Gillian Anderson vs. Tonya Harding by Doug Haig 12-Aug-99

Gillian Anderson screamed in pain as Tonya Harding's punch snapped her head back painfully. Stumbling back, but not too far, Gillian wades into the fight, swinging her fists hard at the blonde skater. Tonya tosses another hard punch, but this time Gillian caught the blonde's fist in her right hand and forced it away, only to have Harding rip into her small right breast with her crimson nails scratching away at Anderson's tit.

Tonya concentrates on Gillian right breast, already starting to get red from the punches and slaps it is receiving. Gillian's supersensitive breast is aching so she draws back her fist and starts to smash Tonya Harding in the face with her fists, her punches crunching into Tonya's face around the skater's light grey eyes. As the ring on Gillian's left hand rips out a slice in Tonya's cheek, Gillian gives a mighty shot to Tonya's back with her knees, stunning Tonya enough so her next knee shot jerks her of Gillian, who rolls away to massage her tender right breast before they re-engage in combat. As they both get closer kneeling down, Tonya taunts Gillian defiantly.

"Gillian, I'm going to destroy your tits and then your whole fucking body!!!"

Gillian only replies, "Less talk, you Bitch!!! More fighting!!!"

Gillian Anderson literally throws herself forward onto Tonya Harding, who can't move in time. Gillian covers Tonya, who's powerful skater's legs are caught folded under her. As Tonya struggles to get out, she gets nailed by a dropped elbow in her muscular stomach, sending a stream of pain throughout her body. Gillian immediately follows her attack by a series of hard punches to Tonya's shapely breasts and midsection, the rings on Gillian Anderson's fingers horribly bruising and cutting the soft flesh on Harding's tits.

Finally Tonya gets a bit of breath back and tries to roll away. But that is just what Gillian was waiting for. As Tonya makes her move, Gillian follows her and places her in a double nelson hold, circling Tonya's shoulders and locking in place behind Tonya's neck. With this hold on, Gillian now has full control over her blonde rival. As Anderson puts more pressure on Tonya, she rams Harding to the ground, Tonya's soft breasts forced to take the full impact of the fall.

After a few of these, Gillian turns Tonya over, and puts her in a scissor lock and squeezes her powerful legs, crushing Tonya Harding's midsection with her sexy gams. Tonya can't help but scream as her sides are compressed in pain. Every single toned and tanned muscle in Gillian Anderson's lovely body is working to apply pain to her adversary. Gillian is very concentrated on her task. She is sitting down, braced with her arms and holding Tonya straddled in front of her. Tonya, in constant pain, realises that she'll lose to this redhead bitch if she can't break free very soon, so she abandons her efforts to separate Gillian's rippled calves and tries to punch Gillian by twisting herself over.

The first punch catches Gillian a bit of guard and stings her tender right breast, but her scissor lock was tight and she easily turns Tonya back around. To prevent such an occurrence of happening again. Gillian passes her arms underneath Tonya's and puts a bear hug on her breasts. Tonya simply can't bear it, as Gillian's ringed fists crush into her breasts. Gillian did a lot of damage to her tits earlier and she can feel it now since they are being crushed from behind.

Suddenly, Gillian strengthens both her grips and pulls up and pushes down with all her might. Tonya lets out a terrifying scream of pain as her body is almost torn apart. Having a secure rest on Tonya's hips, Gillian's legs are locked and exerting lots of pressure on all of Tonya's body. And as she pulls up with her arms she is trying her best to rip of Tonya's firm breasts. Tonya is now helpless as her arms are caught in Gillian's grip and as her body is yelling out for her to quit. But this woman is tough and even though she is now in tears and completely defeated, she does not concede.

Gillian is somewhat happy of this as she can make this insolent skating bitch suffer a bit more before the end. Tonya tries another way out by crunching her abs as strong as she can to get a grip of her foe's legs. As she gives her all to this task, which is very painful, Gillian slowly lets go of the extension, without Tonya noticing it. Just as Tonya is near getting a grip of Gillian legs, with her stomach at full strain, Gillian turns over and gives out all her energy to pull up on Tonya's upper body. As Gillian strengths were still the best, Tonya's thick abdominals could not stand it and seamed to rip apart as Gillian again hyperextended her body and applied pain in a way she had never experienced. Tonya cries out and on the verge of screaming her surrender. Sensing this, Gillian Anderson releases her grip on Tonya's upper body and sinks her long fingers into Tonya's stomach and then pulls back as hard as she can. Tonya Harding yells out again and again in total pain.

"OHHHH GOD NOOOO!!!! UNNHH---UNNHH!!! GILLIAN!!! NO!!! DON"T!!! NOT THERE, YOU BITCH!!!" Tonya moaned out in pain.

Gillian pulls Tonya back into a sitting position, and with her strong manicured fingers still digging painful furrows into Harding's taut stomach, Anderson clamps her legs around the blonde's body, Gillian's knees and milky thighs crushing Tonya's midsection, while the redhead's heel jam into Harding's pussy. Gillian's hands slide up from Tonya's belly and clasp her breasts from behind. Sliding her fingers down the sweat-slickened mound, Gillian pinches and twists Tonya's thickly erect nipples, rolling and crushing them painfully.


Scooping Tonya up with seemingly no effort, Gillian drops her into a cross-knee backbreaker, hurting Tonya, who screams loudly, in utter agony, her manicured hands clutching her sore back. Gillian grabs Tonya's neck with her right hand, squeezing and pushing to bend her down across her knee, setting her up for a series of punishing lefts into Tonya's tautly stretched and unprotected belly. Tonya's breath whooshes out as each hammer-blow lands.

Gillian rolls Tonya off of her knees, and grabbing her from behind, effortlessly lifts and drops her hard on her ass, in a spine-jolting smash. Tonya screams in pain; her back feeling splintered. Gillian, still behind Tonya, savagely rips into Tonya's breasts, leaving burning red welts on the undersides of the blonde's breasts. Gillian rams her right knee into the small of Tonya's back while simultaneously stretching neck backward, applying agonising pressure to Harding's sore spine. Tonya is screaming constantly now as Gillian locks on a reverse bearhug that crushes the wind from Tonya's lungs, the blonde's screams become a series of pitiable gags. Gillian grabs Tonya from behind in a choke, applying just enough pressure to keep Tonya barely conscious.

"Lets see how you like getting your tits ripped off Tonya, you slutty piece of trailer-trash!!!" Gillian sneers.

She tore into Tonya's breasts, wrenching the blonde's full breasts as hard as she could as Tonya sobbed out and tried to pull Gillian's hands away by her wrists. Tonya's guttural moans of pain evolve into one continuous howl of agony as Gillian rips into Tonya's supersensitive areola, digging in her red nails and painful torture to her helpless opponent. Tonya Harding's left breast swells noticeably, the nipple puffy and red from punishment.

Tonya rolls away from Gillian in excruciating pain, her back feeling broken, and her full breasts red and throbbing. In a flash, Tonya attack Gillian, smashing both her hands hard onto the redhead's smaller breasts. As soon as Tonya feels Gillian's hardened nipples in her fingers, Harding digs in, driving her sharp red nails into the soft flesh around Gillian's sweaty breasts and rolls Anderson's large nipples between her forefinger and thumb. As Tonya Harding kneads Gillian Anderson's creamy breasts, she relishes Gillian's screams of pain. Tonya's hands completely filled with Gillian's breasts, now dug her fingernails into Gillian's soft titflesh and squeezed hard, feeling Gillian's stiff nipples flatten against her sweaty palms.

Gillian Anderson moaned loudly in pain. "AUUUGHHHH!!! TONYA---YOU FUCKIN' BITCH!!! MY NIPPLES!!!! LET GO!!! LET GO!!!!! FUCK!!! MY NIPPLES!!!"

Tonya, latched tightly onto Gillian's unprotected nipples, smiles as Anderson stiffens and screams whenever Harding expertly rolls the nipples between her thumb and forefinger, pinching and twisting Gillian's sensitive breasts. As soon as Tonya Harding releases the double nipple twisters, Gillian's hands shoot to her small breasts, covering up the reddened tips and moaning in anguish.

The blonde and redhead had both hurt each other severely now; Tonya's back and sides were still aching from Gillian's body punches and scissors, and now Gillian felt like her blood-engorged nipples were about to explode. Taking a minute to get their wind back, Gillian charged Tonya. Gillian spun around delivering a flying kick to Tonya's face, or so she thought. Tonya read the movement in the fetching redhead's eyes, and stepping inside of the kick, she drove her fist into the hardest uppercut she could possibly deliver, directly into Gillian's open pussy.

Gillian gagged in pain and collapsed like a house of cards at Tonya's feet. Tonya wasted no time in pouncing on her redheaded foe, driving her knee deep into Gillian's now soft gut. Gillian's mewling gags and the sound of Tonya's solid fists hammering into Gillian's body was the only noise in the quieted room.

Tonya nearly exhausted herself pounding Gillian into a bleeding pulp, bloody spittle flying out from Gillian's sensuous mouth.

"PLEASE TONYA!!! MY FACE!!! DON'T PUNCH ME AGAIN IN THE FACE YOU MOTHERFUCKIN' BITCH!!!! AAAAUUUUGGGGG!!!" the redhead cried as the blonde skater's ringed fist smashed across her full lips again, sending a spray of blood onto the nearby wall.

Tonya gazed down at motionless Gillian, who was bleeding from her nose and lips. Roughly tearing away at Gillian's tender breasts, she smiled as she beheld Gillian's now swollen and bruised mammary glands. Grabbing both nipples between her fingers, she squeezed powerfully, yanking Gillian's fiery rubbery nips up and out, stretching them to the max. Gillian's low moan of pain told Tonya that the redhead couldn't take much more, and notched up the abuse she was dishing out to Gillian's swollen breasts.

Flat on her back and in terrible pain, Gillian pounded her ringed fists into Tonya's sides, her knuckles cracking painfully against the blonde skater's ribcage. The redhead actress' earlier scissors had taken its toll on Tonya's midriff, and now Anderson's double punch sent an explosion of pain through the blonde's hard body. Both women separated, and as they struggled to their knees, their luscious bodies were glistening with sweat and their eyes locked intently on the other, looking for an opening, a weakness to exploit. Tonya's fair-skinned, ravishing athletic body spoke volumes---large portions of her upper torso were red and welted. The undersides of her swollen full breasts were already beginning to bruise darkly ... the nipples puffy and distended. Tonya's eyes looked out desperately from bruised eyesockets as she waited Gillian's next assault.

Gillian moved in a feigning left to draw Tonya's hands away, successfully landed a powerhouse right that exploded directly on Tonya's tortured left nipple, splattering Harding's breast out under her chin. Tonya moaned and tried to clinch but Gillian shoved her back against the wall, and landed two stinging jabs into Tonya's mouth as the battered blonde's split lip began to pump out blood freely. Gillian moved in with lightning speed, hammering Tonya's unprotected breasts and belly repeatedly as Tonya's agonised gasps and moans greeted each powershot.

Obviously hurt, Tonya's head began to drop to her heaving chest, the knees buckling. A thick line of bloody spittle flew from Tonya's mouth as Gillian's haymaker left exploded under Tonya's dangling chin, the two large gold rings on Gillian's middle fingers doing their job. As if in a slow motion, Tonya pitched face forward and fell face first into the floor. Still the fighter, Tonya tried to get up, only to roll over and collapse on her back before Gillian, the skater's puffy eyes staring vacantly into the overhead lights. The slow heaving motion of Tonya's badly battered breasts matched the low moans of the nearly unconscious blonde woman lying at Gillian's feet.

But Gillian Anderson couldn't resist one final act of bravado. Tonya Harding lay motionless as Gillian climbed up onto a chair, and with a Zena-like war whoop, Gillian launched herself into the air over Tonya for the glorious finisher, ready to splash down hard on Tonya's body. Flying through the air like a madwoman, she never noticed as Tonya's right knee bent upwards, a bony spike waiting for Gillian's pussy to impale itself on ... which it dutifully did!!!
Gillian screamed thunderously as she landed, the full force of her weight driving Tonya's knee deeply into Gillian's pussy.

"OOOOOOOOHHHH GOD--- TONYA!!! MY CUUUUNNNNNTT!!!" yells Gillian, as she lands squarely on Tonya's knee, devastating the redhead with her savage knee lift to the crotch.

Gillian Anderson rolls about in pain on the floor, blinded by the most devastating agony she ever felt. Tears of pain stream down her lovely face, now screwed up tightly in anguish. Tonya Harding crawled over to the redheaded actress, as sweat poured down her voluptuous body. Tonya wrenched Gillian's hands away from shielding her shattered groin, then Harding slid the large diamond ring off her left hand and slipped into onto her right, then balled up her right and drove it as hard as she possibly could into Gillian's spread-open pussy. Pulling back her fist again, Harding launched another vicious punch right into Anderson's pussy, as Gillian's lithe body quivered in pain. Tonya got right up into Gillian's ravishing face.

"I hate you SO MUCH, you piece-of-shit whore, and I'm going to beat you so hard you'll never be able to fuck anyone again, Gillian!!!!"

Tonya shouts in Gillian's bloody face. Again and again, Tonya threw savage punches into Gillian's defenseless pussy.


The redheaded actress just lay there holding her pussy, moaning loudly, as spasms of pain shot through her body from her burning vagina.

"That's right, Anderson," Tonya jeered, "Just hold your stinking crotch in pain!!! I'll be right there to do the same to that bitchy face of yours."

With a scream of rage Tonya tore into Gillian's pussy again, this time ripping her long healthy red nails into the woman's cunt, getting more wails of pain from the redhead.

"I'm going to yank your fucking clit right off you Gillian, you fucking CUNT-LICKIN' SLUT!!!!" Tonya yells.
In shrill screams, Tonya yells for Gillian to give up. Her hard body quaking in pain, her vagina feeling as if it were doused in gasoline and set on fire, keeps shaking her head furiously as her body jerks in pain. But to Tonya's pain-filled, exhausted brain, she thinks she hears Gillian submit and so rips her hand out of Gillian's bloody pussy, and slumps over onto her side. Gillian can't figure out why Tonya quit so abruptly, but isn't about to question her extremely good luck. Her head still clouded in pain, Gillian stumbles to her feet and stands over her. Tonya is lying flat on her back, with her thick blonde hair in a wild mess around her. Both women look tantalisingly sexy with their bodies drenched in sweat. Gillian steps on Tonya's hair, grabs her wrists, and
yanks her up off the floor by her wrists, causing Harding's hair to almost get torn out of her head. Tonya shrieks like mad from the pain. After continuing this torment for about two minutes, Gillian smiles as she reaches down and claps her strong hands onto Tonya's exposed, sweaty breasts, then she pulls Tonya off the floor by her breasts, causing her back to arch. Tonya's breasts are being pulled, and her hair is being pulled too because Gillian is still standing on it. Tonya begins to sob in agony. Gillian pulls on Tonya's breasts for a few minutes, relishing every one of Harding's cries and sobs. Gillian finally releases her foe's breasts, and Tonya curls into a ball on her side and continues to sob uncontrollably, clutching her severely wounded mammaries.

Gillian Anderson, still standing on Tonya Harding's hair, once again grabs the blonde skater's bare breasts with her sharp red nails. She scratches and twists Tonya's bloodstained nipples until they're raw and bright red. After this torment, Gillian pulls Tonya's breasts off the floor, causing her back to arch.

"Does this feel good, Bitch?", Gillian taunts, "I'm going to rip your breasts off!!!"

When Gillian tires of this she releases Tonya's red, stretched-out, rubbery breasts, and then her hand reaches down to Tonya's crotch. Gillian grabs a fistful of pussy hair and pulls her off the floor with it, making her back arch again. Gillian is now pulling Tonya off the floor by her blonde pubic hair, while still standing on her hair, and Tonya is absolutely beside herself with agony and humiliation. Gillian pulls hard until a large clump of pussy hair rips off in her hand and Tonya's sweaty back falls to the floor, her hands clutching over her denuded pussy, and as it oozes red it feels like Gillian had just rammed a hot sharp knife into her tender womanhood.

Gillian Anderson hauled Tonya Harding to her feet by the skater's hair. "Come on, Bitch!!!!" says Gillian as she doubled up her fists. Gillian lashes out with her right fist, and plants it square into Tonya's bare, unflexed belly.

"OOOOOOhhhhfffuuu!!!" is the only thing that escapes Tonya's lips as she bends over double from the blow, all the wind knocked out of her.

"My turn now, you blonde Bitch!!!" screams Gillian, and hits Tonya's jaw with another hammering right.

Tonya goes down on her back hard, her head reeling, her stomach and her jaw nerves screaming in pain, her eyes rolling back.

"You can't get a hold of my tits now, bitch!!!" shouts Gillian as she grabs Tonya's ankles and opens up her legs like a wishbone. "Here's something to remember me by, BITCH!!!" Gillian yells, holding her foot high above Tonya's snatch.

Tonya knows what's coming, but before she can ready herself Gillian smashes her heel down hard on the blonde's pussy, guaranteed to change Tonya Harding's sex life for weeks to come.

"Want another one bitch??!!!" Gillian sneers.


But Gillian drops her entire knee this time into Harding's pussy, cracking the woman's pubic bone as Tonya screams out in total agony. Gillian crawls up to Tonya's head, and winding her fist up tightly in Harding's blonde tresses, Anderson pulls Tonya off the floor, and suddenly Tonya's right fist fires hard into Gillian's pretty face, Tonya's ring crunching into Gillian's nose hard, blood fountaining out as Gillian Anderson falls down hard.

"GOTCHA BITCH!!!!" Harding screams as Anderson moans in pain, blood welling up between her fingers.

Shaking off her dizziness, Tonya struggles up, standing, her body wracked with pain from her catfight with Gillian. Gillian, meanwhile, also struggles to her feet, trying to remember who had all but knocked her ass out.

"Blonde bitch!", she says, seeing Tonya. "You broke my fucking nose! For that, I'm going to kick your ass until you beg me to just knock you out!"

Gillian strikes out with her right foot, but, again, Tonya knocks the blow aside, and drives her own heel into Gillian's crotch. Gillian screams, and sinks to the floor holding her cunt. Tonya steps toward her, about to deliver another jab to her face, when Gillian, desperate not to get hit by Tonya's hard fists again, drives her own fist deep into Tonya's bleeding cunt. Tonya hits the floor screaming, and gathers herself into a fetal position, her brain trying not to think of the ass kicking she is about to get. But Gillian is hurting too much to take advantage, and while struggling to her feet she just falls against the wall. Gillian decides to give herself a break, as Tonya did not seem inclined to go anywhere.

Gillian walks over to Tonya, and drives a hard kick into her right kidney.

"OOOHHHHH GILLIAN!!! OHH GOD NOOO!!!", screams Tonya Harding, her back arching.

Gillian Anderson sends another kick into Tonya's left kidney, causing more screams. Tonya, rolling on her back to protect her kidneys, Harding catches a foot in the stomach and another to the crotch before she can even free her hands. As she collapses to her knees, Gillian mercilessly punches her in the stomach and rakes her slightly larger breasts. Anderson then takes a handful of Harding's blonde hair and lifts her to her feet, where she hefts Tonya up and body slams her to the floor. Moaning and holding her back, Tonya is treated to two more body slams before Gillian stands her up and crushes her in a face-to-face bearhug.

Anderson smiles as their breasts mingle, slipping and sliding, lubricated with a thin sheen of sweat. Harding's free hands climb up Anderson's shoulders and she pulls back to belt Gillian, but with a pained gasp, her manicured hands suddenly drop to her kidneys, where Gillian has jerked her hands, digging and turning her wrists further into Tonya's soft lower back. Every time Harding shows any offense, Gillian jerks her wiry arms from side to side with a loud grunt of exertion. Harding finally manages to wedge her hands into Anderson's tight bearhug and flexes her arms and back. Showing some upper body strength of her own, Harding breaks the hold. Tonya collapses to her knees, gasping her air and holding her back in pain. Anderson knows that she can't let the skater get a breath, and immediately pulls her up by the hair and hefts Tonya up, and Gillian dropped her across her extended knee for a spine snapping back breaker.

Anderson allows Harding to rise under her own power, but quickly regains control by grabbing Harding from behind in a high bearhug, centering her fists just below Tonya's firm breasts. Gillian clenches both fists together, wedging them right under Harding's erect nipples and puts the pressure to Harding's sternum. Again, Anderson pours on the power, grunting and groaning louder than Harding with each surge of pressure. Tonya is enraged, but feels powerless as Anderson's slick breasts work their way up and down her back. Harding's arms drop to her ribs, and she again wedges her hands down into the bear hug, but try as she might is unable to separate Gillian's grip.

Desperate, Harding instead slides her hand all the way down until it finds the redheaded actress's burning groin. Raking her fingers up Anderson's crotch breaks the hold with a scream, but Tonya is unable to follow up. As Tonya again rises from her knees, Anderson picks Harding up off the floor before dropping backward into a huge belly to back suplex. Tonya is dazed and rolls helplessly on the floor, holding the back of her head, which slammed into the floor at the end of the suplex. Gillian stands Tonya up and lands a gut punch that seems destined to come out other side.

With Tonya incapacitated in the centre of the room, Gillian sidles up behind her and slowly takes a seat on the floor. Wrapping her muscular thighs around Harding's midsection, Tonya's head snaps up in agony as Gillian pours on the power. Sweat pours down poor Tonya's heaving breasts as vainly tries to break the hold. First Harding tosses a few elbows back at Anderson, who leans back, out of range and continues to pour it on. Tonya struggles mightily trying to pry apart Gillian's ankles, but they are locked tight. Harding rakes her polished red fingernails down Anderson's rock hard thighs, earning screams of pain and leaving long red welts on Gillian's alabaster skin, but still the pressure increases, crushing Harding's chest. Finally Harding gropingly reaches back for Gillian's crotch again, but Anderson was waiting for this and grabs Tonya's arm in a hammer lock.

As both women roll on their sides, Tonya can barely be heard pleading for Gillian to stop. Anderson stands up with her deadly thighs soaked in sweat, and covered in long red welts and quivering from the effort. Harding still clutching her injured back and ribs as Gillian once more hauls her to her feet.

The two women slowly circle, but Gillian feels the advantage and quickly lunges into the lockup. Harding takes advantage of the lunge, landing the bottom of her foot on Gillian's left kneecap, and collapsing it backward at an extremely unnatural and painful angle. Rolling on the floor, Anderson is obviously hurt, and Tonya doesn't need a written invitation to take advantage. Grabbing Anderson's ankle, she twists it to the left, then the right, and then delivers a series of stomps and kicks to the back of Anderson's knee and thigh.

With her knee and hamstring on fire, Anderson hardly notices Tonya's next move. Harding next goes to the step over toe hold, twisting the knee and leaning into the hold, straining the hamstring on Gillian's magnificent leg. Tonya taunts Anderson as she leans forward, using her weight to stretch Gillian's leg. Again, Harding steps back and delivers a few well placed stomps to the knee and hamstring, ending her assault with a giant groin kick. Still holding the ankle high in the air, Harding twists it between her knees and falls to the floor, wrenching the leg, and then rolls to her back with Anderson's knee firmly between her thighs.

Wrenching and rolling and twisting the knee between her shapely legs, Harding can hear Anderson grunting and moaning. Anderson finally breaks out after a few agonising minutes by kicking Harding's bare butt with her foot, digging the toe into Tonya's groin. Stung by the kicks, Harding is still the first to her feet. Tonya Harding allows Gillian Anderson to rise to her feet before viciously sweeping her injured leg out from under Gillian with a wide round house kick. Twice more Tonya allows the hobbling Anderson to rise to her feet before dropping her again with a leg sweep. Each time, Anderson's leg flies up into the air with a scream, sending Anderson crashing down onto her rock hard butt. Gillian Anderson watches in pain as Tonya Harding drapes her injured leg over an begins to stomp it. After each pounding foot, Tonya asks for Anderson to quit, but only receives silence.

Frustrated, Harding rises slowly and takes Anderson's leg with her, using it to drag her helpless foe to the centre of the room. Harding returns to the step over toe hold while contemplating how to crush the mousy blonde and end the fall. After a few lunging stretches of Gillian's injured leg, Tonya breaks the hold by falling forward, taking Anderson's leg and hamstring with her. Feeling that she has properly tenderized Gillian's leg, Harding appears to go for the toe hold again, but instead locks a beautiful figure four leg lock, nearly breaking Gillian's left leg.

This time Harding is the one flexing her hard legs and butt. All the hours spent running and skating pay off as Anderson nearly passes out under the pressure. Anderson quickly begins pounding the floor, begging for Harding to break the hold. Tonya instead continues to pour it on, thrusting her sweaty hips up in an effort to add more leverage. Tonya throws Gillian's leg down hard, the blonde's sweaty face glowing with excitement as Harding watches as Anderson crawl away naked, unable to even stand on her left leg.

Tonya grabs Gillian's leg out from under her. Immediately going back to the step over toe hold, Tonya stretches Gillian's left leg and hamstring again. After a few seconds of work, Gillian again relies on a toe kick to Harding's crotch to break the hold. Gillian is able to get up, but Tonya again is kicking her leg and stomping the knee. After a few shots to the knee, Gillian collapses face down next to the wall, holding her knee and groaning. Harding plops her firm butt right onto Anderson's lower back, facing her feet. Tonya then applies what can only be called a butt claw, working the lower butt and back of the thigh where Gillian's hamstrings are beginning to feel more like violin strings. Gillian lets out cries of pain, but can only slap her hands on the floor as Tonya tortures her injured leg. Finally, Gillian is able to reach back and run her manicured fingernails down Harding's sweaty back, breaking the hold.

Tonya then decides to shift her claw hold a little north, and slams her hands between Anderson's legs. Leaning all of her weight into the hold, Harding applies what she is sure will be a match winning crotch claw. She gnashes her teeth as she grinds her fingers deeper into Gillian's groin, but Anderson quickly snap kicks her feet up from the knees, catching the blonde skater in the top of the head with both feet, nearly knocking her out. Gillian rolls to the side, dumping Tonya off her body, and with a painful gasp and then a relieved sigh, removes Harding's limp hand from between her legs. Anderson then takes her downed opponent's head and lightly places it between her legs, so that the back of Harding's head is resting between her legs against her pubic mound. She then grabs a hold of Tonya's hands, pulls them up toward her.

Anderson then wakes up the groggy Harding by cinching her legs into a crushing head scissors. What starts as a blood curdling scream ends in a tiny whimper as the pressure begins to take it's toll on Harding's already aching head. Anderson leans back like she was working on the rowing machine, pulling Tonya's arms over her head, and flexing her muscular legs.

Tonya's screams echo out from between Gillian's legs as she kicks and thrashes her feet wildly, trying to wiggle out of the vise like head scissors. The two girls roll as a single unit, first to one side then to the other, but Tonya is unable to break the scissors that are crushing her skull. Tonya's left hand and then her right break free, but it seems to be too late. Gillian actually has a large smile on her face when Tonya's pain-clouded brain commands her left hand to smash into the back of Anderson's injured knee. The blow buckles Gillian's leg and breaks the hold, but neither girl can even rise to her feet. While Gillian's reaches down holding her thigh moaning painfully, Tonya tries to clear her head, still wedged in between Anderson's now loosened thighs. With her blonde hair plastered down around her ears from the sweat and crushing scissors, Tonya rises first, blinking her eyes and holding her ears.

Tonya finally does manage to stagger to her feet, and finds Gillian still lying on her side, holding her injured leg. Harding wastes no time in grabbing both of Anderson's ankles, and parting them with a vicious groin stomp. Like Deja Vu all over again, Harding locks up Anderson's rock hard legs in a figure four and begins pumping her hips, thrusting them into the air and yelling at Anderson to quit. But of course the lusty redhead doesn't, and Tonya forces Gillian to her feet.

But as Gillian stood in front of Tonya, slamming her knee into Tonya's cunt sending her back and to the floor in pain. As the redhead charged forward a wary Tonya planted her own foot into Gillian's pussy and tossed her up and over her to crash into the hard floor with a loud grunt of pain. The blonde skater was right on top of her before Gillian could draw a breathe and slammed her foot down into her gut, then her breasts, slamming Gillian backwards hard, dazing her. Tonya started to straddle her when Anderson grabbed her tits and pulled her off her, Harding screaming as Gillian's nails pierced her titflesh. They rolled around in the floor trying to position the other for a scissors till Tonya Harding trapped Gillian Anderson in a chest scissors, reveling in the redhead's cries of pain as she tore at her tormentor's feet to free herself from the agonising hold as her smaller breasts were crushed by the strong blonde's well-toned and powerful legs.

Tonya brought her right hand up and attacked her Gillian's left tit with little effect until she rubbed the flat of her palm harshly over Gillian's erect and swollen nipple for a minute soon Gillian was red faced and screaming in agony her tit rubbed raw from the abrasive floor as Tonya added a punch to Gillian's jaw that snapped her head back and sent her hair flying from the force of the blow as she crashed to the ground. Taking no chances Tonya grabbed her ankles and spread her legs driving her heel like a freight train into Gillian Anderson's cunt till she was bellowing in pain. Then Tonya flipped her around, swapped ankles as she stepped over her trapped redheaded foe's back and facing her legs she sat down forcefully onto the small of Gillian's back , devastating Anderson's cunt with one hand while keeping her legs wrapped up with the other.

Gillian twists out of Tonya's grip and the two sweaty women get to their feet, trading hard breast and gut punches until Gillian is driven back in pain from a pair of vicious uppercuts to each of her tits as tries to cover up from Tonya's savage fistic assault. Gillian Anderson smashes back with a pair of unanswered blows to Tonya Harding's face and breasts that puts her on her ass, as Gillian traps her immediately in a standing scissors, pulling on the skater's hair. She reaches down and pulls up on Tonya's firm left breast, digging her nails in, then twisting it as Tonya howls in pain. Gillian grasps the blonde's ankles and starts dragging her backwards. Tonya bellows in pain as her tits are dragged across the floor, then she screeches in utter agony as the sadistic Gillian goes over the rough carpet, rug-burning Tonya's once magnificent breasts.

Gillian throws down Tonya's legs, glaring at her with fire in her eyes as she rubbed her right hand knuckles in preparation for slamming it into the blonde's face. But Tonya lashed out with a punch of her own as Gillian came forward and smashed her right fist into Gillian's face, snapping her head back with the force of the blow. Before Gillian could get her guard up, Tonya got to her feet gave her an elbow smash to the side of the head that sent her crashing to the floor. Tonya was standing right on top of her just in time to receive a weak punch to the cunt from a still slightly dazed Gillian. Then Gillian ripped into Tonya's pussy while on her knees and started to ravage her cunt, ripping a small clump from it as the now teary eyed Tonya retreated backwards fast, tripping over her own feet to get away.

While Tonya was starting to rise to her feet Gillian plowed her foot into her right breast, driving her toe nails in as the blonde winced in pain and fell backwards cupping her tit. Gillian wasted no time, reaching down and clasping her long red painted fingernails onto each of Tonya's larger breasts and pulled her up to her knees by them, as Tonya screamed out.

A smiling Gillian said "Awwww...., does that hurt, you little BITCHHHH!!!!" and she twisted each one in her hands as Tonya tried to rip her claws from her chest.

Getting nowhere fast and in total agony now Tonya returned Gillian's punch from before, driving her knuckles deep into Gillian's cunt as the actress grimaced in pain. To her credit Gillian still stood on her feet, her hands still crushing her opponent's larger breasts until Tonya started to twist her manicured hand around inside Gillian's cunt, driving her wild with pain and causing her to abandon her very effective titty attack. As Gillian reached down and wrapped her hands around Tonya's wrists, trying to pull it out of her pussy, Tonya slammed her fist into Gillian's face again, this time Tonya's ring opening a cut on her right cheek. Another punch to Gillian's broken nose had blood pouring down the right side of her face and mouth. Gillian finally managed to painfully rip Tonya's hand out of her burning pussy, only to have Tonya slam her other fist into it again, this time driving a now white-faced Gillian backwards and onto the ground shrieking in pain.


As Gillian lay there holding her wounded organ, Tonya straddled her and ground her nipples hard between her fingers and ring. Tonya added a few slaps to Gillian's face and breasts, while still trying to severe Gillian's thick raw nipples from her areolas. Gillian thrashed about crazily on the floor, trying to break out of Tonya's double nipple ripper. Gillian was desperate and she started to throw hard, wild punches at every part of Tonya's body. She pounded at Tonya's right tit driving it upwards with each hard punch as she drove her knuckles in while she pounded on her face with her other fist. Soon Tonya was bleeding profusely from her two split lips and her right breast was swollen and bruised from Gillian's constant attention.

Tonya was beginning to get wobbly when she brought her head down to Gillian's left breast and just about put the whole tit in her mouth, biting down hard as Gillian, her eyes ablaze with pain and torment, turned ashen again. Tonya bit down even harder, after first getting Gillian's nipple more erect by sucking her sweaty breast hard and painfully. Tasting blood, Tonya almost bit clean through Gillian's inflamed nipple, as the redhead screamed and moaned out in complete and total agony and defeat. Blood flowed down Gillian's breast, coating her mammary with a bright red shellac as her pretty green eyes danced in pain.

"Who's the better woman, BITCH???!!!" Tonya asked in a whisper, her lips dripping blood, as she breathed down heavily at Gillian.

"You are..." Anderson's voice was no more than a murmur as she passed out in flash of white hot pain.

A dazed and weakened Tonya struggled to her feet, and left a pain-wracked Gillian Anderson lying motionless on the floor.

The End (finally!)