Pam Anderson vs. Heather Locklear by Kit 08-Aug-00

Pam knew Tommy Lee was a wild man. She realized he'd fucked hundreds of girls before her, but he had always told her that she was the greatest of them all, and that made her feel better. A few weeks after their marriage, she was rummaging around in the garage cleaning, organizing and making more room for their cars and happened across a box with some of her husband's old things in it. It was the usual male stuff, but at the bottom there was a video tape with the word 'Heather' on the label. Her little blond brain scrambled with all sorts of wild ideas and suspicions as she raced to put it in the VCR. Her worst fears were unfolding before her eyes as she had guessed right. It was a sextape with Tommy and Heather Locklear fucking.

Pamela watched the four hour long tape of Tommy and Heather having wild and crazy sex, there was even one part in the tape where Heather was being fucked up the ass by Tommy while she was sucking the cock of one of his friends. The thing that most upset Pam was how hot Heather was in bed. Pamela was horrified by the fact that Heather could take him in whole in her mouth and swallow what he gave her without spilling a drop, two acts that Pamela couldn't do. She was amazed at Heather's sexual prowess in the sack as she fucked Tommy's brains out in all sorts of positions. But the most unnerving thing was the way she made Tommy Lee scream. As she screwed him, he would call out her name in glee and tell her that she was fucking him to death.

Several times he said, "Ooooo, Heather!! Baby! You're the best!"

At one point in the tape after they had finished fucking and she was licking the sex off his cock he said, "No matter what happens, baby, you will always be the greatest fuck of them all."

Pamela probably wouldn't have given it much thought if this had been a single act, but clearly the tape recorded them fucking on several different days.

After it was over, Pamela cried. Not by the fact that he had fucked Heather or that she had found the tape, but by the fact that she felt second best and saw first hand just what kinda sex Heather had given him. Pamela had always been wonderful in bed, but Heather had just blown her away.

When Tommy came home, Pamela confronted him about the tape and what he had said on it. Tommy downplayed the whole thing, saying that he was just caught up in the moment and that Pamela was the greatest fuck that he had ever had. Pamela doubted him anyway.

For days and days and days Pamela fumed. All she could think about was Heather Locklear and what Tommy had said, " will always be the greatest fuck of them all."

It got to the point that she made Tommy call Heather on the phone, while she listened on the other end, and made him tell her that she wasn't the greatest fuck in his life and that Pamela was.

"Got that, bitch!" said Pamela, and she slammed down the phone.

On the other end, Heather was beside herself with hysteria. She was laughing so hard that her stomach cramped and she doubled over on the floor. But after awhile, Heather began to fume about the call and that she had let Pamela get away with calling her a 'bitch'.

As luck would have it, fate brought the two blondes together a week later at a boutique. When Pamela stepped back into the dressing rooms to try on a little outfit, out walked Heather in a black satin and lace teddy with front ties and a ruffled lace crotchless panties.

"Think he'll like it?" she asked her friend as she twirled around modeling it. "Oh! Tommy Lee!" she gasped in shock.

Tommy Lee just smiled with great big grin as he sat kicked back in the chair against the wall.

"He'll love it," he said licking his lips.

About that time Pamela emerged from the dressing room wearing a pink bandanna print basque (tight-fitting corset), lace g-string and white garter belts matching the trim around the basque, and white sheer nylons.

"You bitch!" Pamela said upon recognizing Heather.

Before Heather knew what was happening, Pamela had slung her by the hair facing her and knocked her to the floor with a slap that could be heard across the store.

"I'll tear you to pieces, you slut!" shouted Pamela diving down on Heather and getting her hands in her hair.

"Ouch!" squealed Heather grabbing Pamela's hair. "Get this crazy bitch off me!" she yelled as the two blondes shook each other's head by the hair.

Tommy jumped up and tried (not too hard) to pull Pamela off as Heather's friend stood by in shock.

"Le' go! Le' me at her!" shouted Pamela as Tommy tried to pull her off.

Pamela grabbed the front of Heather's teddy and it easily untied and exposed her breasts. Heather gave Pamela's face a hard slap as two employees ran to the scene. The blond knockouts shouted and cursed as they had to have their hands pried from each other's hair, each one dragging out a few strands of her rival's soft hair. The girls shouted threats of revenge as they were pulled apart and escorted to opposite ends of the store.

Back at home, Pamela and Heather were boiling mad. Heather was fuming at the sneak attack upon her and the fact that her breasts had been exposed to the whole store. She just knew the tabloids would have a field day with this incident. Meanwhile, Pamela was a rage of jealousy. The tape coupled with the fact that Tommy got an eyeful of Heather in her teddy had Pamela ranting about the house like a lunatic.

"I'm gonna call that fuckin' bitch and challenge her to a catfight," stated Pamela.

Just at that moment the phone rang. It was Heather.

"You fuckin' bitch!" screamed Heather. "You're gonna pay for what you did today."

"Fuck you!" shouted Pamela.

The girls cursed and threatened each other with serious bodily harm as they somehow managed to work out the details to meet and catfight it out later that night in a seaside motel between where they lived.

"And wear that piece of shit basque," said Heather.

"You have your sorry looking ass in that teddy, bitch," added Pamela.

Tommy wanted to go, but Pamela threatened to cut off his balls if he followed her.

"This is between me and that cunt, and I don't want you or anyone else around while I fuck her up," said an angry Pamela.

"Okay! Chill," he responded.

"Fuck you, asshole!" Pamela barked.

Heather had arrived first, checked in and left the door to the room slightly open so Pamela would know which room to enter. Heather had also added a pair of black nylons to combat the white ones that Pamela would have on.

When Pamela arrived, she entered the room and shut the door, locking it behind her. Heather stood up from the bed in her black teddy, giving Pamela an eyeful of her sleek, sexy body.

Pamela hated to admit it, but Heather was beautiful. Her soft, shiny hair fell to her rounded shoulders and her perky, round breasts were standing tall behind the teddy.

Pamela let her overcoat drop around her feet as she showed Heather her package. Heather also admitted to herself that Pamela was a treat to behold. Her platinum blond hair was full, and flowing across the tops of her firm, round breasts.

By now the girls had cooled off somewhat. An arranged fight will do that, unlike a spur of the moment encounter. Both had previous fights while in high school and they knew how to mix it up. They also now regretted their choice of attire, but their womanly pride had gotten the best of them over the phone and they were determined to prove it to the other who was the best.

"No rules. Anything goes," she Heather shaking back her hair.

Pamela shook back her hair and said, "Great. That's the way I like it."

With their eyes locked, both paused for a moment and then as if responding to the same signal they lunged forward with a curse. In typical catfight style, Pamela and Heather buried their hands in the other's hair and busied themselves with a good ol' fashioned hairpulling battle.

"Bitch!" shouted Heather planting her feet firmly and shaking Pamela back and forth.

"Whore!" Pamela shrieked as she dug in and yanked Heather's head up and down.

"Slut!" cried Heather pulling hard on the hair in her hands.

"Cunt!" yelled Pamela shaking Heather's head to and fro. "Ooouch!" she squealed as Heather tore out a fistful of hair.

Pamela and Heather now spun around in a tight circle, shaking and jerking each other. Their heels made it difficult to stand in place, but they kept each other up by the hair. Heather threw a slap that grazed across Pamela's cheek. With one hand still in hair, the blonde's began slapping each other. Pamela cracked a palm across Heather's cheek that left prints. Heather slapped back and rang Pamela's ears. They both traded two more wicked smacks with Heather giving the better of the blows.

As they staggered around, Heather threw Pamela onto the king size bed and tore out a clump of hair in the process.

"Oooouch!!" cried Pamela as she was tossed.

"You slut," mumbled Heather diving on her and sinking her hands back into Pamela's hair.

Pamela grabbed Heather's hair, and the two hellcats then rolled back and forth on the bed tearing at each other's hair. Their legs bent and twisted around each other, causing their nylons to whisper together as their legs slide across.

The contrast of Pamela's pink bandanna print basque and white hose, mixed with the black satin and lace teddy and matching hose made for quiet a sight as their hips and breast bucked and grinded together as they rolled over and over on the bed.

Pamela was surprised at Heather's strength. Time and again she found herself on the bottom with Heather tearing at her hair and roughly riding her from head-to-toe.

"Yeeeeoooo!!" moaned Pamela at the loss of more hair.

Heather pulled hard again and threatened, "I'm gonna rip this blond mop out!"

Pamela slapped Heather's ass and bucked her off to the side where she was able to wrap her legs around Heather's waist and lock them together. Both girls still had each other by the hair, but now Heather was scissored between Pamela's firm, tan thighs. "Bitch," huffed Pamela as she applied the pressure to Heather's trim waistline.

"Uumph," groaned Heather as her guts were being crushed.

Their hard body grinding had caused each girl to lose a boob from behind her outfit. When Heather noticed for the first time that Pamela's right tit was sticking out, she latched onto the nipple in an attempt to break Pamela's leglock.

"Eeeeooowweee!!" cried Pamela as her thick nipple was pinched and turned.

Pamela knocked Heather's hand clear and then sank her sharp nails into Heather's left exposed breast.

"Aaaarrrrgggg!!!" howled Heather as the nails sank in and twisted.

Pamela's strong fingers had her rival's soft, creamy flesh oozing between them as Pamela cursed and Heather cried.

"Uuuuuuggghhh!!!" groaned Pamela deeply as Heather's nails sank into her unprotected tit.

For several seconds the blondes squeezed each other's breast with all their might as their nails dug and twisted back and forth.

"Ooooo!! Ssshhhiiittt!!" Pamela cried out as she received the worst of the exchange.

Heather scratched and growled, "Fuckin' fake tits aren't that tough."

Pamela jerked Heather back by the hair, and the two rolled to a semi-sitting, kneeling position on the bed, each with a handful of hair. Pamela slapped Heather hard across the cheek. Heather winced as her flesh burned and called Pamela a 'bitch'.

Controlling each other with a handful of hair, the blondes began tearing at each other's teddy. The thin material easily gave way and ripped down the middle, fully exposing each other's upper body. Heather threw herself into Pamela, knocking her on her back with Heather on top. Pamela tried kicking out, but Heather wrapped her legs with Pamela's legs and pinned her hands against the headboard.

"You're not so tough, bitch," snarled Heather as she grinded her crotch roughly against Pamela's.

Pamela wiggled underneath, but Heather's body countered every twist and turn with a hard bump or grind.

"Face it, bitch," said Heather humping her crotch against Pamela's crotch. "You're not woman enough to tangle with me."

"Oh yeah, bitch," muttered Pamela, struggling to thrust Heather off.

Heather slapped her tits across Pamela's and said as their hard nipples flicked together, "Yeah."

Both women's nipples were stiff and sticking out, an indication of how turned on they were becoming. Heather slapped her tits back across Pamela's tits and gave her a hard thrust with her crotch.

"Then let me get my panties off and we will find out," suggested Pamela with an upward thrust of her hips.

Heather meet her thrust with a grind and said, "No need, bitch. Tommy Lee knows the truth."

"Chicken?" asked Pamela, rolling her hips with Heather.

"Bitch," said Heather running her tongue over her own lips, "I can out fuck you any day of the week."

Heather rolled off, and she and Pamela started pulling on each other's panties. They cursed each other as the panties ripped off and sailed across the room. Falling to the bed on their sides, the blondes lay arm-in-arm with their noses almost touching as each put a hand between the other's legs.

"You feel like hairy oatmeal," snarled Pamela cupping Heather's cunt.

"I hope your hungry then, bitch, because you're gonna get a big helping after I fuck your skanky pussy dry," Heather said getting a handful of Pamela's cunt.

For a few moments Heather and Pamela made each other wince and yelp as they firmly tugged on curly pubic hairs and lightly scratched and squeezed thick, juicy vulvas.

"You're pussy is mine, slut," said Heather slipping a finger between Pamela's fold.

"Mmmmm," moaned Pamela. "Fuck you," she said inserting her finger.

They found each other already very hot and wet as they stroked their fingers in and out and tickled each other's clit with their nails. Within a matter of minutes each felt the desire to orgasm quickly approaching.

"Ooooo," groaned Heather as she tried to control herself.

"What's the matter, slut?" asked Pamela rubbing Heather's stiff clit. "Are you about to cum, bitch?"

Heather wiggled her finger back and forth deep inside of Pamela's pussy, causing Pamela to moan out as well. "Not before you cum, slut."

The race was on to see who could force the other to orgasm first. They could feel the other's pussy quiver and begin to tighten. Both were breathing heavily and twitching their hips as their legs wrapped tightly together.

"You bitch," groaned Heather as her eyes closed shut and her body stiffened. "Oooooooooooooo!! Mmmmmmmmmmm!! Oooooooooooo!!"

Pamela fought back her desires as Heather's hot sex washed over her hand.

"You'll pay for that, bitch," huffed Heather as she leaned forward to kiss Pamela.

Their tongues darted out and twirled together as their lips rolled above their teeth in a hard kiss. Their wet tongues battled fiercely as each tried to invade the other's mouth as they continued their finger fight. Heather's tongue slipped into Pamela's mouth and nearly choked her as it went in deep. Pamela almost gagged, but managed not too as the two blondes now engaged in a series of hot, wet, sloppy French kisses.

Pamela's fingers were deadly in Heather's cunt. Twice more she had brought her rival to orgasm. Heather was beside herself with rage. She knew that Pamela was on the brink of exploding, but each time she almost had her, Pamela forced her to cum instead. Heather decided it was time to switch tactics before her blond rival fingered her to death.

"Bitch, it's time to go woman-to-woman," she said as she rolled on top of Pamela.

"Bring it on little girl," said Pamela spreading her legs.

They wrapped their arms around each other's shoulders as their bodies lined up together. Hooking their legs together, Pamela and Heather started rolling and grinding their pussies back and forth as their lips sealed in a heated kiss.

As their pubic hairs tangled together, their juicy pussy lips began to spread apart as their clits sought each other out. From head to toe, Pamela and Heather were welded together as they hugged each other tightly.

Their kisses were hard and sloppy, and salvia coated their chins as their tongues twirled out of control. Pamela's thick hard nipples rubbed with Heather's softer, but pinker nipples. Even though she was on bottom, Pamela's firm tits managed to bulge against Heather's and force Heather's to mushroom out around them. Heather pushed her cunt hard and rolled it around. Pamela lifted upwards to meet her grind as their clits had yet to find each other.

"Mmmm," Pamela moaned softly as her clit felt Heather's clit suddenly flick across.

"Yes," hissed Heather.

Now that the sensitive organs had found each other, Heather and Pamela got down to some intense fucking. Pamela unhooked her legs from Heather's legs and then wrapped them high around her back. Heather then spread her legs as wide as she could and started grinding down.

Pamela began to moan and groan deeply as Heather's clit stabbed down and wrestled with hers. Having yet to cum, Pamela was about to split apart with pent up juices. It didn't take long before Heather felt a hot spray of sex spew up inside of her cunt and Pamela screamed out her orgasm.

For the next hour the blondes continued fucking in this position except they took turns being on top. Heather forced Pamela into two screaming orgasms while Pamela caused Heather to cum once.

After her last orgasm, Heather pulled Pamela off by the hair, and the two blondes lay on their backs taking a much needed breather. From head to toe, Pamela and Heather were covered in sweat and sex. Their boobs rolled up and down and their bellies sank in and out with each breath that they took.

"Are you willing to admit that I'm the better fuck, bitch?" asked Pamela out of breath.

"Not on your life, slut," answered Heather.

Rolling to their knees, the girls took firm holds of the other's hair and stared hard at each other. They traded a few threats and insults before throwing each other backwards.

"Let's go, bitch," snapped Pamela spreading her legs and aiming her pussy at Heather.

Heather cussed her back and opened her legs wide. Now opposite of each other and in the V formation, the blondes threw their pussies at each other. Both grunted at the smacking impact. Grabbing hold of a leg, they pulled together and welded their cunts.

"You blond slut," said Heather bucking and grinding.

"Cheap ho'," spat Pamela pumping and humping.

Once again their pussies opened up as their clits found each other.

For the next twenty minutes, Heather and Pamela fucked like no tomorrow. They grunted. They groaned. Their hips bucked, rolled, grinded and banged together as the pink nubs inside wrestled together.

"Ooooooo," moaned Pamela as she felt the tide rising.

"Mmmmmmm," muttered Heather as her hot sex boiled within.

"Yeeeeeeeessss!! Oooooooo!! Yeeeeeeeesssss!!" they both screamed as their love potions mixed together and seeped down the cracks of their ass.

"You cunt!" shouted Heather as she lifted her pussy above Pamela's pussy and pounded down.

"Ummmph, ummmph. Ooooooo!! Ooooooooooo!!" Pamela howled as she was brought to a raging climax.

Pamela shook violently on the bed. Her clit turned ultra-hard and bent Heather's back.

"Nooooo!" cried Heather as her clit was pinned. "Yeeeeeeessss!!" she squealed as she erupted with painful joy.

"Damn you, bitch!" cried Pamela as she twisted her fingers around Heather's wet cunt hairs.

"Yeeeeoooowwweeee!!!" screamed Heather as Pamela pulled.

Heather yanked on Pamela's soaked bush causing the blonde to cry out in agony. The girls tugged and plucked on each other's hairs as their cunt fight turned ugly. Their pussies slammed together repeatedly as they continued to pull on the other's pubic hairs with one hand and slap and scratch at thighs and hips with the other. Both girls brought each other to mind-bending orgasms as their asses literally lifted off the bed and erupted together, sending small squirts of pussy juice into the air.

As their butts hit the bed, both girls were now fighting on sheer instinct and rage. Heather tried to position her pussy on top, but Pamela rammed her with her pussy and gained the upper hand.

"Uuuugh!" grunted Heather as her cunt took the blow and became pinned under Pamela's hot twat.

Pamela worked her hips magically as she pumped and grinded with all her remaining strength. Heather fought back, but watched in terror as Pamela's pussy lips started spreading wide and engulfing hers.

"Ooooh nnnoooo!!" cried Heather as her cunt disappeared in Pamela's pink pussy.

Inside, Pamela's hard, stiff clit was bending and twisting Heather's clit at will while her pussy lips rubbed Heather's pussy lips into wilting folds of flesh. As bad as it felt, it felt ten times as good to Heather.

"Ooooooo!!" she moaned as her sex was being fucked off.

"Die! Slut, die!" growled Pamela bucking, pumping and fucking like a demon.

Heather's eyes and teeth gritted and clinched closed as her face torqued and twisted in anguish. Her pussy was on fire and she needed to cum, but she didn't have the juices to quench her desire.

"Please stop it!!" screamed Heather. "I can't take it!! Please!!"

"Who's the best fuck, bitch?!" demanded Pamela still fucking her brains out.

"Yoooooouuu!!! You're the greatest!! Please!!" cried Heather in tears.

Pamela lifted her victorious pussy off Heather's dried up snatch and straddled the defeated blonde's head.

Taking two firm handfuls of Heather's hair, Pamela said, "Just so you won't forget, you're gonna get a good smell and taste of a real pussy."

Heather was bawling like a baby and begging for mercy. "Please, no not that! Don't do it, please!"

Pamela lowered herself down and nested her pussy across Heather's nose and mouth. Pamela could hear Heather's muffled cries in her pussy as she slowly rocked and rolled her hips on her face, covering every inch of it with her pussy juices.

Pamela then forced Heather to call Tommy Lee and tell him that she had just been face sat by the hottest pussy in the world and that Pamela was the greatest fuck of her life and his.