Pam Anderson vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar- Part One: The Restaurant by EZJ

Pam was sitting at the Hard Rock Cafe with Kid Rock when Sarah Michelle came walking in with some of her friends. Pam was quite drunk by this point and yelled out to Sarah.

PAM: ‘Cruel Intentions’ was a joke you stupid bitch!!

Pam fell back as she and Kid laughed at Sarah who looked over at what she at first thought it was some mouthy fan. Then she recognized Pam!!

SARAH: Why does she have a problem with me?

But she brushed it aside and sat down with her friends. The initial heat subsided for the next fifteen minutes and Sarah forgot all about it. Next thing Sarah knew, she felt a lemon slice blast across her cheek. She looked over to see Pam with her hands cupped around her mouth laughing her ass off as Kid hunkered down next to her dying with laughter as well.

SARAH: What in the hell is her problem? I'm going to go and settle this!!

Sarah marched over to Pam and Kid's table and demanded an explanation. Pam just looked up at her innocently with puppy dog eyes, then burst out laughing again.

SARAH: What are you laughing about? Why are you picking on me?

PAM: (trying to stop laughing) You being portrayed as a tough girl on TV. It is just so hilarious. You're a little runt.

SARAH: Oh really? This is coming from a cracked out, silicone bimbo? I would beat your ass in a fight.

PAM: Kid can you believe this little bitch? She actually thinks she can take me on in a fight. Does she know how many asses I've kicked in Hollywood?

Pam then stood up and shoved Sarah down to the floor.

PAM: Let's see how tough you are you little bitch!!

A large crowd had gathered around them and no one was about to stop it. Sarah got up off of the floor, charged Pam and tackled her backward over the table; knocking off glasses of vodka and plates of food. Sarah mounted Pam and started landing slaps back and forth across her face.

SARAH: I have wanted to kick your smart ass for a long time! You're gonna see just how tough I really am.

Pam pushed up and the girls locked in a test of strength as both were trying to power the other to the floor. Pam took the advantage as she forced Sarah down, grabbed Sarah by the hair and slammed her head against the wooden floor. Sarah managed to lace Pam across the face with a stinging slap, which only made Pam angrier and she started landing left/right slaps to Sarah's face. Pam then got off of her and challenged her to get up and fight her.

PAM: Come on bitch. Let's see what you got.

Sarah was a little embarrassed at this point, but she got up and brushed herself off. They circled like a couple of vultures for a minute, then Sarah lashed out with a quick kick that Pam blocked and then busted Sarah in the face with a roundhouse right. Sarah staggered back, righted herself and then rushed at Pam, knocking her over a table. Sarah picked Pam up by her blonde mane and hair-hauled her across the room, then flung Pam onto another table which toppled over. Sarah grabbed a beer bottle and smashed it across Pam's forehead. Kid got up and was about to intervene, but a friend held him back.

FRIEND: Just relax buddy, Pam can hold her own.

Sarah went over and kicked Pam in the back of the head. Pam was in a lot of pain on the floor but was still conscious. Sarah then took a hamburger off a table and rubbed it in Pam's face, then grabbed a beer and poured it over Pam's head.

SARAH: I’ve always said you’re a nasty little bar bitch. I guess this goes to.....

Pam swung out with a big uppercut that connected just below Sarah's jaw, then Pam grabbed a plate of salad and mashed it in Sarah's face. Sarah hit the floor on her back as Pam looked herself over in disgust; covered as she was in hamburger and beer. Pam grabbed Sarah’s hair and drove her knee up into Sarah's face. Sarah's head shot back and Pam clotheslined her down to the floor where she kicked Sarah in the stomach, making Sarah cry in pain.

PAM: I can't believe you poured beer on me you stupid cunt!!

Pam continued to rain kicks down on Sarah, but Sarah caught one of Pam's legs on the way down. She twisted her leg hard as Pam fell down to the floor. Sarah grabbed one of the chairs and was about to swing it down on top of Pam when Pam landed a hard punch to Sarah's stomach. Sarah doubled over and dropped the chair. Pam then hit a beautiful savate kick that knocked Sarah into the wall and down on the floor.

PAM: How’d you like that kick....buff little Buffy?

Pam started to laugh as she pulled the groggy Sarah to her feet and shoved her back.

PAM: Let's box bitch; I’ll show you who the better woman is.

Sarah stepped back for a second to regain her composure from the hard kick that Pam had given her, then she shook out the cobwebs out of her brain and focused on Pam. Sarah put her dukes up and landed a right cross to Pam's face; she followed that with a left hook but it was blocked and Pam hit two successive right-left combinations that left Sarah groggy. Still fighting gamely, Sarah went for another punch, but Pam easily blocked it and blasted Sarah with four more! Sarah was about to fall when Pam caught her by the hair and slugged her in the pit of her stomach. Then Pam pulled Sarah upright by the hair and landed a big uppercut that sent Sarah to the bricks. Pam dusted off her hands like she was taking out the trash and mounted Sarah, continuing to punch Sarah’s face until it was a crimson mask. Pam smiled at the crowd and ripped off her tight-white T-shirt, thrusting out her bare breasts in all their voluptuous glory as the small crowd hooted and hollered at the beautiful sight.

PAM: Let's see who the real woman is Gellar.

Pam pulled Sarah up by the hair and buried her head in her massive breasts. Sarah was weeping her surrender as Pam was laughing with glee.

PAM: You should have just let me make fun of you earlier. It would have been a lot less painful. How does it feel to actually touch superior breasts? I'm noticing that you are quivering in the presence of a true, dominant female.

SARAH: Please. I'm sorry. Just stop. I will leave.

PAM: No it is not that easy. Kiss each one of my breasts.


Sarah screamed defiantly as Pam mashed her face into her bosom once again. Sarah's little hands beat against Pam's sexy back to no avail. Pam's breasts glistened in the light from Sarah's tears as Sarah begged her to stop.

PAM: You know what to do.

Sarah was panting hard trying to regain her breath. She knew she didn't have the energy to get out of this jam.

Sarah slowly kissed each one of Pam's breasts as the males in the crowd went ape-shit.

PAM: That's right. Now let everyone know who the superior woman is.

SARAH: You are. Pam Anderson is the superior woman. I am nothing compared to you.

PAM: Very good.

Pam slammed Sarah's head to the floor and mounted her face. Pam had a little skirt on and her Sarah felt her warm pussy rub up against her face.

PAM: Just one last thing to do. Kiss my pussy and I'll let you go.

Sarah sobbed and begged that Pam not make her do it but Pam sat straddling Sarah for a good five minutes with Sarah was trapped under her in a schoolboy pin as Pam rubbed her pussy on Sarah's face erotically while Sarah continued to cry and sob.

PAM: You know what to do!

Finally, Sarah gave up, puckered up and kissed Pam’s sweet pussy while the satisfied Pam stood over her glaring down.

PAM: Now, get up!

Sarah was a sobbing wreck as she slowly got to her feet; quivering and scared shitless. Pam hit a huge European uppercut and again grabbed Sarah by the hair so she couldn't fall, then picked up a bottle of wine and smashed it over Sarah's head. She crumpled to the floor out cold as glass shards flew all over the place and the entire restaurant fell silent.

PAM: I've done my damage. Let's hit the road Kid. And Sarah....don't you ever....EVER....think about messing with me again or I‘ll hurt you ten times worse than I did tonight!!

Some people went to help Sarah up as Pam and Kid pranced out of the restaurant. Will Sarah get revenge? Stay tuned.

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