Gillian Anderson vs. Catherine Bell (The Cooking Contest) by houseinvader

A celebrity cook-off was being taped in England involving Gillian and Cat. Gillian showed up to the studio in a black shirt that covered her perky breasts nicely, but showed off her beautifully sculpted abs. She was fitter than she’d ever been and she knew it! She’d also brought a killer recipe (Smoked Catfish) and as she smiled while the announcer introduced her to the live studio audience, Gillian just knew she was going to smoke Cat alive! After Gillian’s introduction, Cat came into the studio wearing a little green dress that left nothing to the imagination. You could see her deep cleavage and even her breasts if you stared hard enough. Her great arms were bare and she was obviously a fairly strong woman. The crowd cheered as she entered, but a less than for Gillian.

As the contest was taping, Cat made several bitter remarks about Gillian's career which had been in decline since the demise of ‘X-files.” The crowd were muttering and mumbling, clearly not appreciating Cat’s tone. Gillian would not have it! She went to the sink, filled a pitcher with water and then turned and threw it in Cat's shocked face. The cold water hit the JAG actress squarely between the eyes and she stood with mouth gaping in disbelief as the water ran down soaking into her top - bringing her erect nipples into stark relief as the fabric molded itself to the stiff nubs. As the water slowly dripped off Cat, the crowd sat silent, then burst into applause! Gillian was a mighty popular figure in England apparently! Cat opened her eyes and gave the smirking blonde Gillian the coldest stare she could; then swiftly slapped Gillian’s cheek. As Gillian's head rocked to the side from the impact, Cat stepped forward and drove her fist into the new blondes abs. Gillian groaned as she bent forward, her hands clasped over her belly button

Cat then walked up to the bent over actress and hooked one hand in the back of Gillian's pants as the other grabbed her by the hair. The busty brunette pulled Gillian across the set and rammed her head into the oven door. CRACK! Gillian hit her head and collapsed on her stomach dazed and hurting. The crowd started booing Cat who dismissed them with a flick of her hand. The shows producers hoped the impromptu catfight would get better ratings than a mere celebrity cooking show, so they let the tape roll. But despite her reputation in tinseltown, Gillian proved to be no pushover this day. She wrapped her arms around Cat's ankle and tried to pull her off her feet but Cat raised her other foot to stomp on Gillian's back or head. Gillian turned this to her advantage, however, when she pulled Cat’s support foot out from under her while her foot poised in mid-air!

Cat let out a yelp of surprise as she fell down hard on her butt, her big bosom bouncing in her top. Gillian scrambled on top of Cat and began punching her huge tits like they were a pair of cheap beachballs! Cat could only scream and flail her hands trying in vain to get a handful of Gillian’s hair. Then just as Cat finally caught Gillian by her short, blond hair, Gillian drove a hard right to Cat's jaw. The big Cat winced in pain as her head bounced off the floor. Gillian slugged her again and Cat went out cold! Gillian got up much to the crowd's delight and waved to her fans. She picked up a can of whipped cream they were supposed to use for the dessert; looked down at Cat, then up into the camera.

"Nobody messes with Gillian Anderson any more. Get that all you other celebs? Charlize Theron? Jodie Foster? Annabeth Gish?"

But while Gillian was congratulating herself on her ‘victory’ Cat had regained consciousness and slowly got to her knees behind her. As Gillian finished her boastful monologue, Cat picked up a rolling pin and smashed it down on the back of Gillian's knee. Gillian's beautiful pouting lips formed a pained and sexy ‘o’ as she crumpled to the floor. Cat pulled herself up, looked into the camera and grinned, knowing full well she’d destroyed the effect of Gillian’s monologue with a single swing of the rolling pin. Cat kicked Gillian in her ribs over and over, sending her rolling across the floor until she stopped rolling and lay on her side not moving. Cat picked Gillian up under the arms, aided by two handfuls of her small, firm breasts, and dropped her on her knees with her chin resting on the countertop.

"Alright blondie,” Cat growled. “Tell the crowd you're sorry for picking on me," she ordered Gillian who was barely conscious and unable to reply. "...and when the hell did you become a blonde anyway?" she added, snatching at Gillian’s peroxide do.

Gillian was dazed but her nimble mind was going a mile a minute forming a plan. She surveyed the counter and saw a heavy, cast iron frying pan within reach. Just like Gillian before her, Cat was unable to resist the opportunity of playing to a large audience and she continued her monologue about the perils of crossing the great Catherine Bell!

"She says, don't mess with this bitch? My God, if there’s anyone who doesn’t already know; Gillian’s been beaten up by pretty much every celebrity there is. Even old Meryl Streep had her way with this one. Gillian can change her hair color, but a leopard can’t change its spots! Believe it!" Cat crowed to the crowd who were booing, but still enjoying every minute of the show.

“And finally….” Cat said in conclusion. CLANG! "Unnnnhh..."

She never got to finish the thought because Gillian grabbed the frying pan and swung around in a full arc, slamming it into the back of Cat’s skull. The big brunette’s eyes rolled back in her head as she toppled face down onto the counter. Her forehead bounced off the slate countertop, then her body slide backward and she flopped on the floor flat on her back; tits jutting upward. The crowd was stunned into silence for a few seconds; then the erupted in cheers!

Gillian kicked Cat in the ribs her to see if she moved. No reaction except her big body jiggling and rippling from the hard kick. The redhead straddled Cat’s waist, pulled her shoulders off the floor with a handful of bra, then slugged her in the face and jaw a couple of times just to make sure she stayed unconscious a little longer this time. Then Gillian pulled Cat's top off and bra, baring her full breasts. Holding Cat sitting up by the hair, Gillian put her nude torso on lewd display for the lustily jeering crowd. Gillian went back to the counter and retrieved the whipped cream she’d had before. Smiling coyly, she filled the deep canyon of the inert Cat's cleavage with whipped cream, then pulled the semi-conscious Cat to her feet and shoved her down on her back on top of the counter. Cat lay on her back, arms flung out, her limp legs draped over the edge of the counter while Gillian strutted back and forth in front of her. Finally, Gillian put her hands on Cat’s hips, wedged herself between Cat’s knees and leaned over her bare belly to spit in her face!

"I guess there's only one winner in this contest!" crowed Gillian.

She walked over to the prize bag, picked up the Cuban cigars that were part of the package and swaggered out of the studio puffing a thick, dark Cuban torpedo as Cat slowly groaned and moaned her way back to consciousness. Cat had no idea what hit her and it would be several days before she could review the tape of the show. She was embarrassed at having allowed herself to be publically humiliated and for months to come she moped and groused in private, unable to show her face. Of course, the tabloids had a field day reporting the story - with color pictures - of the indomitable Cat Cat's humbling by weak Gillian. Naturally, Cat planned to get revenge; the only question was when and how was the best way to teach Gillian and everyone else not to ring Cat’s bell.
Gillian Anderson vs. Cat Bell (The Revenge) by HouseInvader

It was still raining as Gillian pulled her 77 land cruiser into the parking garage. Everything seemed to be going well the last few days although she still hadn't figured out who knocked her out and threw her down that flight of stairs, but at least the tabloids hadn't made it as humiliating a big deal as they might have. She walked toward her office but then stopped as she noticed that the door was ajar. Maybe her assistant came in early? She entered the reception room and called out to her assistant. Nothing! The peroxide blonde was confused - something she noticed happened more and more often since her dye job!

Gillian was wearing a blue top that showed off her cleavage and put her taut abs on display. She deservedly considered herself the sexiest woman on the planet. The tabloids in England used to take pictures anytime and she knew she had to remain in the limelight but at this moment she had more important things on her mind as she realized there had been a potential break-in. She picked up the office phone, called 999 and then decided to look around for herself. She entered her office room and stopped abruptly, startled to see Cat Bell sitting at her desk smoking a cigarette.

"The cookoff contest is the most popular story in Europe," Cat purred as she blew the smoke from her last puff at Gillian.

"Get the fuck out of my office bitch!" Gillian said in a firm voice. "The police will be here any minute."

"It won't be the police," Cat said softly. "It'll be 'Hello' magazine who are going to witness the reverse of the beating you gave me last time we met!"

Gillian stared back at her in disbelief. While the two women were exchanging banter, Gillian's assistant had sneaked up behind her and as Cat stood up and moved a little closer to Gillian, her assistant raised her hand and karate chopped her in the back of the neck. Gillian grunted, her eyes rolled back and she slumped backward, dropping limp into her assistants waiting arms. Bell blew smoke in her sexy face as Gillian's assistant held her propped up while Bell let her hands refamiliarize themselves with Gillian's body.

"Her tits don't really exist," the assistant muttered. "Oh, she's a fit little slut, but such a pushover. Since she went blonde, she spends far too much time unconscious for her own good!!" she giggled as she dragged Gillian to her desk and dropped her butt in the chair. Gillian lay with her legs extended and her arms dangling, her head tilted forward with her chin between her slowly rising and falling breasts.

"Ms. Bell, do you enjoy cigars?" the assistant asked and Cat nodded vigorously. The assistant smacked Gillian's legs aside, opened a desk drawer and helped herself to an expensive Cuban.

"The slut has a lot of taste, doesn't she?" said Bell prodding the inert Gillian's soft breast with her index finger as the assistant bent forward, giving Cat a good long look down the front of her blouse as she lit her cigar for her. Cat sat down by Gillian and blew a smoke ring into Gillian's cleavage.

"This bitch has no idea what humiliation means!" Cat told the assistant who was chuckling. "Same with that blonde bimbo Theron. You know it took me hours before I got her whipped into line at the last Stern Tournament."
"Really? The assistant chirped. "I watched it on satellite and you seemed to have her well in hand at the end…so to speak!"
Cat leered, "Oh, she toe's the line real well now. But she was a handful at first, well…you know, not THERE, but in other ways!"

Gillian's assistant had once been a supporting actress on her 'X-Files' show way back when it was popular but Gillian had brushed her off with no regard for her feelings and hadn't even recognized her all these years later when she'd come to apply for a job. She wanted revenge and that was why she'd reprogrammed Gillian's phone to have the 999 number connect to the tabloid instead of the police!

Sure enough, shortly a camera woman showed up and Cat posed for pictures with Gillian slumped over at her desk unconscious while Cat pulling and jerked her hair to position her body with a cigar stuck in her mouth. The pictures of Cat blowing smoke down the inert Gillian's cleavage were sensational and almost certain to end up on the front pages.

The redhead stirred and awoke just as the aforementioned photo was being taken. She quickly used both hands to grab Cat's hair and slam her head down onto the desk. The cigar rolled away as Cat dropped to her knees stunned, her massive mammaries flattening on the desktop, then she slid back and landed on her butt with a dazed grunt!

Cat had been completely surprised and she hadn't recovered when Gillian shoved her chair back, spun and drove her foot into the pit of Cat's stomach. Cat wheezed and rolled onto her back winded, holding her belly in both hands. Gillian grabbed the gasping TV queen by the hair, jerked her to her feet and using both hands on Cat's wide hips, pushed her across the office, running her headlong into a filing cabinet. Cat's head hit the cabinet with a loud CLANG, then Gillian pulled her back up by the hair, turned her and slammed her fist into Cat's jaw. Bell's knees buckled and she rocked back into the file cabinet, hitting it with her butt. She was taking a lot of punishment from the perky, fiery redhead and she wasn't yet able to lift her hands to fight back!

Gillian punched Cat's great big tits over and over until they hurt, then stepped back and grinned as Cat dropped to the floor; her eyes filling with tears as she rolled around cupping her breasts and gasping in great pain. Cat had never expected Gillian's comeback to be so dramatic, so quick and so great! Once she'd dealt with the intruder, Gillian stood over her with her hands on her hips, her tight skirt a stark contrast in the photographers pictures to Cat's rumpled and blood spattered clothing.

"Who the fuck let you into my office and gave you my cigars?" screamed Gillian to the crying Bell.

Then she looked around and saw her assistant with the camera woman from the tabloid. She rushed the assistant and punched her in the face as the assistant reeled back in surprise and fear. Gillian chopped her on the neck and the assistant fell tits down on the floor unconscious at the photographers feet. Then Gillian then went back to Cat who was struggling to get up and kicked in her in ribs as she wobbled on her hands and knees. Cat screamed in pain and crumpled back to the floor gasping and holding her side..

"Our battles are over you slut!" said Gillian screamed at Cat.

The peroxide blonde looked at the camera lady and smiled, realizing the photos would be great publicity for her; and beating Cat Bell again would certainly get her back on the 'A' list for parties.

"What would look like," Gillian asked the photographer. "How about a good victory pose?"

She said it would be really cool if she put Cat's cigar in her mouth and puffed on it posing with her foot on the vanquished Cat's breasts. Gillian agreed; bent over to pick up the cigar and muttered that it needed to be relit and the camera woman offered her a light.

But as Gillian bent over and put the cigar into the flame…suddenly a spray of knockout gas shot from the lighter into her face. Gillian's teeth lost their grip on the cigar as her eyes fluttered closed and she began to topple over. She landed on her ass and rolled onto her back unconscious. The cigar slipped from her mouth and landed on her chest. The camera lady didn't even move as her eyes followed Gillian's path to the floor. She smirked as she went over and kicked Cat in the ass.

"OK tough gal, it's safe to get up now, she's out. C'mon, let's go" she told Cat who sat up rubbing her boobs, butt and ribs sheepishly. The photographer helped Cat to her feet and Bellshook her hand. They then went up to the peroxide blonde.

"Look at the bitch! So fucking eager for publicity and thinking she's the sexiest woman in the world!"

Now, 'the self-styled sexies woman' lay flat on her back, inert on the floor. The camera woman carried her little knockout device just in case things got out of hand with people like the feisty Gillian. Cat spat in Gillian's face for what the blonde had done to her the last time, then she picked Gillian up under the arms and propped her body on her desk. Gillian began to stir again, but this time there would no respite! Her assistant had betrayed her as had the camera woman and as Gillian slowly took stock of her situation she tried to think of a way she could still come out of this victorious!

Cat was standing next to Gillian with her hand on the back of Gillian's head; plotting the ultimate humiliation picture. Gillian suddenly jerked her head around and punched Cat in the face, taking the big Amazon by surprise for the second time. Gillian made the break for the door with the camera woman and the assistant in hot pursuit. Gillian ran to her landcruiser and jumped in, locking the doors just as Bell's apprentices reached her. She started the car and peeled out of the lot but as she reached the exit of the garage, a car appared blocking her way and she had to hit the brakes.

The Landcruiser hit the other car and Gillian jumped out, hoping to run past the car to escape her pursuers. She looked in the driver's seat and saw no one but then someone popped up from behind the car and shot a dart full force into her cleavage. Before she could move, Gillian felt a heavy jolt of electricity and she drifted off to the sound of Cat Bell's laughter.

Cat had her accomplices hold the inert Gillian by her arms while she punched her in her abs. It wasn't nearly adequate payback for the bruises Gillian inflicted on Cat's proud breasts, but it made Cat feel better nonetheless. Besides, the blonde was too far gone to feel what was happening - that would come later once she regained consciousness. Bell punched until the unconscious Gillian drooled all over the front of her blouse, then punched her in the nose making it bleed. Gillian awoke briefly, just in time to see Cat's fist on it's way toward her face at full speed but she was out again on contact. Cat's intention was to mark Gillian's great body, leaving it bruised and beaten so everyone who saw it would know she'd been dealt with severely.

They dropped Gillian on her stomach over the hood of her landcruiser, then used a wrench to crack the windshield and dent the dashboard making it appear Gillian had been injured in the accident. Then pictures were taken to document the event. When the three ladies left the scene of devastation, Gillian was draped over the bonnet of the Landcruiser, butt up.

Shortly, Minnie Driver, who had an office in the same building came by and found Gillian sprawled over the hood of her car and she laughed her head off. Then Minnie called Shirley Manson and the Corrs to give them the good news. Minnie packed the unconscious peroxide blonde star into the trunk of her car and drove off with her. Hours later, Gillian awoke strapped to Minnie's bed naked. The poor woman had no idea what was in store!
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