Bash at the Beach: Pam Anderson vs. Yasmine Bleeth + Carmen Electra by SamDog

California sunsets were an amazing sight. Driving down a coastal highway, Pam Anderson was briefly in awe at the red glow of the falling sun. However, the moment passed and the blonde's thoughts returned to the matter at hand. Two weeks ago, Pam had heard some rather nasty rumors about herself. Pam made inquiries of her contacts in Hollywood, but none of their leads gave a tangible result. None, that is, except Yasmine Bleeth.

The brunette had done some digging and came up with a name: Carmen Electra. Comparisons had always been made, and the two women had even come to blows on occasion but with no clear winner. Pam didn't really understand why Carmen wanted to start something now, but she was prepared to handle the situation. She didn't really understand why Yasmine was helping her against Carmen either. Pam left Baywatch before Carmen arrived, so there was no professional rivalry as she had with Yasmine. However, from all Pam had seen, Carmen was certainly a handful and any help was better than none. Pam was sure she could take care of Carmen by herself, but there was no harm in having Yas along as backup - just in case.

Meanwhile, Carmen was driving up the same highway, also focused on the task at hand. She too was under fire from ugly and malicious lies being spread about her. Carmen hadn't made a great deal of progress in unearthing the cause until she got a phone call from Yasmine Bleeth. Carmen didn't know why Yasmine was helping; the two of them were never friends. Still, after the brunette told her some of the nasty things Pam had said about her, she was too angry to care about Yasmine's motives. Yasmine had arranged this fight with Pam for her and Carmen was eager to take the blonde down a few notches. While she was confident she could win, Carmen felt more secure with the brunette watching her back. Pam may not have realized it yet, but her chances of winning had dropped to absolute zero!

Arriving at the arranged meeting place, Carmen pulled her car off to the shoulder of the road. Getting out, she saw Yasmine in the distance in a leopard-print bikini and a denim skirt. She took a deep breath, hitched up her suit and started walking.

As Carmen approached, Yasmine said, "Pam's already here. You ready?"

Smiling, Carmen nodded, "Never better. I can't wait to give the dumb cunt what she deserves!"

As they walked to the beach, Carmen saw Pam in the distance. She was wearing a black leather bikini and as she stretched and warmed up the blonde looked up and spotted them. Glaring, Pam fumed silently. As the two combatants came nearer, Carmen stripped off her clothes, leaving her in a blue string bikini that showed off an amazing physique.

Pam shouted, "You got a lot of nerve showing up after the things you said about me. I'm gonna enjoy shredding yous."

Furious, Carmen snapped, "Shut up, bitch. When I'm through, you'll wish you'd kept your trashy mouth shut!"

The two women stared each other down as Yasmine stepped between them.

"Are you two sure you want to do this?" the brunette asked.

Smiling a little, Carmen replied, "Don't ask dumb questions, Yas. I'm going to bash Pam's face 'til that little brain of hers rattles around in her empty skull!"

Seething, Pam snarled, "Step back, Yasmine. Things are gonna get ugly, especially after I finish mutilating that stupid cunt!"

Angrily, Carmen slapped Pam and the blonde responded with a slap of her own. Carmen charged forward and grabbed Pam's hair, jerking it violently while Pam screamed. Pam was slow to respond, but she soon returned the favor and they stumbled across the sand, pulling furiously at each others hair and shrieking in pain.

Hooking her leg around Pam's, Carmen tripped her to the sand. They rolled across the sand as they continued to pull on each other's hair. Suddenly, Carmen rammed a knee into Pam's cunt and the blondes hips bucked as she howled in pain.

Rising quickly, Carmen taunted, "How's that feel, you bitch? I got plenty more where that came from!"

Pam started to push herself up, but Carmen grabbed her hair and punched her in the jaw. Pam returned fire though, stunning Carmen with a powerful punch low in the belly. Rising, Pam drove a left hook to Carmen's jaw and followed by a right to the body. Snapping Carmen's head back with two jabs, Pam sent a hard right to Carmen's face, spilling her back on the sand.

Straddling her, Pam began slapping her face. Carmen's head was rocked back and forth by the blonde's stinging blows. Then, reaching down, Pam clamped her hands on Carmen's throat, throttling her as Carmen gasped and kicked her legs as she struggled to free herself.

Carmen finally pried the blonde's hands away, but her gasping breaths of relief were quickly replaced by screams of pain as Pam grabbed her tits and squeezed through her top. Ripping Carmen's top off, Pam began pulling on her breasts as she continued to squeeze viciously. Desperate to free her aching orbs, Carmen tugged frantically at the blonde's wrists but Pam dug her nails in, spitefully raking the soft flesh when her fingers were pulled away. Screaming in agony, Carmen cupped her colossal breasts to shield them from further harm. Pam slapped Carmen's hands aside and pinched her nipples, pulling and twisting while Carmen cried and moaned in pain.

In agony, Carmen reached up and sunk her fingers into Pam's tits. Now it was the blonde howling as the brunette squeezed her full, firm, breasts. Carmen using her grip to dislodge Pam from her perch. Slowly rising to their feet, the two women glared at each other, panting heavily from their exertion.

Pam taunted, "Is that the best you've got, you dumb whore? I'll have you begging for mercy sooner than I expected!"

Angrily Carmen retorted, "Shut up, whore. I'm just getting started with your ass kicking!"

Lunging forward, they grabbed each other's tits and began attacking them; the blonde squeezing Carmen's with both hands while the brunette pulled off Pam's top and began pulling and twisting her hard nipples.

As the screams and obscenities echoed across the sand, both women heard Yasmine shout, "Come on! Show that bitch who's boss!"

Suddenly, Carmen screamed in agony as Pam slammed her knee into her pussy. Stunned and hurt by the blow, Carmen slowly slumped to her knees in the sand. Ecstatic at having dominated her foe so far, Pam shoved Carmen onto her back and straddled her body. Scooting up, Pam slammed her ass down on the brunette's tits, flattening them under her ass cheeks as Carmen screamed in protest. Grabbing Carmen's hair in one hand, Pam began slapping her face with the other.

Pam taunted, "Looks like you can't handle it, bitch! I'm going to give you the beating of a lifetime!"

Letting go of her breasts, Pam slid back down to sit on Carmen's belly but the brunette bucked and twisted wildly and managed to throw the blonde off of her. Rising, Carmen cupped her aching tits, moaning at the throbbing pain. Distracted by the pain, she never saw Pam's foot as it arced upward and slammed into her pussy. Screaming in agony, Carmen staggered back, then fell on her butt to the ground.

Standing over her, Pam laughed, "You stupid bitch. Your bark really is worse than your bite!"

Pam dropped knees first on Carmen's chest as the brunette howled in pain. Straddling her again, Pam slapped Carmen's tits back and forth as the brunette yelped and moaned in pain. In total control of the teary brunette, Pam bounced her butt up and down on Carmen's belly, knocking the wind from her, then grabbed both of her tits again. Trying to catch her breath and defend herself from the blonde's onslaught, Carmen reached up and grabbed Pam's wrists, but she only succeeded in freeing her left tit.

Far from a respite, Carmen screamed in agony when Pam pulled and twisted her right breast; then pulling it up, she drove her left fist down into the boob's tender underside. She twisted her knuckles in viciously as another anguished scream escaped Carmen's quivering lips. With a cruel smile, Pam grabbed both tits again and squeezed, clawed and tortured them, digging her nails in again and again as tears ran down Carmen's face.

Taunting her, Pam shouted, "What's the matter, cunt? Your floppy, saggy titties can't take a little pain? Here, lemme give you something to really cry about!" she said, pulling Carmen's breasts as if she were trying, literally, to rip them off her chest.

The brunette howled in agony and as Pam continued her attack, she heard Yasmine shout, "Get up, Carmen! This isn't over yet! Fight back!"

Irritated, Pam shot the second brunette a nasty look and yelled, "What the Hell? Whose side are you on?"

Pam turned her attention back to Carmen, but that momentary distraction had been enough. Carmen snapped a punch to the blonde's face that rocked Pam. Struggling with renewed effort, Carmen brunette drove her fist repeatedly into Pam's tits. The blonde screamed as a series of blows began to turn her big breasts as black and blue as her foe's. The agony on Carmen's face was obvious, but she kept pummeling the blonde's tits as they hung in front of her.

Carmen had endured a lot of punishment so far, but she managed a smile as she savagely raked her nails down Pam's breasts, the blonde's cries of pain re-invigorating her. Pam's assault was having almost no effect on Carmen, but tears were welling up in her own eyes as her tits were being mangled. Grabbing Pam's breasts in both hands, Carmen began to slap them together, fighting even harder as she saw the pain in Pam's face.

Finally, Carmen used her breast holds to throw the blonde off to the side. Weakened, Pam slowly struggled to make it to her feet. She was only able to get to all fours by the time Carmen was on her feet. Seizing the opportunity, the brunette rushed forward and kicked Pam in the belly, lifting her in the air before knocking her back down flat on her back.

"I'll teach you to fuck with MY tits, you stupid blonde bitch!" screamed the irate Carmen. "Your fat ass is mine!"

Carmen stepped in and drove her foot into Pam's pussy, the blonde screaming in agony as her hips jerked upward, then she slumped back down and rolled onto her side, clutching her womanhood and sobbing loudly. Carmen dropped to her knees behind Pam, pulled her to her knees by the hair and wrapped an arm around her neck.

As Pam struggled to free herself, Carmen began punching with her free hand, digging her fist into the blonde's lower body as she groaned with each blow. Reaching down, Carmen ripped off Pam's bottom and grabbed her pussy lips in her fist, pulling and twisting viciously as the blonde kicked and screamed in pure anguish. Pam continued to sob as Carmen clawed her cunt, raking her nails inside.

Carmen rolled back on her back, pulling Pam over with her and wrapping those killer legs around Pam's tiny waist. She squeezed with everything she had, egged on by the sound of Pam's moans of pain. Pam thrashed desperately back and forth between Carmen's legs, struggling with no success to free herself.

Reaching around both sides of Pam's chest, Carmen brunette slammed her fists together on Pam's tits, mashing them between her knuckles and ripping another loud moan of pain from the sobbing blonde. Then grabbing Pam's breasts, Carmen began twisting and grinding her knuckles in viciously as Pam gasped and sobbed controllably.

Summoning the last of her fading reserves, Pam desperately tried to pry Carmen's legs open, but her attempt availed her nothing. Carmen continued to assault the blonde's bruised and battered boobs, raking her nails on raw flesh as Pam continued to cry, finally blubbering and pleading to surrender.

Bawling, Pam gasped, "Please Carmen... No more... I can't take it... You win."

Grinning sadistically, Carmen laughed, "No way, bitch! You're not getting off easy! I'm paying you back for every word you said about me!"

Frantic, Pam shook her head and sobbed, "That wasn't ME! I swear! Please.....please lemme go..."

Pam's last few words were cut off when Carmen squeezed her legs, extracting another groan of pain from the blonde.

"Don't lie to me, bitch!" Carmen shouted. "I know it was you! You're in for a world of pain!"

Letting go, she rolled Pam onto her back and rammed her knee repeatedly into the blonde's pussy. Pam could only sob and cry in response.

Desperate to find a source of relief, Pam weakly raised her hand, extended it toward the smiling Bleeth and gasped, "Yasmine! Please! Help me... Get her off me..."

Laughing as she straddled the blonde, Carmen replied, "You stupid bitch. You think she's here to help you? Well, I got news for you. She won't be coming to your rescue any time soon."

Lowering her chest, Carmen brought her tits down and mashed them on Pam's and taunted, "Feel my babies? That's what real breasts feel like!"

She continued to slam her tits into Pam who continued to sob until, unable to take any more abuse, she finally passing out beneath Carmen. She lay on Pam a few moments, then sat up hunched forward with her hands on her thighs, exhausted, trying to catch her breath. The pain in her body was excruciating, but she couldn't help smiling as she sat on her unconscious foe. Walking over to Carmen, Yasmine said, "Congratulations. You won."

Smiling, she reached out and offered her hand to Carmen.

Taking it, Carmen replied, "Yeah, well, that bitch had it coming. I'm way too good for her."

Yasmine was still smiling as she replied, "Really? You're that good?"

Then the smile vanished as she said, "Then you won't mind when I say, 'it's my turn now'!"

Carmen's eyes snapped toward Yasmine as she felt herself yanked up and Yasmine's fist smashed into her face, knocking her back down to the ground.

Dazed, Carmen struggled to regain her senses, shaking her head and yelling, "Yas! What the hell are you doing?"

Laughing, Yasmine replied, "What does it look like? I'm kicking your ass!"

She charged forward and rammed a foot into Carmen's belly, knocking her over backward. Carmen rolled on her side, moaning as she tried to ease the pain in her abdominal muscles. Grabbing her by the hair, Yasmine lifted Carmen to her knees and slapped her. Carmen threw an angry haymaker in retaliation that Yasmine avoided by jumping back, giving Carmen a chance to get back to her feet.

Raising her fists, Yasmine threw with punches of her own, leaving their mark on Carmen's ribs and arms. Carmen struggled to fight back, but Yasmine blocked almost all of her punches and then ducked under a wild swing and countered with an uppercut to the chin, staggering Carmen. Moving in for the kill, Yasmine fired a left, a right, and another left that she buried in Carmen's belly, doubling her over.

Yasmine wrapped her arm around Carmen's neck, pulling her over in a reverse headlock. She started working over Carmen's body, ramming her knee up into her belly again and again. Carmen's legs quivered as she took every blow, her strength fading further each time Yasmine's knee crashed into her belly. Finally letting her go, Yasmine straightened Carmen up and winged a hard left hook to her jaw, spinning her around before the dazed brunette pitched over and dropped face-down to the sand.

Reaching behind her, Yasmine untied the strings to her top, letting it slide easily down her wondrous chest and drop in her hands. Bending down, she planted a foot on Carmen's back and wrapped her bikini top around her neck, then began choking her with it, laughing as Carmen writhed and choked beneath her.

Yasmine taunted, "Whadda ya think now, bitch? Still think you're such hot shit? Oh, and this is just the beginning!"

Carmen could do nothing except tug feebly on Yasmine's top, finally gasping a sigh of relief when the brunette let go. Rolling Carmen over, Yasmine reached down and pulled her to her feet using two handfuls of her big breasts. The brunette screamed in pain as her sensitive breasts were pulled, forced to follow as she held Yasmine's wrists in an effort to ease the pain. As Yasmine's body came erect, Carmen pounded her knee up in the brunette's cunt. Screaming in pain, Yasmine stumbled back a few steps, then fell in the sand, writhing and holding her aching pussy.

Straddling her quickly, Carmen grabbed Yasmine's dark hair and began slamming her head into the soft sand. Lowering her sights a bit, Carmen began slapping Yasmine's tits, knocking them back and forth as the brunette sobbed and moaned. Taking Yasmine's reddening boobs in her hands, Carmen began to squeeze as Yasmine howled. Letting go, Carmen started to punch the brunette's tits, hammering down on them with both fists. Yasmine screamed and tried to shield her chest from Carmen's fists, but her efforts were to no avail.

Once again in control, Carmen shouted, "You stupid little crack whore! You're gonna pay for this stupid game of yours!"

She then began twisting and pinching Yasmine's nipples, reveling in the brunette's screams of agony. Yasmine's body bucked wildly, but Carmen managed to hang on. Unable to free herself, Yasmine desperately reached up and sunk her nails into Carmen's tits. The brunette screamed as Yasmine began to pull and twist, but Carmen kept up her attack as she tried to ignore the pain.

Suddenly, Yasmine pulled down hard on Carmen's tits, forcing her to bend forward. Her tits on fire, Carmen desperately slapped Yasmine's face and boobs, desperate to free her breasts and end the pain. In spite of her own pain, Yasmine managed to smile, enjoying knowing she was causing Carmen to feel pain as well. She squeezed Carmen's raw tits as Carmen screamed and clutched at Yasmine's wrists, unable to stand the pain any longer.

Finally, Yasmine used her grip to throw Carmen off her. Carmen rolled onto her back exhausted and struggled to recover. The fight with Pam had taken a toll on her - just as Yasmine planned. Suddenly, Yasmine was stomping viciously on Carmen's cunt! Howling in agony, Carmen rolled over to protect herself and managed to rise to her hands and knees. As Carmen's body lifted off the sand, Yasmine was on her immediately.

Yanking back on her hair with one hand, Yasmine began spanking Carmen with the other, laughing as Carmen squealed with each crisply landed WHAP! Letting go of her hair, Yasmine grabbed Carmen's hanging tits and yanked up, laughing as she pulled her up by the convenient 'handles.' In total control, Yasmine knelt in front of Carmen and tore off her bikini bottom. Reaching down, Yasmine began to savagely pull and twist Carmen's pussy lips mercilessly. Sobbing in agony, Carmen's body shivered as it collapsed and slumped forward against Yasmine, unable to find a source of relief as the brunette yanked on her pubic hair.

Carmen desperately tried to fight back, but she barely succeeded in pulling down Yasmine's shorts. Grinning, Yasmine started attacking Carmen's tits again, her palms over each nipple as she closed her fingers and crushed the breasts in her hands. Carmen groaned as her tit flesh oozed between Yasmine's fingers. The only expression on Carmen's face was one of agony as she struggled trying to pry the brunette's hands from her tits.

Pushing forward, Yasmine slowly forced Carmen over onto her back and straddled her, wrenching her breasts back and forth. Yasmine yanked up on both of Carmen's tits, until her boobs reached the limit of their ability to stretch. Carmen's upper body was almost lifted off the ground by them as, screaming with her effort, Yasmine just tugged even harder.

Finally, letting Carmen drop, Yasmine began twisting her tits back and forth in her hands as Carmen's raw and swollen breasts were getting battered badly. Then Yasmine grabbed Carmen's nipples, crushing, pulling, and twisting as tears streamed down the brunette's cheeks.

Yasmine started punching Carmen's tits, flattening them as she screamed. Desperate to stop her pain, Carmen slammed an uppercut into each of Yasmine's breasts, driving them up and making her groan. Stunning Yas with a pair of punches to the face, Carmen grabbed her tits and pulled her over to her side. Getting Yasmine's squirming body under her control, Carmen brought her strong, well-toned legs up and wrapped them around Yasmine's waist. Yasmine groaned aloud as she struggled against the power of Carmen's legs, twisting back and forth in a futile effort to free herself.

Laughing as Yasmine frantically tried to pry her legs apart, Carmen shouted, "Feel my power, bitch!"

Growing more sadistic, Carmen continued, "Remember how my legs crushed Pam into itty bitty pieces? Well, I'm not stopping 'til I cut you in half!"

Ecstatic, she squeezed her thighs tighter, relishing Yasmine's pain-filled gasps. Reaching forward, Carmen grabbed the brunette's tits and began to squeeze, enjoying herself as she brought Yasmine to the verge of tears with her combined assault.

Struggling with everything she had left, Yasmine desperately shot out a hand to Carmen's belly. The smile was instantly wiped from Carmen's face when the brunette dug her fingers in a stomach claw and started to work over Carmen's hard abs as she screamed in agony.

Carmen was forced to let go of Yasmine's breasts and grab her wrist, but to no avail. Free from the torture of Carmen's legs, Yasmine raked her nails across Carmen's face as she screamed aloud and then rolled away. Both women landed on their backs and lay still as they slowly tried to recover. Carmen was winning that race, however. Struggling to create some distance between them, Yasmine rolled over and got to all fours, starting to crawl away. But Carmen was already up and behind her, charging forward as she rammed a powerful kick to Yasmine's cunt.

If Carmen had been the punter for an NFL team, she could've kicked a game-winning field goal in the Super Bowl! Yasmine let loose a scream to wake the dead as she collapsed on the beach again, sobbing and holding her pussy as she rolled on her back and pulled her knees up gasping weakly as she tried in vain to ease her pain.

Suddenly, Yasmine felt a pair of hands grabbing her bikini bottom. Carmen yanked up as hard as she could, smiling as Yasmine's legs and hips were lifted off the sand with it. Sobbing loudly as the material dug harshly into her erogenous zone, the brunette had lost all of her fighting spirit, now only hoping for a swift end.

"I hope you've learned a lesson, bitch," Carmen shouted, "Never, EVER piss me off!"

Yasmine's bikini reached its limit and broke, letting the brunette's limp body tumble forward onto her knees. Carmen stepped forward smiling and wrapped her legs around Yasmine's waist again, crushing her in a standing leg scissors. She grabbed and pulled back on the brunette's hands. Yasmine was totally helpless as Carmen set about to destroy her.

Ecstatic as she finished off her hated foe, Carmen asked, "Well slut, how does it feel? Are you sorry? Are you ready to give up?"

Sobbing, Yasmine quickly gasped, "Yes, please... I'm so sorry... I give up! Please, stop hurting me!"

Carmen let her fall back to the sand, standing over her and watching the brunette crying at her feet. Rolling her onto her back, she straddled Yasmine and began to run her hands over her breasts. Carmen squeezed hard and Yasmine's screams again filled the air.

Looking up at Carmen, Yasmine frantically pleaded, "What are you doing? Please, stop! I gave up!"

Cackling, Carmen replied, "Yeah. You quit fighting! But that doesn't mean that I'm finished yet! You're my bitch now, and I'm gonna enjoy making use of you."

Pam's head hurt. Stirring from her pain-induced slumber, every part of her body ached. She struggled to remember what happened, but everything was hazy. Suddenly, she heard screaming. Rolling over, she saw Carmen sitting on top of Yasmine. Carmen was toying with her, clawing and squeezing her breasts as Yasmine screamed and moaned in pain. Pam wasn't sure what had happened, but it looked like Carmen had jumped Yasmine after beating her.

Slowly pushing herself up, Pam watched Yasmine beg, "Please, please... stop it... I'm sorry..."

Carmen simply laughed as she wrapped her hands around the back of Yasmine's head and lowered her tits onto her face.

"Kiss my breasts, bitch," she demanded. "I'm the better woman here, so prove it!"

Hurt and still groggy, Pam was still angry enough to push herself to her feet. She couldn't let this happen. Carmen had closed her eyes when she felt the brunette's lips press first against her left boob, and then her right. Not only was Yasmine getting what she deserved, this was just the beginning.

Suddenly, Carmen felt herself being pulled off her battered foe by the hair. Turning around, she momentarily saw Pam's face just before her knuckles slammed into her face and sent her stumbling backwards.

Angrily pressing her attack, Pam shouted, "You lousy tramp! I'm gonna put you in your place!"

Pam rang out with several more punches to Carmen's face and body, stunning her. Grabbing her hair, Pam yanked her head down and pulled her face straight into an uppercut, dazing the brunette. Finally, she kicked the brunette in her cunt before letting her collapse on the ground. Straddling her, Pam started slapping Carmen's tits back and forth as the brunette screamed in pain. Pam grabbed both of Carmen's breasts in her strong fingers and started crushing and kneading them as the blonde shrieked in agony. Overjoyed by the turn of events, Pam put her sharp nails to work on the brunette's tits, clawing as Carmen howled in pain.

Desperate, Carmen reached up and grabbed Pam's golden orbs, still tender from the earlier beating she'd given them. Moaning in pain, Pam let go of Carmen's tits and began slapping her face, snapping her head back and forth. Dazed, Carmen was helpless as Pam continued her assault, squeezing and pulling her tits with everything she had. Unable to break the blonde's grip, Carmen threw a pair of punches at Pam's midriff, stopping her momentarily.

Seizing the moment, Carmen began to buck wildly with enough force to throw the blonde off of her. Bringing her legs up, she wrapped them around Pam's waist and twisted sideways, dumping the blonde on the ground. Smiling, Carmen began squeezing her thighs, relishing in the blonde's cries as she squirmed helplessly. Letting go briefly, Carmen grabbed Pam's hair to hold her in place while she moved her legs up and wrapped them around the blonde's neck.

Carmen began squeezing mercilessly as Pam weakly tried to pry her legs apart. As she worked on finishing off the blonde, Carmen turned her head and saw Yasmine slowly pushing herself to her feet. Releasing Pam, Carmen disengaged from her and got to her feet, readying herself to face the brunette. Suddenly, as she started towards Yasmine, Carmen felt a pair of hands grab her ankles. Already moving forward, Carmen fell flat on her face when Pam yanked her feet backward. Prying a leg free from the blonde's grasp, Carmen kicked Pam in the face, stunning her and letting her pull herself free of her grip.

However, Carmen was backing away from Pam right toward Yasmine. As she came near, Yasmine reached up, grabbed Carmen's hair and yanked, pulling the brunette to her knees. Smiling, Yasmine began punching Carmen' kidneys with her free hand, relishing the brunette's cries. Reaching around Carmen's shoulders, Yasmine grabbed her breasts and began squeezing as tears began to flow down Carmen's cheeks.

Desperate, Carmen rammed an elbow back into the brunette's belly, knocking the air out of her and sending her stumbling backwards. Grabbing Yasmine's hair, Carmen yanked it violently before lashing out with a kick to her belly that dropped Yasmine to her knees.

Looking back over her shoulder, Carmen saw Pam was now on her feet. Facing off against each other, Carmen and Pam raised their fists as they slowly circled, looking for an opening. Carmen lashed out with two jabs to the face, Pam fired back with a right to the belly, bringing a gasp from the brunette. Carmen took a jab to the face but although she blocked Pam's next blow, she was hurt by another belly punch, moaning in pain.

The blonde began to viciously punch Carmen's tits, knocking them up and down as Carmen groaned and flailed her fists weakly. Battered by another pair of punches to the face, Carmen's head snapped back from a right uppercut, knocking her flat on her back. Standing over the fallen brunette, Pam kicked Carmen in her belly. Carmen moaned and rolled over.

"You dumb tramp. I hope you learned how to keep your big mouth shut!" Pam gloated.

Walking over to join Pam, Yasmine planted a foot on the back of Carmen's head and shoved her face into the sand.

"What's wrong, bitch?" Yasmine asked. "Pretty girl ain't so pretty anymore, huh?"

Looking at Pam, Yasmine said, "Pull her up. It's time to have some fun!"

Exchanging looks, Pam smiled and quickly put Carmen in a full nelson as she hoisted her up.

Standing in front of her beaten foe, Yasmine shouted, "You pathetic little whore. I believe I owe you this!"

She put all of her strength into a kick to Carmen's cunt and Carmen screamed in absolute agony. Yasmine continued to kick her, laughing as Carmen went limp in Pam's arms. Moving closer, she began pumping her fists into Carmen's belly. Carmen moaned as each gut-wrenching blow devastated her body. Suddenly, Yasmine locked her in a stomach claw.

Grinning as Carmen screamed in pain, Yasmine taunted, "You remember this, don't you, bitch? I'm glad you also remember how much it hurt!"

Carmen screamed again when Pam rammed her knee up in between her legs and said, "Hey Yas, it's my turn now!"

Yasmine nodded and, as Pam let Carmen fall to the ground, the brunette pulled her back up, holding her arms behind her back. Standing in front of her groggy foe, Pam slapped Carmen's face several times, bringing her back into full consciousness. Grabbing her by the hair, Pam pulled her face forward into her cleavage.

Rubbing her big breasts on Carmen's face, Pam shouted, "Still think your pathetic cow tits are better than mine? Take a good, long look! My babies are better than anything you'll ever have!"

Letting go of Carmen's hair, she started to make good on her claim, grabbing the brunette's tits in her claws and squeezing viciously.

Sobbing as her breasts were wrecked by the blonde, Carmen weakly begged, "Please Pam... No more... It's Yasmine! The whole fight is...was Yasmine's doing... Please... Please help..."

Carmen's pleas were cut short as Yasmine began clawing at her pussy, "Shut up, bitch!" she shouted. "You're not getting out of this one!"

Letting go of Carmen's breasts, Pam grabbed her hair in one hand and lifted her head up, hissing, "I'm fresh out of mercy. Especially for conniving little bitches like you."

Pam began punching Carmen repeatedly in the face. Whatever consciousness she had left was beaten out of her as the blonde's blows finally knocked her out.

Smiling, Yasmine pushed Carmen's limp body toward Pam, "Hold this trash for me."

As Pam caught Carmen, she gave the brunette a perplexed look, asking, "What for?"

Laughing loudly, Yasmine replied, "To keep your hands full."

With that, she threw a hard right at Pam's head. Her knuckles crashed into the blonde's face. Caught off guard, Pam dropped Carmen and fell backward on her ass. Shaking her head, Pam glared at Yasmine, "You bitch! You really did set us up, didn't you?"

Laughing even harder, Yasmine nodded, "You really are a dumb blonde! It took you this long to figure it out?"

Charging forward, Yasmine kicked Pam in her belly, knocking her down as the blonde groaned in pain. Kneeling in front of her Yasmine grabbed Pam's tits and pulled her up, squeezing and pulling them as Pam screamed in agony. The blonde reached for Yasmine's breasts but was paralyzed when the brunette began to claw at her pussy, garnering a whole new set of screams.

With the blonde at her mercy, Yasmine shoved Pam onto her back. Standing, she grabbed Pam's ankles, spread her legs and began to stomp Pam's cunt, grinning as the blonde howled and sobbed with each blow.

Unable to fight back, Pam sobbed out her submission, sighing a breath of relief when the brunette let her legs drop. But her reprieve was brief. Standing over Pam's head, Yasmine dropped her ass down on the blonde's face facing Pam's legs. Yasmine reached forward and started squeezing Pam's battered tits. She screamed and sobbed, totally at Yasmine's mercy. At the end of her rope, Pam eventually passed out, another victim of brunette treachery.

Yasmine continued to grind her ass on Pam's face, enjoying herself as she sat victoriously on top of her foe.

Pam's head was hurting again as she awoke from her second beating of the day. She suddenly felt a sharp pain in her cheeks. She was being slapped over and over as she heard Yasmine shout, "Wake up, slut! I'm tired of having to wait for you!"

Pam opened her eyes and took a look around. She sat up on her haunches facing Carmen, who looked absolutely horrible after the physical abuse she'd suffered.

Standing over both of them, Yasmine shouted, "I hope you two liked my surprise. The best part is, it's not over yet!"

Pam and Carmen glanced at each other nervously, both women's spirit broken.

Hands on hips, Yasmine continued, "One of you is going to get to be my slave for the rest of tonight. If you don't want to be my little bitch, then start fighting!" Hesitantly looking at each other, the two women heard Yasmine shout, "You heard me! Fight for me! If you don't, I'll kick your pathetic asses some more!"

Pam and Carmen continued to stare at each other, their eyes hollow. They didn't have a choice. Approaching each other on their knees, they grabbed each other's hair and began pulling viciously as they screamed simultaneously. Letting go, Carmen began punching Pam in the face, but she didn't have the strength to back it up. Pam fired off with punches of her own, dazing Carmen. Reaching forward, Pam began pulling and twisting the brunette's tits as Carmen sobbed in agony. Carmen responded in kind to Pam's attack, but was soon forced to let go of Pam's tits and grab her wrists, her battered breasts being in far worse shape than the blonde's.

Pulling Pam's hands away, Carmen fell against her as they wrapped arms around each other in mutual bearhugs. Pam and Carmen cried softly as they squeezed each other with what little strength they had left. In spite of the pain that they were both feeling, Pam's superior conditioning was winning out as her tits mashed Carmen's flat.

Weakly, Carmen pleaded, "Pam, stop... please stop..." Her eyes full of fear, Carmen begged as though her life hanged in the balance, "I can't lose, I can't..."

Fighting off the pain long enough, Pam replied, "Sorry to burst your bubble, bitch, but neither can I."

Putting all her energy into the home stretch, Pam squeezed with all of her strength. She was relieved when Carmen's arms went limp, the brunette screaming and sobbing uncontrollably. Letting go, Pam pushed Carmen onto her back and straddled her. Their roles were reversed now, as the blonde lowered her chest and began slamming her tits into Carmen who could only cry as the blows rained down on her tender breasts. Her pleas became incoherent as her sobs drowned them out.

Finally, Pam heard Yasmine shout, "That's enough Pam. You win!"

Sitting up, Pam tried to catch her breath as she held her aching boobs, trying to rub the pain away. Suddenly, Pam screamed as she felt Yasmine drag her off Carmen by her hair.

Staring deep into Pam's eyes, Yasmine snapped, "Now, get lost before I change my mind and decide to take the winner for my slave instead of the loser."

Quickly nodding, Pam struggled to her feet, grabbed the remnants of her clothing and began to stagger away as fast as she could.

As she passed her, Pam heard Yasmine laugh at Carmen, "You loser! Who's the bitch now? Oh-boy, are we gonna have lots of fun tonight..."

Pam didn't look back. She'd get her revenge someday, but not tonight. As she made it back to her car, all she could do was sob quietly and try to get time recover, physically as well as mentally. That, and be grateful she hadn't had to spend the night where Carmen was.