Gillian Anderson vs. Nikki Cox and Laura Prepon by TNT

"You're sooooo easy," the former redhead whispered into her gasping redheaded rival's ear. "Lets give everybody a show, OK bitch?" Gillian continued as she grabbed a handful of silky redhair and used it to jerk the bent over Nikki up straight, then whirled her around and drilled a perfect uppercut under her chin.

"Uhhhhhh..." Nikki groaned as her head snapped back and she staggered backwards her arms involuntarily flailing.

"And now for the bimbo show," Gillian chuckled.

RIPPPPP! She grabbed the front of Nikki's low-cut strapless dress and pulled it down as hard as she could. Nikki screamed as her hands grabbed her full breasts - too late! Nikki was left in a sexy sheer, almost see-thru but definitely overstuffed, strapless bra.

"Oooooooh, darn! Like I said, the folks want a show!" Gillian shouted as she fired a solid punch to Nikki's jaw, grabbed the front of her bra between the cups and gave another hard yank. One luscious milky white breast found freedom but the other seemed a bit shy and only its thick, erect, pink nipple shyly peeking over the top of its cup saw daylight.

"Argggggh! Damn you bitch!" Nikki hissed as she grabbed angrily at Gillian's hair with one hand and her blouse with the other. Gillian knocked her hands away seconds too late and she heard her sheer blouse ripping as she felt the thin silk yield to Nikki's frantic fingers.

"Get her Gillian!" several excited onlookers yelled.

Gillian smiled as most of the crowd cheered her on, though she knew they weren't necessarily totally for her; they more than likely wanted to see the busty actress stripped. And Gillian was more than happy to oblige them. The two redheads sat together at a large table at the elegant party. Most of the guests, (at least the guys) oohed, ogled and aaahed at the sight of the redheads luscious busty body. Gillian had much desired to help the younger showoff, show off her body, if that's what she really wanted to do.

"Nothin' better than two redheads goin' at it tooth and nail," a blond chirped.


A very lucky and fast fellow ducked as a plate of hors'd'orves sailed by his head; a second before it was snatched out of a stunned waiters' hands by an angry Nikki.

"Nice but very stupid move, idiot," Gillian snarled as she stood up from her crouched position, grabbed a full wine glass from a guests hands and tossed it in Nikki's face. The cold purple nectar splashed in her eyes and down her chest.

"Aaaawccck!" Nikki yelped as her eyes blurred and stung. Another quick grab and toss from an angry Gillian; this time she aimed for her rivals chest. Nikki gasped as the cold wetness met her lovely breasts; her erect nipples grew instantly longer and harder bringing a smile to her gleeful opponent.

"Noooooooo..." SLAP! SLAP! "Yeoowwwwch." Nikki barely grunted out her first protest as Gillian ripped off her torn bra and treated her lovely wet breasts with two stinging open-handed slaps. Quick as the highly trained and efficient government agent she played on TV, Gillian grabbed the bouncing breasts by the nipples, pinched and twisted the pink nubs viciously as she leaned in and fired a knee up into the squealing redheads groin.

THUD! "Uhhhhhhhh."

WHACK! "Uhhhhhh." WHACK! "Uhhhhhh...oh, noooooooo....please."


Nikki's face blanched as the knee bid her groin a painful greeting. The groaning red-haired beauty was treated to several slaps as she tried to turn and run. Each slap was perfectly delivered and sent her reeling. A good hard hair pull brought Nikki back into postion just in time for the next slap. She made a desperate breakaway and made but a few feet before Gillian grabbed the back of her torn dress and ripped it clean off, leaving her topless in just sheer sexy pantyhose and high heels.

"I give her two more minutes to handle that big-boobed carrot-top bimbo," one woman said to another.

"Yeah, I just love to see those busty young tramps get it, don't you? My guys' been starin' at her knockers all night," the second woman snipped.

"Tell me about it! What I wouldn't give to have a few minutes with that top-heavy hussy myself! I'd be pullin' a lot more than her hair," the first woman chuckled.

"AAAAAAACK! Stop it, pleaseeeee!" The frantic, desperate loud plea escaped Nikki's full, sexy, pouty, lips a second before she felt sharp nails snag into her pantyhose. "UNNNNNHHHH! My legs! AIEEEEEEE!" Nikki grunted, then screamed as Gillian's angry fingers shred her pantyhose, then grabbed her legs. She groaned and pounded at her attackers' head, arms and back and Gillian grabbed her and with a savage grunt lifted her up and heaved her onto a table.

"Argggggh!" WHUMMMP! "Uhhhhhhhhh...YIEEEEEEE!" Nikki landed hard on her backside, her legs kicked apart as she felt the wind escape her lungs. Gillian was on her in a second; she wrapped her legs around her attacker and tried to squeeze her, but her strength seemed to have vanished. She shrieked as Gillian fired a punch into her stomach, then two blows to her ribs; her legs suddenly felt like they were on fire as Gillian's sharp nails finished shredding her pantyhose and began to rake her gorgeous legs, leaving angry red welts and pink furrows on her calves and thighs. Nikki's fingers clawed desperately but weakly at Gillian's hair and torn blouse.

"You'd best not fight back, Nikki dear!" Gillian snarled as her beautiful fiery green eyes beheld Nikki's gorgeous tear-filled beauties.

"Damn you bitch!" Nikki rasped as she suddenly tightened her sore abs and tried to sit up fast; her hand darted out, her fingers grabbed Gillian's right shoulder strap on her bra. Nikki smiled as she leaned back. The strap stretched, stretched more, then broke. "YIEEEEEEE!" THUD! "Uhhhhhhh." Nikki shrieked in agony as Gillian suddenly grabbed the unwelcome wrist, dug her hard sharp nails in deep and wrenched the hand and arm viciously. Her long training in 'government agent' moves paid off handsomely as she watched Nikki's lovely face grimace. Gillian released the limp arm, leaned down and treated her nearly naked rival to a solid punch to the jaw. Nikki's eyes rolled, as her head dropped down smacking into the table.

"Think you're about ready to have some fun and give others a bit of enjoyment too, you lovely wench?" Gillian snickered as she grabbed Nikki by the hair, lifted her up, shook her head viciously from side to side to make sure her dizziness was complete, then jerked her to her feet.

Two blistering slaps and then a good running pull and hard push, followed by a perfectly timed release and kick in the red pantyclad derriere sent Nikki flying onto the long table and sliding almost halfway down. Gillian smiled wickedly as she shook her head as well as her fist at her devastated opponent. She couldn't believe the timing. The waiters had just cleared the table. Only a few wineglasses remained; well actually now Nikki's lovely body had sent them flying like pins in a bowling alley. Nikki slid to a most painful stop and looked up at two women who seemed delighted to see her. Both grabbed for her hair and arms.

"Fate has smiled on us," one woman chirped as she and her friend rolled Nikki over onto her back.

"Let's have some fun, some wonderful fun; and guys, you can all watch but IF you touch, you'll be sleeping alone tonight, capiche?" the two women said in unison to their partners, giggling as they each reached for a full breast and another target of choice.

"NOOOOOO....AIIEEEEE!" Nikki screamed.

"Speaking of fun; its time for me to have some fun!" a tall beautiful redhead sitting several feet away thought as Laura Prepon rose to her feet, ran up behind Gillian to grab her by the hair. "You're really the tramp, I think! And you fought a bit nasty, so let's you and me dance, OK?" the statuesque busty red-haired beauty said as she delivered a stinging slap to the surprised Gillian's' face.

Gillian yelped, stood on her tiptoes and fired a punch towards her new challengers' face. THWUP! As it blazed out, the redhead's fist smacked into the open palm. The strong hand clamped shut and powerful fingers felt like a vice grip on Gillian's hand. She gasped in agony at the growing pain in her hand and fingers, marveling at the incredible strength of her newfound rival.

"Now this is gettin' better by the second; three redheads in one night-at one party," an elated guest exclaimed.

"Get her Gillian...You can take her!"

"Take her down, Laura."

"Yeah Laura, take her all the way down."


Gillian yelled, groaned, yelped and shrieked as Laura suddenly wrenched her hand painfully, twisted her arm, slammed her high heel down into her foot, delivered a nasty bitchslap, and sent her flying across the room crashing into yet another unlucky waiter.

"Go get her girl."

"Come on, get up and pound her."

"Strip her!!"

"This is gonna be great!"

"Get your hot little sexy ass up clumsy," Laura said as she pranced towards the downed and dazed Gillian. The fallen redhead looked as sexy in her compromised position as any nude playboy actress at the finest photo shoot. Though not much was completely revealed, her gorgeous red hair was mussed up, her flawless makeup and mascara were smudged, her beautiful eyes were ablaze with anger, revenge as well as a bit of fear, and her long perfect legs were spread at an angle that would have made Howard Stern blush. Her short skirt had ridden high. Somehow she still had one heel on her lovely foot. Her blouse was torn and her very erotic sexy black lace bra was exposed just enough to melt the remaining ice in the cursing waiter's water pitcher.

"Get yourself up so I can take you down,” Laura purred. “Like you said, these folks want a show, and I'm gonna give them a much better one! You ever been stripped naked in front of a live, happy audience, Gillian?"

Laura sashayed over to her fallen rival and wiggled her sexy hips, enjoying the 'ooohs', 'ahhhhs' and wolf whistles as the spellbound audience soaked in every inch of her luscious body as it jiggled seductively in her short low-cut red dress. Gillian slowly rose to her feet, keeping a wary eye on the approaching Laura and the other on a waiter who had obviously rudely gotten in her way.

"Get outta here!" Gillian snarled as she gave the waiter a swift kick. He cut loose with a few choice curses, gave a slight bow and quickly scurried away.

"That was rude, lady! Somebody oughta kick your butt for being mean," Laura taunted as she closed in.

"Oh really? You tall smart-alec string bean,” Gillian snapped. “I don't think it'll be YOU kicking any butt! If you try, I'll just have to break those long legs like toothpicks!" She kicked off her heels and took a defensive stand. "C'mon, make your move girl," Gillian taunted, as she gestured for Laura to come to her.

"Eeeee-hahhh!" Laura cried as she lunged, her long arms swinging. "Nuhh...eeawwwhh..."The tall redhead's plan of devastation slid into oblivion as her long legs did the same. Melted ice, a slick floor, heels; it was a bad combination! Laura screamed as her gorgeous long legs flew into the air and she fell backward; her lovely butt hitting the floor hard! She gasped as she struggled to catch her breath as she sat up blushing with embarrassment.

"Look who's clumsy now,” Gillian chuckled. “The long legged stick woman; or should I say the silly giant schoolgirl! You're out of high school aren't you, you clumsy little bitch?" Gillian snipped as she waltzed over, bent down and reached for a handful of beautiful flowing red hair. Her eager fingers had just secured a fistful of lustrous red silk and had begun to pull upwards hard and painfully when….

"Unnnnnnhhhhh..." Gillian's face blanched and her eyes bulged wide; she gasped as her midsection was flooded with excruciating pain from the spot where Laura's upward thrust sledgehammer fist had pounded up into her crotch with the force of a cannon. Laura's torso tightened and her legs swept upward as she rolled to one side.

"Noooooo...uuuuh...uhhhhh..." Gillian grunted as Laura’s legs slammed into the back of hers, sending her toppling over onto the floor where, in a flash, Laura was on her; slapping, punching, hitting, clawing and scratching.

SLAP! "Uhhhhhh." PUNCH! "Unnnhhhhh..." RIPPPPPPP! "AIEEEEEE!!"

Gillian tried to block each attack, failing almost completely as she found herself unable to match either the speed or the force of the younger woman's furious assault.

"Yeah get her!”

"Pull her hair!"

"Pound the cunt!"

"C'mon already, strip her girl; for God’s sake, strip her!"

The shouts and cheers had suddenly turned against Gillian and the lovely redhead's nastiness and rudeness - as well as her attitude of arrogance - seemed to put even Gillian’s fans in a bit of a mood.

"Any bets on who's gonna win this one, eh?" an eager blonde fan asked her friend.

"Don't be a dunce; Legs is gonna win…easy," the redhead replied with a grin.

"If ya really wanna bet?"

"Will it be those long fabulous legs that puts the older wench down; or will luscious Laura use her huge beautiful twins to take Anderson out?"

"Ahhh, those luscious, long, lanky, lithe legs, that's what I’m betting on!!"

"Nah! Take a good long look at those two beee-uuutiful twins...what do they say, yes, errrr, ummmm, puppies? They're 'bout ready to escape the kennel, don't ya see? Won't be long now."

"EEEEEEEK!" Gillian screamed as she felt her blouse being ripped open, then torn off entirely the eager, angry Laura.

"Hey look everybody, she's got style, even for a government babe," Laura giggled, an obvious reference to Gillian's role on ‘X-Files.’

Laura slapped Gillian hard, grabbed a double handful of red hair and dragged her wailing to her feet. The taller, younger redhead treated her screaming opponent to three blistering slaps; backhand- forehand- backhand before she reached for her face to clamp on a painful faceclaw and put an end to Gillian’s evening!

"#@#$#@#$ you bitch!" Gillian snarled as she tried to focus her blurry eyes.

With a loud shout, Gillian reached up with both hands, hooked her fingers in the bodice of Laura's dress and yanked down with all her strength.

RIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! "AAAAAWWCK!" Laura looked down to see her beautiful expensive dress split in two from her clavicle to her belly button; her two huge milky white breasts bouncing freely without the restraint of a bra. She shrieked again, this time in pain as Gillian’s fast, strong talons shot out and captured her ‘twins’, her nails sinking deep into the firm, but oh-so-tender flesh! The tall redheaded beauty’s eyes filled with tears and her hands stopped mid-air at the first throb of pain. For Laura, everything seemed to be happening in slow motion as she stared into Gillian's eyes which, suddenly, had a gleam of hope, revenge and cruel accomplishment in addition to satisfaction. Laura gasped in agony, struggling just to focus. WHAP! She opened her hands and clapped her open palms hard over each of Gillian’s ears.

"Unnnnhhhh..." Gillian gasped as her eardrums seemed to explode in fiery thunderous echoes that refused to go away. Her fingers instinctively dug deeper into the large captured breasts before reluctantly letting go to raise her hands to her ringing ears, trying to ease the intense pain and will the dizziness to stop. "Unnnnhhhh...." Gillian groaned again at what seemed to be a sledgehammer slamming up under her belly button and digging into her solar plexus.

"My boobs! YEOOOWWWW! Ohhhhh, that hurts so baaaaad!" Laura wailed, unsure if her shout was real or had only been in her mind as she struggled against the intense pain in her breasts. Laura smiled as she saw Gillian's grimace after the blow to her ears. She felt like doing a dance as Gillianl grunted a low guttural moan when her fist slammed into her belly. "You're gonna regret that big time, you old bat," Laura snarled as she grabbed a double handful of Gillian's hair and used it to jerk her forward, right into a mind-numbing head butt!

Gillian grunted as she staggered backward, her lovely green eyes rolling back in her head. She barely got another groan out as fingers grabbed the front of her bra, pulled the clasp open, then clamped onto her firm, tender breasts with a tenacious, furious grip.

"Oughta twist ‘em right off, bitch!" Laura rasped as she captured the erect pink nipples and began to pull and twist mercilessly. Gillian screamed for mercy, but found none despite her scratching and clawing feebly at Laura’s determined fingers. "Now, about that stupid move,” Laura laughed. “Here, let me show ya…"

Laura released Gillian’s breasts, grabbed her hair and forced her head down as she pulled it toward her. PLAPP! The unmistakable erotic sound of a beautiful helpless face slamming between two huge milky white pleasure mounds echoed through the room. Gillian's hands and arms flailed wildly, frantically, as her precious oxygen all but disappeared. She whimpered as she rapidly grew weaker and weaker..

"We ain't done yet, honey!" Laura said as she released Gillian and let her crumple on the floor.

Laura dropped down and wrestled her weak rival onto her back, then wrapped her long legs around Gillian’s waist in a perfectly painful scissors! Laura positioned Gillian in the most erotic, helpless, pose before she reached for her lovely bare breasts. Securing both nipples with her thumbs and forefingers, Laura went to work; slowly teasing and twisting, as her legs slowly crushed the remaining breath from Gillian's burning lungs.

"Darrrrrn, neither one of us wins the bet, this time," the blonde said, remembering her earlier wager on which of Laura’s assets would bring Gillian to heel.

"Tskk-tsk! Everybody wins," the redhead sighed as she watched Laura slowly stripping Gillian naked, then lick her lips and begin to prepare her own body for a luscious dessert.

"Ahhhhhh! A party! Three redheads, a catfight...AND delicious desert...who can argue against that?"