Pamela Anderson vs. Carmen Electra by Blizzard

Pam wasn't really in an entertaining mood. The impeccably tanned long-maned blonde had jetted to the 50th state to shoot her scenes for the upcoming 'Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding' and a late-night hoorah didn't appeal to her in the least. But try telling that to castmate Carmen Electra.

"Carmen!" exclaimed Pam half-heartedly when she answered the rap on her beach front suite door. "What are you doing out so late?" she asked as she looked at Carmen dejectedly before shifting her eyes down to her tight black cotton mini- as it strained to hold her tits in. Obviously, Carmen was still in swimsuit shape!

The cinnamon-tressed girl held up her leather duffel and smiled, "Long time no see, Pam. Let's have some fun."

Carmen breezed into the suite past the silently woeful Pam and threw her duffel bag on the carpet near the ornate glass-top dining table. Pam shut the door and sighed as she went over to her guest, "I'm really tired!" she whined. "How 'bout a rain check tonight...please?" Pam pleaded as she fidgeted with the sash of a short powder blue, floral print robe as she gave Carmen a pleading look.

"Suck it up, girl!" scolded Carmen with a grin as she pulled a bottle of vodka from the bag. "I'm in the mood for poker," she said, setting the vodka on the table. "I trust you've got glasses somewhere in this dive?"

Pam folded her arms over her heaving breasts and gave Carmen a stern look, "You know I don't drink! Can't we do this some other time?" she whined.

"Damn, you got a wild hair up your ass tonight or what girl!" asked Carmen. "Lighten up; let's play!"

"All my beautiful hair is on my head," bragged the ditzy blonde. "And nowhere else," she added, giving a dramatic toss of her mane.

"TMI, sweetie," laughed Carmen as she walked to the kitchen and looked around for a glass. "Come on, Pam, this'll be fun. Get the cards outta my bag and shuffle."

Pam heaved a long, drawn out sigh and moaned, "Okaaaaay. What the hell! But just a quick hand or two. I need to wash my hair and then get some rest."

Carmen glanced over her shoulder as Pam squatted to delve into her duffel, saying in a mocking tone, "Of course you do, sweetie. Sure you don't want a drink? It'll help you relax after that long, boring flight."

"Don't be stupid," retorted Pam as a bewildered expression slowly came over her face as she fumbled with the contents of Carmen's bag. "Why the hell do you have a blonde wig in here?" she asked as she held it up. "Don't tell me you secretly want to be a beautiful blonde - like me!"

Carmen strolled back to the table and commenced pouring herself a shot. "Don't you think I'd make a good blondie?" she grinned.

Pam stuffed the wig back in the bag and fished out the cards, then stood up and studied Carmen for a moment.

"Nah!" she answered with a wrinkle of her nose. "You're weird, Carm. What other spooky things do you have in the bag?"

"Just a few personal items nosy. Come on, let's play," said Carmen as she slid into a chair and sipped her drink.

Pam sat down and began to shuffle the cards. Carmen watched intently, smirking when Pam paused briefly to brush her hair back over her shoulder. There was no doubt she cherished that mop on her head.

"Let's play strip poker!" suggested Carmen excitedly. "Wouldn't that be a hoot?"

Pam glanced up at her and scowled, "We need guys for that, dummy. Besides, you'll be embarrassed sitting here bare-assed with me still fully clothed. I warn you...I'm a legitimate card shark. You have no idea what you're getting into."

"Put yer money where your mouth is and deal 'em, Poker Pammie!" giggled Carmen.

After they played several hands they were even and Pam seemed to relax somewhat having decided a nice little poker game was a therapeutic unwinding session. She dealt another hand, then nodded at Carmen's glass of vodka which was still half full.

"You're not putting much of a dent in that bottle, Carm," she teased. "Don't want a hairy hangover tomorrow?"

Carmen leaned forward, smiled and then slowly leaned back, smoothing her cascading hair away from her face.

"I'm not going to have a hairy hangover tomorrow," she replied kittenishly. "And neither are you!"

"Well DUH!" ridiculed Pam. "I'm not drinking, you dope!"

After another hour and numerous hands, the therapeutic aspect of the game was wearing thin for Pam. Carmen had been on a hot streak and Pam wasn't having much fun. She glared as Carmen dealt the next hand.

"I thought you were a card shark!" taunted Carmen with an annoying smirk. "If this was strip poker I'd be taking your jewelry at this point! Or maybe a lock of your hair or maybe something even more fun!"

"Ha-ha! Aren't you a riot," snapped Pam. "My luck's about to change," she said confidently as she studied her cards.

Carmen was holding her cards low...practically in her lap. Come to think of it, thought Pam as she watched her out of the corner of her eye, she's been holding her cards low like that all night. Pam kept one eye on Carmen as the game continued and suddenly her heart jumped when she saw Carmen sneakily exchanging a card from under her butt for one in her hand.

"You fuckin' cheater!" squawked Pam as she rose from her chair. "No wonder you been winning!" She rushed around to Carmen as the brunette pushed something under her ass. "Stand up you fraud!" Pam shrieked.

Carmen stared up at Pam and slowly pushed her chair back, then calmly stood to reveal several cards on her chair's seat.

"I knew it!" growled Pam. "So much for a relaxing game. Now I'm pissed! Time to go, Carmen. I'll have more fun washing my hair than playing cards with a snake!"

Carmen reached for her glass as Pam puffed out her massive breasts and glared at her with hands planted firmly on her full hips. Suddenly, without warning, Carmen threw the vodka in Pam's face, burning her eyes and soaking the blonde's golden mane of wild hair. "Lemme help you then!" snickered Carmen wickedly.

"Oh you bitch!!" sputtered Pam angrily as she wiped her dripping face with her hands. "Get the hell outta here before I kick your skanky ass out the door!"

"Don't make me laugh, Rapunzel!" teased Carmen as she set her glass on the table. "I doubt you could kick anyb..." SMACK!!!

The powerful slap by Pam cut off Carmen's retort and sent the brunette reeling across the floor yelping in pain. Pam's long mane flew out behind her as she lunged for her momentarily staggering rival. Carmen saw Pam's outstretched claws reaching and instinctively snapped a side kick out that smacked the blonde square in the abdomen, halting Pam's attack as she groaned heavily and pitched forward with her head bowed. Her long, peroxide mane was right there begging to be yanked...and Carmen didn't even think of resisting temptation! Her fingers snared Pam's tresses and she elicited an agonized shriek from the blonde as she jerked her violently and swung her around, sending her flying across the floor. Pam's feet shuffled on the kitchen tile and she bellowed in pain as Carmen led her on a savage hair-ripping trip around the suite. Pam was forced to stay bent over at the waist as she frantically clawed at Carmen's hands in an effort to free her hair from the brunette's torture.

Carmen abruptly stopped and jerked Pam upright, then released the blonde's hair and belted her across the face with a forceful slap. Pam chirped as she stumbled sideways until she collided with the edge of the counter. As she righted herself, she was hammered again with an accurate backhand that nearly knocked her off her feet. She corkscrewed across the floor in a dazed spiral crying in response to Carmen's relentless attacks. Carmen's hands flashed out and again entangled Pam's rippling tresses as she jerked the blonde to a painful halt. The squealing blonde was stunned and unsteady on her feet, losing hair every time Carmen gave her precious mane a sharp tug.

"You don't know how long I've waited for this moment, Golden Girl!" hissed Carmen as she gave Pam's hair an excruciating yank.

"Lemme go you fucking bitch!" squealed Pam as Carmen dragged her back across the tile, her arms flailing.

Carmen freed one hand from Pam's hair and pulled her in close with another yank on her mane as she curled her free hand into a fist and then swung it in an arc, pounding down on Pam's upper back with a sharp WHUMP! Pam's let out an anguished groan as the blonde bimbos knees buckled under the crushing blow and she collapsed to her knees. Carmen continued to control Pam using a fistful of her hair and a sharp kick to Pam's belly devastated the outclassed blonde, leaving her on her knees gasping as she pawed weakly at her ravaged gut. Carmen unmercifully hauled Pam back to her feet shrieking in agony; her scalp burning from what seemed to be endless abuse. The pitiful blonde was still wheezing for air when Carmen deftly reached out with her free hand and tugged at her robe, unfastening the belt. The luxurious silk garment fell open exposing Pam's red belly below her swaying tits.

Like a relentless predator, Carmen jerked Pam's head violently to the side with yet another yank on her hair, then as Pam rocked backward, Carmen released her hair and thrust both hands down with her nails stabbing into Pam's bare breasts! Her nails savagely piercing the tender flesh around the perimeter of the femme flesh as Pam squawked in sheer misery under her wicked rival totally overwhelmed and ruthless assault. Pam was forced back against the kitchen counter as Carmen continued squeezing and twisting her trapped breasts, leaving the poor blonde on the verge of tears.

"S...s...stoooooppppp!!!" blubbered the red-faced Pam. "Leave me alone!!!"

Carmen's eyes were blazing with fury as she glared at her sniveling rival. She growled and pumped a knee up between Pam's thighs, landing a cunt-crushing blow that lifted Pam's feet off the floor! Pam bellowed in agony as her feet landed back on the tile, her legs buckled and she started to fall. Only Carmen's new firm grasp of her mane kept Pam from collapsing in a bawling heap on the floor. Proving there's no rest for the wicked, Carmen gripped Pam's treasured tresses in both hands and lunged toward the center of the room, whipping the battered blonde around and sending her windmilling across the tile until she tripped and went crashing down in a squealing heap. Disoriented and beaten, her scalp on fire and surrounded by numerous long blonde hair strands littering the floor, Pam's body lay quaking as sobbed uncontrollably.

"P...p...pleeease..," Pam blubbered. "I'm b...begging..." But the merciless brunette just smirked as she approached her pitiful foe. This was waaay too easy. She leaned down and wrapped her fingers around Pam's disheveled mop as she prepared to set sail again. "Oh God no!!!" pleaded Pam, her hands clutching Carmen's wrists. "NO!!!"

"Oh yes, baby!" corrected Carmen with an evil grin.

Poor Pam's shrieks came fast and furious as she was bitch-hauled around the floor by the hair; her legs kicking wildly as they trailed behind her. Carmen laughed nastily as more and more strands of blonde mop tore free and fluttered to the floor as she dragged her delirious rival around the room several times. Pam had disintegrated into a squalling, pathetic puddle of pulchritude as she surrendered to the overwhelming agony and her body went limp. Carmen concluded the wicked journey as she released Pam's mane and dropped the whimpering blonde, leaving her body stretched out on her back on the tile. Her tiny robe was open, spread out under her body on the floor, leaving her naked tits and skimpy red silk thong exposed. A sharp kick to the jaw snapped Pam's head to the side with a grunt and left her out barely conscious.

"Too, too fucking easy!" chuckled the brunette as she walked back to the table to pick up the bottle of vodka.

Carmen returned to her devastated victim and knelt beside her limp figure, setting the bottle on the floor. She scooped up a handful of blonde hair, heaved Pam up to a sitting position and knelt behind her. She slipped Pam's robe off her shoulders and let it fall in a heap around the blonde's ass. Carmen pulled the belt from the robe as she tipped the unresponsive blonde forward, letting Pam's drooping tits flatten against her thighs. Pulling the blonde's arms back behind her, Carmen lashed her wrists together with the belt.

"Now," said Carmen as she grabbed Pam's hair and snapped her head back, forcing the blonde to stare at the ceiling through glassy eyes. "How 'bout that drink I offered you earlier, you ungrateful cunt?!"

"No..." Pam babbled in meek, moaning protest as Carmen pressed the bottle to her trembling lips.

"Down the hag hatch," stated Carmen forcefully as she shoved the bottle between Pam's lips and tipped it up.

When Pam's mouth was full and the vodka started dribbling down her chin onto her bare breasts, Carmen took the bottle out and before Pam could spit it out, clapped her hand over her mouth. Carmen held it there until Pam was forced to swallow it.

"GGLLLUGGG! GAACK!" gasped Pam as the vodka burned it's way down her gullet. "Stop it! Please!!"

"Another round...on me!" laughed Carmen as she forced another slug of booze into Pam's mouth and clapped her hand over it.

The blonde sputtered and gagged as she ingested the vodka, her belly tightening and quivering in resistance. Carmen held her head motionless with her fingers twined in the blonde mop as she repeatedly forced Pam to swill down mouthfuls of booze as the bound blonde helplessly struggled. Each time, Pam gagged and streams of vodka spurted out of her mouth, ran down over her tits and belly darkening her silk thong as the liquid soaked the material. Carmen gave her a last hefty dose, then set the bottle down as Pam winced after swallowing the umpteenth shot.

"BBLLUHHHHH!!!" grunted the blonde as her body bucked with a nauseous heave.

"Can't handle your liquor, eh lightweight?!" teased Carmen with a sharp tug of Pam's tresses.

"S...stop that....I'm g...gonna be s...sick!" moaned Pam, her eyes already starting to cross.

Carmen grinned as she reached around with her free hand and took a firm grip on one of Pam's slippery, erect nipples. Then she brutally pinched the rubbery tip in her fingers as she pulled and stretched it painfully until Pam cried out in agony. "Took your mind right off your belly, didn't it bitch?!" snarled Carmen sadistically. "You got a good buzz going already...let's get you shit faced; you wanna?!"

Pam whimpered pathetically as she tried to shake her head, but Carmen had a firm grip on her mane. The dark-haired woman picked the bottle up and forced it into Pam's mouth, tipping it up and delivering another splash of vodka, some of it spilling out and the rest cascading down her throat. Several more doses of the potent spirit had Pam on the verge of tossing her cookies. Carmen glanced at the all but empty fifth and set it down.

"Ain't you the closet lush!" she teased as she lightly patted Pam's convulsing belly. "I better shut you off before you hurl! I guess hair bleaching isn't the only thing you do to the excess, is it?!"

Pam shuddered and gagged as her body reacted to the inebriating consumption of alcohol. Her gut full of booze hit her like a tidal wave and the room began to spin out of control. She yelped suddenly when Carmen stood up and hauled her to her feet by her traumatized and considerably less-than-full head of hair. The booze was overwhelming her, and the room continued to spin as Carmen walked her back to the table.

In desperation Pam kicked back behind her, hitting Carmen's shin and eliciting a painful yelp. The angered brunette spun Pam around and rocked her with a stinging slap that sent her stumbling back against the edge of the table. Pam sagged back with her ass parked on the edge as she suffered through a dizzying dose of head spinning. She was fucking lit! Carmen stepped up and busted Pam across the chops with another slap, catching her by the hair before just before she crumpled to the floor. Carmen straightened the groggy blonde up and bitch-slapped her before shoving the limp blonde onto her back sprawled across the table top. Pam gave a long, drawn out moan, her legs quivered briefly, then she released a defeated groan and lay still - passed out!

"You're beyond buzzed now, bitch," laughed Carmen as she rolled Pam over onto her belly and spanked both asscheeks simultaneously. "And speaking of buzzed...time for the epic climax to your adventure."

Carmen once more dug her claws into Pam's tortured mane and dragged the blonde's bare body face down across the glass table, her naked breasts making an ungodly SQUEEL! Carmen lay Pam with her head dangling over the far side, then moved to the blonde's feet and plucked Pam's soggy thong from her crack, peeling it down her firm thighs and tying her ankles together with it. Leaving poor Pam bound and subdued, Carmen returned to her duffel bag, reached inside and took out a small nylon zippered bag. From it, she pulled a cordless beard trimmer, giggling in anticipation of what was to come as she stepped up to Pam's drooping head and ran her fingers through the blonde's rat's nest mane with devious glee.

"Do you secretly want beautiful blonde hair like me?" Carmen said, mocking Pam's earlier unfortunate inquiry. "Hell, I'd rather cut off my tits with a butter knife, you stupid bitch!"

As Carmen's fingers struggled with Pam's tresses, the blonde began to moan weakly as she struggled to awake from her drunken stupor. Carmen's pussy had worked itself into a frenzy as she demolished the blonde bimbo, now it demanded some attention. She hiked up her mini-dress to expose sheer black panties which she hurriedly slid down to her knees. Holding Pam's lolling head in both hands, Carmen tilted it back until Pam's mouth was level with her pussy, then she moved forward and rubbed her mohawked bush on Pam's pouting lips.

"How's this for beautiful hair, you cunt?" snarled Carmen as she began rubbing Pam's mouth up and down; slowly at first, scrubbing her glistening slit with the blonde's nose and mouth. Pam's bound body bucked helplessly, struggling in vain against the humiliation as she slurred a muffled, drunken protest at being force-fed her rival's musky snatch. But Carmen ignored Pam's wishes as she settled into a slow, comfortable rhythm, moaning as she stimulated herself with the defenseless blonde's flushed face.

"When I'm done with you," teased Carmen. "I'll go get Jeremy Jackson so he can come over and nail you. I'll betcha he's fantasized 'bout plowing into that snatch of your for years!"

As Carmen's strokes became more rapid, her respiration quickened until she was in a wild, face-fucking pace. Pam's garbled whimpering and moaning gradually subsided until she fell silent and the only sound in the room was the juicy slurping of Carmen's pussy and her excited moaning as she worked herself into an ecstatic lather on Pam's face. The brunette's knees buckled briefly and she squealed aloud as she climaxed powerfully, frosting Pam's pitiful visage with a generous dose of womanly cream. Panting, Carmen staggered back, dropping Pam's head which fell limp over the edge of the table as her chin hit the top with a soft THUNK!

The brunette slowly collected herself as her body recovered from the happy buzz of post orgasmic bliss. Buzzed...oh yeah, how could she forget about the BUZZ.

Carmen hitched her panties back up and smoothed her mini-dress, then picking up the electric razor, flicked the switch. The buzzing of the humming razor awakened the passed out blonde who began to giggle with drunken mirth as she stared down at Carmen's feet and the floor beneath.

"Jeremy?" she purred in her drunken and delirious state. "Did you bring a toy for Aunt Pammie?"

Carmen stifled a chuckle and shook her head in amazement. The dumb slut was drunk on her ass! Her fingers went back into Pam's mane producing another slurred protest from the blitzed blonde.

"Wrong end, Jeremy!" she giggled. "Put the little buzzy toy 'tween Pammie's legs you goof! Give it to me baby!"

Carmen grinned as she brandished the hungry trimmer and lowered it to the top of Pam's skull, "Gladly, Miss Peroxide!"

With slow, deliberate strokes, Carmen sheared the blonde's precious mane from her scalp. Pam's intoxicated giggling fit came to an abrupt end as her bleary eyes finally noticed the heaps of golden hair piling up on the floor beneath her. Jeremy wasn't here...and that was no vibrator...???

"YOU FUCKIN' BITCH!!!" Pam suddenly shrieked as realization hit home. "MY HAIR!!!"

Carmen laughed sadistically as she held Pam's head firm with a hand clamped at the back of her neck as the frantic blonde struggled wildly. She shaved the rest of her head leaving Pam completely bald. When she was done, the crushed blonde stared down at a huge pile of blonde hair scattered on the floor through misty - and tearing - eyes.

"Gawd!" sighed Carmen dramatically. "That was like sawing ragweed! I shoulda brought hedge clippers!"

"You miserable SLUT!" sobbed Pam.

Carmen snickered as she put away her trimmer, retrieving a small hand mirror from the duffel. She flipped the weeping blonde onto her back, then roughly pulled her up into a seated position on the table by her tits. Pam squealed as her abused breasts filled with pain on her way up. Carmen held her in place with a tight nipple pinch as she held the mirror for Pam.

"Whaddaya think, Pammie old girl? No need for a shampoo tonight after all! Looks like a definite improvement to me!" she laughed.

Pam's tearful eyes blinked, shedding another stream of sorrow down her flushed cheeks.

"You fucking rotten wench!" she wailed. "How could you do.."


Carmen leveled her pathetic victim with blow to the jaw with the mirror that left the demolished Pam out cold on her back.

"Oh, it was easy, bitch!" snarled Carmen as she retrieved the blonde 'Pam' wig from her bag and laid it on Pam's snatch. "I took care of your beautiful blonde hair, cupcake," said Carmen. "You might want to shave that bushy bug when you come to, though!" Carmen gathered her tools of destruction and put them back in her bag, scooped up a handful of Pam's hair from the floor and stuffed it in her mouth. "I'll send you a bill, bitch!" she said as she strolled for the door, leaving a bald and destroyed Pam stretched out on the table.