Gillian Anderson vs. Pamela Anderson by Ferret (Sept. 99)

When Pamela Anderson works out in public, most of the guys who are working out in the same gym end up paying more attention to her then their own workout. Like most women, Pam craves attention to the point of being the center of it and can get very jealous when it is taken away from her.

It was on one of these days when Pam was exercising in a west Hollywood gym. She had thought about renting it for the time she was there, just to have a private workout, but changed her mind when she saw the number of good looking men that were already there. She entered the change room and within a few short minutes she returned wearing a very sexy one piece, red, white and blue workout suit which had a v-neck that shot down to her pierced naval. All eyes followed her as she moved to one of the machines and began her routine. Pam continued her exercise for ten minutes enjoying all the attention that the young men were giving her. Pam rewarded them with bending over from time to time to give them an eye full of either her cleavage or ass. It all depended on where they were situated at the time.

Then things changed. the women's change room door opened and out walked Gillian Anderson wearing a black and silver one piece suit with silver X's over each breast. She looked hot and Pam noticed immediately that most of the attention was shifted to Gillian. Pam was miffed at the idea that these bozo's could think that she had a body that was better to look at then her own. Pam's eyes followed Gillian as she went over to one of the machines and started her own workout. Her eyes looked her up and down and came to the conclusion that anyone who would rather have Gillian over her was either blind or a retarded faggot.

Half an hour later Pam was still fuming over the lack of attention. She overheard a couple of guys who were using the machine next to her comment on how great Gillian looked. This didn't help to calm Pam down at all. A noise that came from the side of the room got Pam's attention.

There were a group of guys around the wrestling ring and they were cheering on two people who were wrestling inside it. She was surprised to find out that it was Gillian wrestling one of the guys. From everyone's viewpoint it looked like the guy wasn't trying very hard and it made it easier for Gillian to end up pinning him. After watching this for several minutes Pam finally exploded.

"If you wanna wrestle, why don't you try me on for size red?"

Gillian looked up from her perch on top of the gentleman and saw Pam standing there inside the ring with her hands on her hips.

"Why not. I'm not getting much of a challenge against these guys considering I think they're letting me win."

Gillian looked down at the guy she was sitting on and he smiled up at her.

The next thing everyone knows Pam is tackling Gillian off of the guy and attempting to pin her to the mat. Gillian, who was taken off guard began to buck and squirm under Pam's weight trying to get her off. The two of them begin to roll around on the mat, each trying to gain the top position, while the crowd of guys cheered them on.

Pam managed to get on top, but Gillian was able to get both of her feet on Pam's stomach and with a mighty shove, she through Pam off of her. Pam landed on her back several feet away, but was able to quickly get to her feet.

The two girls circled one another. Gillian still believing that this was just in fun, but Pam knowing that fun was the furthest thing from her mind. The two Anderson's locked up and Pam used her size advantage and pushed her back into the corner. Suddenly Pam shot out her hand and slapped Gillian across the face. The redhead's cheek became almost as red as her hair. Pam stepped back to admire her handiwork. The look on Gillian's face was shock as she took her hand and rubbed her cheek where it was struck. The cheering that was going on suddenly died down as they realized what Pam just did.

"What's wrong Red? It was just a little slap."

Gillian then swung her hand out and it connected to Pam's cheek.

"Yeah. So was that."

The guys surrounding the ring were then shocked out of their socks when they saw what happened next. Pam and Gillian dived at each other and wrapped their hands in each others hair. They shook the other's head back and forth while screams of pain echoed throughout the gym.

Pam forced Gillian back into the corner and then sent two punches into the redhead's sexy belly. Gillian groaned as she doubled over. Pam grabbed her by the hair and hoisted her back to a vertical position and then slapped her again across the face. Gillian then brought her hand up and grabbed Pam by her hair and pulled her head down by it. At the same time she brought up her knee and it connected to Pam's forehead. the gorgeous blonde saw stars dance around in her head as she fell back to the mat.

Gillian then went over to Pam and reached down to grab her arm, when Pam reached up and grabbed at the front of her suit and with one quick movement, ripped it down the front and exposed both of Gillian's tits. The redhead was shocked as her breasts were now bouncing free for everyone to see. She stepped back to try and put them back in place put the front of her suit was completely torn away and they wouldn't be able to go back into hiding.

Pam got to her feet while Gillian was preoccupied.

"I'd be embarrassed with those sacks of shit too."

Gillian saw red as Pam laughed at her. She charged into the blonde and tackled her to the floor. The redhead's hands went for the front of Pam's suit to repay the favor while Pam's hands found a place wrapped around both of Gillian's tits.

Gillian squealed as the pain hit her, but she was determined to get back at Pam. The sound of her suit ripping so gave way to more cheers as the guys were now wild with excitement. Pam's tits were now free of their confinement. This was a day that none of them would ever forget.

Pam continued to ravage Gillian's tits while Gillian desperately tried to free them from Pam's assault. The blonde used this to her advantage as she managed to roll Gillian off of her and took over the top position. Pam pressed her hands down hard on the redhead's boobs which caused them to mushroom out from her chest.

Gillian groaned as she couldn't get her tits free. The pain shooting through her chest was like fire and when Pam changed her tactics to grab at each of her stiff erect nipples, her screams filled the air. Pam pulled on them like they were taffy. First one way, then the next.

"Maybe if I pull on them harder they'll become as big as mine!"

"At least mine are real and not full of plastic. you Bitch!"

Gillian screamed even more as Pam reefed up on her nipples harder then before. She was at the end of her rope and knew that if she didn't do something quick then this fight would be over. She brought her hand up and poked Pam in the eyes.

Pam squealed as she released both of Gillian's tits and tried to clear her vision. Gillian used this to shove the blonde off of her and roll to the corner to massage her sore tits. While her hands tried to soothe the pain in her breasts, Gillian never took her eyes off Pam.

Pam's eyes were full of tears as she tried to clear her vision. It took over a minute before she was able to focus her eyes on the redhead. Although it was a blurred vision she knew what was coming. Gillian managed to get to her feet and move over towards Pam. As she stood in front of her Gillian saw Pam look up at her through blurred eyes. For a second she felt pity, but that was only a second. Gillian brought up her leg and kicked Pam in the chest.

Pam cried out in pain as her chest exploded from the force of the blow. She ended up on her back and in a second Gillian was on her struggling to pin down the bigger blonde. Pam fought back as best she could as she grabbed a hold of Gillian's hair and yanked on it as hard as she could. Gillian returned the favor and soon both girls were leaving more hair on the mat then on their head.

Pam's vision was her downfall as she struggled to attack and see at the same time. For a moment Pam managed to get Gillian on her back, but her tit fell close to Gillian's face and the redhead wasn't about to let an opportunity like this go by.

Gillian chomped down as hard as she could. Her teeth seized Pam's nipple and Pam's shrills filled the room. Gillian was able to get Pam off of her and get back on top without losing her bite.

Pam's legs were kicking around wildly as she bucked and twisted to try and free herself from this torment. When this failed to relieve her from the pain she finally screamed out her surrender.

Gillian released her bite on Pam's tit and stood up as Pam rolled over in a fetal position and cried uncontrollably. Gillian looked proud of herself as the guys who were cheering her climbed into the ring and celebrated with her. She moved them aside and bent down beside Pam.

"I'm gonna take this and if you want it back, you know where to find me BITCH." whispered Gillian as she forcefully removed Pam's workout suit from her body.

Pam still lay in the fetal position trying to hide her nudity as Gillian stood up and hoisted her suit up above her head while everyone cheered.

The End.