Gillian Anderson vs. Salma Hayek by LoneWolf



The words echoed around the set as both Gillian Anderson and Salma Hayek stood in front of each other with their hands on their hips staring directly into each others eyes. Several studio workers and those on the set turned their attention towards the two and wondered what was going on.

"Who are you calling a whore?" screamed Gillian.

"You!" answered Salma. "And what's more. Not only are you a whore, you're a skank, slut, tramp and a cunt too!"

The director moved in between the two, but was shoved aside by both ladies.

"Listen you fat-titted cow! Why don't you go back to the street turning tricks where you belong!"

The director again tried to get in between, but was again pushed aside by Gillian. Only this time as he was being moved, Salma Hayek sucker punched Gillian in the mouth which knocked her backwards a step or two.

"Fuck!" screamed Gillian as she grabbed her mouth. Salma moved forward and grabbed a handful of Gillian's red hair in one hand and then punched once again, only this time connecting to the redheads cheek. Gillian felt the blow and retaliated by grabbing onto Salma's hair and started pulling. Salma reared back and hit Gillian again with a punch to the mouth, but took one to the eye from the redhead who swung back. The two of them stood there with one hand in the other's hair and their free hand swinging wildly. Salma connected twice more and Gillian hit three times before they closed in and began grappling.

The director once again tried to break them apart, but because of his puny size he was knocked for a loop when Gillian's fist missed Salma and hit him square in the jaw. He landed on his ass.

"That's it!" He screamed. "Let em beat the hell outta each other! I don't care! Just make sure they don't kill one another!"

He got to his feet and stormed away to his office looking to check on his face.

At this point the two females fell to the floor in a heap. Salma landing on top of Gillian. Their tits were plastered against each other and Salma's larger tits were crushing Gillian's.

"Get off me, you Bitch!" screamed Gillian as she pulled on Salma's hair.

"Fuck you!" Salma replied as she took hold of Gillian's hair and banged her head off of the floor several times.

Each time Gillian's head hit the floor, a groan escaped her lips.

Salma positioned herself sitting on top of Gillian's stomach, "Let's take a look at what kind of shit kickers you got under this shirt!"

With that said Salma grabbed the v-neck on Gillian's shirt and ripped it down the front and then grabbed hold of the black lacy bra underneath. Gillian's squirmed under Salma trying to get her off, but decided that if Salma wanted to fight dirty then she could do just as well. So Gillian latched onto the Latin's shirt and tore it open as the buttons on her blouse flew off in different directions.

The studio crew had gathered around to watch this battle still not even sure why these two were fighting, but when the shirts started coming off and breasts were popping into view, they didn't seem to care and actually began cheering on their favorite.

"C'mon Salma, rip her tits off!"

"Get her Gillian! Show her what an ass kicking really is!"

As their tops went flying and their bras were ripped away, Gillian grabbed Salma behind the head and pulled her forward. Again Salma's tits were plastered against Gillian's only this time when Salma's boobs were flattening Gillian's, their was no material in between. They then began to roll around on the floor each of them trying to gain the top position and studio crew moving quickly aside when the action spilled towards them.

Salma again ended up on top and quickly slapped the redhead's face as she sat on her stomach. Gillian's cheek stung from the blow and she reached up to ward off another strike. Salma's second slap broke through Gillian's defenses and struck her again on the face. Gillian planted her feet as firmly on the floor as she could and tried to buck Salma off, but was unsuccessful and ended up taking a third slap to her cheek.


"What's wrong Slut? Can't take it?"

No sooner had the words escaped Salma's lips then she cried out in pain as Gillian's hands wrapped themselves around her titflesh and began squeezing for all she was worth. Digging her nails into the soft flesh as she poured on the pressure.


"What's wrong whore? Can't YOU take it?"

Salma then retaliated in kind and grabbed onto both of Gillian's boobs. Both lady's tits were being squeezed and punished beyond their threshold of pain, but neither wanted to submit to the other. Gillian twisted her right hand and tried to corkscrew Salma's larger boob. Salma groaned out loud as the pain hit her. She added to her tit attack, by latching onto both of Gillian's erect nipples and twisting them in between her fingernails threatening the redhead that she would tear them off.

The two of them were sobbing as their own breasts were screaming at them to stop the punishment. Salma eased up on her tit torture and this gave Gillian the opportunity to pull Salma off of her. The brunette rolled one way and Gillian scrambled away in another. They each got to their knees and massaged their tits trying to soothe the pain. They stared daggers at one another before getting to their feet and charging at each other.

They crashed together wildly throwing punches and slaps, while ripping out handfuls of the others hair. red and dark hair began to spill on the floor as the struggled in each others arms. Salma felt Gillian getting the advantage, but as she attempted to try and swing the advantage to her favor, she tripped over a long extension cord that was lying on the floor. As Salma fell she refused to let go of Gillian's hair and ended up dragging the redhead to the floor with her.

Unfortunately for Salma, when Gillian hit the ground she landed on top of Salma and her knee struck the brunette's crotch. Salma grimaced in absolute pain and tried to ignore the searing agony that was hitting her and continued to yank on Gillian's hair.

As they scrambled on the floor they rolled into a studio light. The equipment fell to the floor with a crash, but it did nothing to stop the battle. They continued to roll around on the floor with their bodies slapping together and their hands grabbing at the others hair. the roll came to an end when Salma rolled against a wall and Gillian mounted herself on top.

"Look's like somebody's losing!" Gillian yelled as she grabbed Salma by her hair and punched her in the face.

Salma squealed as she through her hands up and grabbed a hold of Gillian's wrists in an effort to keep the redhead from hitting her as well as trying to free her hair.

"Get her off you, Salma!" someone yelled from the crowd.

Salma bucked while trying to maintain her grip on Gillian. This only caused the redhead to move further up Salma's body which actually did more harm then good for Salma.

Gillian struggled to free her wrist from Salma's grip and when she did, held it to the floor above her head. Gillian then moved up Salma's body until she was able to use her knee to pin the arm to the floor. She then used both of her hands to pin down Salma's other arm. Salma realized what was happening and began to buck around furiously trying to unseat Gillian from her perch. It took several moments, but Gillian finally was able to pin Salma down with a schoolgirl pin as the Latin's struggles slowly weakened underneath her.

Gillian raised her hand and then slapped Salma across the cheek several times.





Salma began crying as Gillian's hand raised up for a fifth strike.

"Give?" asked the redhead.

Salma didn't respond. She only continued sobbing.


"I asked you a question, BITCH!" screamed Gillian.

"YES!" sobbed Salma. "I give."

Gillian then stood up and looked down at Salma who curled up into a fetal position now crying uncontrollably.

"Next time you better watch what you say about people! You might just get your ass kicked again!"

Gillian punctuated the statement by kicking Salma in the side. She then bent over and picked up the remnants of her clothes, not even bothering to look back at the Latina still crying on the floor.

The End.