Pam Anderson vs. Erika Eleniak by TNT

"Got any other smart-ass comments?"

"Nuhhhhh.Umppppfffh.Gounupmpffh kiumluumph yoummpppfh."

"Whatsa matter? You drunk? Speak more clearly."Erika smiled wickedly as she tightened her legs around Pam's neck, then chuckled as she pulled the busty blonde's bikini strap off of her shoulder to exposed Pam's huge left breast to below the nipple.

"Yeowwwwwch. Stop it. That hurts," Pam bawled as Erika captured the thick brown nub in her fingers, tweaked it, then pinched it hard.

"Ouccccch!" Erika yelped as a flailing arm came upwards and desperate fingers found her hair. Pam grunted and summoned all her strength as she jerked Erika's head downward. One beautiful luscious body arched upward and Erika shouted in surprise as she felt herself being pulled downwards and off balance.

"Oh my what a shock. I'm gonna win and you're gonna lose," Pam snipped as she seemed herself seemed surprised at the turning of the battle.

"Should have never tried to trick me you silly bitch," Pam chirped recalling how a few minutes earlier she had been attacked by Erika. Erika had sent her fellow actress an anonymous invitation to go swimming and enjoy some time at the beach. Not just any beach mind you. Muscle beach. The invitation said that Pam could be Queen of the Beach for a whole day. She would be given a special crown, some nice prizes and several special amenities.

Pam arrived early. Just as the sun was coming up. She had waited several hours. Erika had watched her from a distance. Pam decided to go ahead and do a little swimming. A little turned into a lot. She soon was quite tired. A little bit of sunshine. Flaunting that gorgeous body of hers. Tugging at her bikini and wishing at least somebody was watching.

"Ho-hum. Where or where is the booze. And my crown? And everything else. False phony promises. I must really kick somebody's butt for lying to me. Think I'll take a quick nap. I am getting a bit tired-and bored. Too bad people can't see this," Pam mused as she began to drift into a most pleasurable daydream. "Awwwwwck. My hair. My beautiful hair. Stop pulling my beautiful hair. Oucccccch," Pam squealed, trying desperately to determine if this was a dream, a nightmare or reality.

"Been waiting for this moment for soooooo long," Erika hissed as she yanked hard on Pam's platinum hair. She jumped up and down on Pam's back as she yanked at her hair. She slammed her fists into the back of Pam's head several times before wrestling her over onto her back. Erika quickly wrapped her long strong sexy legs around her rival's neck.

"What the hell? Erika? I thought you were my friend. What's going on? Somebody made a mistake. I'm supposed to be Queen of the Beach all day today. What are YOU doing here? Stop this nonsense and I'll let you reign as Queen with me. It'll be fun, there’s a couple of bitches we could…Yeowwww!"

"You stupid broad; I sent you the invitation; it's a HOAX! Hello! I'm gonna kick your ass girl."

"Unnnhhhhhhhh." Pam grunted as Erika launched a full blown assault, firing lightning hard punches to her face, chest, stomach and ribs.

Caught off guard, Pam was soon dazed and swinging wildly to block the tornado like onslaught. Erika kicked her leg out, tripped the busty beauty and quickly wrapped her legs around her former costar's neck. She was confident that she'd take Pam down easy after this initial battle. She was wrong. At least for now.

"Umppppffh!" Erika grunted as she landed hard in the sand. Pam, though winded was being fueled by a slow building rage as she realized she'd been duped and betrayed by her sweet friend of longtime past. She jumped on top of Erika's stomach and began slapping her face hard.

"Stupid silly deceiving little blonde bimbo. How's this feel?" Pam taunted as she continued to slap Erika's pretty face and began to add a bit of painful hair-pulling for extra spice.

"And I just can't resist giving little knockers a bit of attention," Pam giggled as she reached down and gave Erika's firm breasts a good squeezing. “It’s almost like they deserve TWICE the attention because they’re HALF as big. Don’t get me wrong,” Pam snickered as she pressed her thumbs into the underside of Erika's womanly charms and pushed up, forcing the two firm orbs up and out of her bikini top. “These are nice, but a bit small compared to a REAL woman’s!" Pam grabbed the center of Erika's top and tore it in two.

"Too bad your boyfriend isn't here to watch me kick your ass…you DO have a guy don't you? I mean, you aren’t into girls too are you? Seems these days EVERY woman I know is into chicks! No wonder Momma wants me to come out of the closet; Lord knows it’d sure improve my social life!” Pam snipped as she gave her rival's newly exposed treasures a slow rather erotic feeling and caressing. She teased Erika's nipples making them long and hard, then gave them each a painful twist.

"Yeooowwch! Aargggggh!" Erika screamed. Her face turned red with embarrassed anger and she planted her heels hard in the sand. Her leg muscles flexed, her abs tightened. She reached up and drilled a punch hard into her tormentor's exposed left breast. Pam shrieked as she felt herself flying upwards, then sideways. "Now you're toast you ditzy self-centered plastic blonde bimbo," Erika shouted as she fired a hard kick catching Pam in her tender upper thigh. Another kick slammed into Pam's lower back making her kidney feel more than a bit uncomfy. "How about a little tug on this bleached blonde straw?"

"Aieeeeeee!" Pam screamed as she felt her head was going to be pulled off. Erika seemed to be all business as she jerked Pam to her feet, drilled a punch to her solar plexus and fired a sideways kick to her shin. As Pam sucked air, Erika landed a perfect right hook to her jaw that rolled the busty blonde's beautiful eyes.

"I know you LOVE to show these off," Erika chirped as she grabbed Pam's loose top ripped it clean off, grabbed both ends, twirled it like a locker room towel, then began to whip the tight wound up strand at the screaming blonde's impressive chest.

"Ouch. Owwwwiiie. Stop it. Please," Pam bawled like a little schoolgirl as she tried desperately to duck and dodge the makeshift whip that was her own bikini top. Erika snickered as the tight wet cloth smacked into her rival's breasts and sensitive erect nipples.

WHUMP! "Uhhhhhhh." The sound of a hard knee slamming into a tight abdomen filled the air and was accompanied by one gorgeous blonde's grunt. As Pam staggered backwards, Erika zipped in one more time and came in low and fast.

RUNCH! Pam's eyes glazed, widened and rolled as her hands dropped to her crotch.

"That's called a pussy punch, Pammie. How'd you like it?" Erika snickered as she watched her lovely rival drop to her knees. In a flash Erika slipped behind Pam and wrapped the bikini top around her neck.

"Uhhhhhh...umpppppfh…unggggggh…" Pam gasped as Erika jerked her lovely head back forcing her to almost double over backwards.

"You really do like to stick 'em out, don't you honey. I suppose anyone with those big knockers would!" Erika cackled as she suddenly sidestepped and jerked backwards hard. Pam grunted as her arms windmilled and she lost her balance and fell backwards in the sand. "Game’s almost over, Pammie dear. Are you having a nice day at the beach? Sorry about the Queenie thing. But you do feel like a Queen today, dontcha honey?" Erika quipped as she dropped like a bomb down onto Pam's stomach.

Pam's response was largely unintelligible as she raised her arms and clawed weekly at her attacker. Erika smacked the arms away, punched Pam in the chin, gave her two solid smacks to the face and then smiled with sheer delight.

"Pammie, Pammie what will I do with you now? WHOA…hhhh…HEY, that's NOT nice...not very cooperative either," Erika snapped as she grabbed Pam's thrashing arms by the wrists, twisted them hard and jerked her arms down as she raised up on her haunches. A few seconds later, Pam was helpless; her muscular arms pinned at her sides under her sneering, snickering rival's legs. "Let's see now. Something or rather two some things seem to stick out in my mind," Erika said with a mischievous laugh.

Erika raised her hands, spread her fingers and made squeezing, twisting motions as she licked her lips. Pam whimpered with dread and anxiety as she anticipated her captor's next move. Slowly, deliberately, Erika reached down, grabbed onto each huge breast and dug her talons in deep.

"My tits. My tits. Leggo my tits…PLEEEEEZZZZZzzzz?" Pam bawled as Erika twisted, squeezed and milked her long time rival's huge breasts tenaciously.

"Ohhhhhh, I guess this is one of the amenities of being a Queen today," Erika said as she caught a huge stiff nipple between her thumb and forefinger, rolled it and pinched it hard. Pam's long perfectly tanned legs kicked wildly as Erika continued her nastiness. "Always wanted to know just what fake boobs felt like. If ya gotta any kind of real feelin' in 'em," Erika teased. Pam's response confirmed the feeling part without a doubt. "Hmmmmmm, I guess I did promise you a few special things, didn't I girl? Well…"

"Nooooooo. DON’T…OOOoooooooh," Pam's response sounded like a mix of ‘Nooooooo,’ ‘Maybeeee,’ and ‘Okay, I might be open for discussion.’

Erika was all smiles as she slipped one hand back, tugged firmly on Pam's bikini bottom, then jerked it sideways. The dominant blonde's hand then cupped an mound of extreme interest; her fingers tugging, caressing and moving with intensity; slowly at first, then faster, harder, faster, harder!

"Ummmmmmm. Stop. Nooooo. Please. Don't. Ummmmmmm. Yes. Faster. Noooooo. Don't. Ouch my boob. Ummmmmmm." Pam sent soooo many mixed messages, even Erika became a bit confused….NOT. Her hand that had worked Pam's huge left breast switched from pleasurable to painful while her other hand kept pushing Pam’s pleasure button; skillfully; expertly! Erika was playing Pam like a violin; a gorgeous, hot, submissive violin.

"Yeowwwwch…Now THAT hurt!" Pam's heavy breathing and pleasure screeched to a halt when Erika did a bit of double nastiness; grabbing a fistful of womanly silk and twisting, then pulling, then grabbing her bikini bottom and jerking up hard! (The dreaded down-under hair pull and wedgie; the dual displeasure’s of catfighting!)

"Yieeeeeee!" Pam's bloodcurdling scream startled every sleepy seagull for miles and shattered the glass in the nearest beach house where a couple of blondes lay curled up in bed; blithely oblivious of the goings-on down on the beach.

"Heyyy quiet. This is supposed to be a relaxing day for both of us," Erika giggled as she smacked Pam’s grimacing face. "I'm soooooo sorry Pammie. I just haven't been my bubbly, friendly, nice self today. You really do deserve to be Queen of the Beach…or is it ‘Queen of the Bitches?’ Anyway, at least you’ve earned something special coming. For now!" Erika finished her ominous speech with a burst of laughter that sent a chill down Pam's spine.

"Ohhhhhh noooooo," Pam thought as she wished she could find the energy and strength to escape.She watched as Erika slipped out of her bikini bottoms, cupped her own breasts, tweaked her nipples and licked her lips.

"After a hard day at the beach, every Queen deserves a little dessert."

"Noooooo. Nuh…uhhhhhh…umppppppfh…"

"Thatta girl; I mean Miss platinum Plastic Pammie…Queen Pammie!"

"Ummmmmmmmmm. Ooooooooh."