Pam Anderson vs. Jenny McCarthy by kit

Pam and Jenny strutted into the studio booth at Howard Stern's radio show. He gaped as the blond bombshells put on the earphones and sat down next to each other.

"Wow! You girls look great!" exclaimed Howard as they adjusted themselves. "My, my! It's such an honor to have perhaps two of Playboys sexiest and hottest playmates in my studio."

"Uh, excuse me, Howard. But one of us here isn't just a Playmate, but a Playmate-of-the-Year," Jenny stated pointing and gesturing to herself.

"Humph! You had to spread your legs to get it," snapped Pam.

"Like Hell I did!" spat Jenny pointing at her.

"Like Hell you didn't! Howard, everyone knows you have to sleep with Hef to get picked," Pam said.

"Well, well..." Howard mumbled.

"Oh, you're just jealous. I guess now we know you weren't good enough in the sack to be selected," laughed Jenny.

"Oh yeah! I bet I'm ten times better in the bed than you," growled Pam.

"I'd bang you both," interrupted Howard.

"Please! Don't make me laugh. I've seen the video tape; you weren't that good," said Jenny putting her hand in front of Pam's face.

"Girls, girls! Please!" said Howard.

Jenny smirked at Pam who quickly gave her the finger up close.

"You both look so hot..." Howard remarked as he eyed them.

"My body is better," said Pam.

Jenny rolled her eyes.

"Well, I must say that Pam is sure showing more," Howard said suggesting Jenny should've dressed more seductive for the show.

Pam was wearing a short, black leather skirt and spiked heels, and a matching bikini top that struggled to contain her impressive breasts. Jenny wore a pink tube top tucked into a pair of skin tight, white pants and pink heels.

"Alright, alright. I can fix that," said Jenny getting up and beginning to peel down her pants.

"Wow! Holy cow!" exclaimed Howard getting a look at Jenny's legs.

Pam immediately rose and quickly unzipped her skirt, letting it fall around her ankles, "Ta-da!"

"Oooo, Pam! What legs!" drooled Howard as she posed in a black thong and top.

"That's nothin'" said Jenny, turning around and bending over to flash her shapely ass at him. "Check this out."

"Whew! My Gawd!" Howard said slapping his face.

Pam turned, bent over and gave Jenny's hip a bump with hers.

"Oh man! What a couple of cute butts!" Howard yelled.

The girls then sat back down and insisted that Howard tell them which had the better ass, but Howard beat around the bush and called it a tie.

"Lets talk about your breasts. Will you show me your racks?" he asked.

"No problem," said Pam pulling the cups of her bikini to the side and revealing her melons.

"Check mine out," Jenny said rolling her tube top down to her waist and exposing her jugs.

Howard went nuts as the girls stood up and jiggled their boobs up and down; insisting that he pick the winner.

"I don't know. They both look so firm and round. Push them together and let me see which set is better," he remarked.

The blond rivals faced each other, their nipples swelling in anticipation of pressing together.

"Bitch," mumbled Jenny leaning forward.

"Slut," Pam hissed stepping in.

Their hard nipples stabbed together as their breasts pressed fully into contact and mushroomed under the pressure. Their eyes locked in hate as they pressed, rolled and ground their tits roughly in a circle as Howard and the crew erupted with hoots and hollers.

"When this is over, bitch," grumbled Pam as Jenny's nipples twisted into her tits.

"You're on, slut," Jenny huffed as Pam's nipples poked deep into her tits.

"I can't decide! I can't decide! It's a draw!" erupted Howard in delight at the sight before his eyes.

Jenny and Pam gave a final thrust before they parted and sat back down, both refusing to cover their breasts.

"You're both so hot! I think it's clear that there's a lot of resentment between you two. After all, your bodies and careers have been compared to each other so many times," he said exhausted with lust.

"We all know who has the better body," said Jenny.

"We all know who has the better career," Pam said at the same time.

The two looked at each other with disgust.

"Whoa! Pam, what a shot!" said Howard. Everyone knew Jenny's acting career was lagging far behind Pam's.

"She sucks," said Jenny blowing it off.

"Who else was stupid enough to leave MTV just to be axed by NBC?" laughed Pam.

"She's got a point," agreed Howard.

Jenny shrugged.

"Pam, why don't you throw her a bone. Let her appear on VIP," suggested Howard.

"Ha! Are you nuts? I've got ratings to think about. She'd only drag them down," Pam said.

Jenny jumped from her chair and shoved Pam in the head and said, "Fuck you, bitch! Let's go right here!"

Pam jumped up, and the two blondes traded crisp slaps, then grabbed each other's hair. Howard and the staff quickly pried the Playmates apart and tried to cool them off while they continued to shout and cuss each other.

"Me and the bitch are gonna fight," Jenny yelled. "You might as well see it."

"Oh, I'm gonna fuck you up, bitch!" shouted Pam.

"There's nothing like a good catfight. Let'em go," ordered Howard.

With their bare breasts swinging, in thongs and high heels, Jenny and Pam lunged forward with a thirst to get it on as the crew cleared away some chairs and equipment. The blond babes waded into each other slapping and shouting. Pam slapped the daylights out of Jenny once but Jenny blistered Pam's cheeks with a pair of ear-ringing slaps.

When Jenny grabbed a fistful of hair, Pam lifted her to her toes with a knee that cracked against her crotch. Howard and his crew winced as Jenny's eyes bugged out and her jaw dropped, but she gamely kept pulling Pam's hair.

"Leggo, bitch!" shouted Pam balling up her fists and pumping them into Jenny's torso.

"Uuugh! Uuumph!" grunted Jenny as her tight abs soaked up Pam's powerful punches.

Dazed as she was by the knee to the crotch, the fight was still in it's early stages and Jenny kept battling. A swift uppercut into Pam's right tit stopped Pam punching and she groaned and took a step backward. But Pam left Jenny with a smart backhand across the mouth that twisted Jenny's head on her shoulders.

Now separated, Pam paused momentarily to take a quick breath while the pain between Jenny's legs caused the former PMOY to hold herself even as she tried to shake off the wicked backhand. She spit a gob of pink saliva on Howard's floor as she ran her tongue over the inside of her lip.

"You slut!" shouted Pam springing forward again.

Jenny was forced back as Pam caught her by the front of her white thong. Not thinking the material would give so easily, Jenny kept backpedaling as Pam pulled hard on the thong until it snapped. Jenny fell back against the wall with a loud thump as Pam staggered back holding the tiny thong.

"We've got bush! We've got bush!" exclaimed Howard as he adjusted his crotch.

With the exception of a pink tube top rolled around her waist, Jenny was now completely nude and Pam intended to take full advantage of it. Charging head first into Jenny, Pam buried her face in her rival's cleavage as her right hand slammed between Jenny's legs which she had open for better balance.

"Aaaaaaarrrrggggg!!! Aaaaaaarrrrgggggg!!!" screamed Jenny as Pam took a bite of the inner portion of her left tit, just missing the nipple. Meanwhile, Pam's hand tightened on Jenny's sweet, dark bush.

"Ooooooh!!" yelled Howard as he watched Pam chewing Jenny's tit and clawing her cunt.

Jenny's hands ripped out two huge clumps of Pam's bright yellow hair as she quickly yanked her off. Pam came up screaming in pain, but gave Jenny's belly another blast with her fist. Jenny grimaced, but due to the pain in her tit and crotch, the belly punch was hardly effective. Blind with rage, Jenny threw a fist that snapped Pam's head back and another to her face that busted open her thick, tasty lips.

The catfight was only moments old, but already the signs of war were visible. Both had tears in their eyes and red, rosy cheeks. Pam could taste the blood from her split lip and two clumps of her hair lay on the carpet. Jenny could see the teeth marks on her left tit while her pussy throbbed and burned like it was on fire. Still, they both longed to continue the fight and finish the other off. With outstretched arms, the two playmates re-engaged; getting their hands on the others bare breasts.

"Aaaaah, fffuuuuccckkkk!!" howled Pam as Jenny clamped down on her tits.

"Go girls, go! Rip 'em off!" cheered Howard.

"Sssshhhhit! Mmmmmy tits!" Jenny cried as her tits were compressed by Pam's grip.

Like balls of dough, Jenny and Pam worked the other's ripe, round, tits. Flesh oozed between their fingers and their nails sank in and clawed. Jenny gave Pam's thick, juicy nipples a good pinch, then a twist and finally a pull even as Pam raked her nails over Jenny's full, firm breasts.

Getting a hand into Pam's black thong, Jenny captured a handful of pussy and squeezed. Pam roared with pain and immediately went for Jenny's bush where she plucked out several curly cunt hairs. Jenny screamed out, but kept on the pressure, cork-screwing her fingers tighter and deeper into Pam's famous pussy.

"Eeeeeeeooooowwwwwww!!!" Pam screamed.

Pam broke loose, leaving her thong behind in Jenny's clutches. Just then, one of the crew shoved Jenny from behind, knocking her right into Pam. The girls tumbled to the floor in a jumble of arms and legs, each with handfuls of hair. As they wrestled they pulled hair and their naked bodies rubbed, slid and ground against one another as they rolled and flipped on the floor several moments with neither gaining an advantage.

"Bitch," grunted Jenny as she pounded her fist in Pam's midsection, inches from her crotch.

Pam moaned from the punch and Jenny smiled as she reloaded and aimed a bit lower. This time, her fist found Pam's cunt. The blow was solid and clean, spreading Pam's labia as Jenny's knuckles sank in. Pam's eyes rolled back, but she had enough presence of mind to stick a fist into Jenny's eye. Jenny's vision blurred, but she slapped Pam across the face as the two clinched each other by the hair and locked legs.

The next few moments saw the girls slowly writhing about as they controlled the other by the hair while trying to get their breath back. As their strength returned, Pam and Jenny both jerked and pulled the other's hair until they were each screaming at the loss of their locks.

"Oooouch! Fuck! You bitch!" Jenny cried and cursed as she punched Pam's cheek for pulling out her hair.

Pam shook off the blow as she rolled over Jenny and managed to get around her backside. Pushing Jenny's face to the floor, Pam straddled her back and wrapped her hands in Jenny's hair up to her wrists. Jenny bucked and kicked, but Pam held herself firmly in place as she scrubbed her rival's face back and forth on the coarse carpet. The carpet burned Jenny's tender flesh and she cried out to Pam's intense delight.

"Now, to tear out this fake blond shit," Pam said as she reared back and pulled at Jenny's hair.

"Aaaaaah, ggggawd! My hair! My hair!" wailed Jenny as her neck bowed backward in pain.

Tears flooded Jenny's eyes and streamed down her raw cheeks as she felt her hair coming out at the roots. Pam jerked while Jenny's body bucked, kicked and twisted beneath her.

"Eeeeeeoooooowwwww!! Aaaaarrrrrggggg!!!" Jenny screamed as two big lumps left her scalp and wound up in Pam's hands.

The force of the pull, coupled with her bucking and kicking, finally caused Pam to roll head-over-heels off of Jenny. But the damage had been done and it looked as if Pam was going to have her way with her rival. Jenny was badly hurt and looked very tired, but she still had a bit of fight left. As Jenny got to her feet, she was determined to get even with Pam.

Some of the crew wanted to stop the fight, but Howard insisted they let the two women fight it out to the end.

Jenny lunged forward swinging, but Pam ducked and drove her shoulder into Jenny's chest, driving her butt against the wall. She slammed hard against it and, with her face nestled between Jenny's breasts, Pam took out another bite, this time catching the areola with her teeth. Jenny's body jerked in pain, but when Pam got hold of a handful of her pussy, Jenny really jumped and shook.

"Ieeeeeoooowwwweeeeoooo!!!" Jenny screamed, pushing her way off the wall and causing them both to topple to the floor.

The fall broke Pam's holds and the two once again grabbed the others hair as they rolled back and forth trading slaps to the other's ass. Jenny could feel herself slipping away. Her body had taken too much punishment and every muscle and sensitive part of her throbbed and blazed with pain. Trying desperately to make one last stand, Jenny closed her fist and drilled it into Pam's tit. Pam grunted, but she made Jenny see stars with a tit shot of her own.

With Jenny's body almost completely limp and without will, Pam easily rolled her onto her back and pinned her arms over her head. Now fully on top, Pam wrapped her legs around Jenny's and pressed down with her full body weight.

"Oh, no...gawd, no," moaned a beaten Jenny as she felt her tits pushed back into her chest under pressure from Pam's firm, round orbs.

Pam's stiff, hard nipples poked deep into Jenny's soft areolas as she rolled herself up and down on Jenny's body, her breasts overpowering Jenny's soft, sagging boobs.

"So you think you can out-fuck me, huh? Lets just see about that," hissed Pam forcing her fuzzy, blond pussy down and grinding it on Jenny's wiry, black one.

"She's gonna fuck her! I can't believe it! Pam is gonna fuck Jenny!" screamed Howard, going crazy.

"Please...please, Pam. Don't...I beg y..," bawled Jenny helplessly.

"Oh, you're gonna beg awright, bitch," threatened Pam, wildly humping Jenny's sodden snatch.

Jenny closed her eyes and cried as Pam slowly forced her legs apart and began to briskly rub her blond pussy up, down and sideways. Jenny's soft tits submissively lolled on her chest in response to the motion of Pam's firm breasts while Pam's pussy lips forced Jenny's labia to spread open until the two super-heated blondes went clit-to-clit.

"You sorry slut! Now I'm gonna make you cum for me!" crowed Pam, thrusting her powerful, probing, stiff clit down until it fenced with Jenny's overwhelmed little erect clitty.

Jenny could only cry and blush from head-to-toe as Howard and the other men leaned in and watched as she grew hotter and wetter by the second until the inevitable happened! An overwhelming and irresistible urge to cum overpowered the last of Jenny's resistance and her body erupted in a cascade of painful and humiliating, yet strangely satisfying and definitely toe-curling waves of erotic pleasure.

"That was fantastic!" remarked a panting Howard Stern when Pam Anderson got to her feet and stood victorious, hands on her hips and straddled the physically exhausted and sexually spent, beaten body of Jenny McCarthy. While Pam gathered up her clothes, Howard interviewed her live on the air but the camera never strayed from the close-ups of Jenny McCarthy as she lay on her back with her legs spread wantonly, her flat belly heaving, her soft breasts rising and falling rapidly, her hands covering her face in shame as she bawled and sobbed in defeat, too beaten to even get up and crawl out of the studio.