Yasmine Bleeth vs. Pamela Anderson by Kit

In an issue of Entertainment Weekly, Pamela Anderson stated not once, but twice, that if she and Yasmine Bleeth were to fight to the death that she'd 'kick her ass.' When Yasmine was told of the article, she was boiling mad.

"What's the big idea?" she asked Pamela over the phone. "How dare you say that you'd kick my ass."

"Don't get upset," said Pamela.

"Upset!" replied Yasmine, storming around the house. "You've got some nerve, bitch."

"Well, it's true," said Pamela. "And you better watch who you call a bitch."

"You get on the phone and call them. I want you to retract that statement," demanded Yasmine.

"I will not," shouted Pamela.

"Bitch, you better, or else," threatened Yasmine.

"Fuck you! You better cool down, bitch," replied Pamela.

"Alright, you blond bimbo, you asked for it," said Yasmine slamming down the phone.

Yasmine immediately got on the phone with several tabloids, Entertainment Weekly, Entertainment Tonight, People, and a few other celebrity watch publications and told them to all show up at her house a week from Saturday because she and Pamela Anderson were going to have a no-holds barred catfight. The news spread like a California mudslide. Pamela's phone and home became bombarded with reporters inquiring about the big fight.

"If that bitch wants a fight, then it's a fight she's gonna get," Pamela told one reporter.

Nearly 300 reporters and friends gathered at Yasmine's on the afternoon of the fight. Rumors of their recent troubles on the set of Baywatch was discussed as the crowd awaited the blonde and brunette to fight. Pamela was flocked by media as she got out of her limo. Flashes and bright lights captured her in her sexy cut-off jeans and sleeveless plaid shirt that was tied up under her breast. The tops of her firm orbs looked like ripe melons, and her tan stomach was tone and fit.

When Pamela made her way into the backyard, Yasmine came out from the house decked in a white bikini bottom and a skimpy, half t-shirt. There was no formalalities. People had to stand just as if this was a fight happening on any school yard, U.S.A.

"You blond slut," said Yasmine making her way from her backdoor and through the crowd of people.

Pamela walked towards her briskly. "Let's go, you fuckin' cunt," she said.

Friends and media scrambled to get the best view as the blonde and brunette broke into a sprint for each other. Upon contact, Pamela slapped the shit out of Yasmine's face as Yasmine dug her hands inside Pamela's soft hair.

"Ouch!" cried Pamela as she slapped Yasmine again.

The second slap knocked Yasmine off balance, and Pamela easily took her to the ground and straddled her back. As Yasmine tried to buck her off, Pamela stood up on one knee and then rammed her other knee between Yasmine's parted legs. Yasmine dropped spread eagle as Pamela's knee slammed against her crotch from the backside. Pamela mounted her again and struck her along the side of the face with a punch. This seemed to bring the brunette beauty to her senses, and she quickly bucked Pamela off.

As they jumped to their feet, Yasmine's top rode up above her left breast and Pamela immediately lashed out at it.

"FUCK!" shouted the brunette as she turned her back and clutched the orb that Pamela had scratched.

Pamela kicked her Nike into Yasmine's butt and sent her staggering into the tight circle of witnesses.

Yasmine wheeled around only to find Pamela's hands sinking into her hair.

"Eeeeoouu!!" she cried as Pamela yanked out a clump of hair.

"You sorry slut!" shouted Pamela as she tore out another lump of hair. "Mess with me will you!"

Yasmine fought back with a slap that turned Pamela's head, and then the two of them got busy throwing punches. However, the brunette managed only one landing punch. A blow that put a gash against Pamela's left cheekbone. Pamela was proving to be the better puncher though. Three times she struck the brunette's face, busting open her lower lip. She also landed two, hard blows into Yasmine's soft, sexy mid-section.

In order to stop the onslaught, Yasmine clinched Pamela up, and the two of them grabbed the back of each other's hair and pulled. For several seconds Pamela and Yasmine kept the other's face aimed at the sky as their breasts and hips pressed firmly together.

"Bitch!" hissed Pamela as she gave Yasmine a good hard slap across the cheek. "UGH!" moaned the blonde as her tan belly absorbed a tight fist.

As their legs tangled, they fell to the grass in a heep of arms, legs, and hair. The crowd moved around them as they rolled from side to side, to side to side, and then back again. Legs locked and unlocked together as the sound of material being ripped could barely be heard.

"Sssshhhiiittt!!" howled Pamela as Yasmine's nails dug into the firm flesh of her tits.

"I'm gonna squeeze all that shit out, bitch," said Yasmine. "Aaaauuggh!!" she cried as Pamela's hooks found her tender white tits.

The crowd was going wild as the blonde and brunette mauled the daylights out of each other. Pamela and Yasmine screamed and cried tears of pain as they relentlessly scratched tits and pulled nipples.

"Damn you, Yasmine!" cried Pamela as she rolled on top of the brunette and straddled her waist.

With Pamela's weight upon her stomach, Yamine knew that she had to do something fast. Her tits were flaming red and throbbing like hell, and although Pamela's tits looked just as bad, those fake bastards seemed to be able to stand more pain. Doubling up her fist, Yasmine cracked it across the blonde's chin. Pamela's head spun on her shoulders, but she fought back with a wicked slap, and then a backhand that made Yasmine see stars.

"You CUNT!!" shouted Pamela as she stood to one knee, and once again brought the other home against Yasmine's crotch.

With her legs spread wide, Pamela's knee had an open shot. WHACK!!!

"UUUGGGHHhhh..." moaned Yasmine from the depths of her lower region.

With blackness engulfing her, Yasmine felt Pamela plop her ass down upon her tender tits. She felt a jarring blow to her jaw, but after that, she had to watch the rest on tape.