Shania Twain & Pamela Anderson vs. Madhuri Dixit by Horny 11-May-00

Pamela laughed out loud at her expression, took Shania into her arms and kissed her diminutive lover passionately in front of a thoroughly shocked Madhuri. She pushed her tongue deep into Shania Twain's mouth as her hands ran down the smaller woman's back and squeezed the soft globes of her buttocks, then sweeping one hand back up over her lover's flank to caress a leather-clad tit as Shania sighed with pleasure.

Madhuri felt the strangest feeling in the pit of her stomach, a fluttering sensation unlike anything she had felt before and her breast seemed to tingle where Pamela had touched her.

"Oh my God," was all she said as she witnessed the sapphic kiss.

A moment later, Pamela broke the kiss and gently pushed Shania to her knees so the smaller woman's face was level with her mistress's crotch. Shania knew what she had to do, and she was excited by the prospect of performing before an audience. With quivering fingers, she reached up and pulled aside the leather thong Pamela was wearing. She heard Madhuri gasp as Pamela's smooth shaven pussy was bared, moist with her juices, her clitoris already visibly swollen.

Shania Twain ignored Madhuri as she slipped her fingers between Pamela's slick lips, pulled them apart, then she bowed her head and took Pamela's clit into her mouth, sucking it like a tiny cock while she pushed her thumb into her mistress' wonderfully tight pussy.

"Oh, I think you can," Pamela said, and smiled as her free hand came up to cover Madhuri's clothed breast again.

"No!" Madhuri protested and tried to pull Pamela's hand from her surprisingly large globe.

Even as the thought crossed her mind, she felt that same flutter in the pit of her stomach and she was very aware of the fact that her nipple was a hardened nub against Pamela's palm, thrilling to every movement of the strong hand as it mauled her breast.

Pamela grinned evilly and said, "Don't worry, I'm sure that a hot little slut like Madhuri will enjoy every minute."

Pamela pulled Madhuri away from the wall and at her command, Shania grabbed Madhuri's arms and twisted them up behind her back. The tiny woman was surprisingly strong and had no difficulty in holding the taller Madhuri.

The amazon then slipped her hand under Madhuri's pale lilac blouse and lay her palm against the hot skin of the spoilt brat's stomach. She rested it there for a moment before sliding it up to the well-filled cup of her bra. Her strong fingers worked Madhuri's soft tit out of its lacy covering, causing the young woman to gasp as Pamela made skin-to-skin contact with her breast. Pamela tugged on the stiff nipple, twisting it painfully until Madhuri cried out. Then she stepped back and took a firm grip on each lapel of Madhuri's blouse.

"Now, lets get a look at what you've been hiding."

"No!" Madhuri shouted as Pamela ripped her blouse open, buttons flying in all directions as the amazon revealed Madhuri's half-exposed breasts in their white brassiere. Pamela watched Madhuri blush hotly with shame and then hooked her fingertips into the other cup of her lace bra, and pulled it down to release Madhuri's other breast.

Madhuri's tits were huge and her breasts luscious.. It was as if Madhuri Dixit was made for sucking her breasts.. Pam knew her breasts were bigger and better than hers, she wanted to teach the slutty Madhuri a lesson. The fleshy mounds trembled slightly on her chest as Madhuri shivered, and the pale skin was pimpled with fear. Pamela bent her head forward sucked one large nipple into her mouth.

While Pamela suckled Madhuri's breast, Shania used the torn remains of the blouse to tie Madhuri's wrists tightly together. By the time she finished the improvised binding, Pamela had turned her attention to the other tit and did the same thing to that one too. The Indian Slut gasped at the sudden heat that engulfed her breast and sobbed as Pamela began using her teeth to nip at the hard bud of flesh, squeezing and biting the defenseless nipple for several minutes until it felt as though she had stripped the flesh raw.

From the corner of tear-filled eyes, Madhuri could see her husband had his hand in his pocket and was stroking his erect penis, enjoying her humiliation.

By the time Pamela had finished gnawing at her nipples, Madhuri's breasts were throbbing and the her dark skin was flushed red with blood. Her nipples stung horribly, with a sharp pain every time a cooler draft of air happened to catch them while Pamela's hand's continued to explore the brunette's body.

Everywhere, Madhuri's skin was soft and warm to Pamela's touch and the amazon couldn't resist the temptation to pinch that flawless flesh to raise a little color, causing her victim to cry out. Soon Madhuri's shoulders, thighs and belly were covered with little red splotches from her endeavors. Then Pamela began to run her fingertips over Madhuri's skin, increasing the pressure and curling them slightly to scratch with her nails, adding red stripes to the red spots. She worked her way all over Madhuri's body, tenderizing her flesh until she was dragging her sharp nails up the inside of her victim's legs.

Pamela stopped when she reached the hem of the heiress's leather mini skirt, and rested her hands on her inner thighs. She could feel the damp heat emanating from Madhuri's pussy. It warmed the back of her hand. Madhuri began to pant slightly as Pamela began to tease the soft skin of her thigh, gently tracing the tip of her finger across the trembling flesh and working her way upward until she was flicking her nail across her lace panties, causing the bound girl to lubricate freely.

Slowly, Pamela slipped her fingers inside the waist of her panties, then pushed her hand inside, plunging into the forest of Madhuri's pubes. There were tears of humiliation running down her blushing cheeks as she begged her tormentor.

"Please, Pamela. Please, don't do this."

Pamela simply grinned and forced her hand fully inside Madhuri's panties and down to the wet folds of her pussy lips.

"My, my. It looks as though you really are a slut, doesn't it?" Pamela said as she ran her fingers up and down Madhuri's slit.

The rich girl's legs squirmed in futile resistance to the unwanted pleasure that Pamela's caresses brought.

"I think you're really enjoying this. It might just be that it's you that's the biggest slut of all!" she said, and she rammed her finger deep into Madhuri's tight cunt.

Madhuri squealed as Pamela began to finger-fuck her with expert skill. The amazon fucked her finger in and out of Madhuri's pussy while she used her thumb to stimulate the girl's swollen clit. Then she added a second finger, and a third, twisting and thrusting inside her until suddenly and without warning, Madhuri started to convulse and saw stars before her eyes as she experienced an extremely powerful orgasm.

Shania could not keep hold of the spasming body and she released her grip as Madhuri dropped to the floor in a faint. Pamela looked down at Madhuri's crumpled body, then raised her hand to her lips and licked the girl-cum from her fingers, savoring the sweet honey of Madhuri's cunt. She knelt down between Madhuri's motionless legs and pushed the leather skirt up over her hips, then pulled the extremely wet panties down her legs to expose her swollen cunt. Her pussy was covered by a thick black bush of pubic hair, one that was split slightly at her slit allowing a glimpse of the moist redness concealed within.

Dazed from the power of her enforced climax, Madhuri was helpless to resist, all the strength seemed to have drained from her body with her orgasm, and her muscles ached.

Reaching forward, Pamela parted the hairy, glistening lips to expose Madhuri's inner folds. She stroked her finger up and down the wet groove, eliciting a soft moan from the recumbent girl. She bent over to lick her juices directly from the source. Pamela probed deeply into Madhuri's pussy, driving her long tongue as far as she could and causing Madhuri to gasp and arch her spine.

Pamela fucked Madhuri with her tongue for several minutes, until the rich girl began waken, at which time she switched to sucking on her small, swollen clitoris.

While Pamela did that, Shania leaned over Madhuri from above and began to feast upon her tender breasts. Pamela looked up from the fur-fringed pussy and locked eyes with her lover. Between them they drove Madhuri closer to the brink with their skillful ministrations. Madhuri was just beginning to come around when she experienced a second, more powerful orgasm, one that sent her into paroxysms of pleasure before blasting her into unconsciousness.

Pamela swallowed all of Madhuri's spending, then pulled Shania into a deep and passionate kiss before wiping the wet streaks from her chin. She stood up and looked over to where Maduri's husband sat enjoying the show. He had unzipped his fly and his huge cock stood proudly in his fist. She raised her eyebrows in a disdainful expression and pursed her lips, crossing her arms across her leather-clad breasts as she did so.

Shania Twain hurried back from the office and dressing room with the large leather bag that contained many of Pamela's favorite toys. She didn't want to miss anything and when she rushed through the door, she saw Pamela had stripped the last remnants of the unconscious Madhuri's clothing from her and untied her wrists from Shania Twain's improvised bindings.

Pamela opened the bag and taken leather manacles that she used to cuff Madhuri's unresisting hands together and fastened the chain to the legs of the heavy sofa. When she got no response, Pamela started slapping the Indian actress's face until she stirred. Madhuri wasn't sure where she was and she groaned softly. Then everything came back in a rush and she began to fight against her bonds.

Pamela caught her kicking legs and held them easily, then pulled them upright and hooked a strong arm around her knees to hold them together. With her other hand free, she grasped one of Madhuri's breasts and squeezed until she heard shrill screams of pain and the girl's struggles ceased.

"Listen up Madhuri! I want you to understand something. I AM going to rape you!"

Madhuri began to fight again as she heard that, but her struggles were momentary.

"And nobody is going to save you. So you have just two choices; either you can keep fighting me and I'll still rape you and hurt you pretty badly as well; or do exactly as I say and I'll give you the best fucking of your life!"

Madhuri's eyes were as round as saucers when she looked from Pamela to Shania .

She swallowed hard as a single tear ran down her cheek and she said in a small voice; "I won't fight you."

"That's right. Just you lie back and enjoy it like a good little slut."

Shania squealed with delight and began to undress as Pamela reached into the leather bag to extract a pair of curved scissors.

Pamela released Madhuri's legs and said, "Okay slut! Spread your legs apart and hold them there!"

Madhuri did as she was told and blushed furiously as Pamela curled her fingers into the wiry bush of her pussy. She pulled the hair up painfully and snipped it close to the skin. She cut the hairs from her mound quickly and efficiently, then trimmed the lips of her pussy too. She even made the blushing Madhuri hold her legs up to her chest so she could cut the small dark hairs that stretched down to surround her ringpiece. When Madhuri brought her legs back down, the ends of the short hairs in the crack of her ass prickled against her skin and itching terribly, causing her to squirm.

Pamela took an old-fashioned cutthroat razor from her bag along with a small can of shaving cream. She set the razor down beside her and squirted the white foam onto Madhuri's shorn crotch. She spread her fingers through the slimy cream and began to massage it into Madhuri's skin.

The touch of Pamela's expert fingers reawakened the embers of Madhuri's arousal and it was with embarrassment that she realized that her pussy was moistening once more. When the slimy caresses reached her lips, Madhuri felt her vaginal muscles contract involuntarily in response, her juices flowed freely. Once Madhuri had been lathered to Pamela's satisfaction, the amazon picked up the razor and brought it down against the trimmed pubic hair.

"Now stay perfectly still. I wouldn't want to remove anything vital!" Pamela joked to the frightened Madhuri as she started to scrape the short hairs away.

Madhuri gave a cry of pain as the razor tugged on the hairs as it carved away the stubble of her bush. Her legs jerked and her to wriggled, clenching and twitching as Pamela proceeded with deft expertise to remove her dark delta. Pamela knew every trick that there was to shaving a woman and it took only a few minutes to leave her mound completely smooth. Then she ordered Madhuri to hold her legs up high while she shaved her cunt and crack. Without being able to use her arms to help support her legs, they began to ache in moments, but she had to keep them in place as the Pamela completed her shaving.

Maduri tried to ignore the feelings she experienced throughout the ordeal. Even though the process hurt a little when hairs were tugged, Madhuri was guiltily aware that the fact Pamela was seeing every detail of her sex being revealed, that she was truly being rendered naked, was very thrilling to the so recently virginal and innocent girl.

Madhuri tried to look away, to deny her arousal, but if she looked to her left she saw the naked girlish body of Shania which had an effect upon her that she would have never have believed that another woman could create. Against her will, she was drawn to the mirror, looking into her own eyes. The confused emotions that she was feeling were clear on her tear-streaked face. She could see her own humiliation, the fear and shame in her eyes, but she could also see the desire that she felt as Pamela finished shaving her pussy. Pamela rubbed her hand over Madhuri's smooth, soft skin and causing the rich girl to gasp in shock. Her pussy was so sensitive! Every touch seemed to be ten times more intense than before as the big woman stroked her pale and exposed skin.

"Now that looks much nicer," Pamela said, "Feels nice too, doesn't it?"

It did, but Madhuri wasn't going to admit it as Pamela shoved a finger into Madhuri's cunt and twisted it inside her, pressing against one side, then the other before withdrawing it to slide it up her hairless groove and back again. Madhuri was well on the way to another orgasm when Pamela pulled out and rubbed the juices from her finger over the freshly shaved skin above her clit. Pamela stood up then and began to remove her own clothes while the pussy-juice dried, cooling on Madhuri's sensitized skin.

Madhuri looked up at the statuesque amazon as her perfectly developed body was revealed. Pamela's waist was astonishingly slender, the abdominal muscles rippling beneath her skin as she reached around behind herself to unfasten her leather brassiere. The dominatrix' breasts were large and round, standing proudly on her broad, muscular chest with the large nipples standing stiffly on her globes.

As the Pamela unbuckled her crotchless shorts, Madhuri realized that she was attracted to Pamela in a way that she had never felt before. She had an intense desire to satisfy the raven-haired amazon who intended to rape her, who had already humiliated her, molesting and shaving her most intimate places. She was bound and helpless, subject to the whims of a woman that had expressed, and demonstrated, her willingness to cause pain to Madhuri, regardless of her victim's wishes, and Madhuri found that she yearned for the total domination that Pamela promised.

While she experienced this revelation, Pamela had removed her thong and taken a long and narrow box from the bottom of the bag. The box was about two feet long by one wide, it was made of a glossy black wood and inlaid with bronze, with a red ribbon wrapped around it and tied in a bow.

"I had this specially made for Shania and I," Pamela said as she untied the ribbon. "But I guess Madhuri will be first to enjoy the experience."

Pamela opened the wooden box, and raised the object inside with both hands. Shania looked up from where she had just brought Maduri's husband to his second orgasm. His spunk dripped from her face as she gasped. Madhuri looked at the implement in puzzlement.

It was a dildo. Or two dildos. Or one dildo with two ends. Madhuri didn't know. It was made of flesh colored rubber and painted to be as lifelike as possible, except that no real penis ever looked like either of these.

The first was 18 inches long and 2 inches wide, with thick, rope-like veins running up the length of its shaft. The second was over a foot long, slightly thinner than the first, and was attached to the base of the longer one at a ninety-degree angle, with large false testicles marking the division. It was unlike any human cock Madhuri had ever heard of, it was as realistically colored as the first but the head flared out significantly and less than half an inch along the shaft from the base, there was a large bulge or knot that was at least 4 inches wide!

"Isn't it wonderful?" Pamela asked as she reached up to caress the longer of the two cocks.

She stroked her hand back and forth over the cockhead, which was made of a softer rubber than the shaft, then brought the head to her mouth and licked the tip.

"You had that made for me?" Shania asked breathlessly.

"Oh yes. It's a masterpiece. A work of genius," Pamela said, her hand sliding down the long shaft to fondle the two false testicles.

The balls were actually two large spheroids held in a gel that was contained in the rubber ball sack. Pamela squeezed them firmly and a thick white goo spurted from the longer of the two phalluses, eliciting another gasp of wonder from her diminutive lover.

"That's not all, it even has a heating element to take it up to body temperature."

The dominatrix looked at the recumbent husband and his now flaccid, but twitching, cock and added with a smile, "You could say, it's even better than the real thing!"

Shania looked from the massive double dong to his foot-long cock and back again, and then she chuckled.

"I'm afraid that you're going to have to wait your turn though, Shania. I promised Madhuri the fucking of her life."

Madhuri had been trying to figure out what the second half of the dildo was for when Pamela's words brought her out of her detached contemplation of the device.

"No! It's too big! Pamela, you can't! It'll ruin me!"

"Nonsense, it's just what a hot little slut like you needs!" Pamela answered with a wicked grin.

"No! Please, Pamela, no!"

"Oh yes!"

Pamela stood above the frightened rich girl and spread her muscular legs wide, allowing Madhuri an unrivaled view of her smooth and wet cunt. She took the massive two-headed dildo and lined the shorter, strangely shaped phallus with her hot slit. She ran the oversized head up and down the groove, teasing herself before pushing it into her cunt.

She gasped as the large cockhead stretched her vaginal walls. Slowly, she pushed the rubber cock into herself until she felt the sharp pain as the head hit her cervix, just as the knot touched her pussy-lips. She had had this half of the dildo made-to-measure so that the length from the tip to the beginning of the bulge was exactly the same as the depth of her cunt. As she forced the huge cockhead through her cervix and into her womb, the rubber cock-knot stretched her pussy to the limits. Pamela cried out loud as the flared cockhead and the knot both popped through the resistance of her pussy and cervix at the same time, leaving the double-dong tied within her, imbedded in her cunt twice over. Firstly by the cock-knot just inside her vagina, and then by the hugely flared head in her womb! With that double lock secure, the dildo could not be removed without a massive effort. An effort that would undoubtedly be painful, but Pamela quite enjoyed a little pain.

From her vantage point on the floor, Madhuri could see that the double-dildo was pulled right up into her cunt, so far that her pussy-lips were actually wrapped part of the way around the longer of the two phalluses. With the shorter dildo concealed inside her, the longer one jutted out before her like a real cock, dipping slightly toward the tip under its own weight. That same weight was pulling at Pamela's insides and created an exquisite tension in her sex. Pamela dropped down to her knees between Madhuri's legs and the huge dildo slapped the young woman's belly. The raven-haired amazon moved forward on her knees, the head of her false cock slid up Madhuri's defenseless body until it nestled between her breasts and then she grabbed the two soft globes in her hands and crushed them together, the warm dildo trapped in their embrace.

Pamela tit-fucked Madhuri with her impossibly long phallus while she remained positioned at Madhuri's crotch. The dildo was so long that the rubber cockhead was poking through the top of Madhuri's cleavage as it fucked her breasts, and Madhuri was terrified of the prospect of being forced to take it all in her pussy. There was no way it would fit. It would kill her if she tried!

After a couple of moments of tittie-fucking Madhuri, and enjoying the pain/pleasure that she was feeling in her cunt as the tied dildo was pulled, Pamela took her cock in her hand and ran the large head down the prone body and rubbed it against the sensitive skin of the heiress's newly shaven cunt.

She pressed the knob into her quivering pussy-lips and slid it up and down her wet gash, forcing Madhuri to lubricate even more.

"Please, Pamela, please don't do this!"

"Shut up and enjoy it bitch!" Pamela said with a smile.

Then she started. She pushed her cock into Madhuri's hole and brought her superior strength to bear. Madhuri tried to resist the violation but nothing could have stopped Pamela's slow, relentless thrust. Madhuri was sobbing with pain as eventually the muscles of her entrance were forced to yield and Pamela's cock was inside her!

It wasn't like an ordinary dildo, because the heating element and the skillful sculpting of the rubber cock made it feel almost identical to the real thing as it pushed its way into Madhuri's wet cunt. Madhuri's whimpers were like music to the ears of Pamela, and they helped to heighten her own pleasure to the degree that she had to willfully suppress her own orgasm. To ignore the wonderful pain and pleasure from the dildos cervical and vaginal knots was one of the most difficult things that she had ever done, and she was penetrating Madhuri gradually to reduce her own pleasure, not to make it any easier for the spoilt brat.

Eventually, she felt her cock bottom out as it hit Madhuri's cervix. Looking down through eyes misted by her own pent-up need for release, she saw that barely ten inches of rubber dick were inside Madhuri. Pamela looked down again at the huge dildo that projected from her slit and into her victim and it seemed that it really was her cock. Apart from a thin line that marked were her shaven lips met the smooth, hot rubber, it really did look as though it was a part of her, as indeed it was.

She could feel every movement and twitch of Madhuri's cunt through the second dildo that impaled her own pussy, and through her clitoris which was crushed against the heavy shaft of the device. It wasn't just a tool, just another dildo. It was her cock; Pamela's own cock!

With that thought in mind, Pamela slammed her hips forward, causing Madhuri to scream as Pamela's massive cock hammered at her cervix. Pamela reared back and slammed her cock into Madhuri again. And again. Madhuri's screams were earsplitting when on the fourth brutal thrust, Pamela ripped through her cervix and began to rape her womb. The dominatrix rested for a moment and leant forward to wrap her arms around Madhuri's sobbing body so that their breasts were firmly pressed together. She bowed her head and kissed Madhuri's neck and then her cheek where she tasted Madhuri's salty tears, before kissing her full on the lips. In spite of the pain, Madhuri found herself responding to Pamela's kiss, pushing her tongue forward to wrestle with Pamela's as it invaded her mouth.

Then, Pamela began to fuck The Slut Madhuri!

Slow, even strokes that gradually forced more and more of her cock into Madhuri's cunt. The gentleness of Pamela's thrusts did much to reduce the pain, although it remained considerable, and Madhuri found that her body was beginning to respond once more.

Pamela increased the tempo of her thrusts, making Madhuri grunt with the shock every time the large cockhead hit the roof of her womb, driving her insides deeper into her own body. The muscular amazon started to rub her huge breasts against Madhuri's soft tits, and she kissed her again, passionately and aggressively.

And, to Madhuri's horrified surprise, she felt herself orgasm again. Her vision blurred but she didn't faint again, the pain was too great, and so instead she was forced to endure the merciless rape that Pamela was perpetrating upon her. Pamela had pushed Madhuri's hand up into own pussy! She had a firm grip on her wrist and she was pushing it in and out of her dripping cunt!

Shania pulled herself up and watched as Pamela forced Madhuri to fist-fuck herself with the whole of her hand. At the widest point it was not much thicker than Pamela's dildo, but her small hand's irregular shape was rubbing the sensitive membranes in a way that was entirely alien to her limited experiences.

The raven-haired amazon reached down to grab Madhuri's head by her permed hair and yanked her upright so that she could kiss her on the lips. Then Pamela gripped her upper arm in one hand, the arm whose hand was wedged in her cunt, and pulled sharply, forcing Madhuri to twist her shoulder so that her back was bent in a bow. Pamela then gripped the arm by the elbow and halfway up the forearm and positioned it so that it was in line with her pussy.

Madhuri realized too late what Pamela meant to do and she screamed as the amazon punched half of Madhuri's arm into the wet hole. She pulled it back and thrust it again, working it deeper into Madhuri's sex in the same way that she would a dildo until the spoilt brat was bent all the way over with her arm buried in her own pussy up to the elbow!

She could feel the heat and wetness of her own vagina on her arm, and her fingertips were pressed painfully against her cervix. Then Pamela began fisting her, using her prodigious strength she gripped Madhuri's elbow and rammed the entire forearm in and out of her cunt.

"Now don't you think you should thank Shania for letting you have the first turn with her present?"

Pamela said, then rammed Madhuri face first into Shania's sloppy cunt! Madhuri's cries were muffled by the wet flesh against her face, cries that became screams as she felt Pamela kneel down behind her and press the slimy tip of her unnatural cock between her buttocks.

"Madhuri, I'm going to fuck you up the ass and you are going to make Miss Shania cum with your mouth. I'm going to work it into you slowly, so the quicker you get Shania off, the less you'll suffer!"

The raven-haired amazon thrust her hips forward and Madhuri screamed as her asshole was ripped open. She was almost hyperventilating as Pamela began thrusting little more than three inches of hard rubber cock into her rectum, but within a minute she had regained some control of her breathing and she set frantically to work, licking and sucking at Shania's pussy vigorously.

Madhuri was desperately trying to remember the things Shania had done with Pamela, and that Pamela had done to her with her mouth and tongue, but mostly she was simply licking at everything she could. Along the length of the girl's slit from her clit to her vaginal opening, where her chin Shania's luscious ass and yelping every few moments as Pamela forced another inch of the massive dildo-cock into her ass.

Eventually Madhuri was rewarded with a flood of Shania's orgasmic juice as she came and Madhuri began to relax. But Pamela didn't stop. She continued to push more of the dildo up the Indian slut's ass, 9-inches, 10-inches, 11, 12, 13 inches!

There was sharp pain as Pamela hit the limits of Madhuri's bowel, then she squeezed the balls again to shoot a large load of lubricant into Madhuri's ass.

Madhuri was left totally humiliated and broken. She was turned into a Sex Slave for Shania.