Pam Anderson vs. Liz Hurley by Tripper 7/15/01

It was recently in STAR magazine that Liz Hurley and Pam Anderson had been hanging out together. The next week STAR reported Liz had been getting frisky with Pam's ex-, Tommy Lee, and Pam told her in no uncertain terms to lay off.

About a week later there was a pool party at the Lee estate. Who should show up but Liz Hurley wearing a tiny black string bikini top, tight black jeans and high heels. She immediately sought out Tommy, sat on his lap and began kissing him.

"Liz, you can't do this," Tommy moaned unconvincingly. "Everyone's here and Pam's upstairs feeding the baby..."

"Fuck Pam! What's she gonna do, hit me with those ridiculous plastic boobs? I'll destroy her, just like everyone else who's gotten in my way," cackled the haughty Brit.

"It's obvious you're wasted, Liz, go home before Pam comes down. Please. She's a lot tougher than she looks. I bring home strippers and groupies occasionally and Pam utterly wipes them out. And yes, she uses those magnificent boobs as weapons," Lee smiled. She didn't care. She'd been drinking, using ecstasy and was revved up and totally horny.

Just then, Pam and Tommy's nanny, a striking tall brunette named Vera, approached. Vera looked like a pro volleyball player. At 20 y/o and 5-10 she was taller and more toned than the 36 y/o Liz. Pam was very fond of Vera, mainly because when Pam was pregnant with her last child, she was challenged to a fight by a very tough and very drunk Naomi Campbell outside a bar. Vera stepped in and absolutely destroyed Naomi, wrestling her to the ground and headlocking her into oblivion. The girl was tough. Pam knew immediately she had to have her and they became friends. Vera taught Pam some fight tricks and wrestling holds which Pam used to win her fights with the aforementioned strippers easily.

Vera strode confidently up to Liz and told her to 'back off.' Liz stood up and deliberately bumped her body against Vera.

"Look girlie, I've kicked bigger girl's asses before..," Liz began.

"Yeah, and I've kicked older whore's asses before," Vera interrupted. "You don't stand a chance against a real woman like me," Vera continued, tossing her hair and showing Liz her fist. "I never lost no fight in my life and I ain't gonna start now!"

Suddenly, a loud CRACK was heard, followed by a splash.

Pam was breast feeding her son in an upstairs bedroom when she heard someone crying. Checking it out, she found Vera in her room; her clothes soaked and a nasty shiner welling up on her left eye.

"What happened?!!!" Pam shrieked.

"Liz Hurley is downstairs," Vera sobbed. "She's climbing all over Tommy. I tried to get rid of her and she sucker punched me and threw me in the pool."

Without another word, Pam charged downstairs to the basement disco where the party had moved. She was wearing 'Daisy Dukes' short denim shorts and she was still topless. She charged in, stopped the music and began screaming at Liz and Tommy. The crowd parted as Pam confronted Liz, who was seated on Tommy Lee's lap, stroking his huge manhood through his shorts.

"OK, you scrawny English whore, get up so I can kick your ass out of my house once and for all!" Pam screamed. Then turning to the mostly male and very wasted crowd she shouted, "Everybody off the dance floor. I'm gonna wipe it up with this girl's face!!!"

The crowd went wild and immediately got off the sunken dance floor. Most had seen Pam fight before and were giddy to see her kick some butt again.

Pam was a sight to behold! Barefoot, totally tanned and buffed, her face was a beautiful mask of anger. Her big nipples were still rock hard and her fake boobs stuck straight out from a tanned chest above her tiny waist. Pam was ready to waste this cocky, man-stealing broad once and for all. She wanted to beat and humiliate Liz, to send a message to all the cock-hungry sluts who saw their infamous sex tape and hungered for Tommy's member.

Liz nonchalantly slid off Tommy's lap and strode to the dance floor. The crowd went absolutely wild, chanting "Pam! Pam! Pam!"

From opposite sides of the floor, Pam and Liz charged at each other at full speed. The two furious hellcats collided and Tommy had a very excited look on his face, as did all the guests, both male and female.

Pam reached out to grab Liz's hair but, quick as a flash, Liz kicked her in the groin. Liz was still wearing her heels and Pam dropped to her knees grabbing her crotch. Pam bounced right back up but before she got her bearings, Liz charged her and slammed Pam back-first against the wall. Liz grabbed the blonde beauty's hair in her left hand and began pounding away with her right fist. Pam tried to cover up, but Liz yanked her hair and tossed her out into the middle of the floor. With Pam still in a sitting position trying to catch her breath, Liz drove a heel into Pam's chest. Pam screamed as she rolled into a fetal position, covering her bruised boob with both hands. The crowd fell silent at the sight of the hostess with the mostest down and hurt.

"Is that all you got?!!" Liz crowed as she towered over the moaning Pam as she massaged her aching tit. "I thought you knew how to fight. Ha!"

Liz slowly began strutting around her downed foe and taunting her. Licking her lips, Liz stopped and kicked off her heels, then removed her bikini top. Now in only her jeans, Liz walked over to Tommy, took him by the hand, and led him to where his beaten wife lay sobbing. Liz dropped heavily on Pam's stomach, grabbed her wrists and forced her hands from her chest. As Tommy watched open-mouthed, Liz easily powered Pam's arms down to the floor and pinned them over her head.

"So what do you have to say now, sugah pie?" Liz asked sweetly, puckering up and making a kissing gesture at Pam.

"FUCK YOU!" Pam cried.

"Wrong answer," Liz hissed.

Liz quickly rolled over onto her side still holding both of Pam's wrists and trapped Pam's waist in a tight body scissors. An evil, elated smile came over Liz' face, she knew the blonde was totally helpless.

"Tommy is mine, all mine," Liz crowed. "I want you and all your stuff out by morning. "

Without waiting for Pam's reply, Liz bore down on the scissors hold. Every sinewy muscle in her body tensed as her legs crushed Pam's tiny waist. Unable to get a breath, after a minute or two, Pam's magnificent body went limp. Liz unlocked her ankles and kicked Pam over on her back.

She slipped down her jeans and sat on Pam's face, humping her face, grinding her hips and massaging her breasts until she climaxed. Then Liz stood up, pulled up her jeans, took Tommy by the hand and lead him upstairs. Liz barged into Vera's room and as Vera stood up, Liz decked her with a single punch, dropping the big twenty year old flat on her back. Liz tied Vera's wrists to the foot of the bed and then climbed in with Tommy. They spent the rest of the night in the bed Pam had shared with Tommy.

The next morning when Liz and Tommy finally awoke, Pam and her son were gone. Vera was still tied to the foot of Liz' bed. As far as we know, Vera is still with Liz, filling some role or other, to this day.

Fade to black... the end.