded 'yes' as she lay flat on her back, defeated, wedged between the legs of a still very jealous and demanding Gianna Amore who fully intended to force Renee to give her a “lickin’” neither would forget!