Not Another Government Agent! (Gillian Anderson vs. Marg Helgenberger) by TNT

"Oh, no, here she comes; another #$%@!+* government agent! I'll handle this one," Marg Helgenberger snarled as she watched the beautiful redhead wander in to the place she was diligently working.

"Watch where you're going Red," she said, "Hey dummy, don't mess with that! What are you, some kinda idiot?"

"Back off! We KNOW what we're doing. You're the idiots," Gillian snapped.

She loosened her thin topcoat, then slipped out of it, walked over and carelessly threw it into an area that was not to be compromised.

"You bitch! You did that on purpose. Let's step outside honey where we can settle this turf war and powerquest once for all like real ladies!"

She pointed to the back door of the small house where obviously something mysterious and nasty had taken place. The two beautiful women stepped through the door into a large grassy backyard. Their other teammates hadn't arrived yet; maybe they'd be late. Each smiled to herself knowing the others 'back-up' wouldn't arrive at all. Each wanted this to be a private - very private - event because they hated each other with a passion.

"You might as well get comfy too; go ahead, kick off your heels too, hon," Marg said as she slipped out of her heels.

Gillian did the same; both pairs of sexy feet were now only clad in sheer pantyhose; they both looked beautiful; short skirts; Gillian wore a front button blouse. Marg a tight low-cut, thin sweater that accentuated her small-but-oh-so-firm and perky breasts. The two took a defensive stance and began their banters and taunts. Marg was confident; she really wanted to take Gillian down a notch. Gillian smiled as she thought how fun it would be to work Marg over; to pull her hair, slap her pretty face, work her fingers up under that sweater and go to town with her fingers on whatever hidden treasure she found.

"This may be the scene of another crime scene," Marg snickered, crinkling her nose and winking.

"Yeah, somebody's gonna find your lovely bruised and naked body, you smart-ass bitch!" Gillian snarled as she balled her fist and prepared to lunge.

Marg charged. She couldn't wait to strangle the 'redheaded smartass, know-it-all, I'm-from-the-government-and-what-I-say-goes' bitch who'd approached her with such condescension and in less than five minutes had ruined all her work.

"ARGHHHHH!" Gillian sidestepped the last second, lashed out her leg and sent the lovely Marg sprawling to the grass.

"That was stupid, I shouldn't lose my cool like that," Marg spoke to herself angrily, thoughtfully as her firm sensitive breasts plowed into the ground as she skidded to a stop in the wet grass. It hurt like hell but she couldn't let her hurt show or deter her. She wanted this government babe to learn her place and it was going to be most enjoyable giving her the lesson.

"Guess they don't teach you how to fight, huh? Oh, that's right, you're sooooo specialized. Get up Marg, honey, I can't wait to strangle you with your own bra."

"Owwww! Ohhhh! It hurts," Marg moaned and groaned like she was dying. Gillian stared at her intently; cautiously and very reluctantly she walked up to the downed beauty.

"I didn't even hit you, you can't be that hurt! You'd better not be faking bitch. I’m smart, I have insight and intuition; I know when someone is trying to pull a fast on... WHOOSH! "Aawwwwck...Nooooo!"

The long luscious leg snapped outward; minus one for the government as Gillian dropped like a rock; in mid-fall a hammerfist smashed into her stomach, then long fingers buried into her luscious silky red hair.

"Stand to your feet, Gillian, sweetie, lets talk; girl-talk; you this!"

Marg jerked Gillian to her feet by her hair, then delivered two hard slaps, three rock solid punches; one to her stomach and one to each lovely full breast. One groan and two screams told Marg that she was making an impression on her rival.

"Wanna get smart with me Red, honey, maybe not after today you'll have more respect," Marg snarled as she snapped a punch to Gillian's chin. A vicious hairpull by Marg dragged the screaming government babe all around the yard, until she was dizzy.

"Better take a rest, honey, you are kind of wobbly," she snickered; a kick to the back of Gillian's legs brought her to her knees.

"RIIPPPPPPP!" Noooooooo!" Gillian shrieked as Marg tore grabbed the back of her blouse and tore it down off her shoulders. She slipped the bra strap off the luscious shoulder and yanked the clothing down, partially exposing the full right breast.

Slipping behind Gillian, Marg grabbed her by the chin, jerked her head back, thrusting the redheads chest out; she reached down and scooped up the breast lifting it out of the loose bra and torn blouse.

"Nice! Is this another government-issue thing?" she teased as she cupped the big milky white pleasure mound.

Marg smiled as she tweaked the thick stiffening pink nipple between her thumb and forefinger; she squeezed firmly then crushed the luscious nub.

"ARGGGGGH!" Gillian groaned in agony. "OUCHHHH! My boob...leggo my boob!" Gillian shrieked, bucked and writhed furiously, her fingers trying to pry Marg's fingers off her breast.

Desperate for relief she dug her sharp nails into her attackers wrist.

"AAACK!" fiery pain shot up Marg's arm, she jerked back so hard on Gillian that she lost her balance; still moaning, rubbing her sore breast and turning her head to relieve her sore neck she slowly got up. She sent a hard kick to Marg's chest just as the lovely CSI star started to rise. The blow sent her sprawling on her back and in a flash Gillian stood over her. She was so mad she ignored her own pain as she dealt with her opponent.

"Take THIS!" she snarled as she kicked her in the ribs, then slammed her foot down on her rivals abs. Marg's body jackknifed as she let out an agonized groan..."Uhhhhhh!" Gillian laughed. The lovely Marg was a mess; her beautiful hair disheveled, her lovely face twisted in a painful grimace, her tight sweater soaking wet and covered with grass stains, her skirt torn and there were some nice runs in her pantyhose. Gillian removed her foot and stood with her legs straddling Marg as she looked down smirking.

"It's gonna be fun stompin' you, squashing those tits flat! Get ready Marg dear, you're about to be part of your own crime sce..."


Marg's fist shot upwards under the skirt right between Gillian's two gorgeous legs and the thud was made by Marg's knuckles as they slammed into Gillian's most sensitive spot which exploded in excruciating pain! Marg barely got her fist out before Gillian dropped to her knees still straddling Marg with a loud groan. The CSI star grabbed her whimpering rival by her torn blouse and pulled and pushed until the redhead rolled off of her.

"Gosh, what a tuffy you are Gillie. Guess your Scully's not the bully you thought, eh?" Marg smiled.

She grabbed the redheads torn blouse and bra and ripped it off, leaving the gorgeous government agent completely topless. Marg delivered two quite unnecessary slaps then straddled her topless victim, sitting on her waist; she received no resistance.

"Such a pretty agent you are, such a nice body, such beautiful breasts," Marg cooed; she cupped Gillian's full breasts, squeezed the milky white mounds firmly; she giggled as the pink nipples stiffened at her touch; Gillian moaned, "Stop it, please."

Marg pinched the nipples hard, then pulled upwards hard and fast.

"AIIIEEEEE!" Gillian screamed.

"So, you’re awake after all! What were you doin', playing possum? Why you deceptive little bitch; a dishonest government broad," Marg mumbled as she delivered several light stinging slaps to two lovely breasts. "Well Gillian, I think from now on you'll be respectful, won't you?" Marg hissed as she treated the redhead to one more slap, a hard backhand to the lovely face.

She jumped up and headed back into the house, not waiting for the whimpering redhead to answer. After all, she had work to do, extra work because of the government.

An hour passed quickly. Marg was conscientious and thorough… and she heard not a peep from Gillian.

"I really cleaned her clock," she thought. All was quiet out back. She finished her work and gingerly picked up Gillian's topcoat. “She'll need this…if she's still here,” she thought. “Government folks have a way of disappearing when they're needed.”

CREEEAAAAK! The back door creaked as she slowly opened it. Gillian was not where she left her - the back gate was open! “She probably vamoosed, little chickenshit,” she laughed. Well, "Better shut that gate," she thought.

She looked around the yard carefully as she walked; the little kiddie pool half full of water; the garden hose laying in the grass; the garden patch, freshly spaded; she loved the smell of dirt. Almost to the gate. She reached for the handle, gave it a tug…WHOMP!

The heavy gate slammed hard into her body, knocking her backwards.

"Howdy Marg! Ready to play?" Gillian, still topless lunged at the fallen CSI actress; furious and well-placed kicks slammed into her luscious body; her ribs, stomach, legs, breasts all received hard hits.

"Aaccck! Aarghhh! Yahhh! Uunnnnhhhhh…." Marg moaned, groaned and yelped as she tried to deflect the kicks. Soon she was on her hands and knees trying to crawl away.

"I'm the government,” Gillian laughed. “You can run honey, but you can't hide!" Gillian’s lovely breasts bounced as she chased after Marg. "Gotcha!" she snarled as she grabbed Marg by the hair, whirled her around and hammered a chop across her throat.

Gillian's knee slammed up into Marg's pubic bone and as Marg dropped gasping to her knees, Gillian grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled it up hard; the tight sweater immobilized Marg's arms and blocking her sight.

Gillian wrestled her down, wrapped her legs around her immobilized rival, and reached for her bra. "Such a dainty and modest but oh, so sexy bra," Gillian teased as she tugged at the beige lace bra. She reached around and squeezed Marg's firm mounds, feeling the nipples stiffen.

Gillian giggled, "Gosh, they are such tiny hard things, like little rocks! Do you like this Marg, honey?" She pinched Marg's nipples hard through the sheer bra-cups, then with a snarl she grabbed the bottom of the bra and yanked up hard freeing both breasts. She tore at the bra hard until it broke, hanging loose above two newly freed and luscious pleasure mounds.

"Bet the folks at your lab would really like to inspect and analyze these," she laughed.

Marg's cries of anger and protest were muffled by her sweater; she struggled furiously. Gillian tightened her legs, squeezing Marg hard; Marg soon was gasping for breath, her legs kicking desperately.

"I'm gonna let you up; you need a breather. Maybe soon, you'll cool off, honey because you are so hot, so worked up! You need to cool down."

Gillian tightened her legs one more time and Marg gasped, certain her ribs would crack. She sighed with relief when Gillian released her. Furiously she yanked at her sweater, and torn bra.

"I'll kill her for real this time," she thought. She saw light, and gave her tangled clothes a toss. She looked down at her beautiful breasts and rubbed her sore nipples. She sensed someone behind her, she spun around....

"Where the hell is she?" Marg thought as she angrily looked around filled with rage and wanting to pound Gillian senseless.

"Yeahhhhhaggghhh!" the lovely CSI babe's voice echoed off the backyards tall privacy fence and filled the yard as icy cold water sprayed her face, chest, all over soaking her completely.

"You need a cool down bitch," Gillian snarled as she moved in close directing the forceful spray from the garden hose directly in Marg's face.

Gillian laughed as she watched Marg screaming as she futilely try to shield her face and eyes as she back-stepped while the redhead delighted in soaking Marg's beautiful full breasts and seeing the pink nipples stiffen and lengthen.

"Stop it! No! STOP!" Marg screamed.

Suddenly, Marg fell backward as she tripped over a rake and landed on her ass, her legs flying out and apart.

"Get up honey, I'm not done with you yet," Gillian hissed.

Marg got to her feet and lunged; Gillian anticipated the attack, switched hands and snapped a punch to the soaking wet beauty's chin that snapped her head back.

"Ughhhh!" Marg groaned, then Gillian gave her a forearm smash to her breasts that sent her backward into the wooden fence.

"Take this Marg hon," Gillian snarled as she smashed her knee into her crotch.

As Marg dropped to her knees holding her battered pussy, Gillian soaked her again with the hose, adjusting the nozzle to a more forceful stream as she shoved the hose under Marg's already sopping skirt.

"ARGHHH! AHHHHHH!" the dazed Marg shouted; groaning and her arms flailing weakly.

"This oughta cool you down real good," Gillian laughed, enjoying herself to the max in a fight for one of the few times in her career.

"Never mess with the government, bitch," Gillian sneered, eager to start the next lesson....still not knowing whether she would still be the teacher or become the student!

Gillian felt like jumping for victorious joy as she watched her drenched, cold whimpering topless rival flail her arms in wild desperation and wiggle her luscious torso and pelvis to try and escape the icy torrent drenching her most sensitive, private territory. Marg grabbed for the hose; Gillian socked her in the jaw, slapped her hands away from the hose, pulled it out and gave it a hard toss; it landed on the upturned sod soaking the rich loamy dirt turning it slowly into mud.

"Gosh you look pathetic well pretty, sexy and pathetic" Gillian sneered she reached out and gave Marg's breasts a quick squeeze; "Damn you," Marg snarled. Gillian raised her hand to slap her; Marg whimpered, ducked. Gillian laughed, turned away to go retrieve the hose. She wanted Marg to experience another cool down.

"Shouldn't have threw it so far," Gillian thought as she bent down to pick it up. Uhhhhhh her back exploded in pain Marg's fist smashed down hard she grunted felt herself being yanked up hard by her hair. Marg's fist smashed into her chin a hard slap sent her flying backwards to the ground. Desperate hands desperate fingers found a big piece of smooth wood wrapped around it tightly.

"I'm gonna kill you! AURGHHHH! Uuhhhhh!"

Marg's threat became idle, empty as the butt of the garden rake sank deep into her gut she sucked desperately for precious air. Her throat suddenly felt like it was being crushed into nothingness Gillian's voice slammed into her ear, “I’m gonna put you to sleep sweetie nightie night!" The pressure on her throat increased it seemed to be dusk or evening instead of afternoon the sun was gone clouds.

"Help I can't breathe...." she felt weak. "Gotta fight.... gotta escape.... UHHHHHHHH!"

Summoning all her remaining strength and will, she reached up, grabbed Gillian's head, then swiveled and lunged forward, bringing the newly captured acquisition with her.

"YEAHHHHHH!" Gillian screamed as she felt herself slowly lifted off the ground, sailing into mid-air.

The unmistakable whiff of wet farm dirt this government detective knew her smells hit her nostrils just before her lovely body went SPLAT! Gillian quite unwillingly hit "pay dirt" at least the payoff was sweet for Marg. She jumped on Gillian's waist grabbed her hair and began slamming her head into the gooey slimy mud Gillian's backside legs ass back and the back of her hair were soon drenched covered in the goo.

Marg laughed almost uncontrollably as she began slapping the screaming redheads face and lovely breasts. She grabbed a handful of mud smeared it into Gillian's face then grabbed more goo and smeared it onto the redheads large milky white breasts. She smeared all around the breast leaving the thick pink nipple untouched. She grabbed the nearby hose, washed her own hands then grabbed Gillian's nipples and pinched, pulled, twisted. "My, my. Two-tone tities," she giggled while Gillian bawled, cried and whimpered at the painful humiliation. "Hey I got another idea!" Marg cackled as she tugged at Gillian's skirt.

"NO you wouldn't! No please…you couldn't!" Gillian's pleading question brought a mischievous smile to Marg's face.

"Oh, but I would….I really would!" Marg chirped. (and she did!)