Gillian Anderson vs. Kim & Ginny by houseinvader

This one had been in the cards for a really long time. Every one of Gillian Gillian's fights were carefully documented on Kim & Ginny's web-site. She'd stumbled upon it during off time from the X-Files before season eight concluded. She was shocked at the detail her deepest secrets were described in. She used to be a tough cookie when she'd first hit the celebrity scene. Every fight she'd won was a genuine tough fight and the ones she had lost were barely humiliating. But then she'd let herself slide and her last three of her fights saw her being humiliated by a host of lesser celebrities. Annabeth Gish, a powerhouse, double-teamed and humiliated her with Anne Heche and some cigars; Andrea Corr and Gwen Stefani also rained on her parade then there was a knockout fetish video of her getting kayoed and violated by Gish secretly being circulated in affluent studios around the country.

Gillian vowed to salvage some of her pride. The redhead decided to break into Kim & Ginny's offices to ruin all their computer files. She put on her finest catsuit, blue spandex and tight that accentuated her small, firm breasts. In it, her once shapely behind looked like a million dollars as she drove through the streets of LA in her silver Boxster. She'd found Kim & Ginny's address through one of her sources and was on her way to exact revenge. She parked her Boxster in a back alley; it was in the wee hours of the morning so the well-toned redhead didn't expect them to be working. The 5'4" of the ex-Agent Scully scaled a back wall and jumped into K&G's office courtyard. The redhead suddenly smelled a whiff of cigarette smoke at the entrance door of the office. She looked closer and saw an extremely fit looking blonde leaning on the wall smoking.

"This bitch must be Kim," thought Gillian. She reached down to her hip and from what appeared to be a utility belt, she pulled up a heavy spanner. She slowly sneaked up to the blonde, who Gillian began to realize was incredibly attractive. The plan was to blackjack the woman and get out of her office before she knew what hit her.

Kim was extremely stressed out because Ginny had been arguing with her. Creative differences were springing up between the inseparable duo and she was smoking her blues away. Gillian didn't care though, she came close and stealthily rushed Kim. The blonde sensed something was wrong and turned around just in time to see the beautiful Gillian raise the spanner to hit her. Before she could take it all in, the spanner landed but Kim had moved just enough for Gillian's attack to lose its entire effect and the blow hit the far side of her right shoulder.

Kim grunted and then rushed Gillian. She pushed Gillian into the wall, forcing the redhead to drop the spanner. The redhead pushed the blonde away and then kicked her in her taut midsection. Kim buckled over and then taking advantage of being bent headfirst. Aiming at the redhead's crotch, Kim ran toward Gillian with her arms open. She took Gillian into the wall again but Gillian cupped her hands together and clubbed the still bent over Kim on her spine.

Kim fell tits first to the ground. Gillian quickly sat on top of Kim's back pulled her up by her hair and then punched her at the base of her neck. Kim was unconscious in a second. She lay flat on the ground, her hands at her sides and her face tilted to the right. Her burning cigarette that she had lost in the fight was in front of her face on the ground. Gillian picked it up and puffed on it before she reached to her belt and pulled out some piano wire from what seemed like a floss dispenser. She tied the blonde up good, hoisted her over her strong shoulder to carry her to a dumpster by the back wall where she’d sneaked in.

She threw Kim in the dumpster, then went back to the front door and picked up her spanner. Gillian spat out the cigarette, exhaled the smoke and extinguished it with her foot. The redhead cautiously sneaked into the office building. She hid behind a chair in the darkened office, she saw just one light on.

"Ginny!!" she thought.

Gillian looked around to find a way to break in. She saw a photo of Andrea Corr naked and unconscious bound to a Christmas tree, with a bulb shining in her Vagina with the excited K & G posing nearby. The satisfaction on her face was intense. The redhead heard typing sounds emanate from the office as she approached a half-opened office door and looked through the crack. Ginny was hard at work on a computer.

"Don't these women sleep?.... well one of them IS sleeping in the dumpster outside," she thought.

Gillian decided to make her attack a waiting game. Ginny stopped typing and looked at her watch, suddenly realizing her partner had been missing for half an hour now.

"The fucking bitch went home!!" Ginny thought, but then she looked out and still saw Kim's dilapidated old Ford outside. She suddenly felt a surge of fear down her spine. "Hope she's OK," she said as she rushed toward her half-closed door.

As she neared, Gillian felt her moment to attack had come. She kicked open the door and it hit the fast approaching Ginny in the face. She held her nose in shock as she retreated from the door. Gillian came in and kicked Ginny in the crotch quicker than lightening, then caught the buckled over author by her pants and slammed her body onto her desk. Ginny flew over her desk scattering all papers and pens. She ended up lying on her stomach atop the desk in shock. She didn’t know what hit her. Gillian walked around calmly and admired her handiwork, then picked up a paperweight from the floor and walked back to Ginny who was still laying stunned on the desk. She slammed it down at the base of Ginny's spine.

"UHHHH" screamed Ginny in reaction!

She started to kick around until Gillian sat on her back on the desk and pulled back on her chin. As she pulled Ginny's neck away from the floor, Ginny screamed in pain. Gillian let her chin loose for a second as she reached for her piano wire which she used to tie Ginny's legs together. Then she bound the dominated Ginny's hands behind her back. Gillian got off the gorgeous author and ran her hand slowly over her ass while Ginny lay in a state of shock.

"Who the hell are you?" Ginny asked, trying to make her tone firm and commanding!

Gillian laughed and turned the bound beauty around. Ginny was stunned.

" Scul... Gillian? Gillian!" she groped for words.

"Shut up!" snapped the redhead. "I'm here to ruin you!" she said as she walked to Ginny's computer.

"Don't you dare, this is an honest business!!" pleaded Ginny.

"I won't touch your computer if you answer my questions!" said the redhead.

"OK, anything!!" said Ginny almost relieved. "Did Annabeth Gish send you anything concerning me?" asked the redhead.

"Bottom drawer, right" said the bound beauty, pouting.

Gillian reached for it and pulled out a brown envelope. It held a videotape cassette and several large 8" X 12" photos of Gillian naked with a smoldering cigar in her cleavage. Other pictures included the unconscious Gillian being spit on by Teri Hatcher. Smoke being blown in her unconscious face by Anne Heche and a whole lot of pictures of Annabeth Gish victoriously posing over the vanquished Gillian. In one, Gish's foot was on the ground and her other on Gillian's naked breast as Gillian lay with her eyes closed, spread-eagled facing the ceiling. Gillian couldn’t bear to look at them.

She walked over to K&G's multimedia center and inserted the videotape. It was the porn video that had been circulating; the one of Gillian getting blackjacked and being taken advantage of in her inert state. The rage within her grew.

“Look, you can take all of that!” Ginny gasped, squirming helplessly against the piano wire. “What’ve you done with Kim?" she asked, tears filling her eyes as she lay on her stomach across her desk, her soft body trembling in fear.

"The bitch’ll be alright!" shot Gillian, not taking her eyes from the TV set that displayed her shame.

Ginny noticed Gillian's clothes; how the pint-sized thespian looked even prettier than Kim’s darling Charlize Theron. There was something sexy about Gillian's cat suit as Gillian popped the tape out and smashed it against a wall. Then she stomped on it, screaming maniacally. "Fucking bitch!"

Ginny watched Gillian grow angrier as she tore up those disgusting pictures. Then the redhead disconnected Ginny's computer and brought it into the captive's limited view. She was going to have some sadistic fun.

"This computer deserves to go," said the redhead as she kicked the tower to the floor.

" promised," protested Ginny.

"I went back on my word," laughed Gillian as she stamped the computer. Ginny knew her hard drive had the best stories ever and Gillian did too. She left the computer and walked around Ginny's bound body until she spotted a box of cigars by Ginny's thigh on the desk. She opened it and smelled one.

"Got a lighter bitch?" shouted Gillian.

"Those were a gift,” she whined. But when Gillian pinched her ass, Ginny glumly muttered, By the VCR."

The redhead walked up to the VCR, picked up the lighter and lit a cigar. Ginny knew she was viewing something exceedingly erotic. Gillian then walked to Ginny and said, "Nice cigar! Now bitch, I'm going to destroy all your shit!!"

"Don't you dare! Please Gillian," said Ginny firmly.

Gillian jumped over Ginny's computer. After quickly scanning the room, she found an aerosol can and picked it up. Ginny knew what was going to happen. Gillian used to lighter to light the aerosol spray which she used like a blow torch to torch the computer. Ginny screamed but Gillian drove the spray can onto the base of her skull, knocking Ginny out. The computer caught fire, and after letting it burn a while, Gillian picked up a fire extinguisher and quelled the blaze. The computer was toast-literally! Ginny was still unconscious when the smoke detector on the ceiling went off but Gillian hit it with her spanner and it fell silent.

Gillian blew a smoke ring of victory with her cigar and then extinguished it on Ginny's butt. She then searched through Ginny's office until she found a collection of photos she could use to potentially blackmail her enemies. The redhead didn't understand why K&G didn't use them, or did they? Either way, her victory was sweeter than she imagined.

It was time to end this blitz, she thought to herself. She put all her loot in one of Ginny's business bags. Just before leaving, she picked up another Cuban and put it into a slot on her utility belt that seemed perfect as a cigar holder. At the door she turned around and admired her handiwork, then she left the office building smiling. All she had to do now was escape. She scaled the same wall and stealthily ran toward her car. She then opened the front trunk of her Boxster and tossed Ginny's bag on the seat. She opened to look through it just one last time.

"Unnh!" Gillian groaned as she slumped forward, her blue-green eyes closing as she tumbled headfirst into her car.

She was unconscious and there was a hand holding her up by her hips. Jodie Foster wanted to settle a sexual score of her own with this redhead. She been tailing and waiting all night for the opportunity to take Gillian down. Gillian was, once again, familiarly inert. The eyes that melted the hearts of many were hidden under shut eyelids. Jodie had sneaked up behind the ex TV queen and blackjacked her while she was distracted by Ginny's bag. Jodie moved her gripping arm away from Gillian's hip to her breasts. The inert Gillian's head lolled back, her face tilting skyward. Her beautiful lips slightly parted.

"Ooooh cigar breath, I'd like to smoke one right now, you sexy thing!" sighed Jodie on whose shoulder Gillian's inert upwardly tilting head rested.

She dragged Gillian around the block and dumped her in the back of her waiting station wagon. She laid the redhead back down in the car and admired her body.

"Whaddaya know? Scully brought Clarice a cigar!" giggled Jodie as she saw the cigar on Gillian’s belt. She unzipped the front of Gillian's cat suit to expose her breasts. "I'll let this marinate," Jodie said and stuck the cigar lengthwise into Gillian's sweaty cleavage.

Then Jodie shut the back door, looked around cautiously and drove away. Gillian's Boxster was stolen later in the night by car thieves. What happened to Kim, Ginny and Gillian? Kim got a new story and a revenge to plot. She also got to give Ginny a badly needed spanking for revealing their secrets to Gillian. Speaking of Gillian...oh! Wait, that's another story!