Gillian Anderson vs. Teri Hatcher by maverik

The TV series' "Lois & Clark" and "X-files" were the rage and vied for position in the top ten rankings. Naturally, the question of who's the TV "queen" was up in the air although each candidate's right to the title was hotly defended by the fans of her show. The two leading ladies in question had vastly different personalities.

Teri Hatcher played Lois, Superman's love interest. At 5'6" tall the lithe brunette with shoulder length tresses looked taller due to a svelte figure and long, beautiful legs. She was a fit 120 lbs., very feminine and ladylike with a wonderful smile that enchanted viewers.

Gillian played the female lead in "X-files." Standing 5'3" with short auburn straight hair falling over her neck, she looked to be a fit, but thick, 120 lbs. Every inch beautiful, she was elegant in her own, professional-woman way.

Neither could really stand the other. Besides being four years apart in age (Teri was older and coming from different parts of the country, the two beauties were busy in their own lives and often gave their opposition "the look" whenever they saw each other at parties.

Teri had heard about Gillian mocking the way Teri looked "in distress" during the show when she faced off with Tracy Scoggins on screen. Everyone in the industry knew of Tracy's overpowering presence with other women although there wasn't any public knowledge suggesting she'd ever fought Teri.

When these vibes reached Teri, she was mad at Gillian for not only believing, but spreading, the gossip. How dare this chit of a girl pass such comments on her? Teri had often sized Gillian up in the past. Always a little worried about her powerful, thick thighs, Teri still believed she should take Gillian on and show her who the real TV queen was, i.e., herself!

Teri was fussing on with a sexy red miniskirt. Irritated by Gillian's comments, she was wondering how to confront Gillian at this evening's party without coming across as the aggressor. Slipping on her sandals, Teri caressed her calves and smiled. Fighting in heels was always tough, she thought, recalling how much trouble she'd had with Charlize Theron. Gillian didn't pose a challenge in height or reach like Theron, but her well-toned arms and legs would be a problem at short range Teri made another mental note about how to approach this task.

Meanwhile, across town putting on a full length green evening gown with a sexy side slit up either leg was Gillian Anderson. She smiled as she checked herself out in her mirror and tugged at her bodice. Today, if the gossip she'd started had reached that bimbo Teri, Gillian would get her chance to take on Teri in public at this party. She'd noticed Teri's glances when they'd met before and knew what was in store.

With her long, lithesome legs, slender arms, full breasts and innocent smile - Teri was a really gorgeous woman. Slipping the dress straps over her bare shoulders, Gillian smiled at the thought of taking down the brunette and teaching her a public lesson in humility. Plus, it would settle once and for all the question about who the real TV queen is.

The party was held outdoors, poolside at a lavish seaside hotel. The gentle evening breeze was slightly humid. Earlier, the usual merry-go-round between performers and the directors had ended and now everyone was engaged in fun and socializing.

Teri was looking around, trying to find Gillian when she heard, "Looking for me, Miss long legs?"

She turned to face the cocky, grinning Gillian holding a martini in her left hand.

Teri responded, "Funny, even with my height, midgets are still hard to find in a crowd. So what's this crap I'm hearing from my friends, bitch?"

Gillian hissed, "I've waited so long for this! I'll kick you ass so hard today, you'll be screaming the name of the real TV queen! Do you wanna settle it here and now or should we find a quiet restroom inside?"

Teri's eyes flared and without thinking, she slapped Gillian hard to her left cheek. The martini glass flew out of Gillian's hand and landed in some plants nearby.

Teri screamed, "I'm going to beat your sorry ass 'til you scream and beg to apologize to me!"

At the sound of the raised voices, everyone at the party turned around to look. They saw Gillian charge forward as Teri stepped to the side and landed a loud roundhouse slap on Gillian's back. Gillian let out a roar as she turned around but Teri kicked Gillian's shin and landed then another slap to her face without getting too close. Gillian's eyes were blazing in anger.

Teri was bouncing up and down and shouting, "Come on! Get some more, you stupid cunt!"

Gillian faked another charge, but this time she went for Teri's hair. Teri caught her hands and the two threw themselves into each other, their bodies pressing together. With their hands engaged, Gillian started pushing Teri with her chest and Teri was being forced to step back. Teri tried to remove her hands, but Gillian's grasp was firm. Teri was forced back until she felt her back bump up against a pillar.

Gillian shoved Teri sideways, sending her flying headfirst into the flower bed. Then Gillian kicked off her heels and waded in after Teri who was just getting up. Catching Teri's hair, Gillian dragged her out of the flower bed and stood her up. Before Teri could react, Gillian's fist crashed into her belly, bringing a loud "Ummphhh!" That punch was followed by another and another, each splat of Gillian's fist echoed by a corresponding "Unnnnnh" from Teri.

Teri's body doubled over as she desperately tried to grab Gillian around the waist. Gillian released Teri's hair, raised her elbow and smashed it down onto Teri's backbone just below her shoulderblades.

Teri wailed, "Ooooh! Aaaieee!!"

Teri tried to rub her back in the spot because it hurt so badly, but Gillian caught her wrist firmly and twisted. Teri was suddenly stooped over with one hand levered up high behind her back.

Gillian slapped the side of Teri's head with her free hand and kept shouting, "Who is the TV Queen? Come on. TELL EVERYBODY HOW YOU FEEL NOW, YOU SLUT!"

Gillian marched Teri toward the crowd around the pool. Everyone parted way to give this duo the center stage. Twice Gillian jabbed her free hand into Teri's side and each time she did, Teri yelped and bent lower.

Gillian was in full swing...

JAB... "I'm gonna crush you right here.

JAB... Let everyone SEE who is the queen and who is her slave bitch!"

Gillian pulled Teri's head back by her hair and throttled her around the neck with the other arm after releasing the hammerlock. Teri raised her hands trying to free her hair and saw the clear starlit sky roll past her eyes as she was bent backward, her knees buckling.

Teri landed on her ass on the pool deck with Gillian looming over her pinning her down. Teri's arms when toward her head as she fell, then a loud thud that was followed by her moaning.

Gillian placed Teri in a reverse face straddle trapped caught Teri's arms between her folded legs. Teri was pinned to the cement with her face covered by Gillian's gown. Gillian hauled Teri's legs back toward her, raising them as she pulled. Teri's miniskirt rode up to reveal her pink lace panties as her long, beautiful legs were stretched straight up in the air.

Teri groaned, "Mmph!"

Quickly, Gillian reached down, grabbed Teri's panties at the crotch and pulled, ripping them completely off as she continued to bend Teri's legs towards her, curling Teri's body around her belly. The wrinkles in Teri's abdomen flesh went unnoticed by the crowd of onlookers because her bare bottom, perfect and slim, yet full and firm, was the center of everyone's attraction. Especially when Gillian's flailing open palm started raining down stinging spanks onto it! Each cheek bore the brunt, the soft fleshy crevice parting with the soft "splat" that accompanied each heavy spank.

Tiring of this after a few minutes, Gillian bent forward and bit Teri's ass cheek, raising herself enough for Teri's loud screams and cries to fill the air. Gillian rose and started smoothing her rumpled dress, satisfied she had Teri where she wanted her; firmly handled, well-beaten and, hopefully, fully compliant.

Teri was sobbing loudly, rubbing her bottom with one hand and fumbling around on the cement trying to find her panties with the other. After some time, Teri finally sat up, her legs in front of her with her thighs tightly squeezed together, her knees raised and her arms wrapped around her thighs shielding her thick hairy pussy from view.

"So who is the REAL TV queen, you bitch?" Gillian roared over Teri's muffled sobs, kicking her in the ass for emphasis.

"You are," Teri muttered softly.

Gillian bent down, grabbed her hair and pulled it back as she looked into Teri's terrified face, "We can't HEAR you, bitch! So I'll ask again, WHO'S THE REAL TV QUEEN?"

"You are," Teri gasped, louder this time, her voice strained with shame and pain.

"LOUDER!" Gillian demanded, stomping the ground and making Teri tremble in fear.

"YOU ARE THE QUEEN....THE REAL are my queen," Teri gasped as she started bawling; her body racked by sobs shaking and quivering as she shouted out her submission.

The crowd stood looking in stunned silence, enjoying the fight but even more this decisive ending. Teri finally stood up and a couple of her friends rushed to her side, pulling at her skirt and adjusting her top.

Teri murmured, "She caught me by surprise, the bitch!"

Gillian heard her remark and spun around.

"What did you say just now, you lyin' whore? You wanna get another spanking right here? Or maybe we can go skinny dipping together?"

As Gillian stepped toward a terrified Teri, Teri was backing away, her arms raised defensively.

Teri cried to the approaching Gillian, "No, I'm sorry, Gillian. Please don't….not again!"

As Teri kept backing up further, Gillian kept advancing toward her. Gillian backed Teri onto the pavement surrounding the pool, then she crouched and faked flinging her arms as if to tackle Teri. Six feet away, Teri yelped and stumbled, falling backward and landing on her ass with her feet in the air.

Gillian laughed at her embarrassed rival and said loudly, "Whenever you think you're woman enough for a rematch, just call me. I'll knock that thought outta your empty head. OK, bimbo?"

Teri remained laying prone on the pool deck with her hands pleading, her blushing face staring down at her lap. Teri just wanted this humiliating experience to end. Gillian waited a few minutes, staring at Teri who refused to raise her eyes and look at Gillian. Then Gillian shrugged, smiled and turned her back on Teri, knowing she'd proven her point. Gillian strutted away to go look for her shoes but it was much later, when Teri's friends assured her several times that Gillian had really left before Teri got up, collected herself and walked to her car to go home in shame and humiliation.

When she reached the parking lot, Teri's heart stopped. Tracy Scoggins was leaning on her car waiting for her. Tracy crooked her finger and motioned for Teri to "come here." Teri walked slowly over and stopped in front of the big brunette. Tracy reached out and slowly ran her fingernail over Teri's cheek, down her neck and across her chest. She stopped with her nail burrowed into the flesh between Teri's heaving breasts.

"Now, you see what happens when you don't listen to me little one?" Tracy purred.

Teri nodded silently. Tracy hooked her finger in Teri's cleavage and pulled her around the car, opened the passenger door and pushed Teri's bottom into the seat. Then Tracy walked around the car, got behind the wheel and snapped her fingers.


Teri hurriedly dug her keys out of her purse and handed them to Tracy with trembling fingers.

"Wha…where are you taking me?" Teri muttered.

"You'll see," Tracy said. "I belong to a private club. We'll get you something a drink to get you over that humiliating exhibition you put on, then we can discuss my expanded role in the show….."