Gillian Anderson, Sharon Stone, Liz Hurley, Sheryl Crow, The Corrs, Alanis Morissette, Geri Halliwell, Shirley Manson, Annabeth Gish, Madonna by imitation

She was told that it was a perfume auction for charity. Stars were going to turn up in full regalia so Gillian seized the opportunity to be one of them. After the beatings she had received repeatedly, she had to do a lot of work to do to make up for the humiliation. The press had never praised Gillian's body so much and truth of the matter is, she'd never looked so sexy. Every passing day she looked sexier than the previous one. She'd tried to help a few Bollywood starlets out over the past few months, too often with disastrous results; but she'd become an icon to the underdog stars in the Indian film industry. Gillian showed up to the auction in a form hugging white shirt that showed off her humble cleavage even to the blind. She walked into the back room of the auction where she had arranged to look at the perfumes with the curator of the auction.

"I like this one," she told the woman curator.

The lady smiled and told Gillian there was a special perfume she really wanted Gillian to try. Gillian followed her to a case where a really impressive bottle was on display. The lady smiled at Gillian, opened the case, took out the bottle, turned and sprayed it directly into Gillian's face.

"Sorry!" she said, stifling a giggle.

"That's alr....uugh..." moaned Gillian, unable to finish what she had to say as her head lead her body in crashing to the floor.

Gillian's small, soft breasts provided little cushion and her face hit the floor but she was already unconscious before impact. The curator laughed aloud, turned and clapped her hands. The real auction was about to begin. Sharon Stone appeared from out of her hiding place; a woman who harbored a deepseated hatred of Gillian ever since Gillian had outshown her in "The Mighty." The blonde had stolen the show and the premiere from Sharon who regretted not doing to Gillian what Laura Linney had done on the set of, "The House of Mirth."

"OK, let's do this properly," Sharon told the curator.

Sharon bent and picked up the inert perfume aficionado, draped Gillian over her shoulder and carried Gillian into a back room where she dropped the inert blonde on a table next to a machine. Sharon laughed as she walked around and threw a switch on the machine. The machine went around Gillian twice, then stopped. Sharon came back and when she looked down, sheh saw that Gillian's body from the neck down had been tightly wrapped in clear, clingy plastic film. Sharon rolled the inert stage star off the table and stood her on a cart which she wheeled out the door. It looked as if Gillian was standing up on the cart as Sharon pushed it along, asking the curator, "Is everybody here?"

The curator nodded as Sharon wheeled the unconscious star out onto the auction stage. It was a private auction and a few celebrities were present. Sharon looked out into the crowd and saw Shirley Manson, Geri Halliwell, Liz Hurley, Annabeth Gish, Madonna, and Sheryl Crow seated in the front row. "Let's get the auction started," she said. "You're bidding for one night beating the shit out of this washed up slut, Gillian Anderson! But before we open the bidding, let me show you a few of the good things about our cling-wrapped bitch here," she said, barely able to contain her laughter. "They're small, but she's got a great pair of tits!" she said as her hand rubbed Gillian's tits through the film. "She certainly has a great body as every newspaper and television reporter will attest! Her face is near perfect, from lips to nose and eyes. But I want to draw your attention to that fabulous jaw! A jaw that is so beautiful, yet so fragile. Every time that she gets punched in it, she goes unconscious at the drop of a hat!" Sharon said to cheers as she bent and kissed Gillian on the side of her jaw to even louder applause.

"So that's the package. Now lets get the bidding started," Sharn said.

"Two thousand pounds" said Madonna.

Just then, the lights in the hall went out and everyone was plunged into confused, pitch blackness. The curator went backstage to check if everything was in order but when she picked up the phone someone clapped a hand over her mouth and pulled her into a room. She spun around just in time to be punched in the face by Sharon Corr. As the curator slid down the wall unconscious, Sharon leaned out the door and gave the ‘thumbs up’ to her two sisters. The Corrs had come to exact revenge on their enemies.

“Something's not right,” thought Sheryl Crow as she made her way out of the auction room into the dim emergency lights of the hall. But just as she stepped into the hallway, someone brushed past her rounding the corner into the hallway. She stepped toward the person but then she got kicked hard in her stomach and she buckled over gasping for air.

"You suck bitch," was the last she heard before her head was slammed hard into a nearby wall and she crumpled to the floor.

As Sheryl’s eyes closed, she recognized the face of Alanis Morissette just before she faded away to unconsciousness. Alanis dragged Sheryl to a nearby room and tied her to a chair, then she started to search Sheryl's clothes.

Madonna was in deep conversation with Geri and Liz when she noticed Annabeth Gish had walked over to the unconscious Gillian. "Why cant we continue the auction?" Annabeth asked after licking Gillian's nose. "Cuz the curator isn’t here and neither is Sheryl!" grumbled Sharon.

"Don't take that tone with me, Stone," growled Annabeth.

Sharon was standing at the podium and had no patience for Gish who she felt was too low a celebrity to even be at the auction anyway. Sharon continued to look down at the podium, avoiding Gish's death stare until finally, Sharon grabbed the microphone and in turned quickly, swunging it in a short arc into Gish's jaw.

"Unnngh!" went Gish as the mike hit her. Annabeth’s knees wobbled and then Sharon kicked her in the stomach and uppercut her under the jaw. The rapid blindside attack dropped Annabeth to the floor at the feet of her former costar in the same unconscious state.

“Ha-ha-ha! The mighty women of X-Files!" Madonna laughed.

"After that video she made of Gillie,” Geri purred. “She got paid the highest of anyone on the show. Even Gillian had to accept a reduced role on the show and her character always seemed scared of Annabeth's."

“Wow you sure know a lot of X-files trivia," said Liz, smiling a kinky smile.

"As a fan of the show, I could tell Scully had officially become Reyes' bitch," said Geri with a wink at Liz.

Madonna just raised her eyebrows as she continued to stare at the two ladies out cold on the stage. She got up, walked up and kicked Annabeth over onto her back; then stood over her with one hip cocked and her hands on her head.

"Well, Annabeth has better breasts and I think she’s prettier too,” the Material Girl announced.

But when Madonna looked around, she noticed Shirley Manson had joined the others who’d stepped out. Shirley hated everyone else in that crowd and had stepped out for a smoke but as she lit her cigarette, she was hit in the back. She turned around to see Andrea Corr grinning at her.

"It's payback you Scot slut," said Andrea as she jumped on Shirley, knocking her to the ground.

Shirley was taken by surprise and Andrea punched her in the jaw several times before she could even raise her hands to defend herself. Shirley grunted in pain and as she tried to fight back, Caroline came running in and picked her up. Caroline held Shirley’s arms pulled back while Andrea fired a rapid series of hard punches into Shirley's stomach. With each one, Shirley grunted in pain. "Caroline, would you do the honours?" said Andrea stepping back.

"Sure," said Caroline.

As Caroline walked around the tottering Garbage vocalist, Shirley could hardly stand. Caroline pulled her hair and punched her in the nose, sending Shirley crashing to the floor out cold flat on her back! The Corr sisters laughed as they stood over Shirley’s beaten and battered body.

“Fuckin' slut! You thought there’d be no payback?" chuckled Andrea and she kicked Shirley in the ribs.

"Why aren't the lights back on yet?" wondered Liz Hurley as she looked at the stage and saw Madonna fondling and kissing the inert Annabeth like there was no tomorrow. She looked at Geri, nudged her in the ribs, nodded at the stage and winked.

Sharon yelled at Madonna, “Hey! No one's touching the goods ‘til I get paid!”

Madonna got up off of Annabeth and turned to Sharon, warning her, "I do what the fuck I want!"

Sharon raised the auctioneer's gavel and swung but Madonna stepped out of the way and used her movie combat training to easily disarm Sharon. As Madonna wrenched the gavel from her hand, Sharon’s momentum carried her away from Madonna and the Queen of Pop chopped Sharon in the back of the neck. Sharon’s unconscious body folded forward and she tumbled headfirst to the floor beside Annabeth’s body.

"Hah-hah-hah!” Madonna guffawed. “She's going to take ME on! Not bloody likely!" She walked up to Gillian and tore the clingy plastic wrap off her torso. "How fucking weird is that Sharon? Look how she wrapped Gillian!!" she mused, shaking her head in wonder as Gillian remained blissfully inert through all of this. Madonna picked up Gillian and dropped her face dow on top of Annabeth’s body. "Scully and Reyes!” she laughed. “The tag team from hell!!"

It was at that moment that the Corrs stormed into the hall. Madonna was surprised as Sharon Corr attacked Liz Hurley and Caroline went for Geri; that left Andrea and Madonna as the third pair of fighters!

Liz Hurley's body was a work of art but Sharon Corr was a harsh art critic! When Liz punched the lovely Sharon in the stomach, the Corr sister’s rock hard abs didn't feel a thing. Sharon lunged for Hurley's hair, grabbed two handfulls and flipped the brunette over her hip and down to the floor. Liz landed hard and the wind was knocked out of her just long enough for Sharon Corr to unleash a series of kicks to Liz’s belly.

Caroline Corr had jumped Geri Halliwell from behind and she wisely used a nerve pinch her self defense instructor had taught her. Geri never had a chance! The neck nerve pinch was on tight and Geri was slowly falling asleep. She turned around, already groggy, and tried to swing at Caroline, but in her condition she missed badly. Caroline simply laughed and punched Geri between the eyes. Geri continued to swing valiantly - and miss terribly - while all Caroline did was laugh and tease her. Finally, Geri stood still, swaying slowly back and forth with her eyes blank. Caroline pushed her chest with her index finger and Geri toppled over backward unconscious. Caroline quickly picked up the petite singer and tied her up in her chair.

Unlike her sisters, things weren’t going quite so well for Andrea. She’d squared off with Madonna and the Queen of Pop had years of fight experience at her command. Madonna side-stepped Andrea's jump move and tripped Andrea to the floor. As Andrea lay on her stomach, Madonna straddled her back and used her hair to bang her head on the floor repeatedly making Andrea scream in pain and protest.

Madonna kept repeating, "You bitches cant touch me," as she slammed Andrea’s head down, something Andrea knew was at least partly true as she began to fade into unconsciousness.

Just then, Alanis Morissette, who had sneaked into the arena, picked up the hammer Sharon Stone had dropped, walked up behind Madonna and brought it down full force on the back of the Material Girls head. Even though her blonde hair covered the sweet spot for a knock out, Morissette made solid contact.

"I'm too str….uunnnngggh," groaned Madonna as her muscular arms lost life and she dropped to the floor, landing with her stomach covering Andrea's face. Andrea wondered what was going on when darkness descended, but as she began to recover, she realized Madonna was sprawled lifeless on top of her. She rolled the inert legend off of her and laughed as she squirmed out from under her.

Looking around, Andrea saw her sister Sharon straddling Liz Hurley. Sharon had taken off her shirt and was smothering Liz into oblivion with her Irish jugs.

"Wake up Gillian!!" said Alanis, slapping Gillian as she and Andrea pulled Gillian off Annabeth and laid her on the floor.

Andrea got some water while Caroline decided what would be the most humiliating place for the press could find these ‘stars.’ Gillian stirred awake, “Wha...? What's going on?"

"Revenge!" Alanis said as she proudly showed Gillian what had happened while she slept.

The girls decided the best thing to do was strip Madonna and tie her to the stage.

Gillian made a sign saying, "Lot 1 - cheap slut" and taped it to Madonna's brilliant abs.

Liz Hurley was dumped headfirst in the rubbish bin outside the auction hall.

Geri Halliwell was drugged and her unconscious body dumped in the red light district downtown.

Gillian really wanted to get even with Annabeth Gish whom she put in her car and drove away with.

Sharon and Caroline Corr took Sheryl Crow home with them where they made sure she "had fun" while they fucked her through the weekend!

They left Shirley Manson and Sharon Stone bound 69 the same way Shirley had done to Alanis and Andrea some time before.

Gillian called the tabloids this time and told them where to find the other girls.

Of all of them, Madonna was humiliated the most. Liz Hurley, Geri Halliwell, Shirley Manson and Sharon Stone shared smaller parts of the humiliation. They’d been overshadowed by an icon and were thus spared greater embarrassment. The tabloids attributed most of the destruction to “the extremely fit Gillian Anderson.”

They had good reason to believe Gillian was responsible because they received a video tape showing Gillian black jacking Annabeth Gish and then having her way with her as evidence of her domination

The following weekend, the Corrs were at an A-list party with Gillian Anderson and Alanis Morissette; they were once more the toast of England again!