Pamela Anderson vs. Salma Hayek by NewGUY (22-Apr-00)

Now coming down to the ring, Pamela Anderson wearing a tight red dress that is so short that you can see her ass cheeks. The crowd see that and they hoot and holler. She is also wearing black high heels. Coming to the ring after Pamela is her opponent, Salma Hayek wearing a black dress, black high heels, and black stockings that are above the knees. Salma gets an equal reaction from the crowd if not more.

The ref signals for the bell, and the match begins. Salma begins to move forward but Pam tells her to stop. Pam takes off her dress so that she begin the fight in her white bra and thong panties. The crowd screams. Salma does the same, but she will start off with her stockings and panties, with no bra (give me an affirmative hell yes!).

The crowd screams even louder saying take it all off. Salma motions for the crowd to quiet down.

Salma says, "We should fight woman to woman."

Salma starts to take off her panties (hell yeah!). The crowd screams.

Before Salma takes removes her panties from around her ankles, Pam runs up and gives a right knee right into Salma's face (maybe Salma should have let Pamela finish taking her clothes off first). The crowd does not boo because they got to see Salma in all her glory. As Salma lands on her bare ass, Pam takes advantage and sits on Salma's stomach to start pummeling on Salma. Pam pinches, punches, and slaps on Salma's tits.

After a few minutes of that, Pam picks Salma up by her hair and then whips her into the ropes. Of course Salma falls flat on her face because her legs are entangled in her panties. Pam turns Salma onto her back so she can pummel on Salma's tits again, but Salma kicks Pam in both tits with her high heels and Pam falls down.

Salma says, "Ooohhhh, bitch went down! Maybe you shouldn't have attacked me like that. I said lets fight woman to woman. I guess you finally realized that your tits and pussy are so ugly that you shouldn't show you body anymore like the whore you are!"

Salma decides to finish taking off her panties, but instead of getting up and attacking Pam, she rubs her tits because of the pummeling that she received earlier.

Pam gets up before Salma, and says, "You little Mexican bitch! What did you say to me? I'll show you has the better tits!"

Pam takes off her bra.

Salma, "Well you showed me that I have the better breasts."

Pam says nothing, and she sits on Salma and smothers Salma. Salma struggles a while, then bites Pam on both of her breasts. Pam stands up and yells loud. Salma sees that Pam left her legs wide open and Salma bends both of her legs on top of her and she kicks up. Pam goes flying back crying like hell because Salma hit her pretty damn hard. Salma gets up and decides she wants to finish it.

Salma climbs the turnbuckle and waves to the crowd and the crowd goes wild. Salma's new finishing move is to jump off the turnbuckle and land with both feet onto her opponents pussy (Ouch!).

Then all of a sudden, the crowd sees someone coming down to ringside.

Maria Grazia Cuccinotta goes up behind Salma, moves Salma's legs to side and Salma hits the turnbuckle with her pussy hard. Salma's jaw drops and she starts to cry and cry. Pam sees the advantage and climbs the turnbuckle in front of Salma. Pam wants to superplex Salma, but Pam is hit on the back of her head with a chair by Monica Bellucci.

Pam is out, but Salma will not get out that easily. Maria takes out a table and sets out in the middle of the ring.

Monica climbs up the turnbuckle, gets Salma's right breast and pussy and does a gorilla press from the top rope onto the table.

Salma is immediately out cold.

Maria got a fire hose from backstage and turned it on, getting Salma all wet and waking her up.

Salma sees Pam on the floor and asks, "Did I win?"

Monica says, "No, you little bitch."

Salma sees Monica and Maria and starts to run, but Maria grabs Salma's clit.

Salma screams.

Monica grabs a hold of Salma's legs and gives one leg to Maria who lets go of her clit hold. Maria and Monica each have a leg, to pull on. Salma's legs are spread wide apart as Salma screams very loud that it hurts. The crowd takes pictures of Salma's open house and cheer, barely loud enough to be heard over her screams.

Here comes another Italian, Anna Falchi.

Monica and Maria put Salma's back to a turnbuckle with her left arm over the top rope to the left, her right to her right side and the same with her legs on the second rope. Anna starts to run and knees Salma right in the cunt.

She's unconscious again.

The three Italians call for their fourth partner, Alessia Merz, but she doesn't come out. They are worried, but before they leave the ring, they see Alessia come flying out from backstage and land on her face. She is holding her pussy.

Then they see Talisa Soto.

"Who the hell is that?"

Talisa tells them, then grabs Alessia's legs, turns her onto her back and kicks Alessia right in the cunt (Will these women ever tire of that?).

The three Italians get mad and start to leave the ring.

Catherine Zeta Jones comes out from backstage as the three Italians follow Talisa backstage and Catherine hits Anna and Maria in the head with a chair and then Monica right in her pussy (again?). Talisa and Catherine work on Monica and of course, her pussy. Catherine holds Monica's arms as Talisa does her marital arts all over her. Kick after kick, Monica screams and screams. Talisa and Catherine do the same with Maria and then Anna before they go to help Salma.

They all leave the ring and kick the Italians in their tits, but they decided to strip them. Of course Catherine was Salma's partner in the tag team tournament, but what does Talisa Soto have to do with it?

After they leave, Jenny McCarthy comes out and helps her friend Pam Anderson. When Pam came to, she vowed she would get revenge on the Italians because they did not let her finish off Salma.