Gillian Anderson + Kim vs. Several Celebrities by 19 Hours

Gillian's career had stalled with her new play, "What the Night is for." The newspapers in England had a field day humiliating her and poking fun of the acting flaws that were hidden behind the camera in America. Gillian was not affected by any of this though. She worked hard on her craft and worked hard on her body. She was the fittest she had been in years and her breasts somehow seemed to have grown. In England she was away from her enemies. Everyone that she had beaten and everyone who had beaten her without mercy. The last people she got into a tangle with though were not to be taken lightly. She had wrecked Kim & Ginny's office and pretty much destroyed their entire database of stories. They'd come to England to get even...and they had a plan.

Kim went to a rally in London protesting the war on Iraq because she knew Susan Sarandon would be there. As she lent her support, she also was surprised by the fact that Gillian stepped up to give a speech encouraging peace. She'd finally found her after all this time, but now the bitch had a British accent! As Kim plotted her next move, she saw Sheryl Crow in a local pub. There was no one talking to her but Kim got the feeling Sheryl would do anything for the right price and some respect. She took the stool right next to Sheryl and the dusky skinned singer recognized her immediately.

"Hey Kim, right? It's a pleasure!" she said offering her hand.

As they spoke, Susan Sarandon butted in the conversation by asking for a light. Sheryl handed her her lighter, being a bit star-struck. Susan didn't recognize Sheryl, but she lit her cigarette and then turned her back to resume an intense political conversation with her friend. She absent-mindedly slipped the lighter in her shirt pocket as she continued talking. Sheryl felt humiliated at the snub, but she swallowed it and continued talking to Kim.

"I can get you back up in the fight ring if you do me a favor," said Kim.

"What's the deal?" asked the American bombshell.

"I need you to get Gillian to this address..." she said and handed her an address written on a bar napkin. "Preferably subdued! I need some blackmail shots." she added.

Sheryl agreed on a date and time, then said, "I've got something to retrieve right now. If you will excuse me!"

She picked up a half full bottle of beer and proceeded to the ladies room where she saw Sarandon enter. The taller redhead was lighting up a marijuana cigarette in the secrecy of the bathroom. She had her back faced to the door and she had a friend with her. Sheryl stormed in holding the bottle by its neck and brought it down on Sarandon's head.

"Uugh!" muttered Sarandon dropping to her knees stunned.

Exhaling marijuana all along and her eyes closed, she hit the bathroom floor tits first. Her friend, who turned out to be Meryl Streep, looked surprised as Sheryl struck her across the forehead with the same bottle. She crumpled too, unconscious before she hit the floor.

"That's my lighter thank you" said Sheryl as she took it and left the two famous thespians unconscious on the bathroom floor.

It was the last show of "What the Night is For" for the week. Gillian noticed Sheryl in the wings retained some caution. She entered her dressing room and took off her satin robe. Everything was pretty uneventful until she finished signing autographs and then got into her car. As soon as she closed the door, she felt cold metal force its way down on the back of her neck.

"Alright you slut, drive where I say," commanded Sheryl from the back seat, holding the pistol cocked and ready at Gillian's skull.

"OK don't shoot!" said the redhead driving around the corner where the American singer told Gillian to stop the car.

"You're not going to shoot me, are you Sheryl?" said Gillian taking stock of the situation.

"Don't tempt me you worthless piece of trash!" said Sheryl.

"Lets have a fair fight, winner gets away!" suggested the redhead.

Sheryl pulled her trademark slim cigar out of her pocket, placed it between her lips and said, "No fucking way!"

Then she raised her gun and hit Gillian on the base of the neck. Gillian grunted "Nnngh" and silently slumped over the wheel.

"....and what's with the phony accent?" muttered Sheryl.

She lit her cigar and blew a mouthful of smoke in the unconscious Gillian's face, then unbuckled Gillian's seat belt and the ex-TV star slumped sideways over the gear shift lever. Sheryl pulled Gillian out of the car, picked her up on her shoulder and opened the trunk then threw Gillian in the boot.

"I cant believe you ever beat me!" said Sheryl to the inert Gillian, who was obviously the stronger woman, yet somehow couldn't convert her fitness to wins.

Sheryl stuffed the lit cigar down Gillian's cleavage and muttered, "Hold this bitch!" before she slammed the boot lid closed.

Kim was smarter than anyone - especially Ginny! She'd anticipated this and called Susan Sarandon to give her the address where Sheryl would show up with Gillian. As expected, Sheryl soon pulled into the drive of a huge mansion outside of London, rang the bell and waited for Kim to open the door. As Kim glanced out the door, she saw an unusual amount of smoke coming out of the trunk. When she asked about it, Sheryl took her to the back of the car and opened the trunk. It smelled like an expensive cigar, was full of the smoke and she saw Gillian unconscious at the bottom of it.

"My part of the deal is complete Kim; where's yours?" she said. Just then, a Mustang pulled up into the drive.

"That's my part of the deal now," said Kim.

She hoisted the unconscious redhead over her shoulder and carried her inside as Sheryl watched the Mustang roll to a stop in front of her. The drive was muddy and as she processed information, she realized the driver was Susan Sarandon when she stepped out of her car.

"You pseudo rock slut!" said Susan as she pounced on Sheryl.

Sheryl pushed her arms out and soon they were wrestling, teetering back and forth unsteadily in the slippery mud while inside the house Gillian was coming to. She awoke to find herself at the mercy of Kim who had a video camera set up. Gillian was still clothed in her trademark low cut black shirt and pants and was surprised she wasn't in bondage. Kim explained she wanted to take her a fair fight.

"Good morning you failed actress," said Kim in an evil voice before she put on a ski mask. "I'm going to show you a thing or two about fighting," she said.

Gillian stood up, making a fighting stance but as she straightened up, Kim punched her in the gut. Gillian gasped and crumpled to the floor.

"You're always getting yourself knocked out," laughed Kim as she kicked Gillian in the ass and knocked her back down flat on the floor.

Outside, Sheryl had a decided advantage of the much older Susan who found herself on her back on the ground, with Sheryl sitting on her stomach dishing out a beating worth a thousand dollars. Susan's soft, curvy body was slathered in mud and the front of her blouse was gaping wide open as Sheryl punched her massive tits. Harder and harder Sheryl punched as Susan screamed in agony. Finally satisfied, Sheryl got off and picked up the old thespian, then shoved her head-first into the hood of her car. Susan grunted and slumped to her knees where Sheryl drove her knee hard into Sarandon's butt which drove Susan's head into the hood again. Susan's eyes fluttered closed as she went limp.

Kim punched Gillian on the point of her chin and Gillian grunted as she went sprawling on her back. Kim wasn't going to let Gillian go unconscious and miss her beating. Pulling her to her knees, Kim held Gillian by the hair as she turned her bleeding nose to the camera and forced her to admit, "I'm a weakling. I'm unfit and anyone can beat the shit out of me!"

Kim asked Gillian where the tapes, photos, files, DVDs and CDs were that the redhead had taken in her rampage. Gillian promised to return everything as soon as she got stateside. Kim felt like a smoke, so she punched Gillian on her jaw.

"Ugh!" grunted Gillian as her body went limp.

Kim pulled out a cigarette and looked for a lighter. She got off Gillian and looked outside the window to see that Sheryl had triumphed. She had Susan stripped down to her bra, and had her hands tied behind her back with her torn shirt.

"Sheryl, you doing alright out there?" Kim called out the window.

"How's Sluttian doing?" asked Sheryl.

"Sleeping like a rock!" laughed Kim.

When Kim turned around, she saw Gillian groaning to life. Just then, Kim's cell-phone rang. She gave the caller the address where she was and thought about tying Gillian up but realized it wasn't necessary. Besides, she wouldn't get up for a while. Sheryl came in carrying Susan's bound body draped over her shoulder. Susan had already come to and she looked petrified.

After Kim snapped a few pictures of Sheryl posing with Susan, they sent Sarandon packing. She drove home carefully and silently, vowing never to take on a rock musician again. Two minutes after her car left, Sharon Corr's car pulled into the drive and she exited with a bag.

She walked into the house and headed to the room where she heard noises. There, Sharon found Gillian just waking up with Kim and Sheryl sitting and chatting, smoking and sipping Champagne. Sharon pulled out a length of rope and a vibrator from the bag and proceeded to walk towards Gillian. Sharon humiliated and violated Gillian in a thousand and a one ways which got Sheryl all excited. When Sharon finished her deed, she went back to her car and started to drive away but Sheryl ran after her wanting some more action.

"Hey Sharon, can you help me shut the trunk of this car?" asked Sheryl, motioning to the open boot of Gillian's car.

"Sure!" said Sharon.

When she walked up to the car, Sheryl plowed a hidden tire iron into the back of her head! Sharon went down in a heap without so much as a peep of protest.

"You horny're comin' with me!" laughed Sheryl as she dumped Sharon's body in her car. Sheryl drove away, leaving Gillian as Kim's captive. Kim offered her a cigarette as a peace offering and Gillian took a drag, then slowly let the smoke escape her lips. Kim stood up, turned around suddenly and shot Gillian in the tits with a tranquilizer gun. The redhead's eyes widened in shock, then slowly fluttered closed. She continued to exhale smoke as she gave a rasping sigh and passed out. Kim took the cigarette from Gillian's lips and flicked it away, then dragged Gillian's inert body out to her car. She drove into town and dumped Gillian next to the dumpster outside the pub where all the plotting had begun. Victory was Kim's!