Jennie Garth vs Pam Anderson (author unknown - from Jeff's Celebrity Catfight Tournament Page on WRDWVR's web site) <p>

Pam Anderson makes her way out of the locker room past the crowded aisle and into the ring first. Her red Baywatch suit is bursting at the seams, cut high around her curvy hips and barely able to contain her 38 inch Silicone enhanced chest. Pamela sports some surprisingly ropy muscles and her patent deep tan that marks her as a lifeguard. <p>

The Beverly Beauties (Garth and partner Tori Spelling) leave their locker room next, Jennie Garth leading the way wearing a lacy white one piece open at the stomach and about three sizes too small for her slim frame. The white tights blend well with her milky skin and short blonde hair. Matching pink lace up boots are the only give away that Garth is headed for a no rules ring war, and not a long day sunning herself at the beach. The tights hug her cute little buns while her pert breasts bounce lightly as she skips her way down the concrete aisle to the ring. Tori follows her partner, wearing a warm-up jacket over what appears to be a white swimming suit. <p>

The experienced Anderson doesn't seem to mind Tori being ringside, only giving her a sidelong glance, as if to say, "Stay out!" <p>

The two blondes waste no time getting acquainted in the center of the ring, locking up quickly and cleanly. Gasping in pain, Jennie's spiked blonde hair serves as a handle for Anderson's first move, a snap mare into the center of the ring. Jennie sits flat on her tight little butt in the center of the ring trying to regain some semblance of her wits, but Anderson is quick to strike, nailing her in the lower back with a soccer style kick. Placing her hands on her aching kidneys, Garth finds both her arms wrenched behind her in a perfect surfboard. Her small breasts strain to escape the lycra swimsuit that barely holds them back, but Jennie realizes the only way out of this hold to get to her feet. <p>

Struggling up, Pam kicks her in the hamstrings and butt, finally dropping Jennie to her knees with a hooking crotch kick. Jennie's eyes bulge in pain and she takes a deep gasp of air, only to feel Pam wrench her arms again, sending Garth's world spinning. Again, Jennie climbs to her feet, enduring kicks to butt and the back of her legs, but keeping her thighs locked together, not offering the Baywatcher a target of opportunity. Jennie manages to rise to her feet, offering an inviting target to Anderson. Guiding Jennie into the corner from behind, Pam slams her boot into Jennie's ass, dropping her like a bad habit. <p>

Anderson slowly peels up the top of Jennie's skintight swimsuit, separating her small breasts, and whispering, "Oh, what's under here?" <p>

Then, like a child ripping into a Christmas present, rends Jennie's top, leaving her small sweat glazed breasts hanging wide open, glistening like jewels. With Jennie's arms still painfully throbbing, Pam gleefully gropes both breasts, squeezing and kneading the soft white flesh in her hands before digging her sharp thumbnails into to the rosy tips of Garth's tits. Screaming in agony, not even Pam can hold Jennie's back. Garth's hands fly to cover her fiery nipples, and she collapses to the mat, crying in agony cradling her torn tips. <p>

Pam quickly and efficiently finishes the job of stripping Jennie down, leaving her milky white body naked in the corner. The light pink of Garth's boots matches the color of her small nipples as Pam again digs into Garth's small bosom, pinching and twisting the tips of both titties. <p>

Jennie's cries of agony are too much for Tori, who comes charging across the ring to rescue her tag team partner and costar. Hammering Pam with a flying knee, Tori bends over to help Jennie to her feet. The two girls briefly tussle, with Tori coming out on top with a vicious hairpulling torture session. <p>

Garth meanwhile has dizzily made it back to her feet, allowing Tori to escape the ring still holding a handful of Anderson's golden locks. Garth winds up and delivers an overhand right that crashes down on Pam like a speeding train. Rubbing her sore knuckles, Jennnie watches as Pam takes a staggering step back and falls to her butt and then onto her back. Seizing the opportunity, Garth takes a handful of Anderson's hair and delivers another haymaker, sending Anderson rolling across the ring. Jennie slides in behind the groggy Anderson and applies a full head scissors, wrapping her trim thighs around Anderson's gourd and crushing the life out of the helpless little beach girl. Garth leans forward and grabs Anderson's hands, rubbing her sweat covered tits into Pam's face, more for humiliation than anything else. <p>

Completely having her way with the gorgeous blonde Baywatch star, Jennie lets her hands feel their way up and down Anderson's swimsuit clad body on seek and destroy missions. Jennies's hands of course find their way down her soaked swimsuit to Pam's crotch and up her rib cage to her huge breasts, squeezing her obvious nipples mercilessly, and raking her fingers across Pam's blue eyes. Her head ready to implode, Pam can't pry her hands away from Jennie's thin, yet powerful thighs. She calls out for help, but none of her costars are at ringside. Pam eyes start to droop as she tries to pry Jennie's ankles apart. Jennie aids the process, breaking the head scissors, and choking Pam with her forearm before finally applying a sleeper. With the sleeper firmly in place, Garth still snakes her thighs around Pam's ribs, squeezing her there too. <p>

With Pam fading fast, Garth unlocks her ankles and drops them to the mat, concentrating on maintaining the sleeper in place. Finally Jennie lets Pam go, allowing her flop unceremoniously to the mat. Cautiously giving a her a quick but very hard pinch on her butt to make sure Pam is out, Garth stands up as the victor. She then grabs her own tights and stuffs them into Pam's mouth, capping the night's biggest upset. Overjoyed with her victory, she shares a high five with Spelling before the two leave the ring area.