Gillian Anderson vs. Annabeth Gish by Lonewolf

Annabeth had only been on 'X-Files' a short period of time. She knew the series was coming to an end after the next season but she wanted to be in a position to use the show as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. The only thing blocking her way was Gillian Anderson, the show's star since it began in 1993. The series made a star of Gillian who, before X-files had been a virtual unknown.

Annabeth wanted Gillian's spot on the show and wanted it badly. It was obvious Annabeth didn't like Gillian and believed herself to be the bigger star. Gillian, on the other hand, had no love for Annabeth either. She'd been the top lady on the show for 8 years without competition and now in it's last season she wanted to end her run on top as well.

Gossip is something that gets around very quickly and it's no different in Hollywood than anywhere else. Word quickly got around the X-files set about Annabeth's ambition. In itself, that was no surprise but when word got back to Gillian her response was somewhat of a shock. She seemed to take no interest in what was being said. At least not verbally.

But inside Gillian was pissed off. Pissed off because a newcomer wanting her position in what was to be her final season, which in her mind was rightfully hers. After all, 8 years is a long time to put into a series. The more she thought about it, the angrier she made herself. Then Annabeth and Gillian being on the set at the same time also made for intense moments. Passing glances and unspoken words between the two expressed things far more clearly then mere words could.

It had gone on for almost two weeks before it exploded on the set. For some unknown reason, Gillian had flubbed her lines a couple times which had delayed completion of filming over an hour. Annabeth was doing the scene with her and wanted to finish early to keep an appointment with her agent. The delay was getting Annabeth upset and Gillian couldn't help but notice. Whether or not Gillian was doing it on purpose to get Annabeth pissed may never be known, but if so, it worked!

"Would you fuckin' get your lines straight! I got an appointment to keep!" Annabeth screamed.

"Screw you!" Gillian replied.

"Screw this!" Annabeth said as she reached back and...


Annabeth slapped Gillian's face with an open handed blow that took the redhead, as well as everyone else on the set, by complete surprise. Annabeth turned and started to storm off the set while Gillian looked at her holding her reddening cheek. With a look of seething anger, Gillian raced across the set and tackled Annabeth from behind. The two of them hit the floor with Gillian on top of Annabeth. The force of the landing to Annabeth by surprise and the air rushed out of her lungs as Gillian's weight hit her back. Gillian wasted no time, digging both hands into Annabeth's hair as she began shaking the brunette's head from side to side.

"Stupid cunt! I'm gonna kick your ass for that!"

Annabeth squealed in pain as she felt Gillian's hands tear into her scalp. Annabeth attempted to get up onto her hands and knees, but as soon as she did, Gillian let go of her hair with one hand and slapped at her face twice before Annabeth could cover up.

Several of the crew who were there filming moved in to break up the fight, but Chris Carter who was reading his newspaper and not seemingly paying any attention to what was going on told them to back off and, "...let 'em settle this themselves."

Annabeth had managed to get herself onto her knees, but Gillian was behind her with one arm wrapped around her neck and the other still buried in Annabeth's hair. She released Annabeth's hair, reached down and tore her blouse open down the front. The four or five buttons which kept her top closed flew off in all directions.

Annabeth screamed in anger at this attack and reached up and grabbed Gillian by her hair and managed to flip the redhead over her shoulder. Gillian landed with a thud on the hard floor and was immediately set upon by Annabeth who grabbed Gillian's top and ripped it open in retaliation. As they struggled against one another, their bra covered breasts bounced left and right in an attempt to free themselves from their confining prisons. It was Annabeth who scored first as she managed to get herself seated on top of Gillian. She reached down and grabbed Gillian's black lace bra, pulling until it flew open in the middle. Gillian was shocked that her perky little breasts were exposed, but ignored the embarrassment and attempted to return the favor.

As she struggled against Annabeth to release her tits, the brunette took the fight to another level. Annabeth grabbed both of Gillian's nipples with her thumbs and forefingers and twisted them like a pair of bottle caps.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Damn! Let go of my tits you cunt!"

Annabeth smiled as she ignored Gillian's entreaties and continued her assault. She twisted Gillian's tits to the right and to the left, then flattened them with her palms as she mashed them into Gillian's chest. Gillian's soft tits oozed out under the sides of Annabeth's hands as she applied pressure.

"What's the matter Gills? Can't take it?" Annabeth teased.

Gillian screamed some more when Annabeth snapped her wrists down and raked her nails down across the beautiful breasts. Each nail left an angry red welt on the pale flesh. Tears filled Gillian's eyes but she went to work with her own fingernails, scratching at Annabeth's wrists in an attempt to free her tits from the wicked assault. Several long, painful moments passed as the redheads tits were squeezed, punched, scratched and twisted by Annabeth who was gleefully enjoying herself.

Finally, out of desperation, Gillian reached up and poked Annabeth in the eyes. This caused the brunette to reel back and she had to release Gillian's now aching tits. Tears swelled up in Annabeth's eyes and she tried to rub the pain away and clear her vision. Gillian took advantage by grabbing Annabeth by the hair and pulling her off to the side. Gillian rolled the other direction and sat up massaging her aching breasts while Annabeth knelt and tried to clear her vision.

Gillian recovered first and moved towards the brunette. It was easy for Gillian to tear Annabeth's bra away before Annabeth even realized where Gillian was since her eyes were still teary. Gillian spun Annabeth around as she pulled off her bra, then shoved her down and pinned her arms down to the floor under her knees as she straddled her waist.

"Now let's see how you like WHORE!" Gillian roared as she sank her talons into Annabeth's titflesh.

Gillian grinned as her attack was immediately rewarded by a shrill scream from the bucking brunette. Gillian's fingernails were longer then Annabeth's and they did terrible damage as she twisted Annabeth's tits to the left and right while her nails dug into the soft mounds of tender breastflesh. Gillian pinched Annabeth's nipples between her fingernails and twisted. Her sharp nails sliced into the brunette's tough nipples as Annabeth screamed and kicked her legs.

Annabeth bucked her hips up and down trying to unseat Gillian, but it was a wasted effort and all she succeeded in doing was getting herself out of breath. Gillian clamped her thighs tight on Annabeth's ribs and rode her like a champion, keeping the brunette securely pinned until she stopped kicking. Then Gillian released her tits and then started to slap them back and forth with her open hands. Each breast got slapped at least ten times and possibly much more, her hands were flying so fast none of the spectators could count the slaps. When Gillian stopped, Annabeth was crying uncontrollably and her breasts were red and swollen.

"Don't think I'm done with you yet bitch!" Gillian snarled.

She reached over to retrieve Annabeth's bra, but that was the time Annabeth bucked and Gillian, who was off balance, tumbled off of her dominant perch. The two of them scrambled to get to their feet first, but Gillian made it first and she grabbed Annabeth by her hair while she was still on her knees. The brunette had enough control of her faculties to drive an uppercut between Gillian's slightly parted legs and the fist disappeared up the redheads skirt and cracked squarely on Gillian's crotch.

The low blow brought Gillian to her knees facing Annabeth. To everyone's surprise, when Annabeth ripped her hand out from under Gillian's skirt she came out with the shredded remnants of Gillian's black panties. Annabeth tossed Gillian's panties aside and grabbed Gillian's skirt which she pulled it away easily since Gillian was still too incapacitated by her low blow to resist. Hoots and catcalls from the watching stagehands filled the air as the got their first close-up look at Gillian's naked figure.

Annabeth was on her rival in a flash. Their tits met and flattening against one another. With Gillian on the bottom, her tits were being dominated by Annabeth's as her breasts covered and flattened Gillian's into her ribcage. The tit flesh between the two became almost as one as the slipped and slid against each other.

Gillian reached up behind Annabeth's shoulders and managed to roll over with the help of a handful of hair. Once Gillian was on top, it was her tits that began dominating Annabeth's. More catcalls erupted when Gillian rolled on top because she had to spread her legs to maintain her position and the crew got a great view of the redheads sexy ass. The women's hands were grabbing anything they could. Gillian's hands were busy ripping at Annabeth's hair while Annabeth was doing the same thing but using just one hand. Her other hand was clawing at Gillian's back, leaving dark red welts on the tan skin. Then, Annabeth's hand worked it's way down to Gillian's ass. When she reached into Gillian's valley and dug in with her fingernails, the look an Gillian's face was a comedic blend of surprise and pain as Annabeth violated her ass.

Gillian tried to get away, but while she succeeded in freeing her ass, Annabeth still had a handful of her hair and that was enough to drag the redhead off of her. The two actress lay on their sides facing each other, kicking and slapping with both feet and both hands. Several apparent low blows slowed them down somewhat, but they still kept going until Annabeth managed to establish herself back on top of Gillian. As she attempted to gain control, Gillian brought a knee up and slammed it into the brunette's vulnerable crotch. After that, it was easy for Gillian to shove Annabeth off her and as soon as she put some space between them, she proceeded to slam her knee two more times into Annabeth's battered crotch.

Annabeth cried out weakly as she desperately tried to protect her wounded womanhood. Gillian, sensing the end was at hand, got off the brunette. She stood over Annabeth looking down at her for several seconds before realizing that she herself was completely naked. Wanting to repay her and at the same time even things up, she easily tore off Annabeth's skirt and panties and then pinned Annabeth on her back again as she straddled her waist.

"Look's like someone got her ass kicked!" Gillian laughed as she once again captured Annabeth's nipples and started to twist.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Stop it! Stop it! I give! I give!" Annabeth sobbed as she beat her feet on the floor in frustration.

"You sure about that?" Gillian asked as she twisted again.

"Yes! Yes! I Give! You win!" Annabeth gasped between teeth clenched against the pain in her chest.

Gillian smiled as she rolled up Annabeth's panties in a ball and pinched her nose shut until she was forced to open her mouth. As soon as her lips parted, Gillian stuffed the balled up panties in her mouth. Gillian sat back and shook her finger in Annabeth's face as she told her, "Those stay there until I tell you to remove them if you know what's good for you!"

Then Gillian stood up and went about collecting her clothes, watching Annabeth out of the corner of her eye to be sure she obeyed her orders. After she had picked up her tattered clothing, Gillian walked over to Chris Carter who was still sitting on his chair reading the newspaper.

"I want a raise!" she demanded, cocking her legs and putting one hand on her hip.

He peeked over his newspaper and ogled the nude figure of Gillian Anderson, pursed his lips and then shrugged, "OK."