Gillian Anderson vs. Annabeth Gish (The Recovery) by imitation

It was a slow recovery for Annabeth Gish. She went home and dealt with a number of spiritual issues, struggling with the choice of whether she should simply quit the "X Files" outright or swallow her pride and continue to play second fiddle to Gillian Anderson after Gillian proved she was a stronger woman than Annabeth, at least physically.

But Annabeth's pride wouldn't let it end there. In a move born of her desperation, Annabeth enlisted the help of Anne Heche in a plan to kick Gillian's ass. And Anne agreed immediately since she blamed Gillian for causing the bitter break-up of her steamy lesbian relationship to Ellen. Their brainstorming started over the phone and within a few hours a plan was agreed upon.

Anne drove her SUV over to Gillian's where the redhead was getting dressed to attend a charity event. Gillian was nervous as hell but she invited Anne in and began chatting with her.

"Would you like some wine?" Gillian asked as they were talking.

When Anne said that would be "lovely" Gillian brought a bottle of fine wine from the kitchen. Anne sipped her wine and got up as if she were heading for the restroom. Gillian was trying to calm herself for her event and didn't even bother turning her head. A simple "OK" was her only response. Anne snatched up the wine bottle and smashed it down on the back of Gillian's head.

"Ungh" was the only sound the redhead made as her lithe body slid out of the chair onto the floor.

Anne opened her purse and took out a bottle of chloroform and a handkerchief. She chloroformed the already unconscious redhead just as a safety measure. She didn't even need to tie Gillian up since the chloroform would keep her out for a couple of hours. Anne picked up the unconscious redhead, slung her over her shoulder, carried her outside and dumped her limp body in the back of her SUV.

"You stupid sleeping whore, we'll see you made into the worst punching bag ever!!" laughed Anne as she sped away.

An hour later, Anne pulled her SUV into an abandoned warehouse on Pier Seven. She opened the back of her vehicle and dragged the still unconscious Gillian's body out. Ann dragged the redhead to the room where Annabeth was waiting for them, her body already oiled up in preparation for a fight. Anne dropped Gillian's body on the floor and sat down to wait for her to regain consciousness. But Annabeth, impatient to get the show underway, threw a bucket of water on Gillian to speed the process along.

"Get up you cow...let's see how well you can fight if you don't have your supporters around to help!!"

Before Gillian even realized where she was...Anne drove her hard little fist into her flat stomach.

"Ooof" Gillian grunted as her body jackknifed in pain.

Annabeth came over and spanked the redhead's ass so hard it Gillian's head snapped upward as she let out a loud yelp of pain that brought a smile to Anne's pouty red lips while the sound of the sharp slap echoed in the vacant warehouse.

Gillian felt helpless under their barrage. Anne held the bent over redhead by her hair and pulled Gillian's head between her legs. With Gillian's head trapped, Annabeth came up behind her and drove her elbow down into the redhead's spine. Gillian couldn't breathe...she fell to the floor flat on her stomach.

"Those little tits protecting you, you stupid bitch?" said Annabeth as she high-fived Anne.

Annabeth bent over and pulled Gillian's head up by her hair, then pushed her face into Gillian's and hissed, "You slut, you want another pay raise? UNNNNHHH!"

That's the moment when Gillian shot her moved her open hand straight up into Annabeth's crotch. The spade thrust wasn't entirely successful, but Annabeth was hurt enough to stagger back holding her crotch. Gillian stood up and turned to Anne who was standing behind her. Gillian punched Anne in the jaw before she even realized what had happened to her co-conspirator Annabeth. Anne crashed backward onto a length of metal pipe and hit her head, stunning her. She lay with her eyes closed and her head resting on the pipe like a hard pillow.

With Heche out of the picture, Gillian turned her attention back to Annabeth. She ran toward Annabeth who was just straightening up after shaking off the effects of Gillian's low blow. Gillian kicked her rival square in the stomach and Annabeth let out a sickly grunt as her face turned ashen. Gillian shoved Annabeth's back against a wall and grabbed the gasping actress by the throat.

"Why you wanna fuck with me," Gillian hissed. "I'm invinci..."

Suddenly, everything went black for Gillian. Anne had recovered and whacked the distracted redhead across the base of her neck with the piece of metal pipe. Gillian's body went limp as she swooned face down unconscious at Annabeth's feet. Gillian lay on her back with her legendary pouting lips pointed at the ceiling with her head tilted back as if she were looking for help from the heavens.

This blow to the head was a solid one and it would take Gillian a while to recover from it. Anne wasted no time. She got some rope from a pile of trash and started to tie Gillian up so there'd be no more surprises.

"That slut is now officially history," said Annabeth, still trying to recover from the shock of Gillian's resilience.

Anne tied Gillian's arms over her head, suspended from the ceiling to her toes could just touch the floor if she stretched her short legs. Annabeth strutted over, ripped off the redhead's shirt and stood with her hands on her hips studying Gillian's form.

"That's the black bra she wore for the FHM spread, eh?" said Anne, excited by the sight of Gillian's modest bosom.

Anne circled the bound TV queen, her mind racing with lewd sexually perverse thoughts. As Anne fantasized about how she'd use Gillian's body, Annabeth was bent on beating it to a pulp. Annabeth stepped up to Gillian and slammed a punch to her hard abs. The sound of Annabeth's fist making contact at high velocity with Gillian's tight belly was stunning.

"Uggggggggh..," was all the redhead could utter as she was briefly jolted back to the world of the conscious by the pain in her belly.

"It's going to get a lot worse, you washed up TV queen," laughed Annabeth as she snapped a punch to Gillian's jaw.

Gillian's head rolled back on her shoulders as if it were going to break off her spine, then rocked back forward just as violently in the opposite direction. Gillian swung from the ceiling ropes like a slab of meat waiting to be punched as her head lolled forward with her chin on her chest. Poor Gillian couldn't even get the air in her lungs to beg for mercy though it would have been futile anyway.

Annabeth was getting turned on by the domination and she had to fight against a sudden homosexual urge, so she stepped away and searched for her jacket. Anne saw Annabeth was taking a breather so she stepped up to Gillian and started caressing her small breasts. Annabeth lit a cigarette as she watched Anne slowly remove the redhead's legendary bra.

"I've always wanted to see why this gutter whore got higher marks than me in Ellen's book," Anne muttered she ran her hands over Gillian's now naked breasts and pinched her nipples lightly, tugging at the rubbery nubs and bringing them erect.

Gillian was coming to and when she realized what Anne was doing, she pulled back from Anne's in protest. As punishment for her reluctance, Anne slapped her tits back and forth with her open hand. Gillian cried in pain and the scream seemed to snap Annabeth back to reality.

Still overcome by her hatred, Annabeth walked over to Gillian calmly, her cigarette still dangling between her lips and punched the redhead hard, flush in the jaw with a knuckle duster on. Gillian was instantly knocked out. Annabeth sighed and blew a cloud of cigarette smoke in Gillian's face.

"You shouldn'ta quit smoking you whore, maybe you'd be tougher," she said, then she kicked Gillian in the crotch.

The unconscious redhead's body swayed in reaction to the force of the kick, but Gillian was too far gone to realize what happened. As Annabeth watched silently, Anne knelt and unbuttoned Gillian's pants and pulled them down her legs, pulling her black panties off along with them.

"Ah, at least the bitch has a sense of color coordination!" Anne joked.

Anne considered what to do next with Gillian's naked body and Annabeth suddenly felt very aroused by the entire situation that was unfolding in front of her. Annabeth suddenly turned and walked away. She began getting dressed in the hope she would overcome her desire to experiment with Gillian.

While Annabeth wrestled with her demons, Anne was pressing her head into Gillian's bosom. With one arm around Gillian's hips, Anne slowly pushed two fingers of her other hand up into Gillian's pussy. Annabeth watched in silence from a distance.

Anne began to slowly pump her fingers in and out of Gillian's pussy, increasing the vigor as she felt Gillian's body beginning to respond to her stroking. Gillian moaned in pleasure, her eyes popped open and she was shocked to find herself sexually aroused.

Annabeth couldn't take it any longer! She couldn't deny that as much as she hated that slut, Gillian, she was also an extremely attractive woman. Annabeth walked over to Gillian and gripped her under chin with the palm of her hand. Annabeth looked Gillian square in the eye as she leaned in and French kissed her like there was no tomorrow. Annabeth's cigarette was near it's end, so she stubbed the burning butt out in the canyon of Gillian's cleavage.

When she stopped screaming, Gillian caught her breath and gasped, "Please, stop punishing me. I made a mistake and.."

Her apology was cut off when she was rudely slapped by Annabeth.

"Shut up you whore," Annabeth snapped. "You annoy me with that crappy monotone voice."

Annabeth was turned off again. She couldn't deal with these confusing sexual issues anymore so she picked up the pipe that Anne used to knock Gillian out previously and slammed the end into the redhead's left breast. The redhead moaned in pain and then Anne punched her in the jaw again. Gillian was knocked out by the rapid double assault on her body. Gillian's limp body was so beaten it couldn't even respond when Anne resumed fingering her pussy.

Annabeth dropped the pipe and picked up her cell phone. She made a call to "X-files" producer Chris Carter, then she showered and got dressed as Anne continued kissing and playing with the dangling redhead's soft breasts.

"God, your boobs are nothing compared to Annabeth's" Anne muttered as she cast a covetous glance at her partner in crime.

Chris Carter showed up a half hour later and, as Annabeth instructed, he brought Teri Hatcher and a box of Cuban cigars with him.

"She wanted a raise...," Annabeth said pointing at Gillian's suspended, naked form. "But we gave her a suspension instead."

Annabeth told Carter, "Since Gillian's all hung up in a contract dispute, I want her money."

Carter took one look at Gillian's unconscious naked form and got an immediate erection. He signed the contract Annabeth wanted on the spot, although his attention was clearly distracted by Gillian's predicament.

For her part, Teri Hatcher was delighted and she instantly knew why Annabeth had ordered the cigars. They all lit up as Anne untied Gillian and let her drop to the floor as inert as ever. Anne pulled Gillian's head up by the hair and kicked her in the back so her legs jerked forward under her. Anne dropped Gillian on her back and kicked her legs apart.

Teri knelt between Gillian's legs and pushed the unlit end of the lit cigar into Gillian's pussy. Then she sat back and looked at the smoking cigar sticking out from the thatch of coppery hair.

"How big a slut are you now?" Teri laughed.

Teri posed for pictures with Gillian with the smoldering cigar in her pussy and another with it wedged in her cleavage. Chris Carter began to realize what was happening and he suddenly felt the humanitarian in him come to the fore and told Annabeth to make the ladies to stop the madness or the new contract was void. Chris wrapped Gillian in a sheet and carried her to his car.

As he drove Gillian away, the three ladies exchanged pleased high-fives. All of them had gotten their revenge, they'd destroyed Gillian Anderson and done it convincingly!

"That short whore wont even think about trying to get revenge against the three of us," chuckled Teri. "This is even better than what I did to that Charlize Theron bitch when we were making '2 Days in the Valley'. She knew better than to try to get even and Gillian's not stupid either."

Anne suddenly spun on Annabeth and dove on top of her giggling. Teri reached behind herself, unzipped her dress, dropped it at her feet and then ran over to join in their celebration.