Gillian Anderson vs. Lucy Lawless and Milla Jovovich by imitation

A hard kick to back of the knee dropped the tall actress to the floor on her knees. Lucy Lawless had never been challenged like this before; had never been put through such a stealthy challenge. Now, she was groggily, barely, hanging on to consciousness. She was still woozy as she looked up and saw the boot coming toward her face. It made solid contact with her jaw and she crumpled to the dusty floor. As Lucy tried to shake off the urge to sleep, she heard Gillian Anderson's loud, braying laugh.

The blond warrior boasted, "I'm no longer your whipping girl, Lawless!" A reality punctuated by a hard stomp on Lucy's crotch. Lucy winced in pain and groaned, rocking on her back, her hands trembling as they held her aching womanhood.

Gillian, wearing a tight blue, cleavage-emphasizing T-shirt over a pair of ass-hugging tight black trousers, bent down and pulled Lucy by the hair, dragged her protesting to her feet and swung her around, sending her careening out of control toward the nearest wall. THUD! Lucy hit hard and slumped slowly to the floor in a daze.

Gillian was showing her new avatar; a killer attitude to go with her newly sculpted and tightened killer body. She'd been beaten and humiliated too many times to count; but now she vowed to remake her image and to never again let things slide!

Lucy had heckled the former redhead, now a new blonde, when she visited her movie set. Gillian, ever proud, didn't like being heckled and she instantly took Lucy to task. Now, Gillian leaned down and slapped Lucy to make sure she was awake for what was to come.

"Uumnnh...please...don' more…" the former Warrior Princess pleaded pitifully.

Gillian brushed back a lock of blonde hair from her face and laughed as she sneered, "Fuck you!"

She once more hauled Lucy by the hair, holding the dazed and disoriented brunette bent over as she kneed her in the face, once, twice, three times, until Lucy finally succumbed to the beating and dropped unconscious at Gillian's feet. Then she let her hair loose and shook it free and smiled as she watched Lucy until her bare boobs stopped bouncing and jiggling on her rapidly heaving chest.

Gillian looked around the room, lips pursed, frowning. There was nobody there to record the beating she'd given the famous tough girl. This made two in a row as she'd recently creamed another old rival, Mimi Rogers. Gillian was starting to enjoy her resurgence as a celebrity catfighter to be respected - if not feared!

Gillian grunted as she struggled to lift Lucy, then when she had her upright, let her fold forward over her shoulder, staggering under the burden as she carried her latest victim to her trailer. There, she handcuffed Lucy to the bed with two pair of the cuffs she'd kept when she left 'X-Files.' "David told me these would come in handy," she mused. "I hope Tea's using hers as often as I'm using mine!

Just as she was starting to take her clothes off and belt up her strap-on to fuck Lucy into oblivion, Gillian's cellphone rang. Annoyed, she grabbed it and answered angrily, "Who the fuck is this?"

"Watch your back slut!" a muffled voice said, then abruptly hung up.

Gillian had a hunch that the voice belonged to an old rival but she was still cautious. She left Lucy securely handcuffed to her bed in the trailer, got in her Porsche and sped off to where she thought her rival must be hiding. The squeal of tires as Gillian slammed on the brakes still echoed off the buildings as she flung open the door and leapt out of the Porsche.

"Come out here, you bitch!" she screamed up toward an empty balcony.

Then she heard the footsteps of someone walking up behind her, but as she turned, Gillian was slugged in her jaw. She fell to the pavement, her vision going blurry; barely able to make out a pair of legs encased in black boots in front of her. As she regained her senses, Gillian slowly ran her eyes up a pair of muscular legs until she reached the face of her attacker, Milla Jovovich. As Milla exhaled a puff of smoke, Gillian realized the only reason she hadn’t been totally and utterly destroyed by her surprise attack was because the nicotine addict wanted to finish her cigarette first.

"Dumb bitch! Glad to see you're here!” Milla chuckled. “Now, I won’t have to find you, I can just finish you off right here in this alley!" she grinned, a thin column of smoke rising from the corner of her mouth as she spoke.

Gillian started to push herself up, but Milla stomped on her hand hard and Gillian cried out in pain as she collapsed on her elbows, her good hand clutching the wounded one. Milla drove her black leather boot into the blondes stomach, lifting her off the cobblestone street before sending her crashing back down to the pavement.

Gillian grunted on impact, then writhed in pain on her belly on the ground. The Ukrainian powerhouse put her boot on Gillian's hair which lay fanned out on the asphault, holding her head down as she bent and frisked Gillian's ass, groping and squeezing the tight globes with both hands.

"Hot! Hot! Hot" Milla muttered as her hand delved into the space between the blondes thighs as she tried to push up with her knees; cupping her pubic mound and rubbing vigorously, trying to arouse and excite Gillian into submission.

Gillian took advantage of Milla’s distraction to grab her boot with both hands, then pulled her foot out from under her, bringing the startled Milla crashing down to the pavement beside her. Gillian rolled over on top of Milla and as she straddled her waist, she pounded her clasped fists into belly. As the air was driven from her, Milla's cigarette shot out of her mouth, pinwheeling through the air onto the cobblestone street. Gillian then pummeled Milla’s face and her head followed the direction Gillian's fist sent it in, rocking from side to side.

Badly battered, Milla stubbornly fought back as she grabbed Gillian's breasts and squeezed, crushing the small, perky flesh mounds right through her T-shirt, clamping down and bringing as much force to bear as she could while flat on her back!

Gillian screamed, "AIEEEE...noo!" and struggled violently to break free.

During the struggle, Gillian’s T-shirt was torn wide open and her breasts, still firm and not yet in need of a bra, swung free. Gillian decided that, since they were available and so handy, she might as well use them to smother Milla. Gillian drew back and slugged Milla in the jaw with all her might. Milla’s eyes fluttered and she briefly went limp. Milla opened her eyes and barely had a second to feel scared before Gillian pinned her and smothered her with her breasts. Milla struggled violently, but futilely and slowly, her struggle ebbed and then subsided completely. Milla felt a burning in her lungs just before the darkness overcame her and she went limp.

Grinning, Gillian got off of Milla’s prostrate body and looked around. The street was still deserted. She went to her car and popped open the trunk, pulled out a spare T-shirt she kept handy just for such occassions and also her trusty blackjack. She came back to check on Milla and as she knelt beside her, Gillian picked up Milla's cigarette, smoking the last of it as she decided what to do with her new victim.

When Milla began to slowly stir, Gillian simply whacked the model with the blackjack and put her out for the rest of the night. Shaking her head as she wondered why she hadn’t forced the semi-conscious Milla to walk to her car first, Gillian once more picked up another woman’s inert body, dragged her over and dumped her in the trunk of her car, then drove her back to her trailer.

The rest of that night, the crew of, "The Mighty Celt" heard loud cries and sexual sounds coming from Gillian's trailer which, since it kept rockin’, nobody went knockin’..

As the first rays of the morning sunrise began to stream in the windows of her trailer, Gillian crawled off the two sweat-slick, exhausted and well-fucked women cuffed to her bed, picked up her cell phone from the sofa where she’d dropped it the night before and punched "1" on her speed dial.

When her call was answered, Gillian said, "Hey imitation? Oh sure, I beat both bitches! In fact, they're still here, all tied up like a couple of Christmas presents. WHAT!? Hell NO; I did NOT get KO'd! No, not even once! Well, sure, thanks! Just remember; any time you need an unlikely winner, you got my number, OK?"