Heather Locklear vs. Gillian Anderson by Doug Haig

Gillian Anderson and Heather Locklear crash together, both actresses furiously attacking the other with punches and slaps to the body. Both women lock up and roughly shove each other around, their breasts swaying and jiggling with each push. Heather breaks away, giving Gillian an extremely hard slap on the top of her breast before suddenly rushing at her redhead opponent.

Heather took full advantage and smashed Gillian in the right eye as she rushed towards her, stunning the redheaded beauty and snapping her head backwards! Heather grabbed both of Gillian's breasts in her hands and as she crushed them she pushed forward and drove her rival onto her back in agony. Heather rammed her knee right onto Gillian's
pussy further adding to her pain and then straddled the now very-hurt actress's belly, slamming her well shaped ass cheek's down firmly on her stomach, much to the obvious pain of Gillian.

"How's that feel, you washed-up whore???" Heather taunted the utterly agonized Gillian as she wrenched Gillian's trapped globes in her grip back and forth, enjoying ever shudder and moan from Gillian!!

In desperation Gillian reached out and grabbed Heather's own breasts in her manicured hands, tugging them to the left and trying to unseat her dominant rival from atop her! Anderson's face twisted in pain as the titflesh around her rival's fingers turned white and her nails dug in!!

Heather raised her ass up again and came down even harder on Gillian's belly and one hand fell from her left breast as her foe bellowed out in pain! Gillian frantically slapped Heather across the face with her free hand and then backhanded her across the other side, starting a trickle of blood to flow from the left side of Heather's mouth, then she cried out in mid swing as Heather suddenly tore her upwards off the floor by her tits till her shoulder blades cleared the ground. Locklear yelled as she held Gillian by her now aching breasts and spit some blood from her mouth. Heather smashed her hard body down on top of Gillian's again, getting a long moan of pain from the redhead.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH" cried the extremely hurt Gillian as she abandoned her face slapping to try and free her ravaged breasts from her rival's torturous grip!

Gillian was at the end of her rope as her rival shook her side to side by her breasts, eliciting a loud continuous pain-filled cry from her lips! Heather suddenly slammed her back down and crushed her breasts flat under her palms as Gillian bellowed out in utter agony as her breasts mushroomed out beneath Heather's palms.

"AUUGGHHHHHHHHH, MYYY TITSSSSS!!!!!!!", she screamed as Heather used all her weight to continue pushing downward as she grinded her manicured hands back and forth.

Heather could see she was now in complete control and removed her hands from her rival's crushed breasts allowing Gillian to clutch them in her hands as tears flowed freely down her face.

Heather started slapping her defeated rival's face as she said," Who's the better woman, you flat-chested slut?!!" accenting each word with a vicious slap across each cheek without giving pause for Gillian to answer.

Now Gillian had blood flowing from her mouth too as Heather pulled her hands from her chest and tucked them under her legs and started slapping Gillian's breasts as she screamed in agony and shuddered beneath her with every blow!!!

Gillian battled back, and with a scream of agony and rage she bucked Heather off of her. Without even taking the time to rub some of the red hot pain out of her breasts, Gillian threw herself on top of Locklear, and grabbing two handfuls of titflesh, starts wreaking havoc on Heather's chest. Heather bellows out in agony as her proud breasts are pulled and twisted savagely, her arms trapped at the moment beneath Gillian's legs. Heather is devastated as Gillian starts to grab and twist her nipples around in circles, ripping the nipples from her fingers by slapping the breast from her hand, as Heather screams with each blow.

The agonized blonde frantically tries to free her arms and partly successful she reaches for Gillian's left breast and clasping it tightly in her fingers, she begins to try and tear it right off Gillian's body as the redhead moans in pain and grabs at her foe's strong hand. One pulls while the other pushes and while Heather frees her other arm, grabbing Gillian's other breast in her hand, twisting it around by the nipple.

Pulling themselves up off the floor, Gillian delivers a crushing knee lift to the blonde's firm stomach, dropping Heather on all fours. Her wind knocked out of her, Heather tries to get to her feet, with her left hand holding her injured stomach. But Gillian hauls her up by the hair and punches her hard in the face, her fist cracking into Locklear's mouth and ripping her bottom lip open inside, as the blonde's sensual lips turn puffy as her mouth fills with blood. Gillian grasps two handfuls of Heather's thick hair and throws the woman to the floor backwards, but manages to swing her knee under Locklear's falling body so that the blonde's back is rammed into her raised kneecap.

Heather moans in pain after Gillian re-arranged her spine with that terrific backbreaker. Fighting through the haze of pain, Heather rakes her nails down Gillian's full breasts and smiles as the redhead gasps in agony. But Anderson puts a stop to it by treating Locklear to two-handed sledgehammer blows into her stomach, crushing Heather's body further onto her knee. Rolling the blonde off, Gillian gets to her feet and slams her shapely ass down across Heather's lower back, smashing Locklear face first into the floor. Anderson deftly rolls her over before dropping her ass again, this time mashing Locklear's sore stomach and ribs. Gillian leans back and hooks her slender arms around Heather's legs and smashes both her heels down on the blonde's larger breasts.

Heather lets out a deep moan of pain as Gillian twists her heels around, severely grinding them into the blonde's nipples. Anderson leaned forward and grabbed two handfuls of Locklear's hair again, tugging the woman's body up off the floor while pushing down on her breasts, causing Heather untold pain. Gillian worked her legs under Heather's back and wrapped them around the blonde's body. Gillian locked her ankles, and squeezed Heather's body between her sexy gams. As Anderson crushed Locklear's body, Gillian also helped herself to two handfuls of titflesh and all but ripped the breasts off Locklear's body, as Heather continued to moan in pain.

Pulling her breasts out as far as she could, Gillian dug and scratched at Heather's large mammaries with her short polished nails, ripping away at the cherry nipples. Locklear was in total pain as Gillian gave her a hard thumbnail scratch across her nipple, ripping her supersensitive areola, and twisted her body around as she forced all the air out of the actress' lungs. Heather slapped at Gillian's face and succeeded when she backhanded Anderson across her face, her ring slicing painfully across Gillian's cheek. Anderson winced in pain and pulled away, her hand flying up to her bleeding face.

On their knees, both women struggled toward one another, sweat pouring off their glistening bodies. Gillian rammed her fist into Heather's belly with an uppercut, her fist sinking in. Heather countered by socking Gillian in her midsection, right above her pantyline, the force lifting the redhead off the floor. Doubled over in pain and trying to get air back in her lungs, Locklear smashed her fist hard into Anderson's face, Gillian's lips exploding in a torrent of blood as she fell back. Gillian moaned in pain, as she tried to stem the blood flowing down her chin, as Heather lifted Gillian's left arm and began to throw hard titty punches into Gillian's creamy breast, burying her fist into Gillian's titflesh as Anderson cried out in pain.

"Let's see how you like THIS, BITCH!!" Locklear snarled as she power-slammed her left fist into Gillian's midriff, as Anderson's pretty face was twisted in pain as Locklear forcefully rearranged her innards.

With tears of pain streaming down Anderson's face as she doubled over yet again, Locklear planned to finish her off as she kicked Anderson in the breast. The top of Locklear's foot crashed into Anderson's breast hard, as Gillian screamed in pain but didn't fall, just slumped against the wall in pain as Locklear came out her swinging. But Gillian blocked Locklear's punch with her forearm, as a look of surprise flashed across Heather's face before Gillian unloaded a punch into the pit of the blonde's stomach.

Heather gagged in pain as Gillian threw her against the wall, hissing, "Tummy hurt? Let's see if this can fix it!" and with that Anderson plowed her fist into Locklear's belly again, then let her fist crash into Heather's left breast, swollen to twice its size since their fight started.

Gillian finished her up by ramming her knee into her groin, Heather's eyes bulging in pain as Anderson nearly lifted her off her feet. Gillian grinded her nails into Heather's supple titflesh, smiling as Locklear moans out in tremendous pain as Anderson mauls her breasts. Gillian drags Heather to the floor by her nipples, and once straddling her, Gillian's manicured hands roam al over Locklear's breasts, pinching and twisting the swollen mounds. At first Heather tried to pull Gillian's manicured hands away, but to no avail, so she started to rake her manicured nails hard across Gillian's sweaty stomach, leaving a trail of fiery red welts behind. Anderson moans in pain at this new torture, as Heather reaches up to her beautiful breasts and claws them with her sharp nails, grinding the soft titflesh between her fingers and rings, and forcing Gillian to topple onto the floor.

"Who's got the better breasts, Bitch?" Heather yelled as she continued to crush Gillian's red and aching breasts, the muscles in her forearms standing out from the exertion.

Locklear smashed the heels of her manicured hands down onto Anderson's throbbing breasts, forcing them up as Gillian cried out in pain, her breasts being pushed off her chest by her foe. Latching onto both of Anderson's raw nipples, Locklear smashes her luscious breasts together with a loud wet smack. Locklear climbs off of Anderson's body, as Gillian immediately cups her red and mauled breasts. Heather takes hold of both Gillian's ankles and pries her legs apart, delivering a crotch stomp to Anderson's pussy, guaranteed to change Gillian Anderson's sex-life for weeks to come.

Straddling Gillian, Heather again tries to see if she could rip Anderson's breasts off her body completely. Gillian's scratched, blood-engorged nipples feel like they're only seconds away from their bursting point as Heather rips into them.

"Give it up right now, Bitch," Heather says, "Or else I'm gonna work your titties until they fall off."

Heather smiles as the look on Gillian's face tells her that the X-Files beauty is about to surrender. Her smile was short lived though as Gillian pulled down on Heather's breasts and her fingers jammed deeper into the underside's with such force that they were pressing against Heather's implant's!!! Heather's face twisted in agony as Gillian's short polished nails dug into the tender flesh trapped there! Now it was Heather who was in trouble as she was very slowly being forced downward as Gillian's face light up with glee at the sight of her rival's pain!! Her death grip on Heather's orbs was utterly devastating to the blonde haired beauty as tears began to form around her eyelids, Gillian's thumbnails digging into her nipples painfully as Heather's grip on Gillian's own breast's was becoming weaker as she was forced onto her knees!

Heather tried twisting Gillian's tit's left and right as she squeezed for all she was worth in a last ditched effort to get some relief, but Gillian ignored the pain, the utterly anguished look on Heather's face giving her an edge over her rival! Heather, unable to stifle a moan of great pain as Gillian suddenly gave her right breast as tug upwards, pulling at the now swollen tit as she pushed the nipple in with her thumb. Heather clutched at Gillian's wrists, trying desperately to pull her hands away.

"Keep it up you, bitch!" snarled Gillian, "I wanna feel your tits EXPLODE in my hands!!!"

Heather moaned in pain. Heather knew that she would once again have to act quickly to avoid defeat. Taking Gillian's hair in her hands, she forced herself to shut out the pain as she pulled Anderson's face down towards her own, then rammed her forehead into Gillian's nose, breaking it with a sharp crack and instantly turning the tide of the fight. Tears filled Gillian's eyes as felt the impact of Heather's forehead and her hands instantly released the other woman's tits.

Both woman struggled to their knees. Heather struck first and hard, a fast jab to Gillian's face that she just missed blocking before it snapped he head back! Gillian recovered quickly and managed to just deflect the next blow, a roundhouse right straight for her cheek that would have crashed painfully into the side of her face! Her own fist flashed out and before Heather knew what was happening she was staggering backwards under the onslaught of her rival's quick punches! Gillian barreled into the blonde with her shoulder, catching her right across the left breast and flattening it painfully as Heather cried out in pain and retaliated, slamming her own fist into Gillian's kidney with all her might! The punch stopped Gillian for the moment, and she drew back, in obvious pain, raising her fists again, motioning for Heather to come at her!!
Heather's mouth was bloody and her head was ringing from the blows Gillian had rained upon it, so she instead charged forward, catching her foe by surprise and used her greater weight to take her down to the ground where she slowly wrestled her way on top as Gillian targeted her breasts.

Gillian immediately grabbed a handful of Heather's large left breast and used it to tug her off her and onto her side as Heather yelled in pain! Distracted by the squeezing of her mammary, Heather was caught in a crushing waist scissors by her rival's very powerful legs and she screamed in pain as Gillian brought all her strength to bear around her rival's waist!!!

"I've got you now, you bitch!!!", she snarled loudly at her trapped rival as she twisted Heather's now exposed left breast in her strong fingers!

Heather bucked and twisted and managed to manoeuvre her way on top of Gillian, then drove her hands down onto each of her Gillian's much smaller breasts, mashing them both beneath her fists as now it was Gillian screaming in pain! Heather ripped into Gillian's tits, and then smashed her left forearm across Gillian's face, stunning the beauty in mid twist of both her breasts, then with her face turning red from the pain now exploding from her anguished breasts, she slammed the palms of each hand down on the redhead's breasts, crushing them beneath them, before clamping her fingers onto each one as Gillian bellowed out in pain!

Heather takes hold of Anderson's throbbing breasts, gripping the mauled nipples tightly in her palm with her thumbnail driving into Gillian's bloodstained breasts.

"Are you ready for THIS?" Heather snarled as she began jogging each of Gillian's sweaty breasts to the left and right.

Locklear starts to savagely twist and turn each breast, while vigorously shaking and ripping the redhead's breasts from side to side. Gillian Anderson lets ut a long and bellowing scream as Heather Locklear all but rips the breasts off her body. Heather sank her strong fingers deeply into Gillian's breasts, as Anderson twisted and bucked her body wildly trying to escape, as Locklear rode her like a horse, using her breasts as reins.

Heather's generous ass would come smashing down hard on Gillian's firm belly, sending her down just as the redhead was bucking up, getting a loud "OOOOMMMMPPPHH!!!" from Gillian's lips as Heather's body once again crashed down on her midsection.

Heather slapped the outside of Gillian's left breast so hard it left a bright red hand print, before she grasped the nipple, crushing the tip between her fingers and then slapping the breast away hard. Heather twisted Gillian around until she forced her on her stomach, then re-wrapped her legs around her. Reaching around Anderson's body Locklear drove her fingers hard into each of Gillian's breasts. Heather's sharp manicured nails sliced into where Gillian's breast joined her chest, then her manicured hands closed around Gillian's globes and ripped them backward with all her might then pushed them forward again.

Gillian Anderson moaned softly in pain but then screamed out loudly as her breasts reached their threshold for pain, and as Heather ripped them outwards, Gillian's breasts felt like they were going to split open from Heather's mauling. Gillian was wracked with agony as white-hot pain shot through her entire body and with a cry of defeat she passed out. Heather Locklear turned the redhead's sweat-soaked body around again and beat at each torn breast with her fists until she couldn't raise her arms anymore, then fell over exhausted on top of a motionless and beaten Gillian Anderson.