Stage Fight: Gillian Anderson vs. Jennifer Lopez by SP Eider

All the world's a they say at least. Gillian Anderson stood alone in the theater, looking out at empty seats that earlier had been filled with eager theater-goers. The echoes of their applause, and memory her many curtain calls, hung in the musty air bringing a smile to the redhead's beautiful face. Her first night had been a tremendous success and Gillian was relieved to find playing the same role on television for eleven years hadn't dulled her acting skill. She was dressed simply, a tight white blouse, light-blue knee-length skirt and black stockings. Slipping off her shoes, Gillian could feel the wooden boards beneath her stocking feet as she basked in the ambiance. But her musing was disturbed by a voice from the wings; the anger wasn't already apparent, but its simple message put the point across elegantly.

"You bitch!!" A figure loomed in the shadows, gaining form and shape as it stepped into the light. A curvy figure, dressed in a cream trouser suit, white stilettos clicking on the stage like a ticking clock. It was Jennifer Lopez and she was furious as she walked toward Gillian, her face set in anger. "You selfish bitch!!" she reiterated as she stopped inches from Gillian.

Taller then the diminutive redhead, J-Lo looked down at Gillian's face as she gazed back at her, her face curled in mock surprise.

"Is something wrong Jennifer?" smiled Gillian.

"You know damn well what's wrong!" spat J-Lo. "This was MY role. You stole it!"

"Don't kid yourself, Jenny from the Blockhead," laughed Gillian. Then speaking slowly so J-Lo could comprehend, she said, "This role calls for a beautiful...actress. You're sadly lacking in both required qualities."

J-Lo's hand cracked Gillian's face like a starter's pistol - an apt analogy as it turned out. Doing nothing to dispel the myth that red hair is directly proportionate to a volatile temper, Gillian returned the slap immediately - considerably harder and using the back of her hand. J-Lo reeled backward, her face showing her shock and her pain. She was still coming to terms with that initial blow when the second landed. This one was even worse; Gillian's hand, now balled into a fist, thudded into the softness of J-Lo's gut. A quick but powerful blow and it winded the off-guard brunette, doubling her over; leaving her gasping desperately for air. Gillian loathed the stereotype that smaller women were merely victims for a beating. What the small, but sexy, actress craved right now was a real fight. Thanks to Ms Lopez, she was going to get her wish.

Walking purposefully to the wheezing brunette, Gillian grabbed the stooped brunette by the shoulders and... nothing. Her attempted knee strike was being hampered by the tight skirt that severely limited the movement of her legs. "Oops," smiled Gillian sweetly before she head-butted J-Lo in the jaw, as high as she could reach due to the difference in their heights. Despite that, the butt was plenty hard enough and it put the brunette on her ass, dazed. Taking advantage of the break in proceedings, Gillian pulled off her skirt, revealing the top of her black stockings reaching almost to her deliciously firm butt, a minuscule black G-string and an expanse of smooth but subtly effective pink skin in-between. Relishing her new freedom, Gillian ripped off her blouse as well, sending buttons flying. It was no surprise that the immodest actress wasn't wearing a bra, putting her perky breasts on display to the empty seats which would doubtless have been filled to capacity had anyone known of the spectacle unfolding on stage.

Turning her attention back to J-Lo who had just staggered back to her feet, Gillian allowed her rival a brief moment of clarity. J-Lo was incensed and more than eager to show this red-headed slut that no one messes with a big star like her, least of all a TV tramp with just two big movies on her resume. J-Lo rubbed her jaw where the pain still throbbed from Gillian's head-butt as she focused on her near-naked rival for the first time since she arose. She was about to launch her own attack when she realized Gillian's none-too-subtle state of undress and it stopped her in her tracks. That spilt second of shock was ample for Gillian to resume where she'd left off! She swung her leg up, her stocking foot making contact directly between J-Lo's open legs - bringing an instant grimace to the face of the singer as J-Lo's hands dropped to her crotch, cupping her throbbing groin.

Seizing the opening this created, Gillian cracked an efficient right cross to J-Lo's cheek, her fist cracking against bone with a jaw shuddering THWACK that snapped the brunette's head to the side. Next, Gillian pounded a left deep into J-Lo's still aching belly, doubling her over once more as all the air escaped her lungs with an audible "Oooooofffffffff!" J-Lo's knees buckled as she bent forward clutching her stomach, allowing Gillian to complete her onslaught using an elbow to the back of the brunette's head that dropped her face down on the stage.

J-Lo lay writhing on the stage struggling to catch her breath and her predicament worsened when she felt a sudden, vicious pain in the small of her back where Gillian had stomped a high heel down hard.

"Hey!" said Gillian over the sound of J-Lo crying in pain. "Check it out! I'm treading the broads!"

Another kick, this time to J-Lo's ribs, caused more agonized moans, much to Gillian's delight. The redhead dropped to her knees straddling J-Lo's back, grasped her dark hair in both hands and after leaning forward, she hauled back spitefully, pulling J-Lo's head up and back until she could whisper in her ear.

"Not taller than me NOW, are you bitch?"

Without releasing her handfuls of J-Lo's hair, Gillian rammed her face down on the hard wood of the stage... once... twice... again...and again. The final time Gillian lifted her head, the Latina's face was a lot less pretty than moments earlier. A trickle of blood ran from her nose over her mouth and dribbled from her chin and one eye was almost swollen shut. She groaned, dazed and barely aware of her surroundings. "Still conscious?" asked Gillian. "Good! I'd hate to think you can't go the distance."

Shifting position, Gillian wrapped her legs around the brunette's waist and locked her ankles, securing a body scissors. Then she straightened her legs slowly. At first, J-Lo was still too dazed to realize what was happening but gradually, as the hold began to take effect like the walls of an ancient Egyptian tomb closing in, the space between Gillian's thighs grew narrower around J-Lo's waist. The 'booby-trap' analogy was made all the more appropriate by the steady rise and fall of Gillian's bare chest. The result was inevitable; soon J-Lo was groaning under the pressure, unable to take a breath as her midriff was being crushed between Gillian's legs. The smooth material of Gillian's hose meant she could tighten the hold with comparative ease as her stocking feet intertwined, sliding against each other like mating snakes. J-Lo panted for air as the hold threatened to rearrange her internal anatomy to accommodate for the thigh-shaped indentations in her sides.

"Dammit!" she gasped, pushing at Gillian's legs in a futile attempt to loosen the redhead's grip.

Realizing force wouldn't work, J-Lo changed tactics, digging her nails into Gillian's thighs with enough spite to rip her stockings. Gillian screamed in pain as ten tiny knives clawed her leg. She looked at Lopez, her eyes full of pain and anger.

"Oh, NOW you've really pissed me off bitch!" spat Gillian.

She loosened her hold around J-Lo's waist and the brunette smiled, assuming her clawing had paid off. It hadn't! Gillian snapped her legs out straight again, quickly! The sudden grip on her belly forced air from J-Lo's lungs.

"OOOOOOuuuupppppphhhhh!!" The scissors had been reapplied with the force of a harsh gut punch but with the pressure not relenting after the impact. "Unnhh....unnhhhh...." J-Lo gasped desperately for air but the scissors denied her. Attempting to claw her way out as before, J-Lo put her hands on Gillian's thigh but the redhead again relaxed and then quickly reapplied the hold with stunning ferocity. "Uuuumpphh!" wheezed J-Lo, her hands sliding weakly down off of Gillian's thigh.

Only this time Gillian didn't relent; in fact, she poured on even more pressure. J-Lo's face was growing redder by the moment and her distress was all-too-apparent. Gillian put her hands behind her and lifted her hips off the stage, arching back and supporting her weight on her hands, leaning back as she straightening her legs. A thin sheen of sweat covered her torso and it shimmered in the bright theater lighting. J-Lo cried out as the effects of the hold grew unbearable. At last, Gillian released her grip and J-Lo slumped onto her back, her body draped over the redhead's left leg. The rising and falling of her chest was rapid and deep as she sucked in great lungfuls of air trying to satisfy her oxygen starved system. Gillian wiped a hand across her breasts slowly, as if the fight were stimulating something more than her violent side.

"Hey Jen," sighed the redhead, her voice almost a whisper.

When J-Lo lifted her head slightly and turned to look, Gillian instantly swung her top leg upward, her stocking foot hitting the singer full in the face with a satisfying SMACK. J-Lo's head snapped back and hit the floor with a solid THUD! If the kick hadn't KO'd her, the impact of the back of her head on the stage floor certainly did! Gillian slid her other leg out from under J-Lo and sat up on her knees beside the unconscious woman. Slowly, and with considerably more affection than she'd shown J-Lo earlier, Gillian proceeded to undress her. After removing J-Lo's shoes, jacket, trousers and blouse, all that was left was her white bra and panties. The bra came off first, allowing J-Lo's ample breasts to mushroom out on her slowly rising and falling chest. Finally, the panties; Gillian hooking her fingers under the elastic and lifting J-Lo's hips in the air, backing up as she pulled them down her legs leaving the brunette totally naked.

Then running her hands slowly up J-Lo's perfect body from her ankles, Gillian came to her breasts. Softly taking the nipples in the thumb and forefinger of each hand, Gillian smiled sweetly and whispered into J-Lo's ear, "Wake up hon." Then she brutally pinched and twisted mercilessly until the dazed singer snapped back to consciousness with an ear-piercing scream. J-Lo's body literally shook as she beat the floor with her hands and feet, tears welling in the corners of her eyes as an intense, concentrated pain burned in her breasts. Between the discomfort in her chest and the disconcerting effect of waking up naked, J-Lo was too stunned to offer more than token resistance. Keeping a firm grip on J-Lo's nipples, Gillian swung her knee over J-Lo's leg so she was straddling her thigh with her knee nestled between the brunette's thighs. Again, she pinched hard, smiling at J-Lo's woeful reaction.

"Ple...please," J-Lo gasped between sobs of pain. "Tha....that's...EEEEEee...enough!"

"Enough?" asked Gillian. "I don't think so! That's become MY decision now, hasn't it?"

She pulled her leg back and pounded her knee upward, driving it hard and deep into J-Lo's exposed pussy with a muffled THUMP!


J-Lo's body jerked several inches along the floor, then spasmed in sickening agony. The vicious blow nearly made her vomit it was so brutal. Then Gillian kneed her pussy again, harder still; this time twisting the brunette's nipples spitefully at the same moment. The only sound from J-Lo's lips was a gurgling scream that almost immediately turned to uncontrollable sobbing.

"No more... pleeeeaa....UUUUuuuuunnnnngggggggg!"

Her latest plea for mercy was cut off by Gillian's knee once more pounding into the Latina's now throbbing sex. Looking down at the wreck of a woman beneath her, Gillian moved up to straddle the weeping diva, hooking her stocking feet under and behind J-Lo's ankles, then slowly spreading her legs wide, grapevining J-Lo. She groaned as her aching pussy lips were stretched wide while her red, raw, nipples continued to be pulled and stretched by Gillian's spiteful pinching grip. Gillian's own pussy tingled with anticipation as it scrubbed back and forth on J-Lo's tortured sex through the material of her rapidly moistening g-string.

Releasing the grapevine, Gillian swung her legs up and straddled J-Lo's stomach, finally releasing her nipples which were as red as Gillian's hair. Standing up, Gillian tugged off her g-string and tossed it aside, hearing it hit the stage with a distinctive wet SPLAT!. Raising a stockinged foot, she pushed her toes over the face of the blubbering woman, pressing down with the sole on J-Lo's ruddy face. Gillian smiled as she wiggled her toes, working them into J-Lo's slack mouth.

"I never did like your music either," said the redhead matter-of-factly.

"Mmmmggmfffff," was all J-Lo could mutter with Gillian's foot halfway down her throat, her tongue depressed by Gillian's toes they probed her mouth.

Suddenly the foot was gone, but only long enough for Gillian to stamp her heel deep into J-Lo's navel. The brunette wheezed as her shoulders and legs jerked up off the floor, then dropped back as she curled in a fetal ball, coughing and gagging. When the pain subsided a bit, J-Lo looked up and saw Gillian standing over her with her legs straddling her head, facing toward J-Lo's feet. Before J-Lo could react, Gillian dropped to her knees, pinning J-Lo's arms to the floor with her tight butt inches above J-Lo's wide-eyed face.

Gillian savoring the moment for as long she could hold back which wasn't long. The she dropped her butt on J-Lo's face, muffling the beaten brunette's sobs under her pink cheeks. With what little defiance she had left in her, J-Lo desperately tried to turn her head cheek to proverbial cheek with the redhead which would at least allow her to breath. But it was the alternative situation Gillian wanted...badly!

With J-Lo's body a wide open target spread out before her like a buffet, Gillian pondered her choices before she fired a thundering punch downward into J-Lo's gut, feeling her body buck under her as her fist dug deep. Reaching back, Gillian used a handful of J-Lo's hair to pull her head up, then pushed her bare feet against J-Lo's cheeks to hold her face in position as she again lowered her ass, this time ensuring that J-Lo's nose was wedged deep between her ass cheeks. J-Lo's struggles became almost manic as her face was enveloped by Gillian's behind, her nose and mouth smothered under the full weight of Gillian's petite, but powerful, body.

Gillian breathed deeply as she felt J-Lo's hot breath tickle her pussy, grinding her hips to force herself on the humiliated brunette. The redhead began to pound punches down on the defenseless diva's body, targeting her gut, her breasts and her crotch. Each brought a muffled scream from below Gillian's ass; her gratification rising exponentially as Gillian pushed two fingers into her dripping pussy and began to stroke gently. She could feel J-Lo's nose pushing deep in her ass now, the slightest movement causing a sensation too sensuous to contain.

It took every ounce of Gillian's willpower to get off of J-Lo, even for the briefest time. Quickly turning around, Gillian again mounted J-Lo's face, this time riding her mouth with her pussy. Holding J-Lo by the hair, she jerked the blushing brunette’s face hard into her pubic patch, shivering with excitement as pert nose touched her clit for the first time. Gillian pulled the brunette in deep, liberally grinding her sex on J-Lo's red face. She gritted her teeth as she forced J-Lo's nose far inside, loving the sensation of total and utter control as she used J-Lo’s nose like a perky little dildo for her own gratification. Holding J-Lo's hair with one hand, Gillian reached back and pinched J-Lo's sore nipple and pulled it up, stretching it tight.

"Lick!" ordered the redhead curtly, her meaning unmistakable.

J-Lo's muffled response was a, "Mmmffmfmmm…mffmfmmmm!!"

Shrugging, Gillian pinched the tit and began to twist painfully as J-Lo gave a muffled cry and began sobbing freely, but she obediently opened her lips and began to slowly run her tongue up and down the moist opening between Gillian's swollen labia. The redhead arched her back immediately J-Lo's tongue touched the soft pink flesh, probing deeper and more sensuously where her nose had gone before.

"Oh YES!" gasped Gillian as she began riding J-Lo's face with an as-yet-unseen ardor. Her pussy smothered J-Lo totally but the redhead couldn’t contain herself any longer! She let herself go, living in the moment of absolute bliss as she let out a scream of delight, then a flood of juices spilled out and flowed freely down over J-Lo's face.

In the minutes following, Gillian wiggled back until her butt was flattening J-Lo's breasts. The beaten woman's face wore the tell tale signs of her defeat; fire red pubic hairs stuck to her face, mixing with her blood and tears as Gillian's own contribution to J-Lo’s ‘new look.’ Standing up, Gillian couldn't resist giving one last stomp to J-Lo's crotch, her heel digging deep into the battered sex and leaving J-Lo curled in a sobbing ball of quivering Latina flesh.

"Now THAT was a show I wish we'd had an audience for," smiled the redhead. "I'd get a guaranteed a ‘standing ovation’ from the male ‘members’ in the audience every night! We’d have sell-outs guaranteed and, who knows, you may get a ‘best supporting’ nomination!”