Pamela Anderson vs. Alyssa Milano (The Rematch) by SamDog 03-Jul-99

Alyssa Milano warmed up quietly in her corner of a boxing ring. She fought with an imaginary version of her opponent, seeing herself knocking her foe out cold and triumphantly placing her foot on her battered form. Glancing at the opposite corner, Alyssa watched as Pamela Anderson entered the ring. Dressed for success in a pair of black boxing trunks, Pamela began warming up for the fight and soon was ready. Alyssa herself had already stripped to a pair of red trunks, and was shaking off her last minute jitters as she got ready for the fight.

Alyssa and Pam never had much respect for each other. The two had fought once before, after Alyssa crossed the line by making some disparaging remarks about Pam at a party. Both of their silicone enhanced chests had taken quite a mauling, and the fight had ended without a clear winner. A month later, both of them were itching for a rematch. Alyssa suggested that they settle their differences with a boxing match, and Pam agreed. Alyssa had felt firsthand Pam's catfighting experience, and was hoping that Pam's boxing skills weren't as great. They would fight with standard three minute rounds and one minute breaks, but there would be no limit to the number of rounds. Also, only the winner could determine when the fight was over. They'd also gotten a mutual friend named Julia to act as referee.

Julia entered the ring dressed in a form fitting black one piece swimsuit, her physique leaving no doubt in either woman's mind that she would be able to enforce the rules. She rang the bell for round one and the fight had begun. Alyssa and Pam moved slowly towards each other, circling and probing the other's defense. They traded some hard punches to the face and tits when Alyssa drove Pam back with some vicious blows to her tits, Pam wincing in pain but she came at Alyssa, taking another blow to her face as she plowed her fist into the brunette's right eye, staggering her with another uppercut that Alyssa never saw. Pam erupted with lefts and rights, driving the brunette back to the ropes were she pounded her belly and chest with some very hard punches as Alyssa tried her best to cover up. Pam rocked her foe's head left and right with hooks and jabs and unleashed a straight right that slammed into Alyssa's undefended right tit, her face showing the pain of the blow as her guard came up to defend her tits. As Pam bent her over with a very solid shot to her belly, the blonde stepped back and uppercut Alyssa right in her cleavage, straightening her up as she sent a left hook to her face that had Alyssa seeing stars. Pam slammed a powerful right to Alyssa's belly, as the brunette fell to the canvas.

Dazed, Alyssa pulled herself to her feet at the count of 6. Pam smiled and unloaded a right uppercut to Alyssa's chin and then proceeded to bury her fists into Alyssa's unprotected tits. The impact of Pam's punches threw Alyssa into the ropes as she tried not to show the pain from Pam's shots. Before she could fight back, Pam threw a left-right-left to Alyssa's tits, flattening her big boobs all over her chest. Alyssa instinctively sought to cover her prized possessions, but left herself wide open for a left hook that put her down flat on her face. As Julia began counting, Alyssa's head was ringing. She could barely hear the count but she could make out the fingers being waved at her.

Finally at 8, Alyssa got up again but on very unsteady legs. Julia rubbed Alyssa's gloves and signaled the combatants to continue. Before Pam could get to Alyssa and inflict more pain, the bell sounded, ending Round One.
The two came together for Round Two and began trading punches. Suddenly, Pam landed a devastating right to Alyssa's mouth, dropping her like a rock. Pam raised her arms in victory and walked to a neutral corner. As Julia began counting, Alyssa spit out blood from her mouth and pulled herself up at the count of 8. Struggling to come to her senses, Alyssa was helpless as Pam trapped her against the ropes, slamming punch after punch into her body.

Desperate, Alyssa put everything she had into one punch and slammed it into Pam's face. Pam wasn't expecting a response from the brunette, and was completely stunned as she stumbled backwards. Seeing her chance, Alyssa raised her gloves and began punching Pam in the face with everything she had, as Pam could only stumble backwards to the ropes. Pam was finally able to bring up her guard and block Alyssa's punches, but the busty brunette hammered her fist into Pam's belly, bending her forward. As Pam's defenses dropped Alyssa punched her oversized tits with everything she had, as the blonde screamed in pain. Finally, Alyssa nailed Pam with a left hook to the chin, knocking her to the canvas.

Dazed, Pam struggled to regain her senses as she faintly heard the count. Weak, Pam grabbed wildly at the ropes and managed to pull herself up just in time. As they came together Alyssa plowed through Pam's faltering defense and nailed her with a powerful right, as blood began pouring from her nose. As her gloves dropped, Alyssa let loose with punch after punch to Pam's breasts, as the blonde struggled to counterattack. Being outpunched three to one, Pam screamed as Alyssa's punches flattened her tits and tried to cover them up, but Alyssa lowered her attack and hammered her fists again and again into Pam's body. As she moved her left hand protectively over her body she gave Alyssa a clear shot to the left side of her face with a straight right as Alyssa flailed away again at her aching tits. Seeing an opening she slammed an uppercut into the underside of the right tit, slamming it upwards, but Alyssa shrugged it off and continued her assault. Dazed, Pam never saw the right uppercut to the chin that sent her to the canvas just as the bell rang, visibly shaken and hurting as she cupped her tits in her gloves, massaging the battered boobs tenderly.

Pam soon rose to her feet and staggered back to her corner, only to have to fight again after wasting forty seconds trying to get to her corner. As the bell rang, Alyssa grabbed her breasts and shook them, taunting the blonde. As they came together Alyssa nailed Pam with a powerful haymaker, sending her to the canvas as blood spewed from her split lip. Alyssa sauntered back to the neutral corner, taunting Pam to get up. As Pam made it to her feet, Alyssa came barreling at her, hitting her with punch after punch. Desperate, Pam threw a left to the body, but Alysssa took advantage of the monetary opening to wallop Pam in the nose, snapping her head back and following through with some hard blows to her chest and right cheek. Alyssa attacked relentlessly until she drove Pam to the other end of the ring and knocked her back into the ring post with a right cross to the jaw that had her stunned! Pam tried to cover up and absorbed blow after blow, her face twisted in pain as each punch crashed into her breasts.

Alyssa began punching Pam's face, opening a cut over her left eye as Pam struggled to hang on. Pam was blinded as the blood got in her eyes, but could feel every punch as Alyssa drove her hands further into her bruised and battered tits. Hurt, Pam fought with everything she had and began to drive Alyssa back with punch after punch. Suddenly, Alyssa clocked her in the jaw with everything she had. Stunned by the hard blow, a second one to hit her in her now bruised jaw, her strong knees buckling slightly as Alyssa pushed her into the ropes. Pam shook her head to get rid of the ringing in her ears and the stars in front of her eyes. Her eyes cleared of blood, she could watch as Alyssa gave her no quarter and begin to decimate her with hard blows to her tits and to her face. Soon one eye was swollen shut and blackened while her face was covered with small bruises, but the tough beauty still stood on her wobbly feet! The bell finally rang, saving Pam from total defeat at the brunette's hands.

Pam staggered back to her corner. Pam's left breast sagged noticeably lower than her right, which seemed to have shifted towards her armpit. Both breasts were bruised and swollen, their nipples puffy. In a pained voice Pam begged her second to try to reset her implant. Her second was taken back by this request, but she complied. She gently cupped her once firm breasts, as Pam gasped and stiffened like she had been shocked. Ignoring Pam's whimpers, she started to push and massage her tits. Pam fought not to black out from the pain as she worked her sensitive implants back into position. Gradually the pain decreased to a dull ache, and her nipples began to respond to the kneading of her strong hands. Meanwhile, Alyssa was overwhelmed with feelings of dominance and pleasure from inflicting such damage upon her opponent. She enjoyed the sight of Pam, slumped in her corner twitching with agony as her second worked on her.

The bell rang for the fourth round as Alyssa again beat Pam's tits with blow after blow until she drove her into a corner. Battered, Pam dropped to the canvas as Alyssa strut over to her corner confident that the blonde was done for. As poor Pam barely made it to her feet only to get pummeled into the corner by her hellcat opponent. Pam cried out as Alyssa uppercuts her right tit, following up with a solid punch to her nose as she dropped her guard and a hard right to her rival's belly that almost doubled her over. Desperate to get out of the corner, Pam unleashed a devastating left hook to the Alyssa's right cheek, snapping her head to the side and allowing Pam to slam both gloves into her rival's tits, sending a pained looking Alyssa flying backwards onto her ass, her face twisted in obvious pain as she cupped her tits gingerly in her gloves.

Rising quickly, Alyssa began trading punches with Pam, each scoring at least one shot to the head or chest of the other. Pam faked a jab and as Alyssa raised her guard she let her have it with a flurry of blows to her face and tits, a hurt Alyssa retreating back a step after the exchange. Pam charged at Alyssa and caught her in the face with a quick jab, then stunned her with an uppercut that sent the left tit flying as Alyssa let out a loud cry! That was all the incentive the blonde needed as she let fly blow after blow to Alyssa's left breast, pounding it over and over until she drove a dazed and hurt brunette into a corner. Alyssa covered up, but Pam rammed one glove upwards into her arms, knocking them up and exposing her chest as she slammed home the other into the center of Alyssa's tits. She repeated it, her face lighting up as her foe's voice turned shrill as she cried out with each blow until finally Pam let an out punched Alyssa fall to the canvas all but boob punched to defeat, as she all but danced to the neutral corner. Alyssa just cupped her tits gingerly in her gloves as she rocked back and forth, sobbing in pain and bewildered at the turn of events.

Rising, Alyssa charged forward and took a left hook, then a right uppercut as she was staggered. Pam slapped down her left glove and slammed her fist into Alyssa's swollen and bruised left tit, driving it in and totally crushing her breast under her glove as a moan escaped her rival's mashed lips. Confident of her impending victory, Pam swung a roundhouse at Alyssa's head that would have taken it off had it connected, but Alyssa ducked under it at the last second and came back up throwing a left uppercut that plows into Pam's right tit sending it careening upwards, then quickly stepped back out of range of a left jab to her face! Alyssa charged in again and tagged both tits at the same time with her gloved fists, each glove landing perfectly on Pam's blood engorged nipples, all but driving them into her lungs. Pam staggered back on slightly wobbly legs then cried out as Alyssa nailed each tit with multiple blows that crushed the mammoth tits painfully against her chest as she slammed the punches home with all her weight behind each one, driving her in agony into the corner. Before Pam could fall Alyssa struck her left tit with a straight right and used it to hold her against the turnbuckle as she battered her right tit again and again with hard hooks and uppercuts as tears flowed down Pam's tortured looking face. Alyssa switched hands and battered the left tit all over.

Alyssa drew her arms all the way out and then brought them flying in to crash into the outside of each of Pam's bruised and swollen tits, the flesh oozing out in all directions as the brunette began grinding the gloves together, her face aglow at the agonized sobs issuing from Pam's mouth. Alyssa finally released the trapped titflesh and let Pam slump to the ground in utter agony as she admired her handiwork. Alyssa walked to the neutral corner with her arms raised in victory as Julia counted Pam out. Walking back over to her defeated foe, Alyssa grabbed Pam's hair and pulled her to her feet, draping her arms over the top rope. Grinning, Alyssa brutalized Pam with everything she had left, turning Pam's face into a bloody mess and battering her breasts a few cup sizes larger. Pam sobbed uncontrollably as Alyssa destroyed her once beautiful breasts, until finally she passed out from the pain.

With hardly a scratch on herself, Alyssa left the ring, leaving Pam to be attended to by Julia.