Pam Anderson vs. Debbe Dunning: Payback by SamDog 6/13/01

Pam slammed the office door angrily as she stormed out. Furious, the ravishing blonde stalked down the hall to the water cooler, in no mood to calm down. The producers of "V.I.P." wanted an actress to guest star in an upcoming episode but Pam went absolutely livid when she heard who they were asking. The woman had once taken her job, that could be forgiven; but far worse, she'd fought, beaten, and humiliated Pam several times.

After a drink from the cooler, Pam's heartbeat slowly came down as she began to relax. As Executive Producer (and star) of the show, Pam thought she could always overrule the other producers. Standing up, she turned around and stopped cold in her tracks. She was suddenly face-to-face with the object of her hatred. Debbe Dunning stood across the hallway from Pam, dressed to kill in a revealing blue dress.

Hands on her hips, Debbe smiled and said, "Hello, bitch. Long time no see."

Glaring back at her, Pam shouted, "You lowlife cunt! Don't you fuckin' think for a second you'll ever get on MY show!" Sighing, the brunette shook her head sadly as she replied, "Those balloon tits may have been deflated, but I can see that walnut-sized brain is as tiny as always. The only way you can keep me off the show is to make me stay off, and we both know that'll never happen!"

Jabbing her finger into Debbe's impressive breasts, Pam said, "Oh, I'll make you stay off, bitch. Not only that, I'll make you wish you'd never met me!"

Without another word, they turned in unison and headed off down the hall. Pam knew of a spacious, unoccupied office suite with only a few pieces of furniture. There would be plenty of room and solitude for their 'girl talk.'

Debbe entered first, with Pam a few steps behind her but before Debbe could even turn around, Pam tackled her from behind. Their momentum sent both crashing to the carpet. The fall knocking the wind out of Debbe and Pam wasted no time, rolling the brunette onto her back and punching her in the face over and over.

Pam reached down, grabbed both sides of Debbe's dress and tore it off in a single pull, leaving her in just a pair of hip-hugging black bikini panties. Grinning cruelly, Pam reached down and sank her fingers into Debbe's soft tits, making the brunette scream out in agony. Hurt but gamely fighting back, Debbe reached up, ripped open the front of Pam's sundress and pulled down her bra. The straps snapped and the lacy cupped underwire came away in her hands. Debbe lashed with both fists, punching up into Pam's tits from both sides, desperately wanting to put a stop to the torment Pam was causing in her own firm tits.

Grimacing as her breasts began to take a beating of their own, Pam grabbed both of Debbe's tits and slammed them together, mashing the soft fleshy hemispheres into each other over and over while twisting and grinding the sensitive flesh in her strong grip. Debbe screamed out loud in anguish as she desperately wanted to free her tits from the blonde who knew exactly how to worked them to inflict maximum pain.

Pam also screamed as Debbe stopped punching and started crushing and twisting her hard nipples. Pam brought a knee up and slammed it into Debbe's cunt, forcing her to cry out in agony. Debbe stopped her breast mauling and tried to rub away the pain radiating out from her wounded pussy.

Reaching down, Pam shoved Debbe's hands away and ripped off her panties, digging her claws in and pulling and twisting Debbe's swollen pussy lips until the brunette screamed helplessly, blinded by the tears welling up in her wide, brown eyes. Taking control of the struggle, Pam grabbed Debbe's hair in both hands and rammed Debbe's head on the floor three times, dazing the brunette who groaned in pain.

Rising to her feet, Pam reached down, dug her clawed fingernails into her foe's tits and yanked up, pulling the screaming Debbe up onto her feet by the breasts. Pam took a step back and side kicked to Debbe's chest, flattening her left tit under her heel and knocking Debbe back into the wall. She hit hard and then crumpled to the floor at the blonde's feet, cradling her bruised tit and desperately trying to massage away the pain.

As Debbe lay face down on the floor, Pam dropped knees-first on her back, knocking the wind out of her and smashing her breasts on the floor.

"Hell, you're not so tough, bitch!" Pam taunted.

Pam grabbed Debbe's hair and yanked back, using her other hand to punch the brunette in the face, dazing her. Still on her knees, Pam pulled Debbe back up onto her knees as well, then she reached around and grabbed Debbe's breasts with both hands. She began squeezing and pulling on them, trying to stretch them back underneath Debbe's armpits. Howling in anguish, Debbe desperately grabbed Pam's wrists and tried to pry her hands from her mangled tits.

Grinning, Pam shouted in Debbe's ear, "Awww, does that hurt, bitch? Huh? Come on, just say the magic words 'I give up!' and I'll put you out of your misery!"

Enraged, Debbe let go of Pam's hands and rammed her elbows back into Pam's torso, connecting with her belly and her breasts as the blonde bellowed in pain; her cries growing louder with every savage blow. Finally, Pam let go of her breasts and Debbe reached back, grabbed her hair and yanked, flipping Pam forward and over onto her back.

Scrambling to her feet, Debbe continued to pull Pam's hair, jerking the blonde to her feet although Pam screamed in protest the entire way up. Letting go with one hand, Debbe cracked the blonde back and forth across the face and Pam cried out with each slap. Struggling to escape the brunette's grasp, Pam brought her hands up and chopped Debbe in the throat. She let go of Pam and staggered backward, gagging and holding her throat as she struggled to breathe.

Not letting up, Pam pursued her, grabbed the brunette's hair, bent her forward and began ramming her knee up into Debbe's torso. Debbe groaned each time the blonde's kneecap smacked into her firm belly. Bringing her hands together in a double ax-handle, Pam slammed her fists down on Debbe's back over and over, driving the hurting brunette to her hands and knees.

Stepping back to admire her work, Pam took a breath before she stepped forward and kicked Debbe flush in the belly. The kick lifted the brunette off the floor and then she dropped and sprawled unceremoniously back down on the carpet. Lying face down on the floor, Debbe held her side, gasping for the air that had been knocked out of her. Standing over her, Pam grabbed Debbe's hair and began to beat her senseless with powerful blows to her red face.

Smiling, Pam taunted as she pulled Debbe to her feet again, "What's wrong? Can't take it?" Then lowering her voice and smiling even more sadistically, Pam added, "That's too bad, because I'm not letting you off that easy!"

Despite being up on her feet, Debbe was completely out of it. Her arms hung limp at her sides and she had a vacant expression on her face. She couldn't have defended herself even if the thought had occurred to her. Cocking her fist, Pam slugged Debbe on the jaw and the brunette gasped in pain. Grinning, Pam held Debbe's head and began punching her in the belly. Debbe's body shook and she moaned as each well-aimed blow landed with devastating effect.

Aiming a little higher, Pam began punching Debbe's buxom chest. Debbe screamed as her breasts were mercilessly flattened, knocked up, down and sideways. Tears welled up in her eyes from the horrible punishment her proud peaks were taking at the fists of the furious blond. Pam next punished the brunette with a few blows aimed at her beautiful face, hammering her pretty features until she was bleeding from her nose and her lower lip was split.

Battered senseless, Debbe could only stagger backward, hoping futilely to escape the next blow. Finally, one last uppercut crashed into Debbe's chin and the badly battered brunette toppled over backward, dropping totally beaten on her back on the floor at Pam's feet. Sprawled on her back, Debbe sobbed uncontrollably even as she struggled futilely to rise and resume the uneven contest. The fight wasn't going her way and now she was paying a terrible price for her earlier arrogance.

Rolling onto her side, Debbe heard Pam taunt, "You stupid bitch! We both know who the better woman is now, don't we? I'm going to enjoy shredding those pathetic tits of yours..."

Debbe couldn't understand Pam as she continued to taunt her. Everything was in a haze, as if viewed through one of those gauzy filters they use when Joan Collins or Barbara Streisand appears in movies. All Debbe could think of was escape. Pushing herself up on all fours, Debbe tried to crawl away toward the door but suddenly she felt a heavy weight drop on her back. Pam was straddling her waist, her powerful legs wrapping themselves tightly around Debbe's heaving belly.

Grabbing a handful of hair, Pam shouted, "You're not getting away from me, slut!" Then Pam reached back and started spanking Debbe's ass and yelling, "Giddy up, bitch!"

Pam laughed as Debbe crawled around the room, bucking and trying to shake Pam off. The blonde twice rose up and dropped her ass down on Debbe's back, knocking her flat on her belly to the floor. Pam brought her generous ass down again on Debbe's back and a loud cry escaped the brunette's clenched lips as her nipples were flattened on the rough carpet and her full breasts were squeezed out from under both sides of her heaving chest. Pam smiled as she watched Debbe writhe in agony. She was getting her revenge - and she was loving it!

Pam kicked Debbe in the ribs to roll her over, then straddled her stomach. She began pounding Debbe's tits with her fists, smacking them from side to side like a boxer hitting little punching bags. With each punch, the brunette moaned as her already brutalized tits became ever more swollen and bruised from Pam's constant attention as Pam drove her knuckles straight down into the raw, red flesh.

In a move born of her desperation, Debbe reached up and again grabbed Pam's dangling breasts, wrenching them back and forth and digging her nails into the flesh. Screaming in agony, Pam jammed her fingers in Debbe's tits and began gouging and pinching the undersides. The fight had come full circle, they were back as they started, a devastating tit duel. Debbe's cries of pain echoed Pam's. Grimacing, Pam cried out in anguish as Debbe continued to abuse her tits. Unable to hide her pain any longer, Pam was forced to bend down as Debbe yanked on her tits. She was forced to follow them down simply to ease her own pain.

Struggling with the blonde, Debbe raised her head up to Pam's left tit and bit down on the soft underside. Pam's eye widened in shock, pain and fear! She let out a scream to wake the dead, her own attack was totally forgotten. In agony, Pam desperately grabbed Debbe's hair and tried unsuccessfully to pull her mouth away from her tit, but the brunette's teeth were attached to her mammary.

Debbe wrapped her legs around Pam's, grapevining her and rolling the two of them over. Debbe captured the blonde's wrists and pinned her arms to the floor once she had assumed the superior position. Releasing her bite momentarily, Debbe moved her head to the side and sank her teeth into Pam's other nipple. The writhing blonde reacted instantly, howling in absolute agony. Enraptured by the sound of Pam's screaming, Debbe shook her head, shaking Pam's tit and pulling on the trapped nipple with her teeth. All the while, Pam was sobbing louder and louder.

Totally helpless and bawling uncontrollably, Pam managed to gasp, "You fuckin' tramp... I'm gonna make you pay..."

Releasing the blonde's tit from her mouth, Debbe smiled and replied, "But it's not gonna happen, now is it? Instead, I'm going to destroy you and there's nothing you can do about it!"

Tears welling up in her eyes, Pam shouted, "Shut up! You bitch! When I get free... you're... you're going to be in for the worst pain of you're life!"

Those last few words had barely stammered out of the blonde's mouth when Debbe began to laugh; fear began to spread from the back of Pam's mind through the rest of her body.

Straddling the blonde, Debbe taunted her, "You stupid bimbo. Do you still think you can beat me? You've never done it before. What makes you think you can do it today, especially in the condition you're in now?"

Grabbing Pam's face with her thumb and forefinger, she continued, "This'll just prove what we both know already; I'm stronger, sexier, and a better actress then you are. In fact, I'm an all around better woman! I don't need you or your dumb show. Beating your ass is more than enough for me! And believe me, there's plenty more of that in store for you!"

Tears began to roll down Pam's pink cheeks freely as she tried to choke back sobs.

"Now, that's what I love about playing mind games with her," Debbe thought. "It's not only one-sided but it's so goddamn easy to get into that empty blond head."

Now just a beaten and hollow shell of her former self, Pam's spirit was broken. Her body would follow. Reaching down, Debbe slapped Pam's face, snapping her head back and forth. She grasped Pam's tits and pulled up, the blonde screamed in agony. Next, Debbe began pinching and twisting Pam's surprisingly hard, aroused nipples.

In incredible pain, Pam still managed to grab hold of Debbe's tits and she twisted with reckless abandon, desperately trying to free herself. Grimacing in pain, but otherwise ignoring Pam's attack, Debbe raked her nails over the blonde's tits making Pam scream in agony. Pam's breasts felt like they were about to explode. Finally, Debbe grabbed Pam's hair and stood up, pulling her to her feet. She drove her knee five times up into Pam's cunt until the blonde moaned and collapsed to her knees.

"What's wrong, slut? Can't ya take it?" Debbe laughed. "Maybe I'm just too much for you to handle!"

Grabbing Pam by the hair, Debbe hauled her back up to her feet again although Pam's legs were still shaking from the low blows. Bending Pam over with a knee to the belly, Debbe clamped Pam's head between her thighs, squeezing her throat between them until Pam gasped in pain whenever Debbe flexed her legs. Pam could feel herself getting dizzy as she struggled futilely to wedge Debbe's legs apart.

Reaching down around Pam's chest, Debbe grabbed Pam's tits and began yanking downward as cries came from the blonde's mouth as she feebly tried to use her hands to interfere with Debbe's 'milking.' Squeezing and tugging her foe's ravaged breasts, Debbe smiled as Pam sobbed aloud, obviously in great pain. Finally, after a few more minutes of this horrendous tit torture, Debbe opened her legs and Pam dropped to her knees, gingerly cupping her swollen, raw, and ravaged tits as tears cascaded down her ruddy face.

Standing over the fallen blonde, Debbe ordered her to, "Get up bitch. I'm not done with you yet."

When Pam failed to respond, the brunette grabbed her breasts and yanked her to her feet by them, shouting "I told you to get up, you stupid bitch!" as the blonde screamed the entire way up.

Wrapping her arms around Pam's waist, Debbe lifted the blonde into the air. Incoherent, Pam suddenly realized what was about to happen, but was powerless to stop it. Debbe dropped Pam down onto her outstretched knee. She screamed when her cunt hit the brunette's kneecap - hard! Pam fell off Debbe's knee onto the floor and lay clutching her bruised pussy, trying to rub the pain away. Reaching down, Debbe lifted her up again. Pam begged for mercy, but to no avail. Debbe repeated the move slamming Pam down on her knee again. Pam was sobbing uncontrollably when Debbelet her fall to the floor again.

Still not satisfied, Debbe grabbed Pam's hair and yanked her back up. Cocking her fist, Debbe slammed a punch to the blonde's jaw, snapping her head. Pam rocked back and forth as Debbe rained punches on her face. Pam stumbled back in a vain attempt to escape until she was trapped with her back against the wall. Her left eye puffy and blood running from her nose, Pam tried to raise her hands to guard her face, only to be bent over by a pair of hard punches to the body. Pulling Pam's hands away from her body, Debbe began throwing punches to Pam's breasts. The battered blonde gasped in pain each time Debbe's fists crashed into, and flattened, her battered tits, driving her knuckles into the soft flesh until they struck bone.

Finally, Debbe threw a hard blow to the blonde's cunt! Pam was screaming as she began to slide down the wall but Debbe held her hair and rammed her head into the wall several times, stunning the blonde. Then she put her forearm across Pam's throat, holding her up. As Pam weakly pawed at Debbe's arm, trying to free herself, Debbe reached down, slipped her hand into Pam's panties. Smiling as the blonde's eyes went wide with the horror of realization, Debbe began pulling and twisting Pam's pussy lips until the blonde was breathless from screaming.

Pam grabbed Debbe's wrists and frantically tried to free her aching cunt, but was finally able to do so only at the expense of the handful of dark pubic hair Debbe ripped away. Not wanting Pam to still wear her panties, Debbe corrected that by pulling them down and relieving the blonde of them. She resumed her brutal attack on Pam's womanhood, clawing her pussy as the blonde screamed in agony. Then Debbe let go and rammed her knee twice into Pam's cunt and let her fall on the floor.

Kicking Pam onto her back, Debbe straddled her and began punching her in the face, rocking her head back and forth. She returned to the blonde's already much abused tits, squeezing and twisting them while Pam moaned softly and weakly clawed at her wrists in a final, futile attempt to protect her 'assets.' Prying her right hand from the blonde's grip, Debbe slapped and backhanded Pam's face until her arms dropped to the floor in a gesture of total submission.

Angry, Debbe continued torturing Pam's ravaged breasts as she taunted, "You fucking bitch. I'm gonna enjoy shredding these saggy tits down to an A cup!"

Debbe dug her nails deep into Pam's tits, twisting her wrists and clawing them until they were bloody.

Pam cried hysterically as she begged, "Please... no more..."

Debbe began laughing from her dominant perch as she twisted the blonde's tits sharply. Pam screamed loudly and then began to sob uncontrollably.

Weakly, Pam mumbled as she begged Debbe again for mercy, "I give up.... No more... Please stop... Please..."

Smiling, Debbe sat back, straddling Pam's legs. Reaching down, she slowly ran a finger down Pam's body. The blonde's eyes went wide when Debbe reached her pussy and began gently rubbing her. Too weak to resist, Pam could only gasp when Debbe slipped her middle and ring fingers into her pussy and began working them slowly, in and out. The blonde clenched her fists and squirmed, first in pain but then in pleasure until her moaning filled the room.

Tears in her eyes, Pam shook her head and pleaded, "Don't.....No....Please.... stop... Don't.... don't ... make me..."

Grinning cruelly, Debbe replied, "Your mouth says no-no, but there's yes-yes in your body. Told you I was the better woman. Now I'm going to prove it by fucking your tiny brains out."

She began to increase the pace of her fingering, thrusting harder as Pam's groans grew louder with each thrust. Debbe was surprised by how soon Pam screamed and climaxed; her cries of ecstasy turning to sobs of humiliation as realization dawned about what Debbe had 'forced' her to do. Slipping her index finger in beside the others, Debbe began working a weeping Pam toward another orgasm. The look of terror on Pam's face as she was helpless to resist made Debbe smile even as Pam's hips began to roll and buck in sync with her thrusting fingers. Before long, Pam erupted in another, more powerful, climax.

Standing up over Pam's heaving body, Debbe bent and wiped Pam's juice on the blonde's flushed face. Pam panted as she lay exhausted and drained on the floor, barely conscious, unable to move, unable to resist Debbe's whims.

Kneeling at her head, Debbe squatted above Pam's face. Slowly lowering herself, Debbe gently brushed her pussy back and forth across the blonde's face, taunting her. Pam was too weak to respond, just laying on her back, her mouth gaping, sucking air into her heaving chest. Smiling triumphantly, Debbe settled her ass on Pam's face, rubbing her pussy back and forth on the blonde's once pretty features. Closing her eyes, Debbe began working herself in a slow rotating, grinding motion, gasping as she enjoyed the spoils of her conquest.

Debbe began to pick up the pace as she humped Pam's face, her motions growing more frenzied as her groans and moans of pleasure grew louder and more frequent. Finally, she came, spilling her juices all over the beaten blonde's face.

Rising to her feet after she had recovered, Debbe smiled as she looked down at Pam's unconscious form. Collecting the tattered remnants of Pam's dress, Debbe hog-tied Pam, leaving her unable to escape or to be able to deny the fate that had befallen her.

After dressing, Debbe walked out to her car in the parking lot. Before driving away, she called the producers on her cell phone and informed them she was 'regrettably' unable to accept their offer. She also told them where they could find Pam to tell her the 'bad news.' Driving away, Debbe just wished she could've seen their faces when they found their star trussed up like a pig for roasting.