Gillian Anderson vs. Salma Hayek: The Scene by SamDog 01-Jul-99)

Gillian Anderson screamed in pain as a punch to the jaw snapped her head back. Backing her against a wall, Salma Hayek smashed two punches to her tits and an uppercut to her chin, stunning the redhead. Salma came at Gillian only to meet a straight right to her left cheek that snapped her head to the right side, never seeing the uppercut that exploded onto her left tit as she grimaced in pain and fell back a step, bringing both arms up to protect her tits from any further punches! Gillian ripped a left jab into Salma's unprotected face, splitting her lower lip as her knuckles crashed squarely on the Mexican's chin. She drove her fists repeatedly into Salma's tits as she screamed in pain as the blows started to turn her tits black and blue. Desperate, Salma ripped punches into each of Gillian's ripe and undefended tits, getting a gasp of agony from her foe's lips at each pain filled blow. Grabbing a handful of hair she tugged the redhead into a punch to the side of her head. Salma started pounding her again and again as she held her head in range by the hair before finally letting Gillian slump to the floor in agony.

The feud had simply begun as a movie scene. A director had planned for a staged fight scene in an upcoming movie. After a long and brutal struggle, Salma's character was supposed to finally defeat Gillian's character. However, as time dragged on, Salma grew more and more cocky, bragging about what a great fighter she was and how she could mop the floor with anyone. Gillian on the other hand was getting tired of voluntarily being thrown around, especially by somebody like Salma. Eventually, the two got into a fight and had to be separated. Far from finished, they agreed to meet at Gillian's house to settle their differences. Upon her arrival, they stripped to bras and panties and both dreamed of victory.

Pulling her foe by her red hair with both hands, Salma smashed her knee up into Gillian's tits a few times through her bra before letting her fall to the floor. "How's that feel, bitch?" she cried out as Gillian moaned in pain. Before Salma could capitalize Gillian's legs shot out and wrapped around her waist. The redhead used her powerful legs to force her down to the floor and onto her side as the trapped beauty pulled her hair, trying to free herself. A cry of pain echoed throughout the room but Gillian's scissors held Salma tightly. Salma's face was twisted in pain as she raked her nails down the sides of her rival's sexy legs leaving scratches along them. Gillian just grit her teeth, determined to crush the bitch to defeat with her legs. Gillian grabbed Salma's wrists and tightened her legs, enjoying her domination.

Salma's pretty face was twisted in pain from the scissors as she struggled to free her hands from her rival's clutches. Freeing her hands she tore off Gillian's bra and began crushing Gillian's tits as her face twisted in agony. With her legs crushing Salma's sides Gillian seemed to be winning, but Salma's talons were making quick work of her tits, now swollen and covered with her desperate nail rakes. Salma reached out desperately and clasped Gillian's left tit fully in her hand and gave it a twist to the left then to the right and now had her full attention as she screamed, tried to pry the fingers from her now aching tit.

In agony, Gillian ripped of Salma's bra and began twisting her tits, desperate to free her own. Gillian started to throw some punches at her trapped foe, striking her in the right eye and then her left cheek which started ballooning up almost immediately. Gillian screamed suddenly as Salma reached out and grabbed both her tits in her hands and was twisting and turning the flesh as she drove her nails in like screws into wood. Gillian's legs sprang open and she used them to kick Salma away, crying out as her tits were pulled outwards, as she kicked her rival away till her breasts were free from her painful grip.

Both ladies glared at each other as they each caught their breath, each massaging their injured boobs. After a moment of silent staring and facing each other on their knees, the two ladies started to duke it out, first Salma connected with a short right hook that splashed Gillian's right tit against her ribcage. As she grimaced in pain a left uppercut caught her under her jaw, snapping her head back! Salma drove a straight right into the nipple of her foe's left tit and was rewarded with a loud cry from her rival's mouth. Salma slammed a punch into Gillian's nose, knocking her on her back as blood began to flow. Before Gillian could even move Salma came down ass first onto her belly, knocking the wind from her and began to assault her tits with some more punches!

Salma shifted her weight forward, squatting her butt down on Gillian's boobs, straddling her foe's chest and pinning her arms at her side. The Mexican grabbed two handfuls of hair and bounced Gillian's head up and down on the floor. Working on instinct, the redhead bucked her hips, arching her body up. Salma was too far forward to maintain her perch and rolled off of her, quickly get to her feet. Still dazed, Gillian was on one knee trying to get up as Salma's kick tagged her in the head, as she fell back to the floor. Grabbing Gillian's hair with her left hand and pulling her up, Salma's foot lashed out and clipped her in the side of her face four times in rapid succession. Holding Gillian's head at arms length, Salma uncorked a devastating open hand slap to her face as blood began flowing from her nose. Pulling Gillian's head low, she slammed three kicks into her cunt before letting her fall to the floor.

Straddling Gillian, Salma reached down and crushed her smaller tits in her hands, digging her nails into the tender titflesh as the redhead yelled out and grabbed Salma's wrists, trying to free her chest. Salma ripped her hands outwards, raking her nails across Gillian's tits as the redhead bellowed in anguish. Salma then reached in and latched onto Gillian's nipples and started twisting them like taffy as her rival's body stiffened in response and struggled furiously underneath. Enjoying Gillian's painful cries, Salma reared backwards as she tugged on both tits, pulling them upwards and causing Gillian to scream in utter anguish. She held them there for a few seconds and then she came forward, releasing them. Salma brought her fists smashing down right across the nipples of each, driving them in deeply as her dainty fists sank in behind them as Gillian roared on agony!!!!

Smiling, Salma grabbed each nipple and again she reared back as she tugged the tits back by them and ripped the nipples left and right, then still holding the right tit she came forward and began chopping the underside of the tit over and over as Gillian screamed at the top of her lungs.

"You bitch! My tits!" Gillian sobbed, her hands holding on to Salma's wrists limply.

Salma continued her chopping again and again, really sinking the side of her hand deeply into the now swollen and bruised tits. After a few more chops she released it and grabbing the other nipple and began the same treatment. Gillian screamed as Salma savagely raked her nails up the undersides of her tits till she had scratched them up pretty badly.

"What's wrong, bitch?" Salma taunted. "Am I hurting you?"

Gleeful, Salma began slapping Gillian's tits as the redhead screamed in agony. Desperate, Gillian slugged Salma in the mouth and unseated her. As they rolled Salma's knee caught Gillian in the pussy! The redheaded beauty cried out in pain as Salma took full advantage and grounded her knee against it as she slammed her head against the floor by the hair! Now on top and her foe laying stunned beneath her, Salma really let her have it as she pounded her head again and again then she released one hand and slapped Gillian in the face while holding her by the hair!

To her credit, Gillian still managed to drive her fist against Salma's left tit, bringing a look of pain across her foe's face! A second blow looked like it would unseat Salma as her face twisted in agony, but she managed to right herself and she rammed her knee down against Gillian's cunt again and the redhead yelled in anguish as Salma started slapping her in the face with hard stinging blows! Salma straddled Gillian's belly and trapped her arms beneath her knees. With an evil grin she started pulling and twisting Gillian's nipples as the redhead twisted and squirmed in pain under her!! Salma smashed her fist down on each of Gillian's breasts in quick succession till the redhead was obviously in great pain, unable to defend herself from the blows.

Standing, Salma pulled Gillian up by her hair and slammed a punch to her face, dropping her to the floor. Pulling her up again, the Mexican nailed the redhead with an uppercut to the chin, putting her flat on her back. Pulling her up one final time, Salma held onto her hair as she ripped off Gillian's panties and sank her fingers in, mauling her pussy. Gillian's eyes went wide as her legs went limp, moaning in agony as her cunt was ravaged. In excruciating pain, a desperate Gillian mustered up all of her strength and grabbed a hold of Salma's skimpy bikini bottom. She pulled up with all her might and a surprised Salma screamed in pain and let go, as Gillian fell to her knees. As Salma struggled to pull her panties back down, Gillian slammed her fists into Salma's cunt, dropping her as well.

Crawling on top of her foe, Gillian ripped off Salma's panties and gripping her pussy hair with all five fingers began yanking it out by the clumps, the Mexican screaming in agony. Gillian reached into Salma's sweaty cunt and grabbed a hold of a wet clit and began pulling on it and twisting it making it red as a beet. Salma by now was letting out deafening screams that sounded almost inhuman, they were so loud that Gillian had to punch the Mexican out to silence her. Gillian reached down and latched onto each of Salma's breasts, wrenching the tits out to the sides as her body jerked in response. Gillian smiled wickedly as she gouged her fingernails into the soft pliable titflesh as again her rival's body jerked at the ravaging of her tits, her screams filling the room with each hard pull. After a minute of absolute titty torture Gillian grabbed her left tit in one hand and began sending punches against it from the outside, driving her knuckles in deeply with each blow and then grinding them back and forth.

Gillian pummeled the pretty Mexican's face and tits, paying special attention to Salma's boobs, her fists smashing into the titflesh as her foe's face twisted in pain with each shot. Desperate, Salma wrapped her lithe sexy legs around the brunette's midsection and poured every ounce of strength she had into them as a visibly pained Gillian barely suppressed a cry as her sides were crushed by her foe's powerful scissors!

"I'm going to cut you in half, you bitch, then I'll really pound the shit out of those poor excuses for tits that you have!"

Gillian shuddered in pain as Salma's fists plowed into her tits simultaneously, mashing the jugs painfully as they crashed into the flesh. Salma drew her fists back and again brought them crashing down onto Gillian's breasts!

"Arrrhhhhh!" was torn from the redhead's lips as she grabbed both of Salma's wrists.

A cruel smile crossing her lips, Salma grabbed each already swollen tit in her fingers, mashing the tender flesh between her fingers as her trapped foe bucked wildly, crying out in agony!

Standing, Salma pulled Gillian to her feet and rammed her fist into Gillian's stomach again and again, causing her to arch over in pain. Salma let loose a hard uppercut that slammed into the tender underside of Gillian's left tit, sending the tit flying painfully upwards as she let out a small moan of pain. Salma slammed another blow into the other breast as Gillian, her face contorted in pain, struggled to regain control, ripping and tugging Salma's left breast around by the nipple. Blow after tremendous blow crushed her right tit against her chest as the Mexican hellcat hammered her breast flat as tears streamed down her face from Gillian's attack on her left nipple and tit! Gillian was in more trouble though then Salma as her tits were bruised and swollen from her attack.

Desperate, Gillian wailed without mercy on each of Salma's tits. She knocked them left and right, up and down, her knuckles plowing deeply into the soft titflesh as Salma's face lit up in utter agony as she gasped loudly with each blow then. The Mexican finally brought up her guard to protect her over pounded chest as Gillian unleashed a kick to her pussy, dropping her to her knees. Gillian viciously rammed her knee into her rival's right tit as Salma's cry echoed around the room.

"How does it feel you little bitch? You like it, don't you?"

Gillian brought her knee up and crushed Salma's right tit again, this time causing her rival to turn white with pain as blood vessels in her tit are burst from the force of the blow. Enjoying herself, Gillian started to slap the right tit over and over between ripping out handfuls of hair, the bruises soon accumulating on her rival's right tit from the hard slapping she is subjecting the breast to. A sobbing Salma was tugged roughly by the hair, forcing her head up, and Gillian smiled cruelly as she twisted Salma's tits, Salma's voice reaches new levels of loudness as she was slammed against the wall, her tits getting a vicious twisting at her hated rival's hands as she tugged at the redhead's wrists, desperate to free herself from the monumental pain being inflicted on them.

Pulling Salma away from the wall, Gillian smashed her knee over and over into Salma's cunt, as the Mexican sobbed in agony. Finally, the redhead let Salma fall to the floor battered and beaten, as she tried to massage the pain away from her tits and cunt. Gillian straddled her devastated foe and astride Salma, she slapped the bruised and battered boobs around as Salma roared in agony, tears streaming down her pretty face.

"I guess we know who's the better woman, bitch!" Gillian shouted, ramming her fist into Salma's cunt as she said so!

Salma moaned incoherently after two more savage blows to her cunt from the victorious redhead. Gillian lowered her chest onto Salma's face, breast smothering her with her smaller tits, the ultimate insult for Salma.