Gillian Anderson vs. Tea Leoni by imitation

"She has the DVD and I must get it! If it gets around, I'll be a laughing stock!" said the voice on the phone.

"Alright! Don't worry! I'm on it!" said the woman on the other end.

As she hung up the phone, Sharon Corr realized that she needed to ambush Gillian Anderson for her friend Tea Leoni.

Gillian was, naturally, oblivious to the conspiracy that was being hatched against her. She was on the set of her latest film 'The Mighty Celt' relaxing in her trailer when Sharon came in. They hugged like old friends, then Sharon sat down.

"Gillie, word from Hollywood is you have a DVD of a catfight of yours and you may send to a few producers!"

Gillian laughed. "Yes! How'd you hear of it?" she asked in a British accent that reeked of phony to the Irish lass.

"Well, just guard it well is all I'm saying," said Corr as she got up to leave.

"I have it with me! No worries!" said Gillian smiling as her cool blue eyes flitted ever so briefly to a leather bag on the floor.

Sharon smiled and they made small talk as she delayed her leaving for a little while longer. Sharon looked like she was waiting for something as she kept glancing at her watch. After a while, Sharon started toward the door of Gillian's trailer and Gillian followed her outside as they walked to a couple of parked cars.

"Well, take care Sharon" said the redhead as they reached Sharon's car.

Sharon pulled out a cigarette and offered the blonde one. Gillian smiled, "Don't mind if I do!"

She put her sexy lips around it and Sharon offered her a light, holding it down so Gillian had to bend forward. Just as she took her first puff, a blackjack came down with full force on the back of Gillian's neck.

"Unngh..." she said as she crashed down to the dusty ground on her stomach.

Just to make sure she was out, Sharon kicked her hard in the jaw but Gillian's inert form merely jerked from the heavy boot striking her. Sharon used her toe to roll Gillian over onto her back.

"Thanks Andrea!" said Sharon to her sister Andrea who'd been waiting in the darkness.

They looked at Gillian's body sprawled on the ground.

"Sorry bitch! but it was you or Tea, and the way your career is going, we align with her!" Andrea sneered as she grabbed Gillian by her blonde hair and then under her armpits. Sharon grabbed Gillian's legs and they carried the inert bombshell back into her trailer. Gillian was, of course, oblivious to all this; her head swaying as the sisters carried her slung between them; her arms limp as ever.

They entered the trailer and seated Gillian on a chair to which Andrea tightly tied her. She ran the rope along Gillian's torso and around her under and over her breasts which made them seem much bigger than they really were. Sharon opened Gillian's closet and pulled out a pair of her panties and stuffed them in her mouth. Gillian's body obeyed every command as she hadn't still recovered from her crowning.

"Now for that DVD!" said Sharon. She bent down and picked up the leather case. She opened it and there was a DVD in a blank case. She slipped it in the DVD player and turned down the lights. Andrea and Sharon were treated to one of the greatest catfights they’d ever seen!

The DVD started with Gillian in her heyday as Scully. Beautiful body, great legs, red hair. She was filming the X-Files movie. This is when Tea walked up to her. All of this was filmed by the X-Files camera crew and Tea's husband - who was highly influential - had the whole thing covered up. There was no other video footage of this anywhere, but Gillian had secured a copy somehow.

Tea walked up to Gillian who was standing on the now empty set of Mulder's office (save a few cameramen documenting the fight secretly) trying to find her marks and rehearse her lines.

"You bitch! how can you generate so much publicity with so little talent?" said Tea to the redhead referring to her superstar status on the Internet. Gillian smiled back and continued to read her lines, annoying Tea no end. "You scared?" said Tea assuming a fighting stance, then she slapped Gillian across the cheek.

The resonance in the set of the slap was almost scary. Gillian's cheek was flushed with the imprint of Tea's fingers. Gillian was naturally surprised. She looked at Tea in shock. Her jaw dropped with surprise. Tea laughed and kicked Gillian in her midsection. Gillian buckled over. Tea grabbed her by her hair and threw her on the desk. She then got on the desk and straddled Gillian whose face took a barrage of punches from Tea's fist. Every punch made her grunt in pain. Tea then grabbed a fistful of red hair and banged it against the table repeatedly. Gillian was fading into unconsciousness.

BANG! "You dumb whore!"

BANG! "You're no fucking good!"

BANG! "And you can't act!"

...and so on until Gillian's eyes slowly shut. Tea took off her shirt as Gillian's resistance faded.

"Now you want to suffocate under some real tits, you slut?" she asked Gillian mockingly.

Gillian Anderson was laid out on "Fox Mulder's" desk. Her arms were just hanging off the sides of the table. She was nearly out cold and defeated on the very set that had made her a superstar. Now remember, this was in the heyday of "The X-Files" and also the peak of Gillian's catfighting career. She had scientifically destroyed the greatest catfighters. She had beaten Shania Twain, Anna Nicole Smith, Catherine Bell. She was at this point, a very well respected fighter. The Corr sisters knew this and were thus surprised that Gillian went down so easily. They were well aware of Gillian's catfighting career. They knew that with one humiliating loss to her future co-star Annabeth Gish, Gillian suddenly became Hollywood's whipping girl and she suddenly became an obscure actress . But this was before those losses and knockouts!!

Tea laughed at Gillian, "I have you out already. Too bad no one is watching this. This must be a new record! I know that you're regarded as one of the toughest fighters, think of what that makes me!"

She then pulled off her shirt completely. She was going to make Gillian's humiliation complete. She straddled the redhead and lowered her chest on Gillian's face. That's when the set resonated with a loud scream. Gillian had grabbed the nameplate that said "Fox Mulder" and had inserted it through Tea's jeans into her asshole. Tea screamed. Gillian pulled it out and then threw it away.

Tea raised herself off Gillian's face, but still had the redhead pinned under her legs. She was still screaming in pain. Gillian threw away the name plate and grabbed Tea's nipples. She twisted them with all her might. Tea screamed further. She tried to defend herself by pushing Gillian away but Gillian used her knees to kick Tea off of her.

The tall blonde was too busy, sitting on the desk, tending her sudden burning pain to notice Gillian get up and walked around behind her. Gillian grabbed Tea in a sleeper hold and tried to suffocate the beauty. Tea almost succumbed to the hold when Gillian left her alone. She could have won right then and there, but she didn't want to.

"Tea, you were saying?" Gillian said, mockingly putting her hand to her ear. She punched Tea in the base of her spine. Tea got breathless and fell on her back. Gillian grabbed Tea by her blonde hair and pulled her off the desk and onto the floor.

Tea fell down with great pain. "OW!" she exclaimed.

Gillian kicked her in the side and Tea winced. The powerful redhead straddled the blonde and grabbed her by her ears. "Now this was your move wasn't it?" said the redhead calmly as she pounded Tea's head on the floor. BANG! "Was it like this?" BANG! "….or this?" ...this went on. Tea was barely moaning to indicate she was awake after this but Gillian wasn’t finished and she pulled Tea's pants off.

"Let's try this without the clothes, eh?" Gillian said in the calm scientific voice she’d made her popular as TV's Dana Scully.

She got the name plate that had brought her back into the game. She proceeded to strip Tea off her panties and then inserted the wooden plate into Tea's womanhood. She thrust it in and out. Tea screamed at first, but then slowly started moaning like she was going to orgasm after.

" call ME a slut!" she said as she slugged Tea in her jaw and knocked her out.

Gillian laughed aloud. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a cigarette. She lit it and it almost looked as though an idea entered her head as she exhaled smoke. She smiled and dropped the cigarette. Extinguished it with her beautiful shoes. She pulled Tea up by the hair and dropped her on the table face up. She picked up a Polaroid camera that was lying around in the office as a part of the set and taunted Tea awake.

"Get up bitch!" she said.

Tea slowly awoke and as soon as she opened her eyes, Gillian rammed the nameplate in her womanhood again. Tea grabbed it with both of her hands and Gillian quickly jumped back and snapped a picture. It looked like Tea was getting herself off with the nameplate. Gillian laughed aloud, then jumped on the table and straddled Tea again.

"Now, you were saying something about my breasts?" she scolded Tea. Leoni had the fear of God on her face. The cameramen did a great job capturing all of this. They even sent the tape in for post production, it had the feel of a real X-Files episode.

Gillian then ripped her Scully shirt off, the buttons fell on top of Tea's frightened abs. Gillian's breasts were in full view of Tea and the blonde was scared. She pulled her bra off with one master stroke and then descended upon Tea who saw the globes approach her. She couldn't help but notice how beautiful they were; what they lacked in size, they made up for in perfection. Soon, Tea was breathing a mouthful of Gillian's breasts. Her struggles subsided slowly until she went limp. Gillian laughed as she held the Polaroid picture that was now dry. She took it with her to mail to the tabloids. THAT would keep Tea off her back! She put her shirt back on, continued to look at Tea for a few seconds, then walked off the set. The DVD ended there.

The Corrs were surprised. They’d only heard about Gillian's power second hand, but this was a great display! They were almost tempted to keep it and learn about the power of resilience from it. They turned around and looked at the tied up and unconscious Gillian with a whole new found respect. The sisters looked at each other.

"Maybe she’ll come back to the A-list someday?" Sharon said, her eyes fixed on Gillian's breasts.

"Not if she gets knocked out this easily. It's almost as if she enjoys getting KO’d!" laughed Andrea.

The sisters decided they'd pick up Gillian's traits of resilience instead of selling her out to Tea. They untied Gillian Anderson. Sharon just stared at Gillian's body in awe as she loosened the ropes. Andrea pulled Gillian's panties from out of her mouth . They woke her up gently. Andrea stared at Gillian's beautiful lips. She was in now completely in love with the world's sexiest woman.

"Wha…what happened?" asked Gillian.

"Don't know hon, maybe you fainted," said Sharon.

"Gillian, we watched the DVD!" said an amazed Andrea.

" did?" said Gillian.

"Yeah! So teach us!" said the sisters in unison.

Gillian smiled. Was her resurgence about to begin?