Eva Amurri vs. Leelee Sobieski by rutooold2

Leelee Sobieski, just 26 years old but already a long-time veteran in Hollywood, climbs into the ring looking confident and proud. The already accomplished actress shimmers in a black bikini. Leelee has only recently started fighting on the celebrity circuit, but she’s already had several successes against the mostly younger women she’s faced who have been intimidated by her size. She's won her last three fights - stopping both tall, lean Mischa Barton and sizzling hot Olivia Wilde with humiliating, extended boob smothers, and wily 31 y/o veteran AJ Cook found no room for breath under Leelee's ample ass!

Tonight, she faces a 24 y/o Eva Amurri who is wearing the same black lace panties and corset she wore in her strip scene in 'Califonication'. Eva is as tall as Leelee; her chest is bigger; her body not quite as thick - nor as soft - and while her thighs are slightly smaller, they’re more muscular than Leelee’s.

As they move forward to receive their instructions, Sobieski starts to rag on Eva. "So, did you mama get you this gig, too? Are you going wrestle or strip tonight? I hear that's the only real talent you have, Am-moooo-ray!"

Eva lunges for Leelee, but Cat Bell, tonight's referee, steps in her path and reminds them both, "Ladies, let's wait for the bell, shall we?"

The young women move to their corners. Cat, looking splendid in short-shorts and a cut off striped referee shirt hanging over her braless boobs, takes a few minutes to pose while cameras click away. Cat tears off her shirt and thrusts her chest forward. Amid cheers, Leelee moves towards Cat, hands on hips, annoyed at being upstaged, especially by someone so...old! Eva follows her lead and moves towards the commotion, but Eva is smiling as she unhooks her corset top and tosses it away. A clicking frenzy ensues. Bell glares at Eva for a moment, then smiles, thinking, this youngest has moxie-- and two of the best looking tits she's ever seen, present company excepted in her opinion...Sobieski hesitates, turns beat red, then unhooks her top leans forward to shake her tits for the crowd.

After a few minutes of this monumental boob-fest, Cat Bell, laughing, turns to the two fighters to suggest that the appetizer has been served - well - but now, “…it’s time for the main course.”

The women return to their corners, complete their final stretching and then the bell rings…DING! DING! DING!

The two combatants rush forward, slamming their bare bosoms together but neither gives ground. They lock arms around each other's back and squeeze. Both women strain and grunt as each tries to gain the advantage over the other. Leelee finds herself being slowly overpowered by Amurri. As their boobs mash together, Sobieski's arms grow tired while Eva seems to be gain strength. Leelee's soft boobs ache as Eva's larger, ultra firm tits mash into them.

With a surge, Eva hefts Sobieski off her feet momentarily, then bends her foe backwards to attempting to realign her spine. Leelee forgets about trying to counter with her own bear hug. She draws her hands up, grabs Eva's hair, pulls back her head and drives a palm up into Amurri's chin. Eva’s head snaps back and her arms slacken, releasing Leelee who quickly drives her shoulder into Eva’s body as she tackles her hard to the mat.

Leelee lands on top and tries to flatten her down and take control, but Eva bucks up and knocks out of position. Locked together, they roll back and forth, several times. Eva grabs Leelee's left wrist and forces it down to the mat. She succeeds in securing a partial grapevine on her foe's legs, looks back to see if she can trap Sobieski's other leg, and doesn't' see her opponent's free hand reaching up until it is firmly clamped around her throat. Eva struggles, but the choke is too tight, Leelee rolls her over. Cat Bell bounds over the top rope while Leelee straddles Eva, both hands tightening around her throat.

Tapping hard on Sobieski's shoulder, Cat shouts, "Break it Sobieski! No throat chokes!" But Leelee maintains the hold for a few seconds longer, letting go an instant before Cat intervenes with, "Get off of her!"

Leelee stands, straddling her foe, then stomps down driving her right foot into Eva's belly as she steps away from Cat. Bell shrugs and turns around to exit the ring. Eva lies on her back rubbing her throat. Leelee quickly takes up her assault, moving close and then drops an elbow smash down on Eva's chest. While Eva gasps, Leelee quickly grabs her right arm, plants both of her feet against Amurri's body and leans back, stretching out Eva's arm. Holding Eva's wrist with one hand, Leelee starts to bend her foe's fingers. Eva screams, pounds her feet on the mat.

Cat climbs through the ropes, shouting, "Break! No finger bending, damn it!"

Leelee smiles, and as she lets go of Eva's arm, her foot lashes out to kick Eva in the face, puffing her bottom lip. Sobieski stands, smiling and pleased with her performance. She walks confidently around the ring, grabs, lifts and then drops her boobs - smiling as cameras click, capturing their beautiful, undulating, jiggle. Bell checks out Eva's hand as she helps her to her feet.

"C’mon ladies, let's make this a fight, shall we?" Bell taunts, annoyed - and a bit winded after bounding in and out of the ring every few minutes.

Eva moves towards Leelee who moves away, still clowning. Leelee lifts her right tit up to her lips and kisses it. "Hey, Wop, tonight, you no a- onna sleep-ah with da fishes...you're sleeping under my beautiful tits, slut!" Leelee jeers. Eva stops, lifts both of her beauties with one arm supporting them from beneath, her other hand giving Sobieski the bird. Leelee glares; her face reddening because Eva's tits are not just bigger than hers - they’re huge!

"So you're really proud of those big floppy tits, are you? That's the only talent you inherited from your mommy," taunts Leelee. "Too bad no one's shooting westerns. You could be the COWgirl," Leelee giggles at her own joke.

Eva loses her cool. She charges at Leelee, who slips down to her back, kicks a leg up, planting it in Eva's belly and tossing her over. Sobieski scrambles to her feet as Eva is getting up and jumps on Eva's back. She wraps her legs around Eva's hips, throws one arm around her neck and reaches back to start walloping Amurri's ass. Eva tries to shake her off.

"Look I've roped myself a cow," Leelee hoots. “Think I'll milk it!"

She grabs Eva's left nipple, twisting and pulling. Eva howls, stumbles but stays on her feet. She moves forward a few steps, adjusts the weight on her back, grabs Leelee's offending hand, then races toward the opposite corner, turning around at the last minute as she drives Leelee's back into the turnbuckle. Eva follows up, ramming her right elbow back into her foe's gut, then spins around, fists raised and proceeds to wail on Leelee's body; pounding her belly repeatedly.

Sobieski tries to make her body small and pulls her arms in front of her belly. Amurri delivers a thundering blow to her chin, and follows up with a knee planted deep in Leelee's gut. Leaning her body into her foe and trapping one arm out of the way. Eva continues her belly punching assault, hammering away while her foe grunts and moans. Leelee desperately tries to clutch her belly and stop the beating. Amurri finally stops, grabs Leelee's left arm, twists it into an arm-bar and drags her from to the center of the ring.

Leelee leans forward, hurting. Eva kicks her three times in her belly, and then shoves her to the mat. Kneeling beside her, Eva draws her arm back, then plunges forward to punish her elbow, sending tears streaming down Leelee's face. Eva quickly straddles her back and hammerlocks the tortured arm, then grabs Leelee's hair and pulls her head up off the mat as she adds more pressure to her hammerlock. Sobieski sobs and curses, wildly shaking her head, ‘no’ against the pain.

Eva leans close to Leelee's ear and hisses, "You're not running your mouth now, are you, bitch!" She releases the hammerlock and, using both hands, hammers Leelee's head on the mat several times!

Cat Bell whistles from the ring apron and tells her, "Finish it!"

A last slam of her head for emphasis, then Eva rolls Leelee over onto her back and lays down beside her. She wraps her legs around Leelee’s waist and pulls her face forward into her cleavage.

"Time to say good-night, Leelee," Eva warns as she tightens her legs until Leelee’s body goes rigid.

Eva pulls her arms tight around her foe's head, letting her boobs cut off her air supply. Leelee's thrashing slows considerably. Cat Bell hops over the top rope and says, "I'm going to call it!"

"Wait, I have some payback to deliver - you know, some unfinished business."

"Okay," Bell retorts, leaning back against the ropes. "But let's not drag this out all night...Charlize and I have dinner plans."

Eva releases her disoriented foe, spins around and plants her butt on Sobieski's face. Leaning forward, she grabs both of Leelee's nipples and stretches them up and out to the sides. "Now, normally, I have great respect for big, beautiful boobs, but since you started it..." Eva announces and then twists both of Leelee's twin beauties in a cruel, corkscrew motion.

Bell walks forward, bends and turns her ear toward the mat. "Eva, either your butt is talking or I think Leelee just submitted."

Eva stops, stands up, then shakes her body. Cat laughs, "Hey, let's do that in unison." She takes Eva’s hand and together they shake 'em!

"Wait, no fair to leave Leelee out," Eva interrupts. She drags Leelee to her feet and over to the ropes where the photographers are gathered and folds her body over the top rope; her big, soft, boobs hanging limp outside the ropes.

"Now take my hand, and wave," Eva tells Cat as she waves in triumph to her fans.