Pam Anderson vs. Catherine Zeta Jones by CROZ 11/12/00

Pam pulled up her blue thong bikini as she studied herself in the mirror.

"You're going to have everybody ogling you today, sweetheart," Pam thought to herself.

She walked to her dresser and gave herself two sprays of her designer perfume, then opened the door to her room. She stared at the beautiful sight of the bright sun on the waves. Pam had decided to take this cruise alone, to relieve some stress in her life. She booked a room on a luxury ship for a 5-day cruise of the Caribbean.. The boat had left just 2 hours before she left her room.

As Pam walked seductively toward the bow, every man who passed stared and a few stopped dead in the their tracks. Pam made her way to the bow and sat in one of the tanning chairs. She started to slowly rub tanning oil on as the men on deck stared at the drop dead gorgeous blonde. She was loving every minute of it!

Pam leaned her head back and closed her eyes. After a minute, she sensed something was blocking her sun. She opened her eyes to see Catherine Zeta Jones standing over her in a black thong bikini. Cat gave Pam a little smirk, then continued walking. Pam looked up to see almost all the men on the deck eyes followed her as Cat walked. Pam got pissed and went back to her room, where she stayed until diner. As Pam got ready for the dance and diner she began to mutter to herself.

"Stupid Welsh tramp. Thinks she's so fucking hot. We'll see who the guys look at tonight."

Pam put on a red dress that was so small and tight you could see her cleavage to her nipples and her ass showed if she just leaned forward the slightest bit. Pam headed the ballroom and opened the door to see the dance had begun. There were multicolor lights and strobe lights everywhere.

Pam kicked off her shoes and made her way straight to the dance floor. Instantly, she became the star of the show. A crowd circled around as she tore up the floor. Pam was all smiles until someone else invaded her dance circle. She looked up to see a brunette in a black dress shaking her ass and dancing up a storm. Pam couldn't tell who it was since she had her back to Pam, but then the brunette spun around and Catherine Zeta Jones gave Pam a little wink. Within seconds, circle moved to surround Cat. Pam was furious at being upstaged twice in one day by that English women.

Pam elbowed her way through the crowd into Cat's dance circle. She stared as the sexy Cat danced exceptionally, becoming the center of attention. Pam couldn't take it anymore and step into the circle. She glared at Cat and started to dance beside her. Cat knew what Pam wanted and the two began to have a dance off.

First, Pam would bust her moves out; then Cat would. By now, the entire room had their eyes fixed of the two sex symbols in the middle of the floor. Pam realized by the crowd reaction Cat was winning, so on her next turn she danced over towards Cat. She threw her hip into the brunette knocking Cat on her ass. Pam acted like it was an accident and helped Cat up.

As Pam was pulling her up, Cat hissed, "Try that shit again and you won't make it off this ship."

Pam whispered back, "OK bitch, room 302 in five minutes."

With that Pam turned and left Cat to brush herself off and get back to her table.

Five minutes later, Pam was in her room waiting for Cat. The room was rather small, but for a cruise ship cabin not bad. It was decorated n off-white with carpet, a queen bed, dresser with mirror, TV on a stand and a bathroom with shower. Pam thought about changing, but decided removing her dress was enough. The Baywatch cutie had white lace thong panties and matching bra. Suddenly the door opened and in crept Cat still in her black dress.

"I was wondering if you'd show," Pam said smiling.

"What, and miss a chance at showing you up again?" Cat said smiling.

"Ya, keep talking bitch. We'll see who smiling after I kick your ass," screamed an enrage Pam.

"Talk is cheap, like you slut. Lets get this started. Shall we do it au natural?" Cat said, unzipping her dress and dropping it, standing in just black bra and panties.

She unclipped her bra and dropped that too, then bent over to pull down her panties. She only had one foot out when Pam charged, slamming her back in the door. Cat gave out a grunt as the wind was slightly knocked out of her. Pam proceeded her attack by grabbing Cat's dark locks and slamming her head against the door. Cat tried to pry the blonde's hands from her hair by grabbing Pam's hands, but playmate continued to ram Cat's head into the door. Using her 'cat' fighting skills, Cat dug her red painted hails in Pam's wrist. The blonde gave out a scream of pain, but responded with a knee to Cat's lower stomach, striking just above her crotch.

A sudden sickness came over Cat from the low blow. No sooner had she lowered her hands to protect herself, then she was whipped by her hair over onto her back. Her legs caught the edge of the bed as she hit the ground. Cat stared at the white ceiling as she was pulled back up by her hair. Pam threw her against the wall and the brunette stood there trying to get her head straight.

"You think your so damn hot don't you; you piece of British trash, wet back or whatever the hell you are! I saw you this afternoon showing those poor excuse for tits and that even sorrier excuse for an ass off to everyone. How about you get a look a real pair of tits."

Pam undid her bra and walked over to the dazed Cat.

She grabbed the brunette's hair with one hand on her own boob with the other. Pam then proceeded to force her chest into Cat's face applying a standing breast smother. Cat's eyes lit up in fear as she got her senses back. The blonde had proven to be tougher , she thought. She expected to come into the room and whip the floor with this arrogant blonde, and now she found herself struggling to breathe as her mouth and nose was wedged in-between Pam's magnificent breast. Cat could still see though and she noticed the awkward way that Pam had to stand to apply the breast smother.

Cat shot a leg up, striking Pam between her legs with her shin. Pam's mouth open to a big 'O' as she gave out a low moan and fell backwards holding her women hood. Cat still leaning against the wall took in some much needed breaths as she stared at her downed foe. Cat took one last deep breath in and then walked over to the blonde who was still on her side massaging her crotch.

"You cheap slut! I try to give you a fair fight and what do you do? You act like the dirty whore you are and attack me before I'm ready. I was going to take it easy on you, but now I have no reason not beat your ass black and blue," Cat said - enraged by Pam's underhand tactics.

Cat stomped Pam who tried to roll into a ball to protect her self, but it did little good. Cat always seemed to find an opening to strike and Pam groaned with each stomp. Cat then grabbed Pam by her blonde locks and threw her into the wall. Cat held her up by the hair with one hand and used the other to rain punches to Pam's abdomen. Pam groaned with each punch as Cat continued the assault.

Punch after punch slammed into the poor blonde. A punch to the stomach; right boob; stomach; stomach; left boob; right boob; right boob; stomach; just above the crotch; then another to the same spot!

A crying Pam managed to somehow block Cat's next punch to her tits by putting up an arm.

"Move your fucking hands," Cat said as she knocked Pam's hands away and continued her onslaught.

Cat finished her attack, driving a knee to Pam's crotch. The brunette backed away and let Pam fall to the ground with one hand holding her womenhood, the other hold her stomach. Tears had started to run down the side of her beautiful face as Cat just laughed at the beating she'd given the haughty blonde star.

"Don't look so high and mighty now blondie," Cat smirked as she stood over the hurting beauty. Pam started to crawl toward the door.

"Ahhhh, where did you think you're going?" Cat asked mockingly.

Pam was an arm's length from the door when Cat grabbed her by the back of her hair. Pam moaned in frustration as she felt her hair yanked.

"You're not going anywhere! I'm not done yet," Cat said as she slammed Pam's face on the floor.

Cat gripped both of hands together and brought them down on Pam's back, flattening her on her stomach. Cat the got up from her knees and walked behind Pam. She grabbed her ankles and began to pull her backward. Pam's breasts were dragged on the rough carpet. Pam tried to get her arms up to prevent the rug burn on her boobs, but the damage was done. Luckily for Pam, the room was small and Cat couldn't drag her far. Unluckily, since the room was narrow Cat pulled her into the bathroom where the rough tiles did even worse to her chest. Cat let Pam's ankles go and she rolled onto her back, crying and holding her boobs to massage the pain away. Cat moved up to the head of the destroyed model, but not before stomping her stomach. She pulled Pam's head up by her hair and dragged her to the toilet.

"Here's a place where a piece of shit like you belongs."

Cat plunged Pam's head into the toilet face first. Pam fought back and was even able to draw a groan of pain from Cat when she fired an elbow back into her right tit. A couple kidney punches by Cat, however, and Pam's head was back in the bowl. Finally, Cat pulled Pam's head out and dropped her blonde adversary, wet and gasping for air, on the tile floor. Pam's rest was brief as she was soon pulled up by her hair and dragged back to the main room. Cat pulled Pam to her feet and slammed her face into the dresser. Cat jerked Pam's head up and held her face to the mirror.

"Look at yourself, you white trash whore. Look," Cat said again, pulling Pam's hair to make sure she saw herself.

Pam looked in horror. Her hair was a mess, covering part of her face; her eyes red and tearing; black massacre running down her face; her firm new boobs bruised and red; and a small trickle of blood running down from her nose.

"Now, you see what a pathetic little slut you are."

Pam mustered what little strength she and left. She tried to spin and punch Cat but her punch fell short, flying in front of Cat's face.

"Oh, so you not ready to admit you're a pathetic slut yet huh?"

Cat whipped Pam onto the bed, reached down and picked up the black thong she'd discarded earlier and walked to the destroyed blonde. Pam was face down on the bed sobbing as Cat grabbed both her hands and tied them together with the underwear. Cat flipped rolled Pam onto her back and mounted her. With her knees on Pam's shoulders, Cat hovered above her looking down into Pam's tear-filled blue eyes.

"Well bitch, since you're not yet convinced you're a pathetic slut, maybe THIS will convince you!"

Cat pressed her pussy onto Pam's face completely covering it. Pam gave little resistance and after 4 or 5 minutes, even that minor resistance faded. Cat got up off the destroyed American and to began to dress. She looked down at the destroyed Pam as she hooked her bra. She remembered her thong was tied up at the moment, so she pulled on her dress and zipped it. Just before leaving Pam's room, she stopped and a devilish grin came across her face. Cat walked back to the unconscious blonde, lifted Pam's hips and pulled off her white panties.

Cat walked into the bathroom, drew a glass of cold water from the tap, walked back and poured it on Pam's face. Pam stirred a bit, but remained in dreamland. Angered, Cat grabbed Pam's nipples between her thumb and forefinger and began to twist.

"Come on you stupid bitch, wake up," Cat snarled in frustration.

Pam's head started to shake side-to-side and her eyes opened.

"Wake up slut!" Cat yelled, "Its time to go."

Cat hauled Pam to her feet with her hands still tied behind her, opened the door to the passageway and began to lead the nude blonde by the hair down the hall. Pam had no clue where she was and offered little resistance. When Cat finally reached their destination, she kicked open the door and they were back at the dance hall where this conflict had begun a half hour earlier.

Cat pulled Pam to the middle of the dance floor and threw her to the floor. By then, the whole room had stopped and were staring as Cat coolly turned around and went back to her room leaving the Pam, naked, beaten, and humiliated, laying nude in the middle of the floor.

END (Catherine Zeta Jones easily won this vote)