Cindy Crawford vs. Gillian Anderson by bbb4 (23-Jun-00)

Fall #1
The two girls enter the arena and crawl under the bottom ropes from opposite corners of the ring at about the time. The stifling summer heat and dead air of the abandoned gym weigh down on both girls like a wet, wool blanket, making it hard to breathe. Both are dressed almost identically, in cutoff blue jeans and a thin, sleeveless tee shirts, cropped across the belly. Knowing the nature of the fight, neither has bothered with a bra, as evidenced by the dark circles clearly visible through the thin, cotton material.

Cindy has at least a four inch height advantage and an accompanying fifteen pound weight advantage over the smaller redhead. Her wider shoulders and thin waist accentuate her large hips and buns for which she self consciously wears baggier, looser fitting cutoff jeans. She has her shorter, sandy brown hair loose, just across the nape of her neck. Old scuffed wrestling boots, once white, but now a dirty tan, adorn her large feet Although smaller in frame, Gillian's bust clearly outclasses Cindy's small, but perky tits. Large, oblong nipples dance wildly and threaten to poke through the thin material of her top as she bounces a few times, gauging the springiness of the old ring's canvas mat. Her narrow shoulder and trim hips and butt contrast Crawford's wider frame, but she looks just as good in her skin tight cutoffs.

Glancing around the dilapidated gym, full of empty over turned seats and an inch of dust, Gillian nods her head in mock approval. "Nice, place you found here...must remind you of home. Couldn't they turn on the air conditioning?"

Pointing overhead, Cindy answers, "You're lucky we have lights, honey...besides, I am kicking your scrawny butt before I even break a sweat." Rubbing her exposed belly sensuously and giving her pelvic area a quick brush, Cindy adds, "You know what's..... "coming" .....after that."

Notorious for finishing her fights with long, humiliating facesits, Crawford giggles at her little joke, turning away from Gillian to take the leather belt out of her shorts and lay it across the turnbuckle.

Gillian, an experienced sex fighter, but relatively inexperienced in ring wrestling, retorts, "You'll be coming alright....and screaming and crying and begging..."

Crawford glances back at the smaller girl with a wicked smile, "We'll see who's coming and who's begging after the third fall, little girl."

"So... when I tit smother you and leave you unconscious on the mat, do you want me to throw a towel over you or just leave laid out?" asks Gillian as she sneaks across the canvas, inching her way closer to Cindy. Unaware, Cindy places her belt across the top rope and turns around.

"You can just kiss my...uuhhhggggg!"

Cindy's answer is cut short by a vicious super kick to the chest that sends her reeling back into the corner. Before she can open her mouth, another high kick cracks her in the sternum as Gillian goes to work on Cindy's upper body. Two devastatingly accurate tit chops back Cindy into the corner, where she slumps unceremoniously, holding her smallish tits.

Anderson steps into a fist to the bellybutton that has Cindy bent over sucking wind. Gillian follows her attack mercilessly, grabbing the front of Crawford's hair and slamming a fist into the taller girl's chin and another to the face. The final punch lands solidly and spins the brunette almost 180 degrees. With Cindy lying face down, draped over the top turnbuckle, Gillian adds a vicious kidney punch.

"I'm sorry, you were saying.....Kiss your...? How about you kiss the corner?"

Grabbing some hair, Gillian slams her face first into the turnbuckle a few times, knocking the older girl nearly senseless. Pulling back on Cindy's hair again, Gillian looks into Crawford's glassy eyes. Smiling and evil smile, Anderson sneaks a hand up Cindy's thin top and gropes her bare sweaty, breasts, squeezing and roughing them, which brings Cindy back around quickly. Crawford squeezes her eyes shut painfully, gritting her teeth as Anderson helps herself to a handful of her opponent's tender tit, kneading the warm flesh between her fingers. Crawford's weak efforts to pry Anderson hands from her tit are brushed aside with a giggle as Gillian enjoys herself, mauling the brunette with one hand and yanking her hair with the other.

Gillian smiles wickedly as she mangles the mammary in her fingers, "Guess I don't have to worry about you tit smothering anyone! Not with those little things."

Gillian takes great pleasure in painfully pulling Cindy's nipple, tugging on the elastic flesh before the sweaty teat slips out from between her fingers. Not wasting a moment, the younger girl pulls back and delivers another full bore forearm shot to both breasts, rocking Crawford's small chest.

"Let's see what we have to work with..."

Gillian grabs the front of Cindy's top and easily shreds the thin material, tearing a large portion of the shirt away, but leaving most of it hanging from Crawford's shoulders.

Seeing her opponent's small, pear shaped breasts hanging bare, Gillian comments, "Hmmmm..not much..."

Gillian takes a step back to enjoy the view. Both of Crawford's bare breasts are even whiter than her untanned skin. Cindy feebly attempts to cover her bare chest, but another kick from Gillian finds it's mark on her opponent's bare belly button, doubling her over again. Cindy's soft freckled breasts dangle freely as she bends over covering her devastated stomach, groaning, one breast smooth and white, the other torn by angry red welts and a rosy swollen nipple.

Gillian quickly lifts her own shirt up over her tits, exposing her hard, supple young breasts, her stiff nipples jutting from the fleshy mounds. She closes on Cindy and presses them into Crawford's face, quickly sealing off the outside world. Cindy looks up just in time to see Gillian's tits engulf her face, feel the warm, damp flesh press against her face, and the stiff nips press against her cheeks. Immediately she begins to push Gillian away, but fatigue has robbed her of her power advantage.

Massaging her mammaries into Crawford's face, Gillian quietly adds, "Here's what a real pair look like up close."

Anderson expertly presses her shoulders together, and pulls Cindy's face forward, burying it between her large, dewy breasts, muffling a scream from Crawford. The only part of Cindy's face not enveloped by the soft flesh are her wide, terror stricken eyes. Cindy's arms flail helplessly as Gillian smothers her, pressing her firm mounds over Cindy's mouth and nose. The panic lasts only a few seconds, as Crawford pounds her fist into Gillian's gut again and again until the seal is broken and Gillian backs away. Holding her smarting stomach, Gillian is still smiling as she sees the Crawford slump uselessly to the mat, her butt crashing into the canvas and her head lolling back in near unconsciousness. Gillian lowers her T-shirt again, even though the light material has become completely see through with the copious amount of sweat pouring off of both young ladies bodies.

"Yyyyyyeeeeahhhhhaaaawww!" Gillian screams out her war cry and jumps on her prostrate foe, straddling her chest with her legs and slamming her ass into Cindy's unprotected boobs.

Grabbing the two ropes above Cindy's head, she begins to ride Crawford like a bucking bronco, slamming her butt again and again into Crawford's chest, crushing the taller girl with each blow. After several breast bashing, chest crushing, butt blows, Crawford slides off the turnbuckles and slumps all the way to the mat, her head thumping against the canvas in the corner. Gillian lowers herself from the bottom rope and onto Crawford's chest, carefully rubbing her rough denim covered butt over Cindy's tender tits. Cindy moans softly, but doesn't have the strength to push the red headed devil off.

Still straddling Crawford in the corner, Gillian reverses course, turning her body 180 degrees and straddling her opponent so that her butt is now facing Cindy, and she is facing Cindy's lower body. Anderson snuggles her trim hips against Cindy's belly, and rests her hand on the brunette's crotch.

"We've already seen, what's up top...... Boooooooooring. Let's see what's down here..."

Gillian mischievously places her hands on Crawford's sweaty belly and slides her right hand down past her bellybutton and into the front of Cindy's denims. Not bothering

to undo the shorts, her hand slips undetected down the nearly unconscious brunette's denims until Gillian's hand is well into her briefs. Feeling the moist curlies of Crawford's pubic mound, she pinches a swatch of the brown hairs and pulls viciously.

"AAAAAhhhhhh....fuck!" Cindy sits up partially, screaming, as though she has been electrocuted. Gillian turns around, looking over her shoulder and sprinkles the torn pubes over Crawford's face.

"You fuckin' whore... I'm gonna...AHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Cindy arches her back under Gillian's weight, as Anderson yanks upward on her briefs, wedging them up her opponents cunt and ass. Each subsequent jerk of the material, brings Crawford up in a fit of screaming and cursing, followed by a lull of crying and sobbing. Gillian gives the wedgie a sawing motion, working the briefs back and forth against Cindy's tender womanhood.

"Threats?", Gillian asks, "I don't think you're in much of a position to threaten me."

She pulls with all her weight, using both hands to wrench and twist what is revealed as Cindy's lavender briefs. After briefly trying to relieve the pressure on her cunt, Crawford drags her finger nails down Gillian's sweaty back, leaving harsh red welts in their wake. This time it is Anderson arching her back in agony, pressing her already jutting breasts even further forward. She reaches back in vain to soothe the fire on her back as the salty sweat seeps into the bloody tracks, intensifying the already unbearable agony.

"BITCH!" Gillian screams as Crawford carves up her back. "Wanta play games, eh? Well, how about this one?"

Gillian's left hand deftly slides down the front of her shorts and probes Cindy's mound again. This time, Gillian passes the furry mound and curls her fingers around and underneath the mound into Crawford's awaiting warmth, pressing her fingers into the wet pocket of Cindy's sex. Dislodging the wedged briefs slightly, Gillian's middle and index finger feel the warm wetness of Crawford's lips. Feeling Gillian probe her, Cindy tries to clamp her thighs together, only an instant late. Gillian's fingers dig expertly, passing the lips, and penetrating deep into Crawford's womanhood. Anderson begins tearing at Crawford's pussy, spreading her fingers and stretching the pliable flesh to the limits. Cindy arches in agony, but then slumps back to canvas the crying.

"I give.....OHhhhhh Jesus...AHhhhhhh....I give! Lemme go," Cindy whines.

Gillian turns and looks over her shoulder at the pouting Crawford, and asks, "Is that your final answer?"

"Ahhhhhh Gawd...YES...Let go," Cindy answers, punctuating each word with a wracking sob.

"Say please....," Gillian suggests.

In her most humble, submissive, mouse like voice, Cindy complies. "Please..."

"That's better." Gillian grins and begins to rub her fingers back and forth slowly, bringing Cindy up. "MMMMMMmmmm.....Feel that?"

No longer feeling the wracking agony of Gillian's fingers tearing at her womanhood, Cindy relaxes for an instant before realizing what Gillian is doing.

"What are you doing?" asks Cindy as she feels Gillian find her rhythm, stroking and penetrating her womanhood. Looking over her shoulder, Gillian sees a panicked look on Crawford's face as she throws her head back and starts to feel the warm boiling in her loins.

"How's that feel? Better?" asks Gillian.

"No, please...Don't....not there...I just. uuuuuuhhhhh....mmmmmmoaaaaahhhh!" pants Cindy as Gillian continues to stimulate her.

Crawford aches her back again, this time in abject pleasure as Gillian probes her and then expertly finds her zone. Cindy reaches up and grabs the bottom ropes, biting her lower lip, her knuckles turning white as she sinks her nails into the plastic coated steel cables. Soon, Crawford's hips find the same rhythm and the two begin to work together. Gillian has the older woman completely under control as she teases her to the edge of an orgasm, bringing her near the peak, but never letting her slide down the other side. A veteran of more than a few sex fights, Gillian knows that each near orgasmic peak is as brutally exhausting as it is exhilarating.

Finally, Gillian tires of her plaything, and brings Cindy to a rousing, screaming, crying, cursing crescendo. Crawford lies helplessly on her back, her eyes wide open, her limp body bathed in sweat, her damp, bare chest heaving in huge lungfuls of air.

Gillian slowly withdraws her fingers from Crawford's love pocket, pulling them out of her shorts and wiping her opponent's love juices on Cindy's denim. Crawford lies quietly on her back, panting and sobbing gently.

Gillian rotates her body around again to face Cindy,

"Wasn't that fun? You know, every pleasure has to come with a little pain."

She gently raises her

top again, exposing her pink melons to Cindy.

"You remember these, don't you? You didn't think I was going to let you go with smothering you out, did you?"

Helplessly, Cindy raises her hands, pleading, "No, please. I said I give. Don't smother me."

But Gillian leans forward anyhow, letting her proud nipples dance over Crawford's mouth, dripping sweat all over her face. Cindy turns her head violently from one side to the other, pressing her hands against Gillian's abdomen, trying to escape the inevitable.

"We can do this the easy way..." Gillian reaches down with a free hand a grabs Cindy's still swollen nipple, toying with it, rolling the stiff flesh menacingly between her fingers. "....or we can do it the hard way."

Realizing the futility of struggling, Cindy steadies herself, and Gillian's breasts fall over her face, encompassing her features. As asphyxia quickly sets in, Cindy can no longer control her urge to breath, but her struggles are weak and Gillian easily rides them out, massaging her firm tits with Cindy's face.

Gillian coos softly as she kneads her drenched tits on Cindy's face, "Just a few more seconds.....there....there we go....out like a light." Crawford's struggling drops slowly and her hands finally fall to the canvas. Gillian rises up from the now motionless Cindy and finishes removing her top. She mops the accumulated perspiration and makeup off her tits and tosses the top into Cindy's face. Lightly slapping Cindy's face from side to side, Gillian concludes, "I guess I win."

She rises up from her fallen opponent and straightens her stringy, sweaty hair. Walking to her corner, she rummages through her backpack and comes out with a cold water bottle. She uncaps the bottle as she walks back to Crawford, who is still laying topless, spread eagle on the mat, her chest barely rising and falling with each breath. Gillian turns the bottle over, dumping the whole contents onto Crawford's face and sweat soaked bare chest.

The cold water hits Cindy like a slap, and she rises with a start, gasping, sputtering and coughing. Suddenly realizing where she is, she looks around the ring in a panic, only to find Gillian towering over her, looking down at her from between her well rounded tits. The dizziness and nausea associated with her untimely suffocation also return with a vengeance, and Cindy nearly collapses back to the mat.

"Come on you cow! We still have another fight to go!" Gillian kicks Crawford lightly in her soft, well rounded behind.

Crawford manages to climb up to all fours and start to crawl back to her corner, fighting the urge to vomit the entire way. Cindy stops suddenly as the burning ache in her groin reminds her that her briefs are still mostly wedged between her thighs and buns. She reaches down and undoes the top button of her denims, seeking to soothe the burn, but Gillian kicks her in the ass again.

"Come on you wide ass! Put a move on, I have got better things to do than rub my tits in your face."

Not wanting to further anger her dominator, Cindy painfully crawls to her corner, taking small strides on her hands and knees to avoid the chafing burn in her groin.

She collapses near the turnbuckles, but not before Gillian kicks her in the ass one more time, "Five minutes and then I give you these again." Gillian cups her perfect tits, and points them at Crawford's face. Cindy collapses in her corner and rolls onto her back. She deftly unbuttons the fly of her jeans and wiggles out of the shorts. She looks down to see her lavender briefs disappear into the fuzzy mound of her womanhood. Wincing in pain, she slowly and painfully extracts them, much to Gillian's amusement.

Sitting across the ring, drinking water from another bottle, Gillian asks, "Did I leave those there? How naughty of me."

Crawford ignores her and ever so slowly and delicately, draws the material from between her legs, whimpering in pain with every centimeter of cloth that slips out from between her lips. She lets out a wretched scream as they finally break loose and she is able to slide out of them. Now totally nude, except for her boots, she looks across the ring at Gillian, who is making her way to her feet.

"Five minutes...Times up! Let's get this over with OK?... I think I chipped a nail."

Fall #2
Crawford pulls herself to her feet, knowing that she has to stay out of the corners, where Gillian can street fight like a champion. Feeling the chafing soreness between her bare legs as she steps out of the corner, she vows to make the little red headed wench pay dearly for fingering her.

The two circle slowly, meeting for the first time on equal ground. Cindy closes and they lock up, where Crawford uses her height and strength advantage to push the out gunned little redhead into the ropes, where she raises her hands and breaks cleanly. The shock of being manhandled by the towering brunette and then the clean break is clear on Gillian's face as she slides down the away down the ring ropes. Her confidence, after having dominating the bigger girl, starts to melt away under Crawford's burning stare.

The two lock up again, and Cindy again shoves her backward, but this time Gillian digs in and fight all the way before being pinned against the

ropes again. Crawford pushes her back harder this time, bending her over the ropes backward. Cindy holds Gillian over the ropes, brushing her nipples against Gillian's before releasing her and backing a step away. Plain fear shows on Gillian's face as she realizes that even her best effort was hardly enough to break a sweat on Crawford. Realizing that catfighting and dirty sexfighting had won her an easy victory before, Gillian thrusts her knee up, trying to catch Crawford in the groin again.

But the veteran was waiting for her move.... Crawford deftly sidesteps the attempted crotch shot and catches Gillian's extended leg. Holding it for a second, she looks into Anderson eyes and drops all of her weight on the knee, nearly snapping it backwards. Anderson cries out in agony, as her leg is bent backward under Cindy's weight, and she learns the meaning of blinding pain. Still seeing stars, she realizes that Crawford has wrapped her knee around the lowest rope. Leaning back, the blinding pain returns, this time accompanied by a total paralysis as Cindy wrenches her joint out of place and then grinds the twisted leg, further damaging it. Gillian scratches at Crawford's arm as she wrenches Gillian's knee around the bottom rope, but Crawford responds by burying her arm between the younger girls legs, hammering her cunt with a perfect elbow.

Crawford finally releases the leg, and Anderson draws it in, clutching her knee to her bare chest in utter agony. Cindy takes a handful of Anderson hair and draw her up to her feet, where Gillian is forced to stagger and hop, holding the rope for support. Cindy lets her get a few steps away before viciously kicking her injured knee out from under her. Gillian screams out, wincing in pain as she crashes to the mat in a heap of arms and legs.

Crawford grabs Gillian's ankles and spreads them. Anderson looks up, pleading with Crawford before Cindy drops to one knee, driving her other knee between Anderson thighs. Cindy smiles as she grinds her knee into Gillian's crotch, feeling the soft flesh beneath give beneath her hard driving knee. Gillian flops about like a fish on hot concrete, but Crawford drops another knee, slamming it home into Anderson womanhood.

Cindy knows she can't catfight the smaller girl, and has to wrestle her. Returning to Gillian's knee, Cindy steps over the twisted appendage and applies a step over leg hold. Leaning into the leg lock, Cindy stretches Gillian's hamstring as well as twisting her damaged knee. To add to the agony, Crawford reaches down and grabs one of Gillian's perfectly formed breasts and begins to squeeze and knead it. She teases Gillian's small nipple, causing it to stiffen before tearing at it vicious nipple pinch. Paying special attention to Gillian's susceptible nipples, Crawford is rewarded with a tear running down her opponent's face.

Seeing the first sign of weakness in the catfighter only encourages Cindy to further punish her. Gillian, meanwhile, is torn between the burning pain in her leg and agonizing titty torture expertly dished out by Crawford. Anderson is paralyzed in pain as Crawford works her over, but Cindy releases her leg before diving on top it in a knee breaker. Looking back, she spitefully slams her elbow back between Gillian's thighs, eliciting another agonized grunt. Still laying on top of Gillian's shattered knee, Cindy takes the time to straighten her hair, wiping a few sweaty strands out of her face. Taking her time, she slowly climbs to her feet.

She next hoists Gillian to her feet and goes breast to breast with her in a front bearhug, pinning Gillian's arms down at her sides. Clasping her hands around Anderson lower back, she presses her clenched fists into the soft, damp flesh of Anderson kidneys, grinding her thumbs and fists into her lower back. Crawford winces slightly as Gillian's larger nipples press into her smaller breasts, pushing her soft flesh back. Anderson lets out a wailing moan and leans back, arching herself in Cindy's bone-crushing grip. She then slumps forward, again going breast to breast with the brunette, pressing her stiff nipples into Cindy's smaller tits to break the hold. She tries vainly to slide her hands out from between her body and Crawford's steel bands. Finally, she slinks a hand out from between the two girls sweaty bodies and slams it into Cindy's ear weakly. Crawford steps forward and drops Gillian into a reverse atomic drop, slamming her knee into Gillian's groin. She dumps injured the redhead off her knee, where she quickly curls into the fetal position, clutching her aching cunt.

Cindy continues her assault on the slender redhead, lifting her off the mat by a handful of her sweaty red hair. Cindy positions herself slightly behind the smaller girl and bends over. Showing her huge advantage in power over the skinnier redhead, Crawford hefts her up in a flying torture rack back breaker. Gillian screams in agony as her back is bent over Cindy's wide shoulders. Cindy adds to the agony, bouncing up and down, further torturing the smaller girl. Crawford's pear shaped breasts and firm behind bounce invitingly as she racks Gillian, parading her around the ring, before finally tossing her back to the mat in a crashing body slam.

"I don't think we'll be needing these any more..." Cindy says, as she begins unbuttoning Gillian's tight denim shorts.

Gillian reaches down, grabbing at the waistband of her shorts, not willing to part with protection offered by the denim material. Cindy responds by dragging her nails down Gillian's belly, leaving tortuous red tracks down the slim red heads sweaty stomach.

"Ahhh....gawd...You bitch!" screams Gillian as Cindy slowly makes her way down Gillian's stomach with her claws deeply embedded in the soft white flesh of Gillian's gut.

Cindy only giggles and nods her head, "Yep."

Crawford continues her work, unbuttoning the fly on Gillian's shorts as she tries to curl up and protect herself. Finally, the last button falls prey to Cindy's deft fingers, and she slides the skin tight jeans down around Gillian's ankles and over

her boots. An electric blue thong barely covers Gillian's mound, and as Cindy rolls the rag doll redhead over onto her stomach, it is plain that the thong leaves her delectable tush completely bare.

"That one was called the torture rack, but this one is called the Boston Crab." Cindy grabs Gillian's ankles, and leans backward. Gillian immediately begins to scream and moan as Cindy uses her weight to bend her opponent backward. Squatting down to increase the pressure on Gillian's back, Cindy's large, pale bottom touches Gillian's trim buns, and the two rub together as Cindy works the back breaking hold. Cindy smiles, enjoying her position and the feel of Gillian's bum rubbing against hers.

After only a few seconds, Gillian can be heard grunting her submittal, "Give! I Give! Gawwwd, get your fat ass off me."

"Fat ass? I think my ass just fine."

Cindy lowers her butt even further so that the two girls' warm sweaty asses are grinding against each other as she leans into the Boston Crab. Again, Crawford smiles broadly, clearly enjoying herself.

"OOOOHhhhhhh Fuuuuuuccckkk....I said I give! Get off!" pleads Gillian.

"Say please," Crawford commands, getting a little revenge for her earlier humiliating submission.

"Pleeeeaaaase...", cries Gillian.

As she continues to grind her ass against Gillian's firm butt, Crawford looks back over her shoulder, and asks, "Are you sure?...'cause you know what I do to girls that finger fuck me...."

The last few words of her sentence have a particularly hard edge to them.

"Pleeeeaaaase... get off...", cries Gillian.

Crawford giggles again, releasing Gillian's legs, "Ooohh, I gonna "get off" alright. I'm gonna get off on your face."

Even as Gillian struggles, rubbing her agonizingly twisted back, Crawford rolls her over. She casually pins Gillian's arms under her legs and sandwiches Gillian's face between her sweaty thighs, sitting at Gillian's head, facing down toward her body. Cindy has all the time in the world as she again straightens her soaked hair, brushing a few damp strands out of her face. With Gillian's hands pinned under Cindy's ankles, Crawford is free to play with Gillian's dowsed titties, slapping them from side to side, and playfully pinching her nipples.

Cindy looks down at Gillian's agonized face, wedged tightly between her creamy thighs, "You ready? 'cause I'm all warmed up and ready to go."

"You worthless whore! Bit....mmmmmmmfffffff"

Gillian's curses are abruptly cut off as Cindy scoots forward, burying Gillian's face under her ample behind. Still squeezing Gillian's breasts, Cindy begins to rock back and forth ever so slowly, as Gillian squirms under her weight, suffocating. Cindy throws her head back, tossing her sweaty hair aside and begins to murmur as the feels the warmth in her groin begin to grow. As Gillian's struggles drop off, Cindy's exuberance blossoms, and she begins to get into the flow of the facesit. Her murmurs turn to grunts and her grunts turn to playful squeals which turn to uncontrolled throaty roars as she nears orgasm.

The pace quickens and Cindy leans forward, hunched over, thrusting her hips back and forth like a steam locomotive, until she erupts all over Gillian's face with a great

sigh of relief and pleasure. Two last thrusts finish the orgasm, and Cindy collapses to the mat, leaving Gillian blue faced, laying spread eagle on the mat, her face coated in love juices.

Panting, Cindy announces, "Ooohhhh, gawd! That was great..."

Spent from her masterful performance on Gillian's face, as well as her humiliating performance with Gillian's fingers, Crawford rolls off the younger girl and takes a minute to recover. Listening, she hears Gillian begin to stir and move around, awakening from her suffocating nightmare.

"Noooo...not on my....uhhh!"

Gillian wakes with a start, opening her eyes to see Cindy lying languidly on the mat next to her, wearing that special grin reserved for post sexual encounters.

The memories of Cindy hot, wet crotch grinding against her face flood back into her head.

She reaches up and touches her face, still coated with Cindy's residuals and shudders wildly.

Crawford slowly makes it to her feet, and kicks Gillian in the ribs.

Standing astride Gillian, so that the redhead is looking directly up into her womanhood, Cindy asks, "Are you ready for another?"

"No, please..." Gillian covers her face, but Cindy laughs.

"Five minutes....clock begins now."

Gillian climbs to her knees and shuffles to her corner, wondering half way there, "What happened to my pants?"

Wiping the combination of crotch sweat and Cindy's juices from her face makes Gillian feel a little better, but the pounding in her head has only dropped off slightly when Cindy speaks up.

Fall #3
"Ding, Ding, Bitch! Time to go."

Gillian fights off a dizzy spell as she stands up and looks across the ring at Cindy. She is heartened, noting that Crawford's body is slicked down by

a heavy sheen of sweat, and she too is leaning on the top ropes for support. After the marathon of pain and punishment, both girls are near the limit and threatening to collapse into exhaustion.

The two circle slowly around the perimeter of the old ring before coming to the center of the canvas to lock up. Cindy doesn't bother with a display of strength this time, instead she bulldozes the smaller girl into the corner and holds her there, crushing her against the turnbuckles. Going breast to breast with Gillian for a second time, Cindy realizes that her smaller tits aren't going to dominate Gillian's lush mammaries, so she reels back and delivers a crushing shoulder block to the younger girl's chest.

Gillian is stunned by the blow to her still tender breasts when Crawford delivers another smashing blow to her breasts. Two knee lifts

to the lower abdomen lift Gillian's feet off the mat as Cindy begins to pound Gillian into the corner. Cindy grabs two handfuls of Gillian's hair and delivers her coup de etat, a bruising head butt.

Gillian's legs turn to rubber bands as she wobbles once and then collapses onto her butt on the mat. Crawford keeps the younger girl pinned in the corner but turns her back on the red head. She leans back pressing her large buns into the smaller girls face. Gillian already blurred vision is obscured, as everything suddenly takes on a pale color and Cindy's sweaty ass is pressed into her face, pinning her head against the lowest turnbuckle. Crawford smiles broadly, clearly enjoying herself, rubbing her large pillow soft cheeks slowly up and down Gillian's face, cutting off her air and crushing her skull at the same time. Only when Gillian rakes her fingernails down the inside of Cindy's thigh is the skull crusher broken up.

Cindy grabs Gillian's chin lightly with one finger, afraid of contaminating her hand with the vile stew of butt sweat and other fluids coating Gillian's face.

"How was that, ya little bitch? A little stinky face for my favorite stinky whore..."

Crawford stands and stomps her opponent's sagging breasts a few times and then presses the sole of her boot against her breasts, crushing

the smaller girl again. Her eyes bulging from the pressure, Gillian quickly breaks the hold by toe kicking Crawford in the cunt. Both girls are too tired to fight much further, but Cindy is forced to take a moment to recover from the brutal kick to the groin.

With a renewed energy, Cindy grabs the younger redhead and snap mares her into the center of the ring. With Gillian on laying flat on her back in front of her, the opportunity to butt smother the smaller girl is too good to pass up, so Crawford drops her bare behind onto Gillian's face and begins to work her dreaded facesit submission. Leaning forward she can feel Gillian try and move her face out from between her powerful buns, but she is unable to budge Crawford. Anderson desperately throws a knee straight up from her position on her back, which luckily catches Cindy flush in the top of the head, knocking her off of Gillian. Crawford rolls to her side, while Gillian gets a new lease on life, away from Crawford's asphyxiating butt. But the rest is short lived.

Before Gillian knows it, Cindy closes on her again.

"Come on up outta there..." Cindy says softly, yanking Gillian back toward the center of the mat. "Time for a lesson in scissors..."

Crawford leads the little redhead closer to the center of the ring and puts her in a front facelock. A pair of quick knee lifts punish Gillian's breasts. Twisting her torso over, Cindy turns the hold into a perfect neck breaker, slamming Gillian's head into the mat with a resounding crash. Both Cindy and Gillian lie motionless on the sweat stained canvas, but the devastating neck breaker has left the red head stunned and confused, easy prey for Crawford's masterful application of the chest scissors. Her thick thighs, coated in a sheen of sweat, quickly snake around Gillian's lower chest, over her diaphragm.

Before Gillian can even scream, Cindy's thighs constrict, squeezing every cubic inch of air out of Gillian's lungs in a single pained huff. Facing asphyxiation again, Gillian desperately rakes her finger nails down Cindy's thighs, leaving long red welts on the pale flesh. The hold breaks momentarily, but only so Cindy can pull Gillian closer, placing her opponent's tits between her thicker upper thighs. Gillian can feel Cindy's wet womanhood against her ribs the second before her chest implodes again, crushed by Crawford's powerful thighs. The constriction starts again, only this time, Gillian's tits are crushed in addition to her lungs.

Once again Gillian rakes her nails down Crawford's thighs. Cindy screams, closing her eyes and biting her lower lip as she concentrates on squeezing Gillian. Anderson rakes her opponent's flanks again, scratching Crawford's already tenderized thighs again, but to no avail. Crawford only redoubles her effort, waiting for Gillian to pass out.

As the clouds of asphyxia begin to cloud Gillian's addled brain, her hand makes a final trip up Crawford's thighs, feeling her way along the smooth, pale flesh as her hand travels up the thigh toward Crawford's butt. As her finger tips find the rigid muscles of Cindy's tush, she traces the stiff flesh to the valley of her groin, and jabs her thumb deep between the thighs, turning, and reaming her long thumbnail into the soft, wet flesh inside, as she has in a hundred sex fight before. Crawford lets out a wailing scream, crying aloud as Gillian's thumb scrapes and scratches her most intimate area. As the leg scissors pops open, Gillian rakes her thumb back, peeling back her opponents crotch and vagina before collapsing.

The two lie naked in the center of the ring, their chests heaving , their sweaty bodies torn by the marathon of destruction they have expertly dealt out on each other. Still sandwiched between Cindy's now softened thighs, Gillian painfully extracts herself, tossing Cindy's thick thigh off her midsection, before rolling onto the canvas, clutching her ribs.

Gillian slowly climbs to her feet where she surveys Crawford, looking for an angle to deliver more punishment and end the match. She finally settles on a knee drop to Crawford's midsection, ramming her hard knee into Cindy's soft abdomen. As she regains her feet, Anderson brings a handful of Cindy's hair with her, forcing the taller girl to her feet. Gillian looks around the ring dizzily before she spies the original corner where she earned her first submission, fingering Cindy to exhaustion.

Hoping the corner proves lucky again, she drags Cindy over and slams her face first into the lightly padded steel turnbuckle. Cindy drops to one knee with her face resting against the middle buckle, brutally beaten and savaged. Gillian also drops to her knees, slightly behind Cindy, and threads her hand between Cindy's buns and up into her womanhood. In a repeat of her earlier performance, she first tears at Cindy's throbbing pussy before beginning to finger fuck her.

Crawford reaches down and grabs Gillian's wrist, but is too weak to completely stop Gillian's rhythm. Frustrated by Cindy's interference with her finisher, Gillian rips Crawford's bush again, and rolls her over, so that she is facing out of the corner instead of into it. Cindy's back is against the middle and lower turnbuckles. Gillian kicks her thighs apart, preparing to finish Cindy with some nasty crotch work.

Gillian kneels between Cindy's spread thighs and runs her fingers along the inside of Cindy's damp thigh, letting her know what is coming. Crawford fights the young red head, reaching out to grab her wrist, but Gillian is too strong and has the advantage of throwing her weight behind her thrusting hand.

Cindy lets out a high pitched squeal as Gillian's two probing fingers enter her womanhood. Even though she knows Gillian is out to finish her, all the resistance seems to melt out of the older girl as Gillian's fingers find her spot and begin to massage and rub Crawford's twat. Her freckled shoulders slump and her resistance drains away as Gillian's fingers and her hips seek the same pumping rhythm. Cindy throws her sweat soaked hair back and reaches up and behind her with both hands, grasping the middle ropes tightly, leaving her womanhood completely at Gillian's mercy. She stifles her first low moan as her eyes flutter and then close, completely at her opponent's mercy.

Not wanting Cindy to blossom before she has had her fun, Gillian withdraws her fingers, and puts them up to Crawford's mouth.

"Lick it off!" she demands. Cindy's eyes slit open, and she complies meekly, licking her own juices off Gillian's fingers.

"Now you have an idea of what's it like under your mega-ass, you fat cow. You need to work some of that lily white butt off, you stinky bitch."

Reinserting her fingers, Gillian smiles seeing the pain and ecstasy mixed into her foe's features, knowing she can bring Cindy to a peak and finish her off any time she wants. Each time Cindy's breathing becomes quicker, Gillian slows her rhythm, bringing Cindy back from the edge of a raucous orgasm, only to push her back toward the pleasure again.

Cindy is furious with herself for her inability to stop Gillian, but still she is unable to move a muscle against her. She arches her back involuntarily and claws at the middle ropes with desperation, panting and heaving as Gillian again brings the warm waves in groin to a boiling fever before backing her down.

Just as Cindy's bucking hips are ready to explode in pleasure, Gillian slows down, whispering, "Not yet. One more time."

Crawford again pulls at the ropes desperately as Anderson steps up the pace again, plunging her fingers into Cindy, rubbing her in all the right places. As Crawford approaches what is to be the final orgasm her fatigue deadened muscles tighten and she grasps at the ropes ferociously. Cindy is surprised when something come loose in her hands. Using all her will power, she cracks open an eye and realizes that she has her own leather belt in her hand.

Her hips thrust and buck against her will, completely enslaved to Gillian's expert fingers as Cindy sends the belt whipping down across her foe's shoulders. Gillian is completely shocked as her back explodes in agony. Cindy pulls the belt back and viciously slaps the leather strap across Gillian's sweaty back again, earning another agonized cry. Fatigued to the bone, Crawford finally takes the small belt buckle and smashes blindly it Gillian's head, knocking the smaller red head aside and dislodging her fingers from between Cindy's legs. Crawford is dead tired, but breathes a profound sigh of relief as she recovers from the paralysis of Gillian's expert sex attack.

Both girls lie helpless on the canvas, covered in sweat, but it is Cindy who limps to her feet by sheer force of will. With one hand massaging her aching cunt, she steps over and takes a hold of Gillian's soaked hair and lifts her to her feet. She slowly wedges Anderson head between her powerful thighs and grabs her by the waist. Leaning back she tries to lift the younger girl up for a piledriver, but Gillian resists, grabbing Cindy's leg to hold herself down. Crawford sighs in frustration, but keeps Gillian's head trapped between her powerful thighs.

Calling her last reserves of strength, Cindy flexes her mighty thighs and butt, squeezing Gillian's skull in a standing head scissors. To add to the unbearable agony of Crawford's scissors, she grabs one of Gillian's hanging breasts, pinching and rolling the dangling nipple between her fingers. The stiff flesh is wet with sweat and slips from Cindy's mauling grip after a few seconds. Listening to Gillian's shrill screams, Cindy wraps her arms around Gillian's waist and hefts her upside down in perfect position for the pile driver.

Gillian is in danger of blacking out as all of the blood in her body seems to rush to her head. Completely at Cindy's mercy, she hangs uselessly, her head still held tightly between Cindy's rigid thighs. Anderson large breasts dangle against her chin, as she looks down at the canvas just as Cindy falls back, smashing her already pounding head into the canvas. Gillian's entire body goes limp as Cindy's weight comes crashing down on top of her head and neck. She pushes the Gillian's deadened body out from between her thighs, and watches as she falls onto her stomach on the canvas, motionless.

After a few seconds to collect herself, Cindy rolls Gillian onto her back and slaps her a few times, to wake her up. As Gillian's eyes flicker, Cindy wordlessly scoots forward and plops her significant ass into the red head's face. Wondering if she can even reach a final orgasm on her opponents face, she beings to rock her buns back and forth, sliding her womanhood across the irregular features of Gillian's face. Although tired, she forces herself to keep the rhythm, grinding her sore crotch into Gillian's face even after her weak struggles have stopped completely.

Through the soreness, a dim spot of pleasure appears on the horizon as she continues to grind on Gillian's hapless body. Concentrating only on the growing warm feeling in her groin, she closes her eyes and mills her sweaty crotch against Gillian's face, kneading her opponent's satin soft tits with both hands as she goes.

Finally, Cindy's breathing quickens and she shudders with delight, bellowing out a throaty roar. All too soon, she explodes all over Gillian's face, drenching her with love juices. Now fully lubricated, Cindy sighs and slides off of Gillian's face, groaning with pleasure. After a few seconds, Cindy crawls over to the corner and wordlessly gathers her belongings, leaving the devastated red head in the center of the ring, spread eagle and unconscious. She climbs out of the ring rubbing her sore woman hood, and heads for the showers.

"I hope the hot water works in this dump."

The climax of a great contest!