Lt. Col. Sarah “Mac” Mackenzie, JAG (Cat Bell) vs. Agent Scully, X-Files (Gillian Anderson) by imitation

After ‘X-Files’ had been taken over by Agents Reyes and Doggett, Scully was sent back to Quantico to teach recruits what she knew best; science! Special Agent Dana Scully was not only one of the best looking FBI agents of the past two decades, but also highly respected in the Bureau and the Academy. She was well-known for an amazing brain and an even more amazing body. She’d been on the receiving end of a few beatings, but had come out on top in more than she lost and every student knew that! In fact, Scully was the star in the wet dreams of many future agents - not all of them men! One day while Dana was teaching a class, Lt. Col. Sarah Mackenzie from the Navy’s JAG office walked in, interrupted the class and started to order Agent Scully around like the petite redhead was some kind of domestic help for the towering brunette!

"Agent, I’ll be needing your expertise with these,” the Marine Lt. Col. huffed, brandishing a sheaf of papers under Dana’s nose..

Agent Scully looked at her with her cool blue eyes and said in her calm nasal voice, "Whoever you are, I’ll see you after class. Take a seat outside and when I’m through with the class, I’ll call you."

The class of FBI agents tittered and the busty Marine took offense and glared at Scully in disbelief. Mac was in a tearing hurry and she couldn't stand what she took for the FBI agent’s temper tantrum. As Mac walked down the aisle toward Scully, the students craned their necks to watch and they couldn't help but notice what great shape the Marine Corps. kept the Lt. Col. in. She walked up to Scully and threw the file she was carrying on the desk with a loud THWAP!

"Thank you!" said Scully and gave her a stern look. “You may leave now.”

Mac had never been treated so shabbily since Harm’s ex-partner, a haughty blonde, had “welcomed” her to JAG her first year. She wanted to humiliate Scully as she’d done to front of young impressionable minds! And Mac wanted to do it in style, but only AFTER getting what she wanted from the redhead. Mac left the folder with Scully and strutted out of the classroom, making sure to give everyone an eyeful of her full figure in her tight uniform. As soon as she left the classroom, Mac went down the hall and broke into Scully's office where she snooped around her desk. Mac found the box of contraband Cuban cigars that Scully kept hidden from her bosses and helped herself to one. An hour later, Scully opened the door and found Lt. Col. Mackenzie sitting at her desk with her long legs up smoking one of her precious Cubanos.

“What the hell is the meaning of this?" grumbled Scully, slamming the door angrily behind her.

"Do my work bitch!" barked Mac aggressively. “I don’t plan to tell you twice, you little snit.”

Scully gave the uniformed woman a cold, hard, look but she opened the file and began to read. Mac got up and, with the cigar shoved between her index and middle fingers of her right hand, walked around the desk to Scully who was leaning back with her tight butt on the edge of a table as she analyzed the files contents.

“Well, you certainly have my approval!" said Scully after scanning the contents of the file.

She signed her name on the ‘concurrence’ line at the bottom, but as soon as she finished the last curl of "Scully", the Marine raised her right hand and chopped down on the base of Scully's neck. The redheaded FBI Agent grunted as she saw the floor coming toward her face at a remarkable speed. The impact scattered cigar ash all over Scully as she crashed to the floor in her all-to-familiar sprawled inert pose. Mac bent over, hiked up Scully’s skirt and chuckled as she stubbed out the cigar on Scully's smooth, upturned butt.

Mac exhaled a smoke ring and sighed, "Thanks Red...till next time!"

Scully came to a few hours later; rubbing her neck with one hand and the small round burn on her buttcheek with the other as she wondered what had gone wrong this time. She struggled to her feet and walked over to her desk, sat gingerly down at her computer and punched in the code to the surveillance camera in her office. As she watched the tape replay, she saw Mac attack her from behind and then she winced as she watched the Marine Corps officer stubbing out her own cigar on her ass. She wasn’t going to stand for this!

A week later, Lt. Col. Mackenzie was sent back to Quantico again to get one more consent from the irate FBI agent. Mac cheerily barged in and interrupted Scully's class just as she had before. But this time, Scully was prepared for her. When Mac walked in, Scully stopped her lecture and called Mac down to the front of the class.

"Students, I don’t believe I’ve demonstrated the art of unarmed combat," she said as Mac dropped the new file on her desk.

Before Lt. Col. Mackenzie could react, Scully dove across the desk and tackled Mac. They both tumbled to the floor with Scully on top of the brunette. Scully punched Mac in the jaw repeatedly and the tough Marine grunted in pain as her head was rocked. It was one of the worst beatings Mac had taken in a long time. When Scully got up off Mac, she pulled the dazed brunette to her feet by the hair and rammed her head into the blackboard several times. Mac was drifting in and out of consciousness when Scully let go of Mac's hair and let her drop to the floor. Scully walked away, then turned and ran back at her at full speed, jumped in the air and kicked Mac in the ribs. The brunette howled in pain as she writhed on the floor holding her ribs as Scully sat down straddling her waist and attacked Mac's huge melons. She slapped, punched and pinched them over and over as Mac grunted and screamed in pain to no avail while the stunned students watched in silent confusion.

"This bitch knocked me out in my office the last time she was here,” Scully explained. “I'm just calling this payback."

One of the students called Agent Reyes (Annabeth Gish) on her cell phone as the students evacuated the classroom to wait in the hall until the authorities came to sort things out.

Mac lay tits down on the floor breathing heavily until Scully pulled her up off her stomach, straightened her up, turned her around and then punched her in the face, cutting her lip open and making her bleed. Mac slumped back against the blackboard while Scully just laughed aloud at her pathetic condition.

"Why the hell did you attack me last time, you military bitch?" she asked. When Mac didn't respond, Scully asked again as she picked up the file. "Was it because of this paper you want signed?"

She was confident Mac wouldn't dare touch her again, not after the beating she’d given her. Fight or no fight, Scully was very serious about the work she had to do and she looked at the file carefully. While the redhead was looking down at the file, Mac decided to make her move. She picked up the chalkboard eraser and pushed away from the blackboard. Scully didn't see her until she got close and when Scully turned to face her challenge, Mac swung the eraser, striking her in the face. The chalk dust flew up blinding Scully who grunted and reeled back blinking as her eyes teared. Mac dropped the eraser and punched the FBI Agent in the jaw. Scully’s knees buckled and she stumbled away, then dropped to one knee holding her jaw. Mac pulled Scully up by the hair and smashed her in the nose, making Scully's nose erupt in blood. She screamed and both hands went to nurse her delicate nose which left her midsection wide open and vulnerable.

Mac drew back and punched the injured redhead in the stomach doubling her over gasping for air; then she pushed Scully to the closest wall and wrapped her in a sleeper hold. Scully tried to fight out of it but she slowly began to succumb to the power of the hold.

"Stop this madness!" said one of the few remaining students screamed at Mac.

She laughed and let Scully go. Scully staggered and stumbled groggily toward her desk with Mac walking behind her. She put a hand on Scully’s shoulder and pulled her around to face her, then Mac let a last punch fly right onto Scully's jaw!

"Grrnggh!" groaned Scully as she fell face down at the feet of the Marine in a cloud of chalk dust. But Mac wasn’t done yet! She pulled off Scully's suit jacket and removed her blouse. She suspended the unconscious instructor from the blackboard by strips of her torn clothing, picked up a piece of chalk and wrote next to Dana’s limp body, "I will never mess with a Marine - D.Scully."

Then Mac took the piece of chalk and wedged it into Scully's humble cleavage between the cups of her tight bra.

"I'll use my tits to smother you next time, you stupid bitch," Mac purred as she ran her fingertips lightly down the inert Scully’s body.

Smiling, Mac walked out of the classroom to find the restroom and wash up for the drive back to JAG HQ as she opened the door to leave, Agent Reyes came running in and stopped in her tracks when she saw the destroyed Scully’s body slowly swinging back and forth from the blackboard. Reyes couldn't help laughing although Scully’s students were confused by her reaction.

"Well students, this is your chance,” Reyes chuckled. “Anyone else wanna feel the bitch up!" Reyes told the students they’d have to wait a minute though, because she wanted to take a picture of the destroyed ‘super agent’ dangling half stripped and unconscious. "..for the office," she laughed as she snapped away. She finished just as Mac returned wiping her hands with a paper towel. The two women stood with their arms around each others waists, hip to hip, admiring the sight of the redhead’s firm, tight body.

“She's a smug bitch, isn't she?" Reyes asked Mac.

Mac nodded and they both laughed as Mac opined, “Well, this should take some of the wind out of her sails.”

" this!" said Reyes as she walked up to Scully and worked her bra down from her small, soft breasts. Reyes gently touched Scully’s breast and as she fondled, the nipple slowly came erect and raised until it was hard and upright. "How horny is this slut?" Reyes laughed as the class erupted in nervous laughter at the sound of Scully’s arounsed moan as she begain to regain consciousness.

"Oh no you don't," said Mac who drew back and slugged Scully in her famous glass jaw. Scully's head rocked with the punch and she went out like a light again.

Scully came to in her office a few hours later and when she opened her eyes, she saw her computer with a picture of her on the desktop. In the picture, she was laying beaten and unconscious with her entire class posing standing around her naked body. The picture showed her naked body spread-eagled on the desk and every student, male and female, had one or more fingers on one of her breasts. Mac and Reyes' had their fingers deep in her pussy and from the smile on her unconscious face, Dana knew that everyone could see she was enjoying what they were doing in there. This was going to be hard to live down! The pictures, of course, were a big hit in the bureau; being posted in all the class and bathrooms. Even AD Skinner had his own copy! ‘Super’ Agent Scully had become the laughing stock of the FBI!