Maria Grazia Cucinotta vs. Pamela Anderson by NewGUY 25-Apr-00

In Pamela's previous catfight with Salma Hayek, they had unexpected visitors. Now Pamela want to hurt those who ruined their match. Pam believed that she would win, but Salma was really wining until Monica pushed her down onto the turnbuckle with Salma hitting it with her pussy. Pamela wanted her revenge. The catfight between Maria Grazia Cucinotta and Pamela Anderson will take place in front of a hotel on a beach where Pam asked specifically for the match to be set.

It is time for the match to begin and Pamela comes out the of hotel first. Everybody cheers as she comes out wearing a pair of small tight shorts, a small crop top (that shows a lot of cleavage) and a pair of high heels that were 5 inches tall. She then enters the ring. Now Maria comes out of the hotel, and she was wearing a white dress that shows off a lot of cleavage and she is also wearing a pair of high heels that are 5 inches tall. Maria received a few cheers. Maria enters the ring and she goes up to Pamela. Maria is about 7 inches taller, Maria being 6 ft. and Pam is 5 ft. 5 inches. With the high heels, Pam looked about the same height as Maria is, but Maria was even taller with her high heels, not losing any height advantage.

Pam starts to take off her top and her shorts to show off her pink bra and thong panties. The crowd cheers.

Pam tells Maria to do the same. Maria says, "I am not stupid like that bitch Salma! Lets start the fight bitch!"

The crowd boos even though they do not know Maria as much as Pam, but they still wanted to see her naked. The bell rings and the match has begun. Maria charges at Pam bringing Pam down to the floor. Maria pounds on Pam's face. Pam's nose starts to bleed. Maria sees that Pam's face is bleeding and starts to work on Pam's breasts.

Maria says, "I won't be done until you have bruises and your blood all over your body."

Pam says, "Bitch, you will never win against..."

Maria slaps Pam across the face making a loud sound heard by the whole audience and she says, "Shut up bitch!" Maria picks up Pam by grabbing Pam's tits and squeezing them hard when she pulled Pam up. Maria whips Pam to the ropes and when returning, Pam clotheslines Maria. Pam gets on top of Maria trying to return the favor of getting a bloody nose. Pam does not get the chance because Maria socked Pam in the left tit repeatedly, but Pam got in some good shots. Pam gets off of Maria and rubs her tit. Maria charges at Pam, but Pam moves to a side and trips Maria. Pam grabs at Maria's dress and she tries to pull it over Maria's head.

Maria tries to pull her dress down, but Pam kicks Maria in the head. Maria gives up at the attempt of keeping her dress down and now Pam has the dress around Maria's neck and it covers Maria's face. Pam kicks Maria in the cunt and Maria screams.

Pam continually kicks at Maria's breasts and she decides to take of Maria's strapless bra, letting Maria's big breasts go free. Pam pummels on the huge tits. The crowd cheers Pam on and then she points to Maria's pussy. The crowd cheers as Pam pulls the panties down and then finally off Maria. Pam gets in one cunt shot, but Maria moved her legs up catching Pam on her jaw sending Pam back. Maria unraveled her dress around her neck and she pulled the dress down covering her private parts. Maria gets up as if she had not been phased at all by the many hits she took, but she did walk towards Pam on wobbly legs.

Maria screams at Pam, "Maledite la femmina! (You damn bitch), I'm gonna have to kick your ass for sure!"

Maria grabs Pam's bra and pulls it off. Maria punches on Pam's breasts so hard that you can hear the smack of knuckles on tender tits. Maria stops punching, and she begins to pinch and twist Pam's nipples. Maria stops and lets Pam rub her tits, but Maria picks her up from behind and gives Pam a wedgie.

With the half foot or more height advantage, Maria pulled Pam about 6 to seven inches. Now Pam could see Maria crying eye to eye. Seeing that Pam was losing, the crowd did not care and they just looked at the her pussy lips that are engulfing the thong. The crowd could only see the top of the thong from behind and in front. Pam was looking at Maria and cussing at her until the panties ripped and Pam fell onto her bare ass. Maria stepped back because she lost the weight giving her balance.

Maria grabs a hold of Pam's legs and says, "Pam, you need a trim."

Then she rips out every pussy hair she can from between Pam's flailing legs. Pam screams out loud and tries to cover her pussy with her hands but Maria kicks Pam in the right tit sending her onto her back to tend to her breast with an imprint of the heel from Maria's shoe. Pam forget the pain in her cunt. She that pain real fast, but she soon forgot her breast pain with the 10 kicks she received from both of Maria's high heeled foots. The 5 inch high went very deep inside Pam's pussy each time. Pam was almost out with the kicks until Maria decided it was time to finish her off.

Maria picked up Pam and put her into a corner with Pam's left arm and leg over the top and second rope to her left and the same with her right arm and leg on the ropes to her right. Pam had her pussy wide open.

Maria goes to the other corner and yells out, "Shattered Dreams!"

Then she runs at Pam at full force bring up her right knee to Pam's cunt. Pam was out. Maria wins and she begins to celebrate until she got turned around by Jenny McCarthy and punched in the pussy.

Jenny was about to unleash a fury of punches to Maria's private parts until Monica Bellucci, Anna Falchi and Alessia Merz came into the ring and subdued Jenny with many punches her private parts.

After a few minutes of the three Italians going medieval Jenny's ass, Maria is up and recovered and she stands over Jenny's face and she smothers Jenny with her pussy. Maria rubs up and down and she takes off her dress to show the crowd her pussy on Jenny's face. Jenny is out. Monica had brought a pail of water to wake up Pam. Pam wakes up gasping for air as the water is splashed on her. Pam sees the four Italians in the ring.

Maria talks to Pam, "Now, Pam, will you take the pleasure of pleasuring me?"

Pam looked around and she saw an Italian in each corner and knew what she must do. Maria sits down in a corner with her back on the turnbuckle and spreads her legs wide. Maria tells Pam to get on all floors and to crawl to her and to lick her pussy. Pam does so and starts going down on Maria. Maria gives out yells of pleasure and excitement as Pam licks Maria all inside of Maria's pussy.

Maria tells Pam to lie down, then Maria squats over Pam knowing that she would cum any second and she did - all over Pam's face.

Pam started to like it until Anna and Monica split Pam's legs wide open as Maria got off Pam. Pam screamed as her legs were pulled in two different directions. Maria put her arms under Pam's armpits and picked her up. Anna and Monica moved Pam's legs higher as Alessia started to continually punch Pam in the cunt until she was unconscious.

Alessia still kept punching though.

They gave up on Pam when Jenny awoke. They did the same to Jenny. wide opens legs, but it was Anna's turn to punch. Anna pulled down Jenny's plaid skirt and punched at her naked crotch. After many punches it was time for raking her pussy. Monica removed the yellow top that Jenny had and she started punching her braless titties. After that, they each kicked Pam and Jenny in the crotch one more time before they left.

After the paramedics came, they woke Pamela up, and she still swore revenge, but she needed help and Jenny was the one who knew who would help her.

The End (for now)