Gillian Anderson vs. Sheryl Crow by imitation

Gillian Anderson had been humiliated and destroyed the last time she fought Annabeth Gish. The pictures of the ex-TV Queen unconscious with a smoldering cigar stuffed in her pussy and cleavage had shown up in the mail. She’d also lost her X-Files raise to the more powerful and better looking Gish. Gillian took the loss had and had gone to the gym to buff up her already excellent body. In addition, to aid her waning career, she agreed to appear on Hollywood Squares with a bunch of other washed up celebrities. After her morning workout, Gillian peeled into the parking lot of the Hollywood Squares set in her silver Porsche boxter.

Just then, from a nearby lot Sheryl Crow had just finished shooting a video from her new album, “C’Mon C’Mon”. She was walking back to her trailer carrying a guitar in her hand when Gillian’s car sped past.

“That driver needs to be taught a lesson!!” thought Sheryl as she leaped out of harm’s way.

Sheryl walked over to Gillian’s car just as the redhead was getting out after parking.

“Hey porsche slut...who taught you to drive?” screamed Sheryl, heading with a menacing pace towards Gillian.

The rock singer recognized the actress and as she raced toward the redhead she remembered how Gillian had dissed her backstage after a Lilith Fair concert and her rage grew.

As Gillian closed the car door she turned around to face the oncoming rock star just as Sheryl started to take a swing at the redhead with the guitar she was carrying. Gillian ducked and punched the long-haired singer squarely in her taut abs. Sheryl’s body jackknifed and she lost her grip on the guitar. It clattered to the pavement at Gillian’s feet.

“Soak up the sun, slut,” laughed Gillian as she kneed the brunette beauty in the chin and Sheryl rocked back stunned.

A crowd was already gathering around the fighters and it included both of studio execs and reporters. Gillian walked to Sheryl and grabbed her by her long and beautiful hair. Straightening her up, Gillian kneed her in the groin. Three hard knees later, Sheryl was kissing the dirt of the parking lot pavement. She lay inert as Gillian checked with her toe to see if she was going to move. The redhead rolled Sheryl’s beautiful body over onto her back, then bent down to rip off her revealing shirt.

Gillian had a hand on Sheryl’s shoulder ready to rip the shirt off, when Sheryl suddenly reared up and slapped her! The attack caught the redheaded beauty by surprise and in the milliseconds it took for her to recover, Sheryl grabbed her left breast and squeezed like she was squeezing oranges. Gillian screamed in pain as Sheryl twisted her pliant flesh.

Sheryl kept her grip as she got to her feet, then pushed Gillian away, leaving her to rub her breasts until she stopped squealing in pain. Sheryl reached back and punched Gillian in the nose, rocking her 5’4” frame back on her haunches.

Now Gillian had both a bleeding, but not broken, nose and an angry rock star to deal with.

“Not bad Montana trash,” gasped Gillian. “But you’re not smart enough to win this fight.”

Gillian came off her knees and took a swing at Sheryl with her strong right arm. Sheryl jumped back and the redhead’s momentum carried her to the ground between her car and Sheryl’s guitar. Gillian picked up the guitar and took another swing at Sheryl with it, missing again and smashing the windshield of her own car to boot.

“You stupid pig,” laughed Sheryl. “You smashed your own windshield!”

Sheryl maintained her defensive stance while Gillian pretended to look at the car as if she’d done something that wasn’t planned but in reality, trying to lull Sheryl into coming out of her defensive stance. It worked. Sheryl relaxed her vigilance for a moment, and Gillian took a backhand swing at the singer with the guitar. It caught Sheryl square in the face and she dropped right down on her back again. Sheryl groaned as she rolled on the ground attempting to get up. She was thoroughly disoriented and she managed to get on all fours looking for support to help her stand up. Gillian positioned herself behind Sheryl and raised the semi-broken guitar over her head.

As Sheryl got to her hands and knees, Gillian screamed, “Lights out Marlboro girl!” and brought the guitar down on the back of Sheryl’s head.

The rock star dropped on her stomach out cold.

Gillian smiled her precious, evil, smile and said, “I took you slut!”

She dropped the guitar and stomped on it, breaking the fret board apart from the rest of the instrument. Then she pulled the strings from the guitar and used them to tie the unconscious Sheryl’s hands together. Gillian held the fret board as she looked at the cheering crowd and grinned wickedly as if she had something seriously devious planned for the unconscious and bound rock star.

Gillian was entirely in her element! Annabeth Gish hadn’t shaken her confidence at all. Gillian smiled confidently as the flashbulbs in the crowd brought a big smile to her face. God, she loved the adulation!

Someone in the crowd screamed to Gillian that Stevie Nicks’ trailer was nearby. The redhead picked up Sheryl’s limp body, hoisted her up over her shoulder and headed off to find Nick’s trailer.

“Hey! You Slutwood Mac whore,” Gillian screamed at Stevie’s trailer door. “I got your protégé out her!”

Gillian dropped Sheryl on her back, knelt beside her and used both hands to rip open the front of Sheryl’s shirt. Gillian was now getting happier every minute that went by with this win, now she wanted to take it all the way. The inert rock star was still unconscious and had no idea what was happening to her as Gillian lightly ran a finger over the dusky skinned beauty’s firm breasts.

“Guess she never heard of bras,” Gillian announced to the crowd.

Nobody in the crowd had called the police yet because the crowd was all studio people and, besides, they didn’t want the fight to end too soon. Gillian’s fingering quickly brought Sheryl’s nipples erect while Stevie Nicks peered out the window of her trailer quaking in fear. She’d heard about the redhead’s loss to Gish and knew she was out for blood. Gillian caught Stevie peeking out and she jumped up and kicked down the trailer door.

The crowd heard a few crashes, a couple of screams and then Stevie came flying out of the trailer backward. Gillian jumped out of the trailer and slapped the stunned songbird in the face. Stevie submitted quickly and immediately obeyed the ex-TV Queen’s command to, “Kiss ‘er nipples.”

The blonde knew what she was doing and the unconscious rock star’s nipples started getting growing fuller with arousal. Then Gillian ordered Stevie to lick Sheryl’s cleavage area. As she began, Sheryl slowly started awakening from her slumber moaning in pleasure. While Stevie was getting into her task, Gillian asked the crowd to disperse before she got rough on them. They were as afraid of the fiery redhead as Stevie, and dispersed leaving the actress and her two musicians alone.

“ can stop now!” snapped Gillian who had decided that what had happened would be enough to warn Sheryl’s camp she wasn’t someone to mess with.

Whistling happily, Gillian strutted proudly away from the two songbirds and headed for her trailer.

“Ms. Anderson, can I have your autograph?” called a girl in a hat who seemed to be a fan who’d wandered on the lot. Always eager to please the fans, Gillian smiled and took her book to sign. As she bent over, the girl hit her on the back of the neck with a swift, well-trained jujitsu chop and Gillian was instantly knocked out. As she fell, the girl stepped behind her and caught the star under the arms cupping her breasts.

“Big fighter are you, eh? Slut!!” said the autograph hunter as she dragged the serenely unconscious redhead over to a van.

Gillian’s legendary blue green eyes were closed, but and her crimson tinted lips were slightly parted. She was in a deep, deep slumber! The autograph hunter lit a cigarette as she dropped the statuesque Gillian’s body in the back of her van.

The young girl ran a finger slowly over Gillian’s famous hard abs and a cigarette ash fell on Gillian’s tight blue jeans.

“Its really true, her boobs DO look bigger on TV,” said the smoking girl to a driver seated in the front of the van. “The lips are excellent though. The little whore’s a Goddam work of art, The picture of a perfect woman!”

A few puffs later she extinguished her cigarette on Gillian’s humble breasts , then pushed the burning butt between the best lips the FBI had ever seen on television. Gillian smelled like sweat and cigarettes. The girl in the hat looked excitedly at Gillian’s unconscious form and who could blame her? Victory had been short-lived for the redhead and she had nothing pleasant coming her way in the near future. The girl took her hat off to reveal her identify. It was Andrea Corr, a singer who had wanted a piece of Agent Scully, or Gillian Anderson as she was known in real life, for a long time.
Gillian Anderson vs. Andrea Corr (w/Gwen Stefani) by imitation
As the van drove through the streets of LA, Andrea Corr looked down at the unconscious body of Gillian Anderson with the cigarette still stuck in her mouth. She kissed her and sucked the cigarette out and Gillian’s eyes fluttered briefly and looked as if they were going to open. In her forced slumber, the redhead seemed to be enjoying the homosexuality thrust upon her.

Of course, it wasn’t the first time the lusty redhead had been forced into a lesbian tryst. Ellen Degeneres had drugged Gillian’s wine once and had her way with the TV star, then there’d been Annabeth Gish and Anne Heche who’d kissed her as they fingered her pussy while she was bound and helpless.

The Irish lass then took out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed Gillian’s hands behind her. She couldn’t resist playing with her captive’s perky breasts and she slipped a hand under Gillian’s shirt and let her have a tickle. Gillian moaned in pleasure.

The slut’s is gonna wake up if you keep playing with her tits,” shouted the driver but Andrea refused to pay heed and continued playing with Gillian’s breasts.

“Agent Scully,” Andrea whispered as she ran her fingers over Gillian’s lips before she picked up a rag and gagged her tightly. “I’ve been wanting to frisk your slutty ass for the longest time now.”

Then turning to the driver, Gwen Stefani, she added, “The slut beat the shit outta Sheryl back there! I had no idea the weakling had any fighting skill.”

Gillian slowly returned to the land of the living and looked down at herself, wondering how she got where she was. She recognized Andrea and as she was taking stock of the situation she realized there were burn marks clear through her shirt over her breasts. She also felt her bra was out of place and had the sinking realization that she had been violated yet again. Gillian was careful not o stir too much for fear Andrea would realize she’d wakened up and she hoped Andrea would give her an opening to escape if she thought she were still unconscious.

The van came to a halt and a seconds later the back door opened. Andrea grabbed Gillian by the ankles and pulled her out the back of the van, stood her up briefly and then let her body fall forward over her shoulder. Gillian’s body hung limp down Andrea’s back with her face brushing Andrea’s firm butt. Gillian saw her opportunity and swung her cuffed hands and into the Irish singers spine. Andrea dropped Gillian and fell to her knees. Gillian scrambled up and tried to run towards the van but stopped short as Gwen stepped out of the driver’s seat and ran toward her. Gwen punched her in the face and Gillian fell to the ground.

“You OK Andie?” asked Gwen as she helped Andrea up.

“Yeah, she just caught me by surprise,” Andrea grunted as she gave Gillian a kick in the ribs. “Get the video equipment, I’ll handle this whore till you get back”

Andrea pulled Gillian up the hair and backhanded her across the face. The two singers had something very bad planned for Gillian. After Gwen got in the van and drove away, Andrea pulled Gillian into a house and dragged her to the bedroom.

“OK slut, you better start complying now or I’ll beat you into oblivion again!” Andrea sneered as she shoved Gillian on the bed.

Andrea hadn’t restrained the redheads legs and while Andrea turned away to light a cigar to celebrate capturing her, Gillian quickly surveyed the room with her eyes. She spotted a briefcase within an arm’s length of her and she quietly grabbed it. Gillian sprung to her feet and as Andrea was bending over to put down her lighter, Gillian struck her in the back of her head with the briefcase. Andrea fell to the floor on her breasts; unconscious with the lit cigar dangling between her lips. Gillian kicked the stunned Andrea over onto her back and searched her pockets for the keys to the handcuffs. She found them in Andrea’s breast pocket, unlocked the cuffs and took the gag out of her mouth.

Gillian smiled at the inert Andrea and said, “Now what, you Irish whore?”

She slapped the singer awake, then picked her up by the neck and slammed her back up against the wall.

“Say your prayers slut, you’re not going to like this at all.”

Gillian punched Andrea hard in her belly and her natural reaction was to jackknife, but Gillian caught her by the throat and rammed her head back into the wall.

“Having fun yet?” laughed Gillian. “I’m gonna break you like I destroyed that other rock whore!!”

Gillian pulverized Andrea’s abs again and “ugh” was Andrea’s only response. She was in pain. There was a trickle of blood from the side of her mouth. Gillian let her go and as Andrea dropped to her knees, the redhead kicked her in the face. Andrea went flying backward onto her back. Andrea was taking a serious punishment for Gillian was a powerhouse and no one messed with her anymore.

“Where are your sisters?” Gillian taunted. “They aren’t here to see you getting the shit beat out of you?”

Gillian planted her foot on Andrea’s stomach and pressed down hard, forcing Andrea’s body to jerk up in a “V” for a second before it collapsed back down in pain again. Andrea was crying as Gillian went over and picked up the handcuffs. She put them around the wrists the now broken Andrea and all the singer could do was submit to the will of the fiery redhead.

Then Gillian had an idea. She remembered Gwen would be coming back to rejoin the party. She looked at the broken and crying Andrea and laughed as she picked up Andrea’s cigar and puffed on it. As she blew a smoke ring in the singer’s face, Gillian bragged how she was going to destroy Gwen next. Then she shoved the cigar in Andrea’s mouth and punched her, her fist tearing through the middle of the cigar. Andrea’s eyes rolled back in her head and she slumped back out cold.

Later, Gwen returned and as she entered the house, the blond called out, “Andrea, I hope you’ve tied up that slut good. Our special guest’ll be here in a few minutes. We’re gonna have a ball.”

Gwen put a bag on a nearby table, dropped her keys and turned around just in time to see Gillian smiling menacingly.

“Hi titless, I’m Gillie,” said Gillian just as she punched the petrified Gwen in the face.

Gillian pulled Gwen up by the hair and slapped her face but Gwen wasn’t about to give in that easily. She fought back as the redhead kept her bent over by her hip and started pulling her toward where Andrea lay. Gwen tripped Gillian and, as they both tumbled to the floor, she punched Gillian square on the jaw. Gillian’s head whipped violently from the punch and Gwen sat on Gillian’s stomach and reared back to hit her again.

Gillian jerked her hips upward violently, throwing Gwen off of her then drove her knee into Gwen’s crotch with a sickening sound followed by Gwen’s scream as her eyes got wide with pain. Gillian got up from under the stunned blonde, picked her up by the chin and punched her in her well developed abs.

“Orange county whore! You’re going down!” screamed Gillian as she punched those million dollar abs again.

Her fist made a great sound as it again connected with the six pack abs. Gwen howled in pain as Gillian rammed her head against the near-by wall. Gwen fell to the floor, her face showing her pain. She fell next to a chest of drawers and Gillian left her on the floor as she went looking for a rope to tie her with. Gwen remembered she had a spray can of knock-out gas hidden in the bottom drawer and when Gillian disappeared to search for rope, Gwen quietly reached for the drawer and slipped the can into her pocket.

She was still laying on the floor wracked in pain when Gillian returned with the rope a few seconds later. But Gillian saw the bulge in Gwen’s pocket and kicked her in her ribs, then pulled the can out and sprayed it into Gwen’s face. As the powder covered her face, Gwen passed out and slept peacefully.

Gillian tied Gwen up, picked her up and heaved her over her shoulder. She carried her in to where the Andrea was laying bound and crying. She tossed Gwen’s limp body on the bed beside Andrea, then went and got the cameras Gwen had brought back with her when she returned. Gillian set them up, then she untied Andrea and forced her to strip Gwen and pleasure her with her tongue. Just as the scene was reaching it’s climax, Gillian heard a knock on the front door.

She told Andrea to scream, “coming!” - then sprayed her with the knockout gas.

After Andrea sagged unconscious to the bed with her face resting on Gwen’s thigh, Gillian went to answer the door. She looked thru the peephole of the door and broke into a broad grin. Standing outside was Annabeth Gish! Gillian’s moment of revenge had arrived!

Outside the door, Annabeth tapped her foot impatiently as she waited. She realized something was wrong when the door didn’t open. She tried it and it wasn’t even locked. Carefully, Annabeth opened it and entered the house. She peeked her head into the bedroom where Gillian was hiding around the corner. Just as she realized it was Gwen and Andrea on the bed and Gillian wasn’t in sight, Gillian grabbed her by the neck and pulled her into the room.

“We meet again Gil!” said Annabeth as she spun around.

Annabeth had noticed Gillian wouldn’t face her even while they were working on the show and several of the cast and crew had even remarked that the character of Scully seemed to act like she was Reyes’ bitch.

“I just came here to have sex with you,” Annabeth smiled. “Gwen and Andrea wanted to make a video about ‘The Women of X-Files.’ You game?” asked Annabeth as she took a fighting stance without revealing even the slightest worry at Gillian being loose.

“Fuck you, Gish,” snarled Gillian as she rushed Annabeth.

The brunette threw up her elbow right into the on-rushing Gillian’s forehead. Gillian stopped in her tracks and bent over to deal with the pain. Annabeth stepped behind Gillian and grabbed two handfuls of her luscious butt.

“Gillie, you slut, you’ve got one amazing ass!” she said as she shoved Gillian headfirst into the wall.

Gillian’s head hit the wall and she dropped like a ton of bricks but she quickly rolled over and got back to her feet facing Annabeth, looking ready to submit. Annabeth smiled as she reached into her pocket, took out a pack of cigarettes, lit one and offered one to Gillian.

“We can make the video one of two ways...either consensual or I can tie you up and force myself on you. It’s your choice!”

Gillian reached for the cigarette, but instead of taking it she caught Annabeth’s hand and pulled her forward. As Annabeth’s head hit the wall, she dropped her cigarette on Gillian who jumped back yelping as it burned her.

Annabeth was really pissed and she drove her fist into Gillian’s ear. Gillian fell to the floor clutching her ear and moaning in pain. Annabeth walked over to the inert bodies of her rock singer friends and picked up the can of knock out gas. Gillian was just getting to her feet when Annabeth returned and sprayed the gas in Gillian’s face.

Gillian inhaled it and her eyes drooped as she fell down on her ass against the wall with her eyes closed. Out like a light! Annabeth put her foot on Gillian’s chest and kicked her over onto her back. Then she picked up the lit cigarette and put it between the unconscious redheads lips.

“I told you, you should’ve just quit. Now, where is that damn video camera?”

Annabeth went to the bed and set up the camera for the most interesting video the porn market had ever seen. She, Gwen and Andrea were going to make a truckload of profits. But the future didn’t look too bright for beautiful redheaded Gillian who was sprawled unconscious with a cigarette in her mouth. There was smoke curling around her lips and encompassing her body as she lay on the scattered cigarettes Annabeth had dropped in the struggle. Two had even found their way onto her chest where they were wedged in her cleavage. Scully could never overcome Reyes - no matter how hard she tried.