Lucy Liu, Sung Hi Lee and Gillian Anderson by TNT

"Uhhhhhh! Stop....NOOOO...uhhhhh!" The beautiful busty red-haired captive moaned as her captor continued. "Please...don't..."

The long strong finger slid gracefully up under the silky bra cup, stopping as it touched the hard nub, then pressed insistently on the erect nipple like pushing a button.

"Isn't this fun?" the lovely dark-haired Asian giggled as she squeezed the beautiful full firm breast. Lucy relished her luscious captives moan as her fingers began to tug at the bra...the milky white breast was finding its freedom...oh, so slowly. "Soon, you'll have company," Lucy purred. "Another will join you. Does the thought comfort you?" she asked her lovely, tied up, victim.

"Go to hell you stupid bitch! Someone will be here soon to kick your sick little ass, then you'll be sorry," snarled the frightened angry redhead. Gillian shook her beautiful red hair out of her eyes and a hard stinging slap was the instant reward for her threat; no matter how true or how empty it would prove to be. She was in trouble, big trouble, and how well she knew it! The beautiful redhead stared at her lovely angry Asian captor as Lucy turned and walked away to get a bottled water. She took a good long refreshing guzzle, flashed a wicked smile at her beautiful captive, licked her lips and the raised the bottle to her sensuous lips again."Stupid, stupid me!" Gillian scolded herself for being so dumb and so gullible.

A short time ago, she'd been enjoying a delicious gourmet meal at an exclusive restaurant and noticed Lucy Liu across the room staring at her. At first she was naturally flattered, but then - being everyone's favorite whipping girl - she became annoyed, then nervous. Lucy's stares weren't admiring but more like the ones given to a delicious meal or that 'special someone.' Since Gillian didn't swing 'that way' she was pretty sure Lucy wasn't interested in her 'like that'. On the other hand, she had brushed off the remembrance of 'rumors' that Lucy was a dominatrix who liked - no, make that loved - to catfight other women to prove her superiority in some very special ways. At first, she ignored the several whispered conversations between Lucy and a waiter and then with the manager.

"Why would the manager pay a special visit to a diner, even a movie star like Liu? And several visits? Hmmmmm."

Then Lucy had sent Gillian a special bottle of wine. She was naturally curious, and a bit nervous; but also appreciative. Not only was it the best wine she'd ever tasted, it was the first time another actress had sent her wine. Gillian was a bit tipsy as she headed to the ladies loo, having to put her hand on the wall at one point when she almost stumbled over a seam in the carpet. As she left the restroom, Lucy confronted her as she was entering and they naturally began to chat. Suddenly, Lucy grabbed her by the hair and one arm and pulled her through a door into a store room.

Gillian hadn't even had a second to scream, let alone protest or fight back. The door slammed shut behind them, a heavy metallic CLANG as the lock snapped shut. Gillian looked around and realized they were in a large, dark room. It was cold, damp and musty and in the center was a boxing ring; a huge thick mat and a bunch of strange mysterious contraptions lined one side of the room.

"How weird, how creepy," Gillian thought. "Even for an 'X Files' operative such as herself, a government agent babe!

Like any normal red-haired beauty, Gillian had tried to run, to escape; but Lucy ran after her, grabbed the back of her beautiful blue dress and yanked her back, then tackled her down and wrestled her onto the mat. Gillian frantically, angrily, ripped at Lucy's smooth satin blouse, tugged at her modest skirt and yanked her beautiful long black hair. Despite the urgency of her thought, however, everything seemed to be moving in slowwww motion.

Gillian's arms and legs were heavy and then it dawned on her..."DRAT, I've been drugged!"

The sound of Lucy's laughter and giggling seemed to be incredibly loud, yet distant; a warped, garbled sound. Gillian knew the drug, though powerful, wouldn't last long but long before it wore off Lucy would have her stripped naked. She struggled against the drug, tried to stop Lucy's skillful, hungry fingers, but it was impossible! She felt warm, fuzzy as she stared into Lucy's beautiful, hungry deep dreamboat brown eyes; her eyes flitted downward as Lucy shredded her beautiful expensive blue silk dress. Now Lucy's hands were cupping her breasts, squeezing.

"Ummmmmm, that's gotta be the drug." Gillian thought. "I don't (usually) like women."

Soon, Lucy had Gillian stripped down to bra and panties. Even Lucy's slapping her didn't hurt as she stared up wistfully, lustfully, at Lucy who had somehow succeeded in ripping her blouse open exposing a sheer lace bra. She smiled as she noticed the long erect nipple pushing through the delicate fabric and she slowly reached out to touch... but Lucy grabbed her hand and twisted her arm.

"Gosh she's good, very good! Wonder why it doesn't hurt?" Gillian moaned, the steel wrist and ankle cuffs were cold. At least she had some feeling left. She felt like she was a small, padded bench was supporting her, her arms raised, her back arched.

"Ummmm, uncomfortable yes, but not excruciatingly painful," she thought idly.

"Have some water, Gillian sweetie," Lucy's loud brassy words and the ice cold water cascading over her face, hair and chest quickly snapped Gillian back to reality. The drug was wearing off quickly now. Lucy held the water bottle to her lips and she gulped the cold refreshing liquid eagerly.

"Gotta keep your strength up," Lucy grinned. "For the contest!"

Lucy put the bottle aside, leaned down and put her face inches from Gillian's. Then she reached up and cupped the redheads full breasts, squeezing firmly through the loose bra as she pressed her lips to Gillian's and kissed her hungrily, roughly. Gillian squirmed, writhing in her bonds as Lucy's full lips overpowered hers; finding the sensation of being kissed while having her breasts mauled surprisingly exciting!

"Gawwwwd you're hot," Lucy teased as she tugged down the bra's cup. Her fingers captured the erect pink nipple and she skillfully tweaked it as she smiled at Gillian's reluctant, but uncontrollable moan of arousal. "You want me, don't you 'Red'?" she purred as she gave the hard nipple a little tug. "Well, sorry, you'll have to wait a bit. I gotta go find you some company. Just relax, don't be so tense, loosen up that gorgeous body, OK?"

She gave Gillian a playful peck on the cheek, then nibbled her left ear-lobe as she began a slow, gentle massage of Gillian's tense back and shoulder muscles, playfully snapping her bra straps hard enough to leave red marks on her pale, flawless flesh. Whenever Lucy felt her lovely captive relax, she slid her hand down her back and gave Gillian's sexy ass a squeeze through the French-cut blue panties, then slapped each of the twin cheeks sharply, almost playfully. When she was done, Lucy walked to the door, turned and blew Gillian a kiss; giggling at her snarling winced reply. Then Lucy opened the door and disappeared.

"I wonder who's joining me?" Gillian wondered as she closed her eyes. "Wish I could warn them....well, maybe not. I can't wait to find out what happens next!" She wrestled with her mixed feelings as hard as anyone wrestles with any two opposing forces as she tried to push the fogginess from her mind. "Gosh, I can't believe how goooood her touch felt. Am I crazy? It has to be the drugs. I gotta get outta, I want to stay! Who is Lucy bringing back? Will I fight her? Canl I win? Noooo, I'm crazy, I've gotta get out of here!" The red-haired beauty struggled against her restraints but they were too strong, too tight. She looked around, "What kind of place is this? A boxing ring, in a storage room, next to a plush, posh restaurant? This HAS to be a a a dream. That Asian beauties' touch; it was sooooo good." Tick. Tick. Tick. The loud clock on the nearby wall seemed to be pounding out seconds with the same decibel volume as a jet engine. The drugs. The pounding in her head. Time was moving sooooo slowly. Creakkkkk. The door opened.

"I'm baaaack. Did ya miss me sweetie?" Lucy's perkiness rattled Gillian's nerves. She looked up to see a sexy feminine figure standing behind the perky Asian lovely, in the shadows. "Ready to do a little battle, sweetie?" Lucy chirped as she quickly and efficiently unfastened Gillian's restraints. "You've fought other women before right, Ms Government Agent?" Lucy queried, her voice full of sarcasm.

"Well,, I have," Gillian stammered as she rubbed her cold, numb hands, then her feet. She looked up into Lucy's sparkling eyes, her face suddenly felt flushed as she realized Lucy was staring at her full breasts. She looked down, instantly wishing the air weren't so cold and that she wasn't still feeling aroused from Lucy's early touch. She felt her face blushing hot as she realized her nipples were the longest and hardest they'd been since that night with 'Mulder'. She quickly covered her breasts with her hands and looked down at the floor, unable to meet Lucy's steady, unwavering gaze..

"Oh how sweet," Lucy purred. "Don't be embarrassed, dear. Best start thinking of how you're gonna survive the next twenty long exciting minutes. You HAVE been in a catfight before haven't you?" Lucy said as she grabbed Gillian's luscious red hair. "Get that hot little bod' up there pronto," she ordered as she gave Gillian a hard shove toward the ring and a good firm spank to speed her on her way.

"OUCH! Okay, okay, I'm going," Gillian said, rubbing her firm cheek. She adjusted the blue panties, moving them to "maximum coverage" then just before she entered the ring, she tightened and refastened her loose bra. Slipping between the ropes she turned to face Lucy hoping to see just who she was to battle with.

"Listen, you know what to do. You'd best fight hard, and win because if you don't win, that hot little redhead's gonna have some real fun with you. And then I will too, understand?" Lucy snipped as she yanked the beautiful woman forward with a vicious hairpull.

"Don't threaten me, Ms Liu," the woman said, but with a deferential tone in her accented voice. "We haven't tangled for a long time, but I'm still in great shape as you can plainly see. Keep threatening me and you'll be sorry. And yes, I'll take her down and love every minute of it. Its been a longgggg while since I've had a real redhead," the beautiful woman said with a lusty laugh.

Lucy's anger broke instantly and she broke into a hearty laugh, "I know, that was a great fight! Good thing I showed up when I did, or 'Miss Red' here would've been history," Lucy said.

Lucy watched lustfully as the beautiful woman slipped out of her tattered, shredded dress. Like Gillian, she would fight in just her bra and panties. Lucy smiled as she watched the woman step from and head to the ring. Her plan was working perfectly! She'd learned from the restaurant manager that this woman, once her enemy and a respected fighter, had a reservation. She'd told the manager to have his staff arrange a misunderstanding between her and an uppity rather rude, but incredibly beautiful, red-headed waitress. Lucy knew both would fight at the drop of a hat and she wanted this woman, angry and ready for another confrontation with another redhead. It took three bouncers to pull the two women apart and it was lucky for the nearly naked and soundly thrashed redhead that Lucy had showed up when she did. Now, Lucy scurried to the ring right behind Gillian's surprise opponent who'd just stepped through the ropes.

Bounding into the ring, Lucy pranced over to Gillian and asked, "Ever fought a lovely Asian before?"

The redhead who seemed to be mustering up her courage, and stammered, "N...nah...nooooo. Should be easy though, she doesn't look that tough," the redhead said as she began to shadowbox.

Lucy motioned the two women to the center of the ring for the introductions; "Gillian, meet Sung Hi Lee. Sung Hi, Gillian. Alright ladies, I mean bitches; I don't want a clean fight. None of the normal rules apply; there will be no time outs, no stopping. Winner takes....well, the winner has fun, lots of fun. And what the ref says, you will do. And what the ref wants, the ref gets! You both understand what I've said?" Lucy asked with a wicked smile as she licked her lips.

"On the count of three you may strip her. Oh, excuse me, I meant to say, on the count of three you may rip her hair out. Ohhhh my! Pardon my mistake, at the count of three you may...ONE, TWO, THREE FIGHT!

"AIEEEEEEEE!" Gillian's scream was her first big mistake.

Rushing full force, unprepared towards the beautiful but cunning Sung Hi Lee. The beautiful Asian was skilled in several forms of battle and she set herself, then her leg shot up like greased lightning and the sole of her foot slammed into Gillian's groin.

"Stupid redhead, your fate is sealed!" Sung Hi snarled as she grabbed a handful of beautiful red hair with one hand and slammed her other fist down on her doubled over, gasping opponents' back, driving Gillian to her knees.

"How'm I doing Miss Lucy?" Sung Hi said as she reached down and grabbed Gillian's full breasts, squeezing hard through the lace bra cups.

"Just fine, twist 'em good!" Lucy said as she focused her eyes on the Asian's long strong fingers that were twisting the screaming redheads full pleasure mounds clear up and out of her bra.

"Scream, scream louder," Sung Hi whispered in Gillian's ear, leaning forward.

"Unggggh!" This time, it was the Asian groaning as Gillian's fist came up and crashed into her chin. The room suddenly began to spin as two arms reached up and wrapped around her neck. Sung Hi gasped in pain as her head was pulled down; her neck felt like it was being twisted off.

"Know judo you Chinese bitch?" Gillian shouted as she slammed her rivals lovely butt on the hard canvas floor! Sung Hi's painful landing signaled the abrupt end of her unexpected head-over-heels airborne ride, but then she grunted again as Gillian fired an angry fist into her stomach. "You seem to like this move, well so do I," Gillian chuckled. "Turnabout's fair play, as we English brats love to say!" She grabbed Sung Hi's full voluptuous breasts which seemed ready to pop our of her sheer cleavage revealing bra and her beautiful face morphed into a mischievous satisfied smirk as she squeezed and mauled the bra-clad breasts tenaciously as Sung Hi wailed and beat her fists on Gillian's shoulders and arms.

"By the way, you haughty Asian slut," Gillian snarled as she glanced up at Lucy. "How's your friend doing, huh?" Lucy's face wore a surprised and stunned expression. "Didn't think I had it in me, eh?" the redhead shouted as she suddenly ripped Sung Hi's left bra cup down and latched onto the long dark nipple. As she pulled the sensitive nub, twisted it and then pinched hard, Sung Hi's screams pierced the air as she bucked and kicked.

"Argggggh!" Gillian's smirk disappeared as two long lovely legs snapped up around her neck, clamped down, then jerked her down and off to the side. "Uhhhhhh..." the redhead moaned as she hit the canvas with incredible force.

"Good move, girl!" Lucy cheered as she moved quickly to an angle where she could see the most erotic sight better. She stared at Sung Hi's beautiful breast, her powerful legs, her gorgeous firm sexy asscheeks that were so erotically displayed in black high-cut French silk panties. The more Gillian struggled, the harder and tighter Sung Hi's leg and thigh muscles strained to control her. The redhead's beautiful full breasts jiggled erotically as her loose bra swung uselessly below her twin treasures. To Lucy's' sheer delight and Gillian's torment, Sung Hi reached up, clamped her fist over one breast and squeezed, digging her fingers deep into the soft, pale mound of flesh..

"YIEWWOWWW! Let go, AIEEEEE!" Gillian screamed as she let go of Sung Hi's boob, grabbed her wrist and tried desperately, and unsuccessfully, to pull herhand away from her aching breast. "My boob, my boob! Let go of my boob," she squealed as tears filled her beautiful, wincing, eyes.

"Give up yet, you red-headed whore?" Sung Hi rasped as she further tightened her excruciating leg scissors.

"NO way...UGH...never...UNNNNH...ever," Gillian gasped, a look of steely determination etched on her flushed face.

"AIEEEEEEE! My leggggg..." Sung Hi shrieked as a deep red furrow appeared in her tender inner thigh as Gillian raked her sharp fingernails downward. Gillian smiled as Sung Hi grabbed for the offending hand, then captured one of Sung Hi's fingers and bent it sharply back, delighting in her shrieks. Gillian twisted and broke free from Sung Hi's legs as she was forced to involuntarily relax her muscles which were starting to cramp even before the searing pain from Gillian's scratching..

"Now refresh my memory, just what were you going to do to me?" Gillian gasped as she sat up, keeping Sung Hi's finger twisted back almost to the breaking point and fired a punch onto her nose. Grabbing a handful of hair, Gillian jerked Sung Hi to her feet as she stood up. "Here's a choke hold they taught me this for my show," Gillian said as she wound an arm around the Asian's neck below her chin. Then she jerked back painfully as she fired three hard, fast punches into Sung Hi's kidneys.

Finally, in one swift move, she pulled the busty Asian beauty's torn bra clean off and threw it at Lucy, "There Ms Smartass, a little souvenir from your favorite loser!"

Gillian reached down, grabbed Sung Hi's firm right ass cheek and dug her nails in and squeezed.

"EEEEEEK! Damn you slut!" Sung Hi snarled.

"Thought you'd do better," an angry raspy voice said from nearby, startling Sung Hi and surprising Gillian. Lucy was standing in the ring in front of Sung Hi.

"Whaaa...Noooooo," Sung Hi moaned, her voice a mix of anger, fear, embarrassment, surprise as she saw Lucy leering at her.

"I told you to defeat her," Lucy reminded Sung Hi. "You promised....You lied! Now, you lost," Lucy whispered, her voice low, lusty and threatening as she reached up, cupped Sung Hi's full breasts in both hands snd squeezed slowly, firmly...painfully!. Lucy scratched her thumbnails on the long stiff nipples, teased them roughly, then pinched them with her thumbs and forefingers, rolling them, then pinching HARD!

"AIEEEEeeeeeeee! UNGH!" Sung Hi's scream halted abruptly when Lucy's knee smashed into her groin. Lucy held her leg in the air, pressing her knee painfully on the battered mound as she began a slow grinding motion. "Oh, you bitch, you evil bitch!" Sung Hi moaned as she sagged in Gillian's arms as she held Sung Hi tightly by the arms, still trying to understand what was going on, but very happy it was Sung Hi and not her who was the recipient of Lucy's ire! But she almost changed her mind when Lucy stepped back, released Sung Hi's tortured breasts and slapped her - hard! Then as Sung Hi gasped, Lucy stepped in, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her into a rough, but passionate, kiss then slid her lips hungrily down to her luscious left breast. Gillian felt warmth encompass her body and heard Sung Hi's pleasured gasp as Lucy's hungry mouth engulfed her erect nipple; her skilled tongue swirling, flicking and teasing the sensitive nub of tan flesh.

"Ohhhhhh, mmmmmm, stop it please..." Sung Hi moaned.

Lucy stopped suddenly, reached up grabbed Sung Hi's ear and whispered something, then she stepped back and a smile spread across both Asian's faces.

"What? What did you say?" Gillian asked, her voice full of anger, frustration.

"Do you really want to know, Ms Anderson?" Lucy asked, her tone mysterious, yet filled with delight at the same time.

"Yes I do, and you'd better tell me!" Gillian said, stamping her foot impatiently..

"OK, I will," Lucy chirped. She walked around behind Sung Hi, leaned forward and cupped her hands around Gillian's right ear.

"You see, Gillian, I told Sung Hi ... AIEEEEE!"

"YEOWWWCH!" Gillian screamed as Lucy's lightning quick fingers grabbed a clump of her red hair and pulled viciously as her leg hooked Gillian's. In a flash, Gillian went flying across the ring, slammed into the ropes and rebounded off back to Lucy who lunged forward and threw an arm up, clotheslining Gillian across the breasts and standing her up in her tracks! A fast leg sweep dropped Gillian on her ass on canvas where she rolled onto her back clutching her chest.

In a flash the petite Asian beauty pounced on the surprised and hurting redhead, grabbed Gillian's hair. Fighting both surprise and pain, Gillian grabbed two handfuls of Lucy's hair as four legs grapevined, struggling for control as they rolled around on the mat screaming, scratching, pulling hair, punching and clawing for control.

"Get her! Pound her! Pull her hair out!" Sung Hi cheered enthusiastically as Lucy and Gillian battled it out.

Catfights always excited Sung Hi and Lucy's touch had aroused her more than she could (or would) have ever imagined. She hated and loved her Asian rival at the same time, but she despised Gillian...all that pretty red hair and her arrogant attitude set Sung Hi's teeth on edge. As she watched the two battlecats she tried hard to decide which one she wanted to win. She watched with delight while Gillian shredded Lucy's blouse, sending buttons scattering everywhere. Soon, Lucy's skirt was at her knees, then her ankles as Gillian angrily tore at it until she had it off, then raked her nails down Lucy's beautiful legs.

"Now that hurts!" Sung Hi thought as she remembered the intense pain she'd felt when Gillian had clawed her legs as the erotic sounds of sheer pantyhose being shredded brought a smile to her full, beautiful lips.

"Uhhhhhmpffh," Gillian groaned as Lucy freed up one hand and fired a punch to her stomach, then another to her groin. While Gillian gasped and tried to catch her breath, Lucy trapped the wheezing redhead in a painful choke hold and soon hed her gagging and gasping air as she flailed her arms wildly, frantically..

"Get your smart-ass up here," Lucy snarled as she dragged the weak-kneed, huffing redhead to her feet. "Don't just stand there stupid," she yelled at Sung Hi. "Come and join the party!"

"Thought you'd never ask," Sung Hi muttered as she hurried toward the whimpering redhead who Lucy now held in a painful and debilitating full nelson. "My, you are pretty," Sung Hi said as she reached out and cradled Gillian's full, milky white globes from beneath her extended, splayed fingers, teasing and flicking the stiffening pink nipples.

"Well, go on, don't be shy," Lucy instructed her charge in a voice raspy with passion. She watched delighted as Sung Hi leaned forward to press her own full breasts into Gillian's, heard Gillian gasp as Sung Hi's long nipples touched her thick pink nubs and sighed as the beautiful Asian began to kiss Gillian's neck, then her right breast; it wasn't too long before her lips moved to Gillian's left nipple

"Noooo...Stop....mmmmmmm...Stop it right now!" Gillian said, her voice cracking.

"You don't sound too sure in you demands," Lucy giggled as she tightened the full nelson, forcing Gillian's' chest out further.

"Hold her still, pleaseeeee," Sung Hi whined, trying hard to suppress her giggling as she glanced up at Lucy who was enjoying the erotic sight as much as Sung Hi was enjoying pleasuring or 'torturing' their prisoner.

"I hate you! I hate both of you bitches," Gillian shouted as a shudder of arousal rippled through her taut body..

"YIEEEOWWWW!" Sung Hi yelped in agony and her leg burst into pain when Gillian's foot slammed into her shin.

"Ungrateful bitch!" Sung Hi hissed as she shot a perfect uppercut under Gillian's chin. CRACK! THUNK! The redheads head snapped back and smashed into Lucy's face.

"Whaaaaa the hell?" Lucy screamed as Gillian's body went limp in her arms. Sung Hi watched Gillian's eyes roll up, her eyelids flutter and then her legs buckled. "Just when the fun's starting, you screw it up!" Lucy growled as she laid Gillian carefully on her back.

"I'm sorry, I really am, it was instinct you know," Sung Hi pleaded as she looked into the incredibly beautiful, and angry, eyes of Lucy whose erect nipples seemed about to stab right through her sheer bra. In the struggle, her sexy silk panties had slipped down and Sung Hi could see the top of her thick, dark bush.

"Instinct my ass, you wanted her all to yourself!" Lucy sneered as she studied Sung Hi's lustful eyes staring down at the fallen red-haired beauty at their feet

"Why you selfish slut! You're the one who invited me here - I already had some good action going. I oughta kick your as... UNNNH! URRRRK!"

Lucy's hard fist slammed into Sung Hi's jaw, rocking her head to one side as she staggered, then Lucy's karate chop to the throat put her in 'gasping for air' mode.

"Oh, I'm so, sooooo very sorry, its instinct," Lucy mocked as she grabbed Sung Hi by the hair and pulled her around the ring, then tossed her backward to the ropes.

"Nooooo...Uhhhhhh," Sung Hi groaned as Lucy's arm shot out and her open hand chopped her across the breasts as she bounced off. Sung Hi hit the canvas hard and Lucy dove on her, wrapping her wiry legs around her waist in a perfect leg scissors.

"Remember our little boxing match, way back when," she reminded the breathless beauty. "This kinda fightin's a lot more fun," Lucy chirped as she positioned herself behind Sung Hi, reached around and grabbed her beautiful breasts, then began squeezing and mauling the perfect round mounds. Lucy trapped the long nipples with her thumbs and fingers and pinched, flattening the dark nubs until Sung Hi would have sworn they were paper thin!

"Argggggh....Uhhhhhh," Sung Hi moaned as she kicked her legs and bucked her hips.

"You better stop that squirming....or else!" Lucy warned.

"Or else what?" Sung Hi gasped.

"Or else THIS!" Lucy snapped as she tightened her legs, rocked back to lift Sung Hi off the mat, then slammed her back down on her butt. Waves of pain shot upward through Sung Hi's lower back and spine.

"You bitch, you mean, nasty, wicked bitch," Sung Hi gasped. She dug her fingernails deep into Lucy's wrists and leaned forward pulling Lucy with her. WHAM! Sung Hi whipped her head backward in a perfect surprise head butt! Lucy groaned as her brain and mind went numb and her muscles relaxed their grip. Sung Hi slammed her elbow back into Lucy's left breast, twisted free and grabbed her by the hair. She pulled Lucy's head back and snapped a punch to her jaw, jerked her to her feet and then in one smooth fluid move pulled her bra off as she shoved Lucy back toward the ropes..

"Now, let's see how YOU like this, Miss high and mighty, Lucy Liu!" Sung Hi growled as she bent the dazed Lucy backward over the top rope. Holding Lucy bent sharply backward using her arm under the top rope to pull Lucy's hair, Sung Hi grabbed onto Lucy's left breast and gave it a painful squeeze. She pinched the nipple hard and as Lucy screamed in pain, Sung Hi grabbed her panties and jerked giving the little dominatrix a really painful wedgie!

"I got a wonderful idea, Miss Lucy," Sung Hi laughed. "Don't look up, cause if you do, you'll get the surprise of your life."

"Huhhhh? Wha...Noooooo!" Lucy screamed.

"Go get her Lucy," Sung Hi shouted as she pulled Lucy off the ropes, spun her around and gave her a hard shove toward one angry, sore Gillian.

MUNFF! Gillian's hard fist slammed into the petite Asian’s naval like a sledgehammer. As Lucy’s knees buckled and she doubled over gasping for air. Four hands grabbed her, one on each arm and two in her hair, and pulled her down to the canvas.

"You get her arms, I'll hold her legs!" Gillian roared.

"She is quite pretty, isn't she?" Sung Hi observed, her well-known eye for feminine form not failing her.

"Yes, and terribly feisty; plus she’s more than a little bit arrogant too boot!"

"But look at these,” Sung Hi sighed, running her hands over Lucy’s bare breasts. “So firm, so pretty and...oh my, look how quickly the nipples get long and hard."

"Nooooooo..." Lucy moaned as she looked up into Gillian's lustful, angry eyes. She moaned again as she saw a wild shock of red hair lowering; then she gasped as soft, demanding, eager lips surrounded her stiff nipple.

"Noooooo....stop….ummmmmmm...yessss.." Lucy babbled as she stared up into Sung Hi's dark eyes and - once more - a pair of soft, hungry lips engulfed one of her sensitive nubs. "Please stop....Gillian....Sung Hi....Nooooooo...ummmmmmm....don't, not there…NO, NOT DOWN ...yes, there...that's it! Don't stop pleaseeee...."

"Dear, dear Lucy,” Gillian chuckled. “You thought you were in control; that you’d planned the entire evening out, but guess what?" "You're not as smart as you think you are, you hot little bitch!" Sung Hi cackled.

Lucy looked up, trying hard to focus as her body was engulfed in unrelenting, overpowering waves of erotic warmth; her senses flooded with a million tingles; the room spinning. She felt dizzy and….. oh sooooooo good! Her eyes tried to focus....

"Yes, I'm the redhead; that nasty rude waitress. And when they're done with you, I'll just be getting conniving hot little bitch."

"Ummmmmmm, please, Gillian, Sung Hi, ahhhhh, ummmmmmm..."