Pam Anderson vs. Madhuri Dixit by Dedeo (May 19, 2000)

A good battle was expected between the busty bitch Pam and the Indian beauty Madhuri Dixit . A battle by the beach. Pam came down in a one piece swimsuit. It was red and was totally back-less with a thong bottom. Pam's ass cheeks jiggled as she bounced in the ring waiting for Madhuri. Madhuri the Bollywood queen came to the ring in a ridiculously small black bikini. It was basically three triangles with two barely covering her tits and the other covering her groin. Her bikini bottom was a thong as well. Madhuri's nipples poked through and her tits swayed as she came in to the ring, the top barely able to cover her areolas.

At the bell, both fighters locked up in the middle grabbing hair and arms. Madhuri showed surprising strength by powering backwards the taller Pam into the corner. Once there, Madhuri threw in quick succession two knees into Pam's midriff knocking the air out of her. As Pam leaned slumped in the corner holding her belly, Madhuri grabbed her hair and started punching her in the side of her head stunning her. Madhuri released the hold on Pam's hair and Pam slumped forward down to the canvas holding her head. Madhuri smiled brightly and hauled Pam to her feet by the back of her swimsuit, causing the thong bottom to jam up further in her ass, and punched her hard in the stomach again bending her over.

An elbow to the back of the head sent Pam down to the mat on her stomach. Quickly, Madhuri bounced off the ropes and landed her substantial ass on Pam's prone back drawing a scream of pain from Pam as her back was crunched and her tits were crushed under her against the mat. The force of Madhuri landing on Pam's back bounced her tits out of her bikini top and now her hard nipples were on show to the cheering crowd. She stood up, pulled the top aside properly exposing her tits totally and cupping her bare tits, wiggled and shook them at the crowd and blew kisses to them. Suddenly from the corner of her eye, she saw disaster.

It was the other girls!

Shania in sunglasses and a leopard striped bikini, Jewel in a red bikini which contrasted against her white skin, Gillian in a cropped top and cycling shorts and Mariah in a white bikini top and short shorts, sunglasses on her head. They stood at the aisle glaring at Madhuri. Madhuri went to the ropes and started shouting at them and they in turn replied, Shania and Mariah doing most of the yelling. Hard feelings were still obviously present here. With her attention distracted and her back to Pam, Madhuri did not see her opponent come off the mat. Distracting her further, the other girls stood their ground and carried on shouting obscenities at Madhuri when Pam came in with a hard punch to Madhuri's kidney.

"ARRRGGGGGGGGG, FUCK...." cried Madhuri sinking to her knees holding onto the ropes while the other girls cheered.

On her knees against the ropes, Pam kicked Madhuri twice again in the kidneys and Madhuri arched her back in pain, trusting her mega sized tits outwards. Stopping to peel the groin area of her swimsuit out of her ass and cunt, Pam reached over Madhuri's head grabbing Madhuri's bare tits and pulled her down onto her back. There Pam started stomping on Madhuri's stomach and tits, causing them to jiggle wildly.

Her face a mask of pain, Madhuri was hauled to her feet, Pam repaying Madhuri for earlier, by her bikini bottoms causing them to drive up her plump cunt and ass and Pam whipped Madhuri into the corner where she landed hard against her back, sweat flying off her curvy body, her tits shaking vigorously. She arched her back again in pain and stumbled forward. Not paying proper attention and overly confident, Pam came towards the stumbling Madhuri when in one swift motion, Madhuri kicked out catching Pam square in the cunt !!

"OOOOWWWWEEE" whined Pam as she doubled over cupping her twat.

Madhuri slapped Pam's head under her armpit then Pam's whole body was flipped over and she landed on her back, spread-eagled and out cold. The dazed Madhuri scrambled on top of the prone Pam for the three count.

Just to late to stop the pin was Gillian Anderson who was the first girl to storm the ring. As Madhuri was getting off Pam's prone body, Gillian started stomping on the top of Madhuri's head causing her to cover up. Then the other girls joined in stomping on the fallen Madhuri with Mariah pulling up the limp Pam and throwing her body out of the ring to land in a heap on the sand.

Shania pulled Madhuri to her feet and slapped on a full nelson forcing Madhuri's chin against her chest. Completely open now to the others, Madhuri was taken on one by one by the other girls.

First up was Jewel who showed surprising viciousness by clamping down on Madhuri's big tits squeezing them and clawing them and twisting them every which way. Tears filled Madhuri's eyes at the treatment Jewel was giving her. Her hair was all over her face and she was defenseless.

Mariah took over next coming in with a chair. With Shania holding her steady, Mariah measured Madhuri and slammed the chair flat into Madhuri's battered tits, the chair springing back in Mariah's hands from the impact on Madhuri's bouncy tits.

Gillian came next and Shania released the full nelson and held one of Madhuri's arms while Gillian held the other. Together, they threw Madhuri back into the corner where she hit hard again. Devastatingly, Gillian threw several kicks into Madhuri's stomach and head, snapping her face about. As Madhuri started to slump down into the corner, Gillian slammed two more kicks into Madhuri's exposed tits causing her to cover up in a ball in the corner.

Putting her foot against Madhuri's neck which was lying across the bottom turnbuckle, Gillian hoisted herself up and stood on top of Madhuri's neck choking her. Then Shania came up and pulled Madhuri up in the corner. Standing her up, Shania started stroking Madhuri's tear stained and battered face. She then cupped Madhuri's face with both hands and kissed Madhuri full on the lips, letting her hands wonder down Madhuri's curvy sweaty body, stopping to cup her ripe tits and pull her hard nipples before continuing down. Madhuri's confused mind wasn't sure what to make of this when suddenly she felt pain.

Shania had the claw hold on Madhuri's pussy!!

Shania dropped to one knee to power on the pussy claw, her long nails and fingers digging into Madhuri's cunt, the crotch of her skimpy bikini bottoms meshed up into her cunt lips with Shania's middle finger making full penetration. Madhuri had her head thrown back and her eyes wide open, her mouth open as well but no sound coming out of it. She grabbed hold of Shania's hand to try and pull her off without any success. Then Madhuri's piercing scream filled the area as Shania powered in the hold adding a finger into Madhuri's asshole.

"YYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" screamed Madhuri as Shania grinned evilly behind her sunglasses.

Shania released the hold and Madhuri fell forward cupping her twat and rolling into a ball. Shania hauled Madhuri to her feet again, . Slapping Madhuri's head between her thighs, Shania wrapped her arms round Madhuri's waist, pressing her tits against Madhuri's sweaty back, and hoisted her up holding her there for a pile driver. Madhuri's skimpy bottoms were shoved totally in her twat and her pussy lips were visible on both sides. Shania sat down driving Madhuri's head into the steel chair. Satisfied, Shania bailed out of the ring with the other girls following, leaving Madhuri's spread unconscious on the mat.

Madhuri may have won the match but she paid a high price courtesy of her former rivals.