Eating Crow: Pam Anderson vs. Catherine "Cat" Bell by SamDog

Catherine Bell grinned as her eyes swept across the sandy beach. Blissfully, she felt the heat of the mid-morning July sun on her face and skin as a light breeze rippled through her short, dark hair. Cat enjoyed the much-needed breather for her life had been hectic lately with one thing piled up after another. A sense of euphoria spread over her when her husband surprised her by announcing he was taking her away on a two-week vacation at a beach house he'd rented.

Today, like most mornings, Cat was reclining on the sand, her body sprawled across a beach towel; an awesome sight in a blue string bikini. Closing her eyes, Cat could truly enjoy the moment, freed from any worry. But, that moment of tranquillity soon passed as she heard footsteps in the sand as someone approached. Cat sensed a presence, someone looming over her. Opening her eyes expecting to see a deranged fan looking for a picture or autograph, instead she looked up to see Pam Anderson standing over her. Pam was dressed to kill in a tiny black bikini.

Sensing trouble as the blonde's shadow blocked out her sun, Cat sat up and raised her hand to shield her eyes as she said, "Hi ... what're you doing here?"

Pam's response was to toss a magazine in Cat's lap; the June FHM with Cat's picture on the cover.

Looking confused, Cat asked somewhat surprised, "What? You want me to autograph this for you?"

"Just who the hell do you think you are?" Pam shouted. "Where the hell do you get off talking shit about me?" she said, her voice rising.

"What are you talking about?" Cat asked, now more confused than ever.

"Don't play dumb with me, you bitch!" Pam snapped. "It's all right there!" she said, pointing dramatically at Cat's bosom.

Picking up the magazine, Pam flipped through the pages until she came to a dog-eared corner and read, 'Pam Anderson. I'm fascinated by her body, and, like, the boobs. I want to know what they look like. Do they just stay up that high when she takes off her top?' Then, 'The Pam and Tommy Lee video. That's safe to say, isn't it? It was very sad.'

Glaring hatefully at the brunette, Pam screamed, "Get up, bitch! You're gonna be sorry you ever opened your big mouth 'bout me!"

Getting angry herself, Cat did just that; rising to her feet, her long, full frame towering over that of the petite blonde.

"Don't you dare talk to me like that!" Cat replied as she gave Pam a shove. "Now, get lost before I make YOU regret interrupting my sunbathing!"

Incensed, Pam cocked her fist and punched the brunette on the cheek. She didn't get the response she'd hoped for, however, for Cat returned the blow, knocking her back a few steps. Cat was on Pam before she could get her guard up, rocking her head with three quick jabs to the face. Dazed, the blonde groaned as the big brunette slammed two punches to her body, bending her forward slightly. Struggling, Pam lashed out with her fists, hitting Cat in the chest and then the stomach and now Cat winced in pain.

Pam's attack was stopped in it's tracks by another powerful punch to the face from Cat who, smiling, began to swing for the fences, belting the blonde's face with punch after punch until the last one knocked her to the ground.

Straddling Pam, Cat let her fists go, punching down into Pam's face. She rocked the blonde's head back and forth before she aimed a but lower and began to pound Pam's big breasts. Pam's screams filled the air as Cat's fists smashed her tits flat, digging deep into the yielding flesh!

Pam's thin top gave no protection as, with each successive blow, new waves of pain washed over her. Cat brutally pummeled her pride and joys. As Pam's tits ached from Cat's final shots, Pam lifted her hands to try to protect her savaged breasts from further injury, but Cat quickly grabbed her wrists and pulled her hands away, slamming them back down on the ground.

"You stupid whore," Cat taunted. "You're in for the worst pain of your life!"

Reaching down, Cat made short work of Pam's top, ripping it open with one swift motion. Powerless to stop her, Pam howled in pain as Cat's fingers grabbed her tits, squeezing and pulling mercilessly; gouging them with her fingers. Then the tough brunette began twisting Pam's nipples, smiling as the petite blonde writhed, bucked and moaned in pain. Thrashing and twisting as she fought to free herself, Pam clasped Cat's wrists, but her efforts were all to no avail.

Moaning in pain, Pam cried, "Leggo, you stupid whore!"

Cat simply smiled and shook her head as she gave Pam's tits another good squeeze making Pam groan softly. But the blonde shot her hands up and dug her sharp fingers into Cat's dangling breasts. Cat gritted her teeth as the small blonde raked her nails down her tits over and over, each one worse than the last. Changing her own attack, Cat pinched Pam's nipples with her thumb and forefinger and began to twist. Left, right, left; back and forth as the blonde's cries echoed over the sandy beach.

Biting her lip against the pain, Pam screamed, "Screw you, slut! I'm gonna make you pay!"

"Not likely," Cat chortled. "Your chest's gonna be one huge bloodstain when I'm done!"

They began squeezing and abusing each other's breasts, straining not to show any signs of the anguish they felt as they mercilessly attacked the other's precious assets. In pain but determined not to lose, Pam cupped the outside of Cat's breasts and began to slap them together. The blonde kept her eyes riveted on the brunette's face as it twisted in pain, smiling as she won their war of will.

Unable to stop herself from gasping in pain, Cat moaned aloud as Pam yanked her tits down, forcing her upper body down as it followed. Grinning as Cat's grip on her tits eased, Pam wrenched Cat's tits left and right, finally dumping her off her to the side. Laying beside Cat's head, Pam ran her hands through her foe's dark locks and taunted the teary-eyed Cat.

"Aww... Poor baby... Looks like you're up shit's creek!"

Bringing her legs up, Pam wrapped them around Cat's head, squeezing as they clamped down on her throat. Cat groaned as she flailed back and forth, her breath cut off by the pressure from the blonde's wiry thighs. The big brunette frantically slapped and pawed at Pam's legs, but they were locked too tight to pry apart.

"Got nothing to say, bitch?" Pam crowed. "l bet you wish you'd kept your big mouth of yours shut!"

Suddenly, the blonde screeched as Cat's nails raked up and down her legs, scratching them deeply. Pam struggled to maintain her scissors while she captured Cat's hands, but Cat's wrists continually eluded her grasping fingers. Getting her hands on the blonde's ankles, Cat showed her strength as she grunted and slowly pried Pam's legs apart, then used the hold to roll Pam over onto her back. Bucking and twisting, the blonde moaned in pain as Cat spread her legs, stretching the tendons and ligaments to the limit. Then, with a look of anger clouding her beautiful face, Cat let go of Pam's ankle with one hand and began punching her fist into the blonde's cunt. Screaming as each blow rocked her world, Pam jerked her free foot back and kicked out, her high heel connecting with Cat's chin.

As Cat fell back stunned, Pam jerked her other leg free and then lashed out with both feet, knocking Cat onto her back. Pam struggled to her feet and stood rubbing her throbbing pussy.

Angrily, Pam shouted, "You fucking bitch! I'll kill you!" as Cat rolled onto her side.

Pam brought her foot down, stomping her in the face. In pain, Cat was helpless to stop the next foot from smashing onto her face. Pam gave Cat one last kick to the belly, sending her rolling. Cat ended up lying face down in the sand, her heavy breathing sending little puffs of sand into the air.

Seething with anger, Pam dropped her ass on the brunette's back, grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back sharply. Cat moaned softly in pain as her head was twisted backward. Then Pam, reaching back with her other hand, began to spank Cat's ass, forcing her to cry out with each hard, merciless and humiliating spank.

"You...dumb...cunt," Pam screamed, punctuating each word with a hard, brutal spank. "You've...been...a...very...bad...girl!"

Rising slightly, Pam kneed Cat over onto her back and straddled her again. Smirking, Pam lowered her breasts and rubbed them in Cat's face.

Then, sitting up and caressing her marvelous mounds, Pam smirked, "Well bitch, who's got the better tits?"

Cat took a moment to regain her composure, then glared venomously up into the blonde's eyes and answered, "Go to hell, you dumb blonde bimbo! Those saggy sacks you call boobs ain't worth jackshit!"

Cat laughed as she saw the shocked look of disbelief on Pam's cherubic face. But her gloating was suddenly cut short when the blonde's fist crashed down into her face. Scooting forward, Pam wedged her knees down on Cat's arms as she trapped the writhing brunette in a classic schoolgirl pin. Pam furiously continued punching the brunette in the face, leaving Catís countenance with several souvenirs of the encounter. The brunette moaned each time her head was rocked, absorbing several deep bruises and a bloody nose from the blonde's knuckles.

Reaching down, Pam carefully arranged her fingers around Cat's throat, then began squeezing with surprising strength. Struggling simply to breathe, Catís lush body bucked and twisted as she frantically tried to bounce the irate blonde off of her. Despite her best efforts, the slighter Pam wasn't able to keep Cat pinned as she eventually managed to wriggle one of her arms free.

In desperation, Cat grabbed a handful of sand and flung it in Pamís face. She screamed as she coughed and spit out sand, blinded by the grains in her eyes. The blonde's instincts told her not to release her grip on Cat's throat, but due to her lack of vision she failed to see the brunette's fist and it nailed her right on the kisser!

Two more punches to the face left the blonde even more disoriented than usual, unable to maintain her pin as Cat freed her other arm. Pam was desperate to keep her hold on Cat's throat and she groaned in pain as Cat loosed a barrage of blows that hammered her torso, the last punch to her face finally knocking her off to the side.

Rising quickly to her feet, Cat took a deep breath as she stood over the downed blonde. Pam scrambled to her feet as well, glaring angrily and raising her fists. As they moved together, Cat shook the blonde with two sharp left jabs that flattened Pamís nose, followed by an overhand right to her eye that rocked her head on her shoulders.

Pam responded with a left hook, but it was blocked and brushed aside by the brunette. Wide open, Pam got nailed by a left to her nose, snapping her head back as blood began to flow freely from her right nostril. Catís punches peppered Pam's puss, focusing her attack on her left eye which soon started to swell shut.

Moving in close to the brunette, Pam launched a pair of uppercuts low into Cat's smooth, round belly that caused the brunette to grimace in pain. Then Cat's jaw dropped in shock as Pam landed an uppercut to her right tit, knocking it up into her face. Cat moaned again when Pam kept pounding her boobs, screaming as the blondeís fists drove deep into the soft flesh. Reaching out, Pam grabbed Cat's breasts and began squeezing.

Cat screamed in pain and grabbed at Pam's wrists, swiveling her hips as she tried frantically to release her tits from the blonde's tight clutches. Reaching down with one hand, Cat pulled up on Pam's bikini bottom and tore it off, then jammed her hand in the blonde's crotch, her fingernails gouging the tender inner walls of her pussy. Screaming in agony, Pam followed suit, pulling and twisting Cat's pussy lips as the brunette howled in pain.

Both women wavered on quivering legs. Unable to support their weight, the two ladies dropped to their knees. Drawing her fist back, Pam drove two punches in rapid succession into Catís womanhood and the brunette groaned loudly, letting Pam know sheíd scored big.

"You dirty bitch," Pam screamed. "Get your filthy hands out of my pussy!"

Still crushing Cat's tit with one hand, Pam rammed her fingers up into the brunette's cunt and began clawing her insides. Screaming in mindless pain, Cat started fading fast under the blonde's dual assault. Letting go, Cat snapped a right hook to Pam's chin, spinning her head to the right, then a left hook rocked it back the opposite way. As Pam's arms withdrew to cover herself, Cat exploded; hammering the blonde all over her body with a series or hard punches. With Pam dazed and reeling, Cat threw a right to Pam's jaw, knocking her over on her side.

Getting to her feet, Cat grabbed a handful of Pam's disheveled hair and yanked her to her feet. As the embattled blonde raised her guard to defend her face, she was rendered defenseless by two riveting blows to the belly. Rocking Pam's head back with a pair of hooks, Cat began pumping her fists into Pamís breasts as the blonde screamed while her hooters were mashed into her chest. Again, Pam brought her hands up to shield her boobs and the wily brunette hammered her with two more body blows, then an uppercut.

Pam began to topple over to the sand, but as she fell, Cat stepped to the side and slammed a back kick to her chest. Pamís agonized scream echoed across the beach as she was driven backward and collapsed on the wet sand. Sensing things were starting to go her way, Cat stood over the blonde as she lay face down on the ground and planted her foot on Pam's head. Cat pressed down, mashing Pamís face into the wet sand. Finally, Cat let he up, and stood laughing as she watched Pam cough and sputter, struggling for breath as she brushed the sand out of her nose and mouth.

Grabbing a handful of blonde tresses, Cat yanked Pam to her knees and told her, ďLemme show you how leg scissors are supposed to be done, you stupid bimbo."

Cat wrapped her killer thighs around the blonde's waist from behind and Pam's eyes grew wide as Cat began to crush her, twisting back and forth helplessly in the powerful grasp of the brunette. Pam frantically grabbed at Cat's wrists trying to free herself, only to have her rip them out of her grip. Tears began to fill the blonde's eyes as Cat's pythons crushed her ribs until, much to Pamís relief, Cat let go. Pam, gasping for breath, pitched forward and dropped face down in the sand. As Pam moaned in pain, she was again jerked up by her hair, this time all the way to her feet.

"Whoa! Where the hell do you think you're going?" Cat giggled. "I'm not done with the demonstration yet!"

The impending sense of doom that coursed through Pam was quickly confirmed when Cat bent her over and wrapped her legs around her neck. Pam groaned again as the brunette squeezed the life from her, letting her feel the Ďpower of the Cat'. Weakly pawing at Cat's powerful pythons, Pam whimpered whenever the brunette squeezed and then relaxed her thighs. Reaching forward, Cat caressed Pam's boobs before grasping them in both hands.

Terrified, the blonde managed to get enough breath to gasp, "Please... Don't do it... Please..." Cat's only reply was to squeeze harder with her legs, cutting off both Pam's pleas and her air. "You stupid cow. These sorry tits are gonna be extra saggy real soon!"

Pam let out a choked squeal as Cat began to squeeze and pull down on her breasts. Now totally at Cat's mercy, Pam felt tears begin to roll down her cheeks uncontrollably as Cat twisted her tits back and forth.

When Cat finally let go, much to Pam's relief, she collapsed on the sand where she lay moaning. Pam began to cry softly as Cat pulled her back up to her feet by her hair, fully aware her torment wasn't done. Raising her fists, Cat again battered the blonde, knocking her head in direction, then the other. Pam could only groan as her pretty features slowly became less and less pretty; her eye swelled shut, her lip bloody and her cheeks discolored by seemingly endless blows to her face.

Gasping as the brunette's punches dug into her belly and her ribs, Pam pitched forward, mindlessly clinching with her arms around Cat in a desperate bid for survival. She quickly realized it was a mistake when she felt Cat's arms wrap around her and the bigger, stronger, woman began squeezing with everything she had, crushing the blonde in her arms as Pam's cried loudly.

In a display of her amazing strength, Cat lifted the limp blonde straight up into the air, bearing down on her bearhug as Pam moaned in pain, twisting and writhing helplessly. Cat held Pam off the ground a moment, then brought the blonde down over her outstretched knee, slamming her spread legs down, splitting her as she smashed Pam's womanhood onto her knee The blonde screamed in absolute agony before slowly rolling off of the brunette's leg and flopping around in the sand holding her groin and sobbing in agony.

Bawling uncontrollably, Pam was in a world of pain and, aside from the pain, the only thing on her mind was survival. Summoning her flagging strength, she pulled herself through the soft sand, weakly crawling away from Cat. Pam didn't know where she was going, except that it was anywhere away from Cat. But as she dragged herself over the sand, she felt her face rub against something soft. Lifting her tear-filled eyes, the blonde blinked as she looked at some sort of terry cloth that was stained red.

"You fucking bitch!" Cat shouted, "You're getting blood on my towel!"

Pam's escape efforts evaporated as the brunette marched to her and wrapped her arms around her waist.

Pam weakly begged, "No... no... Please don't! No moreÖ"

Cat ignored her pleas, lifted her into the air and dropped her for a third and final time on her knee. Pam screamed as her pussy slammed into Catís knee, then tipped over onto the sand and lay curled up and sobbing as all resistance drained out of her. Beaming, Cat kicked Pam onto her back and straddled her waist, now in total control. She again laid into Pam's face with both fists, battering the blonde and giving her a few more bruises to remember the fight by. Moving her aim lower, the brutal brunette again pounded Pam's already abused breasts, flattening them as Pam wailed with each one. She sobbed aloud as Cat buried her nails in her breasts, then savagely mauled them.

"Please... Please... I give up..." Pam implored weakly. "You beat me... Please, I can't take anymore."

Satisfied at last, Cat asked, "Well, I guess we both know who the better woman is, don't we? Are you sorry?"

Pam quickly nodded, tears flowing down her cheeks and flying off into the sand with the nodding.

"Good," Cat replied. "Next time you think you can take someone, don't forget you're really nothing but a saggy, washed-up, weak cow who should be put out to pasture!"

With that established, Cat threw herself forward, slapping her soft breasts down onto the blonde's red face. Pam's sobs were muffled as the brunette's ample flesh buried her battered features. Pam struggled weakly to resist, however, Cat wrapped her hands around the back of Pam's head and held her tight against her bosom until the blonde slipped off into unconsciousness.

Releasing her breast smother, Cat dropped Pam's head to the sand. Rising to her feet, she took stock of her victory, gloating in spite of the aches and pains that the blonde had inflicted on her. Salvaging what she could of her bikini and getting dressed, Cat took Pam's bikini and stuffed it in her bag. Pam would have to fend for herself when she came to and Cat was sure she wouldn't enjoy it.

Picking up her towel, Cat sighed, annoyed that it'd been ruined by Pamís blood. But she took consolation in the fact it'd make a good souvenir. Cat was sure that her hubby would get a kick out of it. Thinking of him, she figured he'd be awake by now and, aroused by her conquest, she was sure he'd enjoy giving her the satisfaction she needed. Excited as she walked back to the house, Cat smiled. It had been a good day after all!