Jenny McCarthy vs. Pamela Anderson from

It was a glorious summer day at the Playboy mansion, and the excitement in the air eclipsed the usual jovial atmosphere at this gentlemen's playground. About 300 of the most influential and powerful men in the country had gathered, at the price of $1,000 per head, to witness the 5th Annual Playboy Olympics. It was a day where scantily clad Playboy bunnies frolicked around the grounds competing in pseudo-sporting events. But although enjoyable to watch, most of those men were present for one reason and one reason only. The days festivities would be capped off with a wrestling match between two of the most famous former Playmates, Jenny McCarthy and Pamela Anderson Lee.

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and those present were anxious for the conflict to begin. As the preliminary competition wound down, the crowd started milling toward the regulation sized wrestling ring which had been constructed in the center of the main lawn. The anticipation of what was to come created a euphoric atmosphere amongst the invited guests as they waited patiently for the main event to commence.

It was not an easy thing to get two such popular women to agree to the wrestling match, but the marketing gurus at Playboy had devised a plan which neither could turn down. First of all the loser would be paid $25,000 while the winner would receive $100,000. Secondly, the winner would be given the opportunity to produce her own full length video, with all proceeds going directly to her.

That was enough to convince each of them to compete. The next tricky obstacle was to put on a good show so as not to disappoint the distinguished crowd. To help ensure that, each of the women worked independently for two weeks with the world renowned women's wrestling coach, Mildred Burke. In addition, to ensure the most entertaining battle, the rules were that there were no rules, anything goes. Having miraculously accomplished all of these objectives, the folks at Playboy had simply to sit back and enjoy the show.

As the Olympic competition ended, the entire crowd now settled into their seats around the ring while the announcer stepped forward. "Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Playboy Mansion. We are privileged today to cap off the day's festivities with a unique competition, a wrestling match between our two lovely and talented principals.

Approaching the ring to my left is our first competitor, the radiant Jenny McCarthy!" he exclaimed as the crowd jumped to their feet in applause. Jenny strode toward the ring wearing sunglasses and a short yellow robe which was tied tightly around her waist. She was escorted up the stairs which lead into the ring and climbed under the ropes to enter. Just as she set foot in the ring the announcer continued, "And approaching the ring to my left, the incomparable, Pamela Anderson Lee!" he roared as the crowd, still on their feet burst into cheers again. Pam strutted toward the ring wearing a long, silver metallic robe. The front was untied which revealed her well proportioned, tanned body. She too was escorted into the ring and ducked beneath the ropes to enter.

The two blonde competitors now stood in separate corners of the ring. Jenny bounced out of her corner and stood in the center of the ring, trying to attract all of the attention. She slowly untied her robe and lowered her shoulders which caused it to slide off of her body and onto the mat. The crowd howled and barked as Jenny revealed her flawless body. She was wearing a skimpy yellow bikini, with a smile face painted over each breast, and a large one painted directly on her taut stomach. The crowd laughed and cheered as Jenny paraded around the ring, mugging to the crowd. Pam stood in her corner quietly and waited for her boisterous opponent to finish her display. She then stepped forward herself and seductively slipped her robe off of her body and dropped it to the floor. The crowd fell silent for a moment, in awe at the sight of the warrior goddess.

Pam was wearing an ultra small silver metallic bikini. the bottom was a thong which revealed her perfectly rounded ass, while the top had just enough material to cover her upright nipples. She turned and pranced back to her corner, indifferent to the reaction of the roaring crowd. Jenny, feeling upstaged, glared at Pam as the start of the match was at hand. The crowd grew quiet and then suddenly the bell rang to mark the start of the match.The clamoring crowd jumped to their feet and howled their approval as the two blondes set out of their corners. Pam moved slowly and deliberately, an intense look on her face as she stalked her opponent. Conversely, Jenny skipped out of her corner, waving her arms and making exaggerated expressions at her ominous-looking adversary. Pam ignored her and continued to hunt her down, following the bouncing blonde as she hopped around the perimeter of the ring.

They circled the ring twice before Pam lunged at Jenny as she skipped in front of the ropes. Jenny quickly side-stepped the attack which caused Pam to sail forward into the ropes. Pam quickly turned around, but her face was met with Jenny's armpit, which she stuck tauntingly in Pam's face.

"How's that smell?" shrieked Jenny at her foe.

Pam, unamused, quickly lifted her knee smack into the center of the smiley face in Jenny's stomach. Jenny doubled over and stumbled backward, backpedaling toward the center of the ring. Pam strode forward towards her as Jenny straightened up, still smiling.

"Is that the best you got?" Jenny asked sarcastically to Pam, as she backed away from the oncoming attack.

Pam continued to move toward her, but Jenny skipped away and continued to circle the ring. Pam followed and again lunged at Jenny, but the speedy blonde once more side-stepped the attack. Pam floundered forward as Jenny raced up behind her and grabbed her right wrist, twisting her arm behind her back.

Pam's back arched as her arm was now pressed tightly up against it, her large chest jutting forward. Jenny continued to twist Pam's trapped arm, increasing the tension. Pam grimaced as the pain shot up her arm and into her shoulder, while Jenny forced her towards the side ropes. Upon reaching them, Jenny uncoiled Pam's arm and in one motion, tossed her across the ring. Pam trotted forward, bouncing off of the ropes on the opposite side and returning toward the waiting Jenny. As Pam approached, Jenny leaped into the air and spread her arm, landing her armpit in Pam's face. The impact knocked Pam backward, causing her to tumble to the mat with Jenny's armpit squeezed tightly around her face. Jenny pulled her arm in tight to her body, trapping Pam's face beneath it as Pam kicked her legs furiously in protest.

The crowd was ecstatic, cheering the action as Jenny raised her other arm in the other and shrieked in celebration. Pam continued to kick her legs and eventually was able to kick out of the trap, knocking Jenny off of her. The two girls got to their feet quickly, Jenny springing off of the mat as Pam angrily pushed herself up. "I'm really starting to work up a good sweat, huh Pam?" Jenny ridiculed her competitor, "wait 'till I really start to sweat!" Pam was growing more angry with each second and marched forward in pursuit of the blonde clown. Her face was bright red, partially from being trapped in Jenny's armpit, partially from embarrassment and partially from anger. She stopped a few feet in front of Jenny and raised her arms in front of her, challenging Jenny to grab hold.

"Oh, want to play, eh?" joked Jenny as she strode cautiously forward and raised her arms to grab Pam's.

They locked fingers and struggled for position, each trying to outmuscle the other. Jenny began to push Pam's arms back, but Pam's determination kicked in and she gradually forced Jenny backward. She pressed her arms further into the air, and without warning, launched her knee into jenny's unprotected stomach. Jenny let out a soft groan, but Pam held her arms upright and landed another blow into her midsection. Jenny tried to free her hands, but Pam had locked her fingers around them and was squeezing tightly. Pam pushed Jenny backward, still clutching her fingers and forced her back against the corner. She then raised her leg and planted her foot into the center of Jenny's stomach. Pam paused to take a deep breath and then pressed her foot forward while falling backward and pulling Jenny's arms with her. Pam fell to the mat, but kicked her foot upward, launching Jenny into the air and sending her tumbling head over heels into the air.

Jenny's long, blonde hair flew wildly as she sailed forward and crashed to the mat, her back smacking against it as she slid forward several feet. Pam quickly jumped to her feet and stood over the shaken Jenny. She placed herself alongside the fallen blonde and then began to stomp her foot down into Jenny's stomach, over and over. Jenny's body twitched with each kick and her legs flew involuntarily into the air each time Pam landed another kick. After landing 8 hard stomps, Pam backed away as Jenny rolled onto her side, clutching her injured stomach. "That belly isn't smiling anymore" Pam whispered to her moaning opponent, in reference to the painted smiley face.

The crowd was cheering wildly, surprised at the amount of skill being displayed by the two beauties. They had expected a hair-pulling, scratching catfight, but were instead being treated to a legitimate wrestling match. Pam stepped forward and reached down, grabbing a handful of Jenny's golden locks and hauling her onto her feet. Jenny rose sluggishly, clutching at the spot where Pam was pulling her hair as she was pulled her upright. just as she straightened up, Pam drove another knee into her battered stomach, causing Jenny to moan as she hunched over. Pam then stepped alongside of her and rammed her elbow into the lower portion of her back, knocking her back to the canvas.

Jenny rolled onto her side, clutching her back with both hands as Pam kicked her again in the stomach. Jenny curled into a ball, wrapping her arms into her stomach as Pam walked up in back of her and kicked her toe into Jenny's back. Jenny squealed loudly as rolled onto her back and kicked her legs in agony. The crowd fell silent for a moment but the cheers gradually gained momentum as they cheered the blonde rocker. Pam went right back to work however, grabbing Jenny by both wrists and dragging her towards the center of the ring. She dropped Jenny's right arm, but kept hold of the left as she positioned herself in front of the elevated limb. She then began to furiously kick away at Jenny's exposed armpit, landing kick after kick into the sweaty region.

"How's that armpit now?" barked Pam, in angry reference to the earlier attack she had suffered.

She dropped Jenny's limp arm to the mat and quickly grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her onto her feet. Jenny looked defeated, her eyes were glazed over and she was perspiring heavily. Unsympathetic, Pam tossed her forward, sending her racing towards the ropes. Jenny bounced off of them and returned towards her attacker as Pam ducked beneath her and flipped her into the air. Jenny soared upward, flipped over and then crashed, back-first to the mat. Pam dashed over to her and again grabbed a handful of her hair and hauled her onto her feet. She pushed her back toward the ropes, Jenny's arms flying over the top rope as she sagged back against them.

Pam took a step back as Jenny's body drooped off of the ropes, held up by her slack arms. The smiling face on her stomach was smeared and her hair was tossed and messy. Her body shimmered from the perspiration which dripped off of her body as Pam looked her over. Stepping alongside her, Pam climbed through the ropes and stood on the ring apron directly behind her dangling foe. She then reached down and grabbed hold of the middle rope and pulled it up and forward over Jenny's head. She then released it, causing the rope to snap back over Jenny's throat, ensnaring her arms and head between the taut, intertwined cables. Pam then ducked back into the ring and stood in front of the trapped blonde.

Jenny's head slumped forward, but Pam grabbed her by the hair and pulled it upright. The ropes tightened around her throat as Pam forced her head backward, pulling it down toward the outside of the ring. She held I there for several seconds before letting go, sending Jenny's head snapping back forward before settling bowed in front of her. Pam then smashed her fist into Jenny's unprotected stomach, to add insult to injury. She then stepped up onto the bottom rope, her feet straddling Jenny's body as she raised herself up against the dangling girl. She then pushed herself forward, forcing her large chest into Jenny's face. She pressed her hands onto the outside of her breasts, pushing them together tightly around Jenny's engulfed face. Jenny's body twitched and wriggled as she was being suffocated beneath Pam's luscious mounds of flesh. Pam held herself in place for close to a minute, Jenny body eventually losing it's fight and hanging limply off of the ropes.

Finally Pam stepped down off of the ropes and walked away to the other side of the ring, leaving Jenny hanging like a slab of meat from the ropes. The crowd cheered and barked at Pam, praising her domination of the MTV girl. Jenny was defeated and humiliated, and all that was left was for Pam to finish her off with a pin. After taking the time to acknowledge the cheering fans, Pam marched forward and approached Jenny. She grabbed the middle rope and pulled it back over Jenny's head, causing her to collapse to the canvas in a heap. Pam reached down and grabbed Jenny by the ankles, dragging her limp body back toward the center of the ring. Jenny's chest heaved up and down as she was dragged along, her arms laying helplessly over her head.

Finally Pam dropped Jenny's shapely legs and walked up toward her head. She placed her feet on either side of Jenny's head and looked down at her face. Jenny was out of it but her eyes were still open, which made Pam happy. She pressed her feet tightly against the side of Jenny's head and then slowly lowered herself down onto her. She eventually sat on Jenny's chest, her crotch pressed tightly up against Jenny's chin. She sat there for over a minute, eventually raising her hands above her head in victory. After another minute, the bell rang and the announcer made his way back into the ring and announced Pam as the winner.