Gillian Anderson vs. Heather Locklear by TNT

"Any bets?"

"No not really."

"In my book we're all winners."


"Yeah there will be one clear loser."

"Uhhhhhhh. Umppppfffh."

It was unclear as of yet who would be the loser. Equally unclear at who was groaning with the most pain.

"You stupid blonde bitch, I'm going to kill you; rip every red hair out by the roots, Carrot top."

Gillian treated Heather to a blistering backhand, then wrapped her legs around the blondes waist as she buried her fingers in the long silky hair.

"Ouch my boobs! STOP THAT!" Heather groaned as Gillian grabbed a large firm breast and squeezed. The thin blouse and equally thin bra offered the blonde little protection.

"Supernatural fiction meets a bad day at the office," one excited spectator noted as he watched the two actresses struggle. Two short skirts rode a bit higher as the redhead groaned and she pulled Gillian’s legs apart just enough to wiggle free.

"She's not a real redhead. At least I don't think."

"So what. If you wannabe technical, I don't think every inch of Heather is all real either," one duly noted.

"Yeoucccch. My hair, let go of my hair!" It was Gillian's turn to scream for Heather had made good her escape, grabbed a double handful of red hair and jerked the pretty actress to her feet. Three hard and fast backhands sent Gillian reeling and crashing into a desk.

"Good action. Anybody placing bets yet? Both of these babes are really hot. Feisty. Furious."

Time was prime for both lovely combatants. Both were in their hit TV series: Heather, a most lovely office babe and Gillian, one of the loveliest government agents one could encounter.

"My jacket. You're tearing my jacket."

"Your blouse is gonna be next. Then your bra, honey."

Gillian’s jacket was airborne and the sounds of her blouse being shredded filled the air.

"Yeah go for the bra lady!"

"You talkin’ to the blonde or the redhead?"

"Whichever! The one with the boobs, OK Ms. Picky?" (One should never get highly technical when two beautiful babes are going at it).

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Three hard slaps met the redheads lovely face and sent her reeling into a desk. Heather zipped in, grabbed her by the hair and went for her throat.

THWAP! “UNNNNHHH!” A heavy law book smacked into the side of the blonde's head and she had an instant flash of insight.

"Darn, bet that hurt!"

"There she goes!" another insight was noted aloud as Heather went flying across the room backwards courtesy the redhead using a bit of cunning government taught self-defense.

Whack! WaP! Thack! "Gonna slap that lovely empty head senseless," Gillian quipped as she delivered hard back and forehand slaps to the lovely blonde before she threw Heather backward onto a table. The blonde yelped as she went down, her long legs kicking - one heel flying as her arms flailed wildly. Gillian was on her in a second and ripped open her blouse exposing an overstuffed black lace bra. "You've got a reputation for sticking these things out," Gillian grumbled jealously as she dove atop Heather and grabbed a double handful of firm breast flesh.

"Think she means those lovely boobs or those nice big nips?" one catfight techno dude asked.

"Mute or rather rhetorical question as of now, don't ya think buddy?" another answered as both noted that the redhead had just efficiently separated Heather’s bra up front by ripping the cups apart, then Gillian's fingers secured a firm grip on two thick erect nipples and Heather enunciated the appropriate response.


"Think that scream will break glass?"

"Who cares, dumb ass."


"Blondie, your ass is mine," the redhead said suddenly matter-of-factly.

"Noooooo. Uhhhhhh. Stop it. Yeowwwww."

Heather's quick response of cussing a blue streak turned into impotent protests as Gillian went crazier that crazy. She was all over Heather pummeling her with fists, slapping her and pulling her hair. The blonde screamed like a banshee and succeeded in making it to her feet. That position was held only for a moment before Gillian slapped her silly, put her in a headlock, introduced her to a nearby computer monitor headfirst, then slammed her into a file cabinet before bringing her to the carpet, that cute tush sticking upwards.

"She really did mean that her ass was hers," one observer noted as Gillian snapped fine silk down to reveal two round and ready; firm and waiting targets for the palm of her hand.

"Think that’s a birthday spanking?" another mused.

Gillian seemed as happy as any birthday girl as she WHACK-WHACK-WHACKed Heather's lovely derriere, turning the bouncing pale flesh a nice rosy red.

"Ya know, I'm gonna always pay my taxes on time from this day forth. Government is alright."

"Yeah and I'm gonna give at the office."

"Gillian, stop…please…Ow…OW…Ouch…OUCH!"

"Hmmmmmm. Pretty white turns to not pink," Gillian noted as she continued to whack Heather's bare bottom. Several more good spanks and the redhead gave the now near naked blonde a hard shove. Heather rolled several times and successfully covered her lower half with as much of the tattered fabric as was left. "Modest now are we?" she snickered as she moved in stealthily. She aimed her foot (the only remaining heel) at the blondes' ribs.

(Whoosssh) "Awwwwwwck!!" Gillian screamed and went down as pain shot from her toes to her hip.

Heather moved like lightning, grabbed the leg at the ankle and twisted hard. "Now it's my turn. How do ya like this, huh?" Heather asked as she jerked Gillian off balance and sent her sprawling next to her. Long strong legs wrapped around the redhead's waist and a handful or red silk, a viciously hard jerk backwards of the lovely head and Gillian was soon squirming and writhing helplessly. "But first I'll do THIS!"

A quick and skillful unsnapping of the bra and a hard pull. "And how about this? Feels good, huh bitch?" Heather hissed, flashing her wicked grin as she cupped Gillian’s milky white breast; pinching the hard, sensitive nipple tenaciously. The redhead shrieked, bucked and kicked sending her one remaining heel flying. "And just a little payback here-kind of tit for tat," Heather chirped as she unfastened Gillian's skirt and whisked it down around her ankles, then began to spank Gillie’s pantyhose clad derriere with a vengeance.

"I’d say something,” one observer noted as the blonde paddled her redheaded captive's butt with one hand and worked a tender breast over with the other all the while squeezing her breathless. “Butt I'm speechless,"

"STOP! My boobs. OUCH…you're hurting me." (Pant, gasp, whimper) Bawling turned into sobs, then barely audible mumbles. Heather squeezed, pinched, spanked all the harder.

"So quiet and submissive now huh? Now you're really gonna catch it," Heather snarled as she slowly released her luscious prey. She jerked the delirious redhead to her feet; first trying to lift her by the boobs before settling for a nasty hair pull. She stepped behind Gillian and put her in a full nelson, forcing her chest out as she paraded her captive around the room.

Suddenly she stopped, reached down with one hand and yanked on her most important ‘down below’ - shredded, ripped, barely adequate attire. Just enough to give a rather fantastic show and some ‘furry’ exposure.

"I'll be darned, that hottie really is a true-blonde or redhead?"

"What was the bet again, buddy? She's really a real redhead-or blonde? Which did you pick?" the slurred query was largely ignored by both entranced debaters.

Sometimes observations can be so superficial - especially in the light of one hot ‘blonde’ in total control of one hot ‘redhead’…government, taxes and office politics aside!