Gillian Anderson/Ellen Degeneres vs. Halle Berry/Jodie Foster by 19Hours/imitation

It had been a stressful day in the studio for Gillian Anderson. They had made her dub the exact same phrase for "the X-Files" video game over 500 times. She was sick of the place and wanted to leave as soon as possible. Also, everyone working in the studio gave her absolutely no respect as they read and were aware of all of her previous beatings. Gillian looked great but had the burden of the humiliation that was so well documented. She stepped out of the studio and walked to the parking garage. Gillian got in her amazing Dodge Viper. She started it up and peeled out of her parking spot. It was a hot day in LA and her air conditioner didn’t do the trick as instantly as she had hoped. She was waiting in line behind a car to get out of the parking garage.

"Come on! Come on!" she muttered to the car as she stared at the brake lights.

Suddenly she noticed the reverse lights of the car come on and then it rammed into the Viper despite Gillian’s frantic honking. She was pissed off as she got out of the driver's seat and walked to the front of the car.

She flung her arms up in the air and screamed, "What the hell?" waiting for the other driver to come out.

The other car's door opened as Gillian looked on and Halle Berry stepped out.

"I'm sorry," she said without realizing who she had hit.

When she recognized Gillian, Halle laughed, trying to control her laughter with a hand over her mouth.

"I'm glad you find this amusing!" said an obviously hurt and humiliated Gillian.

"Tell me if this tickles you," said the blonde slapping Halle loud enough for it to resonate in the whole garage.

Halle's head moved in the direction of the slap. She was taken by surprise. Before she knew what was going on, Gillian had punched her in the abs. She buckled in half. The blonde then grabbed her by her hair and rammed her body against the door of her car over and over. Halle was dazed as ever.

Gillian turned Halle's head with her hands toward her and said, "I guess you are paying for my car then, miss hit and run!"

She punched Halle in the jaw so hard Halle's eyeballs rolled back in her head as she closed her eyes. Gillian kicked Halle in the crotch and Halle's eyes shot wide open in alarm and pain as her hands moved too late to guard her precious privates. Gillian let a thundering fist fly to Halle’s jaw again and this one knocked Halle out completely as it dropped her on her ass. Halle rolled onto her back with her arms and legs flung out as if crucified. Gillian looked down at the limp Oscar winner beside her beautiful Viper and smiled.

"You laughed because...?" she asked, kicking Halle in the ribs and getting no response.

Gillian knelt beside the inert beauty and ran her hand over Halle’s face, then slowly pulled Halle's shirt open to expose her well-filled bra. Gillian stood up and walked to her car, opened her trunk and took out a length of rope. She tied Halle carelessly, then hoisted her up and threw her in the back seat of Halle's idling car. Gillian walked back to her own car and as she was getting in, she saw another car pull up behind her car. It was a police car! Gillian didn’t know what to do. Her car was trapped between Halle's and the cops; she had no escape except to talk to the police. Just then, a woman in uniform stepped out of the police car and Gillian sighed with relief. It was Jodie Foster in police uniform; getting in character for her next movie. Jodie looked Gillian up and down with an icy cold stare.

"Thank God it's only you...," started Gillian, only to be interrupted by a thundering demand for ‘silence’ from Foster. Jodie looked around at the situation, then hands on hips she walked up to Gillian. "You did all this?" she asked and Gillian nodded numbly.

"Pretty good Gillie!" Jodie said. "I thought you were completely incompetent based on what I’ve read and from those tapes I buy."

Gillian smiled back weakly, unsure how to respond. She didn't trust Jodie one bit and her fears were confirmed when Jodie suddenly pulled out her nightstick and brought it down hard on Gillian's face. She struck the former star in the forehead and Gillian slid out of the car onto the ground. She shook her head trying to regain consciousness but Jodie stomped on Gillian's spine hard and Gillian let out a low groan as her body jerked up in front in reaction. Jodie kicked Gillian in the ribs repeatedly as Gillian curled in a ball trying to protect herself. When Jodie stopped kicking, she saw that Gillian had submitted.

Jodie pulled the handcuffs from her belt, and bent down to cuff Gillian but as she did, Gillian kicked her in the ankle, knocking Jodie on her ass. Gillian jumped on Jodie and punched her in the jaw but although she grunted, Jodie managed to throw Gillian off and they struggled on the ground.

Gillian grabbed Jodie’s nightstick and threatened to knock Jodie out if she didn’t behave. Mumbling, Jodie agreed and Gillian let her get to her feet. Jabbing Jodie in the chest with the nightstick, Gillian ordered her to turn around and put her hands on her head where she could see them. When Foster did as told, Gillian brought the nightstick crashing down on the back of her neck. Jodie grunted and dropped to her knees, then toppled forward with her hands still on her head; landing face first in the dirt. Gillian cuffed Jodie’s wrists behind her and then dragged her by the ankles to Halle's car, dumping Jodie in the back seat beside the Oscar winner.

"Wow, this is like the Kodak theater," giggled Gillian as she looked at her handiwork. “I wonder if Charlize Theron will drive up next?”

Gillian got in Halle's car and drove it out of the studio, turned left and headed for her friend Ellen Degeneres' house. On the way, she called Ellen on her cell phone and told her she had a surprise for her, refusing to say any more as Degeneres pleaded for ‘just a hint?’

When the car pulled into her driveway, Ellen came running out the door to greet Gillian as she stepped out of the car.

“Got you a little somethin!" Gillian said smiling.

Ellen loved Gillian, but Gillian had never reciprocated her affection. Great friends as they were, Ellen had always wanted to get Gillian in the sack but now she was torn between choosing Halle and Jodie, worried that whoever she chose, Gillian would take the other and of the three, Gillian was the one she most wanted to ‘do it’ with! Ellen finally decided on the hotter Halle first. She and Gillian carried Halle inside and threw her on Ellen’s large bed. While Ellen began to strip Halle, Gillian went back to get Jodie. But when she got to the car, Foster was missing!! Gillian looked around with great alarm. Back inside, Ellen was unhooking her bra with all her concentration on Halle when she heard someone at the door. She smiled as she turned around but then Jodie's fist smashed into her nose! Ellen screamed as Jodie raised her knee to kick the comedienne, but then Jodie was suddenly dragged away from behind.

Gillian Anderson had Jodie trapped in a sleeper hold and hissed in her ear, "I'm going to fuck you up real bad for bustin’ Ellen’s nose like that, Jodie!"

Ellen saw a new side of Gillian and it turned her on immediately. She kicked Jodie in the crotch to soften her up and as the thespian screamed in pain, Gillian's tightened her sleeper a little more. Slowly, Jodie began to nod off. Gillian released her briefly, turned her face to face and then punched her really hard on the jaw. Jodie grunted and dropped to the floor on her knees, then slumped over on her belly.

"She has the key!" said Gillian, referring to Jodie’s handcuffs.

She kicked Foster over onto her back and unhooked her police belt, putting it on Ellen’s bedroom dresser. Ellen was too excited to do anything but she knew she didn’t want Gillian to leave.

"Alright Ellen,” Gillian said. “I’ve got you two playthings for the night. Now I'm leaving."

“Wait!” protested Ellen, grabbing Gillian’s arm. “Won’t you at least stay for a smoke, or something?" she asked in plaintive desperation.

Gillian smiled and shook her head slowly, “Sorry, but I quit baby!"

As she turned around to walk away, Ellen stared at her tight butt and whispered, "Please… stay? Just a while?"

While all of this was going on, Halle had begun to stir and had managed to untie her hands. As Gillian closed the front door behind her, Halle slid off the bed, stepped up behind Ellen and used Jodie's nightstick to send the libidinous lesbain into the arms of Morpheus. Ellen grunted once as she crashed to the floor of her own bedroom, her last image the sight of Gillian’s ass and then stars as the fast approaching floor came up and smacked her in the face.

"Wow, the bitch really has a Jones for Gillian the drum," chuckled Halle as she prodded the fallen lesbian with her toe.

Jodie was still too far out to respond and as she stared down at her, Halle realized she’d always had a crush on Jodie. But before she indulged her own fantasy, Halle wanted to make sure Gillian was destroyed! She ran out the front door into the driveway where Gillian was standing and looking at Halle's car. Halle strode up behind Gillian, raised the nightstick and muttered, "Goodnight bitch!" as she brought it down on the back of Gillian’s oblivious cranium.

But say what you will about Gillian, she was a seasoned pro at being knocked out and she reacted before impact turning out of the way at the last second when she saw Halle’s reflection in the car window. Halle's blow hit the side window and she growled in pain and dropped the nightstick as her entire right arm went numb. Gillian clasped her hand over Halle's face and pushed her away, sending Halle stumbling backward before she tripped over the edge of the driveway and sat down hard right in a rose bush!!

Gillian ran forward and kicked Halle in her side as Halle slithered in the mud like a snake wincing in pain. Halle grabbed the blonde's leg and tried to pull her down but Gillian kicked her in the face with her free leg, forcing her to let go. Gillian dropped on Halle's stomach, knocking the breath out of her. Gillian tried to pin Halle’s arms, and she did, but not before the black actress had torn Gillian's shirt open and put her humble breasts on display for anyon who passed by Ellen's garden. Once she controlled Halle’s hands, Gillian smiled and lowered her chest down on Halle's face to smother her out.

"Mmmmfff stoppfff!" mumbled Halle as she slowly drifted away into sleep again.

Gillian laughed with boundless joy as she felt Halle’s resistance weaken and then stop. She picked up the limp Berry and carried her back into the house where she found Ellen sitting on the bedroom floor holding her head next to Jodie who was still laid out on the carpet. Gillian dropped Halle on the bed and bent to help Ellen to her feet.

"Tonight, I'm going to get myself two Oscars," leered Ellen.

Gillian smiled and asked Ellen if she had a shirt she could borrow. Ellen's eyes studied Gillian's breasts for a long minute, then she led her to the walk-in closet. She showed Gillian a variety of shirts and told her to take her pick. The blonde picked out a shirt and Ellen took it and stepped behind her to help slip it on. As Gillian arched her back and reached back with her arms, Ellen dropped the shirt and karate chopped Gillian in the back of the neck. The blonde grunted, her head slumped; her knees unhinged and her tongue dropped out between her beautiful lips as she sagged back into Ellen’s arms. The lesbian talk show hostess/comedienne caught Gillian under the arms, her hands clasped firmly over her perky breasts.

"Two Oscars AND an Emmy," Ellen chuckled as she dragged Gillian over and dumped her face down on the bed with her legs dangling over the edge. Ellen hummed happily as she began to strip all three women as she prepared for a memorable weekend of debauchery!!