Nikki Cox vs. Pam Anderson by TNT

THUNK. THUNK. THUNK. "Uhhhhh." (wheeze) (cough) "Unnnnggggh…" Only the sounds of frantic weak fists pounding impotently on beautiful firm perfectly tanned, female flesh and light shallow wheezing sounds graced the erotic scene for a few moments.

"Shouldn't have messed with me, right stupid girl?" the strong busty blonde asked her struggling victim as she tightened her painful, breath stealing, energy draining bearhug. Bulging, straining muscles tightened even further in Pamela Anderson's upper back, shoulders, forearms and biceps as she leaned her full chest even further into her beautiful red-haired rival's full breasts.

"Please, stop. Uhhhhhhh," Nikki gasped, her voice barely audible. Her tight fists had relaxed into open hands and now flailed in the ocean breeze. The redhead was in big trouble. How she wished she'd have resisted the temptation to tease and taunt the busty blonde. But teasing Pam had seemed like such fun. Such harmless fun.

Both gorgeous beauties had somehow ended up on the same isolated beach. Same time. Same beach. How interesting. (How disappointing for any folks' who missed the confrontation). Pam was just finishing up a leisurely afternoon of swimming and sunbathing. She was wearing a sexy low-cut one piece bathing suit when Nikki arrived.

"Hmmmmmm. I should have a camera. Miss Slutty Pam Anderson in a one piece. When did such modesty hit you Miss Big boobs Blonde Bimbo?" Nikki taunted as she approached the blonde bombshell.

Pam bristled with instant anger. She quickly surmised that Nikki was just a bit drunk. She sat up, turned to Nikki and adjusting her sunglasses replied, "Nikki! Watch your mouth girl or you'll be sorry. There's no one around to rescue you, got it?"

"Oh, like I'd be the one who'd need the rescue. I'd knock you silly easy. Pull that fake blonde hair. Maybe even deflate those two fake knockers too," Nikki laughed as she adjusted her white bikini top. Pam snarled and flipped Nikki the finger, then turned and laid back down on the huge towel hoping to finish working on her perfect tan.

Nikki fired off a few choice taunts and took a swim all the while thinking how she could egg Pam into a fight. She'd always disliked the beautiful actress and dreamed of taking her down a notch and even stripping her.

"Just a little bit closer. A bit more. NOW!" Nikki yelled with glee as she kicked the sand hard and watched the abrasive grains fly toward the unsuspecting blonde's face.

"Whaaa…arggggh…" Nikki grunted in surprise as Pam rocketed to her feet and treated her to a hard punch in the jaw. The redhead screamed as the angry blonde fired punch after punch to her stomach and ribs.

"You stupid redheaded jerk. I told you not to mess with me," Pam hissed as she grabbed a handful of red hair and Nikki's top with the other hand. Nikki screamed and buried her fingers in Pam's hair and the fight was on. Nikki was amazed at Pam's strength and was soon quite winded. The blonde's punches had weakened her, the swim had tired her and she was still feeling the effects of her earlier drinking. "Nice boobs, Nikki honey," Pam laughed as she jerked her rival's skimpy top to the side and down exposing both of Nikki's large luscious treasures. She grabbed Nikki by the throat, moved in close and introduced her knee to the redhead's crotch twice. "So sorry for being nasty," Pam said sarcastically as she heard Nikki groan in agony. "How about a nice big hug, OK?" Pam laughed as she slammed her chest into Nikki's full force and Nikki gasped as her powerful arms wrapped around her back, trapping her arms at her sides. "Did I mention you have nice boobs, Nikki? Mine are nice too; but bigger, firmer, better," Pam snarled as she felt Nikki's luscious body tense as she lifted it off her feet.

"Uhhhhhh" "Ooooooh" "Ungggggh" "Argggghh"

Both women grunted and groaned erotically. The blonde from strength and dominance, the redhead from weakness, struggling. Nikki's beautiful eyes began to glaze as she felt her rival's thick rock hard nipples press through the skimpy swimsuit against hers. Pam tightened her arms and looked into her opponent's lovely grimacing face. Another powerful squeeze and she heard Nikki whimper. With a snarl and smirk she suddenly released the hold.

"Uhhhhhhh!" Kerwhumpp.

"Enjoying our little playtime? Or should I say our Fight time-though it seems more like playtime, Nikki dear," Pam scoffed as she looked down at the gasping redhead. Nikki looked as sexy as she did helpless. Her lovely hair was a mess, her bikini top now was barely hanging by a thread and her bikini bottoms had made a most erotic shift as well.

"Get your pretty ass up, girl. Let's have some more fun!" Pam snarled as she suddenly cut loose with a kick to Nikki's leg. Nikki yelped and tried to roll away. Pam lunged, grabbed a handful of luscious red hair and jerked her to her feet. In a flash she tore her rival's top off, slapped her several times and slipped behind her.

"Lemme go. You stupid blonde bitch, lemme go," Nikki screamed as she leaned back, reached up and grabbed a double handful of platinum blonde hair. Pam yelped as her scalp burst into fire, but ignored the pain and reached down, cupped Nikki's full breasts and went to work. As the redhead pulled frantically on her rival's hair, the blonde squeezed, twisted, milked and mauled the redheads huge breasts.

"Gonna twist your titties off Nikki hon," Pam rasped as she squeezed Nikki's milky white jugs with all her might. Nikki released Pam's hair and dropped her hands down and clawed at Pam's angry fingers. Sensing victory, Pam switched tactics and clamped down on Nikki's long thick pink nipples.

"Arggggh. Please stop. Aieeeeee."

"OK, I'll stop!" Pam snapped.

She released Nikki but before the surprised redhead could move, she felt her lips kissing the sand! Her bloodcurdling screams had almost shattered Pam's eardrums, making her angry and ready for a change of pace. She hooked Nikki's leg and with a good hard push put her down. She smiled as she straddled the prone redhead and dropped down hard landing on the small of Nikki's back. She leaned forward and pushed down on Nikki's head making sure she got a good taste of the beach life.'

Hearing her groans, Pam pressed down with both hands on the redhead's upper back, mashing Nikki's sore breasts into the rough, rasping sand. "Gonna make a boob-print in the sand; OK Nikki hon? Isn't this fun girl?" Pam chirped as her rival uttered another groan of protest. "You're quite the hottie Nikki, nice boobs and tight butt," Pam giggled as she leaned back, reached down and grabbed Nikki's bikini bottom, then with a long hard pull treated her redheaded captive to a painful wedgie, pulling and stretching the thin cloth until it broke. "And now Nikki dear, I just want one more thing, okie-dokie?" Pam cackled as she climbed off and pulled Nikki to her feet.

Two punches to the jaw put Nikki in complete La-La land and as she staggered, Pam pulled her close, reached up and slipped the shoulder strap down from her own shoulder. A huge beautiful breast found freedom and Nikki moaned as her face too found the treasure.


"Mine are better!" Pam growled as she tightened her grip on the back of Nikki's head. "Never, ever, mess with a blonde!!"