Charlize Theron vs. Eva Amurri by rutooold2

Normally, Theron's people wouldn't waste the time with an unproven newcomer like Eva Amurri - but after back-to-back losses to Righetti and Nichols, her ‘braintrust’ has changed strategy. Suddenly, the path back to the top for Theron runs through Amurri! While they strategize, Cat Bell advises Theron to sit tight…take time off to restore herself - both physically and emotionally; then she can pick off a few easy opponents while sharpening her reflexes and rebuilding her suddenly wavering confidence.

"I'm just not convinced you're ready for Amurri right now. Yeah, she lost to Nichols, but she kicked Leelee's ass and she's tougher’n you think," Cat advises.

Theron looks hard at Cat. "You’re just jealous ‘cause her tits are bigger’n yours!" Charlize quarrels, grabbing Cat's left tit and squeezing.

"No, it’s because you aren’t ready!" Cat spit angrily, digging her fingernails into Theron's wrist and prying her hand from her breast. For a moment, their eyes locked, long-time adversaries, now lovers, both seemingly ready to settle old scores. But calmer heads intervene and prevail. "I'm just sayin' you should avoid this fight…for now," Cat concludes.

But merely stepping aside and watching others fight from the sidelines is something neither Theron - nor the rest of her overheated entourage - feels they can do.

So it's fight night once more - and this is a must-win match for Charlize Theron!
* * * *
When both fighters are in the ring, something delays the fight. Standing alone in her corner with the calm determination of an assassin, Theron studies Eva Amurri who looks too young; too full of energy; too foolish, to understand that she has less to gain than Theron has to lose.

‘Eva has no idea how dangerous I can be,’ Theron thinks before her reverie is broken by the ring announcer who finally introduces tonight's guest referee - Naomi Campbell!

At 39, the gently aging supermodel looks stunning in a tank top mockery of a striped referee's shirt and white short-shorts. Her lean, muscular legs look formidable - and as deadly as ever! Theron winces, her ribs remembering... Naomi’s shiny black skin glistens with moisture from her limbering up exercises - a stark contrast to the pale-skinned white women she calls together in center ring. Theron's corner protested Campbell as the referee, arguing that in light of her long-running feud with Theron, Campbell would surely be biased against her.

"How about Cat Bell, instead," Theron had offered hopefully - though unsuccessfully!

As the three tall women huddle in the center of the ring, Eva's curvy, voluptuous, top heavy, body seems out of place between Campbell and Theron. Naomi speaks firmly, glaring at one fighter, then the other as she spits out the instructions. Then preparing them for her, “mandatory referee’s inspection” Naomi explains she isn’t going to allow any hidden weapons. Then adds icily, “Not in MY ring!” She barks first to Charlize, "Step back and spread your legs - wide - I know you remember how, don’t you Charlie?"

Naomi steps to Theron and gets right in her face. Charlize can feel Naomi's hot breath as the referee’s large hands slowly move over her body as she ‘pats her down’. Stepping even closer, the aroused nipples on their small chests clash like crossed swords as Naomi slides her hands around Theron's hips, then roughly pulls her into her body. They are belly-to-belly, breast-to-breast and pubic mound-to-pubic mound as Naomi checks out Charlize verrrry carefully to find anything she might have hidden inside her thong. Then her long, strong, fingers slip along under her thong, to probe upward between Theron's tightly clenched butt cheeks; poking; probing; caressing. Naomi grins when she hears a little catch in Charlize’s rapid breathing and hears her moan softly.

"Hmmm; that ol’ ass’s not so tight anymore," Naomi chuckles as she painfully pinches a handful of soft cheek and shakes it, bringing a bright crimson flush to Theron’s cheeks. Pulling out the crotch of Theron's thong, Naomi steadies the big blonde as she rakes her other hand slowly up Charlize's back, then grabs a fistful of golden hair and jerks her head back! Charlize winces. "Just checkin' for lice," Naomi taunts. Then lets the front of Theron's thong SNAAP back against her mons!

Leaving Charlize quivering, Naomi turns to check out Eva Amurri while Charlize tries to regain her composure. She hates that bitch Campbell…. ‘not now,’ she reminds herself. ‘Now it’s all about crushing Amurri.’

Campbell slowly walks around Eva, looking her up and down. "What have we here, fresh meat?" she leers. Slipping a hand up under the front of Eva's cut-off tee shirt, Naomi roughly fondles her boobs - and takes her time, wanting to do it right. "Even Theron's clumsy fists couldn't miss targets THIS BIG," she laughs. Then she kneels to check out Eva's awesome ass; gently stroking her glutes as she murmurs, "Not a bad booty; not bad at all! Not as tight as mine, of course, but not bad for a white gal!"

Finally, Naomi returns both fighters to center ring and tells them, "Shake hands; then you can kill each other for all I care!"

She waves at the announcer to ring the bell as she exists the ring. Each fighter offers her opponent her hand. A small first test. Each grabs the other's hand, gripping and squeezing; testing. Theron tries to intimidate Amurri, but Eva holds her ground - then tightens her own grip, grinning as the stunned expression on Charlize’s face tells her she's stronger!


Charlize pulls Eva forward and drives a knee up into her chest, then grabs two handfuls of hair and swings her around before flinging the young woman halfway across the ring. Eva lands hard but quickly scrambles to her knees. But Theron is already on her; landing two Round Kicks to her ribs and a Front Thrust Kick to her belly. Amurri is knocked over on her back which gives Charlize the chance to Stomp her wondrously huge tits a couple of times.

Eva manages to grab Theron's ankle, twists it, then lifts her leg and flip her away. Charlize rolls over and scrambles to her feet, but the younger Eva is already up and moving toward her by the time she's standing upright. Theron whirls away, then at the last second, she reverses and whips around, Backhanding Eva's face, rocking her back on her heels! Charlize grabs Eva’s shoulders and snaps a Kneelift up into her crotch, doubling her over with a groan of pain!

Charlize dips her knees, sweeps Eva up, then grunts as she lifts her…teeters for a moment…then Body Slams her back to the mat! WHAM ! Pulling her stunned adversary to her feet, Charlize puts her in a Full Nelson. She shoves Eva into the ropes and when Theron's right hand slips free, she drives two hard, quick, Uppercuts from behind upward into Eva's crotch.

Her Full Nelson reapplied, Charlize slams her knee into the back of Eva's left thigh and bends her forward over the top rope, grinding Eva's bulging tits along the rough rope.

Naomi walks along the apron to the fighters, then offers, "Here, lemme help!"

She reaches over and clasps her hands behind Charlize's neck, then drops to her knees, her weight added to Theron's, pulling Eva’s boobs hard against the top rope. Naomi lets go and drops off the apron, leaving Charlize to continue dragging Eva’s tits along the ropes.

But with only Charlize to contend with, Eva rallies, straightens and thrusts her hips back into Charlize's groin. When Theron’s hips are forced back, it gives Eva room to spin around and slither out of the Full Nelson. Ducking, and coming up behind the surprised Charlize, Eva drives three quick, hard, fists into Charlize's lower back that buckle her legs for the first time in the fight. Eva follows with a Knee Drive and again, Charlize's legs give a wobble. Seeking retribution, Eva grabs the cups of Theron's bikini top, and as she yanks it down around her waist, her fingernails rake over her small, firm, perky, breasts, leaving four angry red welts on each of the pale puppies.

Charlize lets out a loud scream and grabs her breasts with both hands - a bad move because she’s defenseless when Eva's right knee comes slamming up between her legs to send her careening headfirst into the ropes; her mouth gaping wide as she sucks air.

Eva smashes an ax-handle down between Charlize’s shoulder blades, and her knees bow outward. Three more powerful ax-handles, each delivered after Eva has jumped into the air, rain down onto her back, the final one driving the battered blonde to her knees. With her left hand wrapped around a clutch of Theron's disheveled hair, Eva punts her right thigh up between Charlize's legs, forcing her head and shoulders out between the top and middle ropes!

Eva reaches around front and claps her right hand between Theron’s wedged apart legs; there, her Crotch Claw makes a ‘cold call’ on Theron's hot pussy!

Charlize shrieks in agony as Eva wraps both arms around her waist and pulls her out of the ropes, then lifts her up in a Reverse Bearhug just under her exposed and hard, nipples! Eva spreads her legs as she lifts Theron into the air; Charlize’s long legs flailing wildly; her eyes wide; her still tender nips protesting. Charlize tries to aim kicks down at Eva's legs, but Eva carries her easily and by shaking her from side to side, she manages to avoid most of Theron’s kicks.

Charlize tries to swing her head back, but Eva bends her head down on against Theron's neck and she can’t make solid contact. Leaning back farther, Eva lifts Charlize higher as her right hand reaches up and clamps on Theron's left tit. Eva adjusts her grip, squeezing and crushing the small, firm, orb like a lemon! Theron moans, breathless and hurt as Eva lifts her, then brings her down onto her outstretched knee, crushing her crotch! Theron’s squeal of agony is breathtaking and the audience winces in unanimous sympathy for her plight.

Tightening her grip, Eva again lifts Theron in the Reverse Bearhug, smiling as she carries her slowly around the ring; her arms crushing the air from Theron’s panting body. Eva carries her to the ropes, leans back on them for support and tightens her grip some more, smiling as Charlize wails in newly humbled puppy pain.

Naomi climbs onto the apron, grabs Eva's hair and then jumps back down to the floor, snapping Eva's head backward. Her grip on Theron slackens and Charlize topples forward onto the mat, landing facedown. Eva rolls off the ropes, turning to curse Naomi while Charlize's handlers and fans in the crowd, nod approvingly; pleased at what success even a small bribe can buy.

Cameron Diaz leaves her seat and runs to the ring, pointing at Charlize and urging Eva to, "Stay focused!” And assuring her, “I've got your back!"

Kim turns to Ginny and grumbles, "Damn, I hate that smiley-faced cunt! We gotta do something about her!"

Charlize struggles to rise to all fours, gulping air - as much her bruised ribs allow. Eva moves quickly behind Charlize, puts her foot on her raised ass and then slams her leg forward - sending Theron sprawling on her bare tits. Eva quickly steps over her, grabs her ankles and squats down as she put her in a Boston crab.

As Charlize yowls and beats her fists on the canvas, Eva spits angrily, "You don’t like the pain? Well, then GIVE UP!”

Searing pain shoots through her back, but Charlize grimly drags herself on her forearms to the ropes, grabs the bottom one, then sucks in her gut and arches her back, trying to reverse the unnatural bend Amurri has force it into. Eva, drops Theron’s left ankle, stands and wrenches Charlize's trapped right leg hard!

Forcing the long limb backward, Eva drops and drives her knee into Charlize’s tortured hamstring, then stomps on her crotch! Eva jerks hard on the leg to drag Theron farther from the safety of the ropes. Charlize desperately tries to hold on - her body lifting into the air parallel to the mat - then when Eva finally succeeds in breaking her grip on the ropes, her body slams down, tits-first, on the mat.

Eva quickly rolls Charlize over, lays her leg over the bottom rope, then drops her butt down on it just below Charlize's knee. Theron shrieks as her leg bends in a way it’s not designed to flex!

Naomi springs onto the ring apron, hurtles it leaps onto Eva. She tackles the young fighter, shouting "Break, break, she's in the ropes, you've gotta break."

As Diaz climbs onto the ring apron, Naomi straddles Eva's back, both arms around her throat, putting her in a Camel Clutch and hissing in her ear, "Why don't you just take a time-out…give ol’ Char a chance to collect herself?"

Freed from Eva’s clutches, Theron rolls out under the bottom rope and eases herself to the floor, limping, holding her back, and watching the action in the ring where Cameron Diaz is standing on the ring apron shouting at Naomi to let Eva go! Naomi gives Cam the bird, but she lets Eva go and steps out through the ropes to check out Theron.

"You're such a has-been, Theron! Christ, every young wannabe punk you face has owned your sorry ass," Naomi jeers. "Even I can't make you look good in this fight. Do I have to kick Eva's ass for you?" She smacks Charlize on the back of the head and growls, "You’ve had enough time to recover; get your ass in the ring and at least try to put up a fight!"

Neither woman sees Eva climb the turnbuckle directly above them. She launches herself into the air and hits her target! Eva comes crashing down, taking both women to the floor with her. She quickly straddles Campbell's waist, grabs her hair, shakes her head viciously, then backhands her face! "Stay out of my fight, bitch! You touch me again and I'll break your neck!"

Meanwhile, Theron is slowly getting to her feet behind Eva whose attention is on Naomi. Diaz, on the ring apron, sees what’s happening and warns Eva, "Watch out for Theron!"

But she’s a heartbeat too late! Charlize grabs Eva by the hair, drags her off of Campbell and slams her head on the cement floor! Eva is stunned, kneeling with her ass in the air and her head on the floor. Charlize climbs onto the ring apron, reaches down and grabs Eva by the hair, then pulls her screaming and kicking backward into the ring. Hobbling on her injured leg, Charlize drags Eva into the corner, hoists her up and leans her against the turnbuckles, then slams her elbow across Eva's breasts!

Charlize holds Eva by the hair and smashes her head on the turnbuckle several times. On unreliable legs, Theron totters unsteadily as she uses her fists: pounding Eva's jiggling belly, pancaking her bouncing boobs and rocking her head. Eva's body ripples, jumps, jiggles and shudders from her thighs to her boobs under a barrage of brutal blows.

Naomi climbs back into the ring, rubbing her swollen lips and tells Charlize. "Atta girl Theron; find your rhythm; beat her to a pulp!"

Theron surges with adrenaline. She leans heavily on her good leg, rips off Eva's T-shirt and jealously targets her sweet young boobs with both fists; her hands flash, knuckles digging deep into soft, supple, flesh. Eva tries to cover up, but Theron beats her arms down mercilessly. Finally growing arm-weary, Theron leans on Eva, shoving her back into the turnbuckle and using it for leverage as she struggles to lift the big youngster up.

She gets her on her shoulders and starts her Airplane Spin! Charlize’s legs throb as she tries to gain momentum while she spins. She’s determined to finish this fight decisively. But, in the end, Eva's weight is be too much for her damaged leg and it buckles and she drops Eva to the mat and steps over her as she staggers forward, panting as she bends to rub her aching knee. Eva hits the mat hard and it momentarily knocks the wind out of her, but she rises quickly, shaking her head to clear it.

The two determined women move slowly to the center of the ring. Charlize snaps a jab into Eva's face but it’s not enough to stop her advance. Eva counters with a high Round Kick that slams into Theron's ribs. Her eyes bug out and she winces as she staggers, but she has the presence of mind to wrap her arm around Eva's thigh, her fingernails digging into the thick muscle.

Charlize pulls Eva close, then drives her right fist up into the brunette’s vulnerable crotch. Charlize topples Eva to the mat, holding her leg and applying a Stepover Toe Hold. Eva desperately kicks up with her free foot, slamming it into Theron’s already injured leg. Charlize has to spread her feet for leverage and Eva's second kick strikes her injured knee!

Charlize wobbles, releasing Eva's leg and staggering. Eva stays with what’s working for her and her third kick catches Theron in the belly, winding her and knocking her off her feet. Eva is quickly back on her feet, however, and grabs the ankle of Charlize’s damaged leg, wrapping it around her own shin and twisting hard - smiling as Charlize shrieks in pain!

Eva rolls Charlize over onto her belly, then jerks up on her trapped ankle and slams Theron's knee into the mat. Naomi Campbell starts to climb through the ropes from her spot on the ring apron, but Diaz stops her with a not-so-friendly arm around her waist!

Eva drags Charlize out to the center of the ring, gives her leg one last wrench, then flips Charlize over on her back with her leg raised toward the rafters. Eva leaves her feet and drops an Elbow Smash onto Theron's chest, the point of her elbow driving into her bare right breast! Eva doesn’t get up, instead, she turns her body to lay full length on top of Theron, her legs wrapped around Charlize’s legs in a cruel Grapevine!

Eva wraps both arms around Charlize's head, pulling her face into the soft, suffocating mountains of her heaving cleavage. Charlize struggles to resist; her brain racing. She MUST win this fight - but she’s securely pinned under Amurri’s weight with her best weapons - her legs - immobilized!

Charlize brain short-circuiting: ‘not fair…got to turn head… get air... everything… getting… blackness…’

Just then, Theron’s girlfriend Cat Bell arrived at ringside, grabbed Campbell’s ankle and screamed, "What’re you doing! You’ve got to stop this before she's permanently injured!"

Diaz tells Naomi, “She’s right. Stop it!”

Naomi apparently agrees. She waves to the timekeeper and says, "Ring the bell! Theron’s toast - again!"

Cat Bell climbs into the ring, grabs Amurri by the hair and drags her off of Charlize who is limp and red-faced; not moving. Eva is outraged at her moment of glory being interrupted and lunges back at Bell, shoving her onto her ass. Cat is wearing a sleeveless blouse and a short skirt and when she hits the canvas, everyone in the front row can see she’s wearing a red thong.

Diaz and Campbell come over to break up Amurri and Bell, but Cat is out of control and she takes a swing at Diaz, landing up side her head and knocking her back on her heels. Naomi tackles Cat and they go down in a tangle, with Eva and Cameron right behind. Soon, all four of them are fighting, but with 3-1 odds against her, Bell doesn’t have a chance. She’s quickly overpowered and ends up flat on her back, with Naomi sitting on her face, pinning her arms and looking at Diaz who is straddling Cat’s hips facing Naomi. Their eyes meet and then they both look down at Cat’s heaving bosom; her big, soft, breasts barely contained by the red bra exposed during the struggle when her blouse was ripped off.

Eva came over, raised a foot and stomped Cat’s breasts, left-right, left-right, mashing them onto her chest. “That’ll teach you to get into the ring with ME, you over-the-hill, has-been!” Eva screeches. She looks at Naomi and growls, “Drag that piece of trash outta MY ring! I’ve got unfinished business with Miss ‘I-Got-An-Oscar’, ‘Golden Goddess’ here,” she snarled with a toss of her head toward Charlize’s prostrate body.

While Diaz helped Naomi lift Cats battered, half-nude, body up over her shoulder so she could carry her to her dressing room for some “quality time,” Eva finished stripping Charlize of the rest of her bikini, leaving her naked and spread-eagled on her back in the middle of the ring. As Eva twirled Charlize’s sweaty bottom on her finger, Diaz came over and slapped her on the shoulder and cautioned,. "It's over. You won! Now let it go before they disqualify you! It’d be a shame to lose this victory on a technicality."

Eva ponders a few moments before it sinks in, then looks down at her feet and realizes the great Charlize “The Golden Goddess” Theron is still out - cold!

Eva takes Diaz's hand and tells her, "Thanks for the help. If I get my rematch with Nichols, will you be in my corner?"

Cameron smiles, "We'll see about that when the time comes. Right now, I just hope you’ll be in MY corner when Cat comes calling. Seems we both have a lot on our plates now!!"