TITLE>Anderson-Milano Party Crashing: Alyssa Milano vs. Gillian Anderson by Samdog 11-22-00

Alyssa Milano was enjoying herself at the party. Invited by a close friend of hers, she spent much of the first part of the night socializing with many of the other guests. Dressed in a revealing red dress and matching high-heel shoes, Alyssa enjoyed being the center of attention as all of the male guests ogled her gorgeous body. That was, until Gillian arrived. Gillian Anderson, also a close friend of the host, arrived fashionably late to the party. Wearing a black dress even more revealing than Alyssa's, pantyhose, and black heels, the redhead began stealing all of the attention away from the brunette. Enjoying herself as she stole the show, Gillian decided to spice things up a bit, spreading a few nasty innuendoes about the brunette. After ignoring insults for about an hour, Alyssa finally couldn't take any more. Strutting over to Gillian, Alyssa made her way through the crowd of admirers surrounding the redhead.

Hands on hips, Alyssa shouted, "All right, bitch! I've had enough of you and your big mouth! Get the hell out before I kick your ass!"

Jabbing her finger into Alyssa's right tit, Gillian replied, "I'd like to see you try. That way, I can beat the crap out of you and show the entire world what a washed-up bitch you really are!"

Angered, Alyssa slapped her across the face. The redhead responded with a left hook and an uppercut to the jaw, stunning Alyssa. Gillian then grabbed the straps of Alyssa's dress and ripped it down, leaving her wearing only her panties and shoes. As Alyssa tried to cover her breasts from the prying eyes of the crowd, Gillian slammed a powerful kick into her belly, sending the brunette stumbling backwards.

Forgetting herself, Alyssa lunged forward and hit Gillian in the face with a left hook and a right to the nose, snapping her head back. As the redhead struggled to regain her senses, Alyssa began punching her stomach, digging her fists into Gillian's belly as she screamed aloud. Suddenly, Alyssa was sent for a loop by a left to the eye, followed by a volley of punches to her breasts. As the brunette tried to protect her tits from Gillian's assault, the redhead slammed a fist into her mouth, sending Alyssa careening into a table. Pressing her over the table, Gillian began pounding Alyssa's face and breasts, relishing each cry of pain. The redhead then slammed her knee twice into Alyssa's cunt, enjoying her screams before she threw her to the floor by her hair.

Standing over the fallen brunette, Gillian rammed her foot into her cunt, relishing her cries as Alyssa clutched herself and tried to rub the pain away. Taking off her shoes, Gillian straddled the brunette as a cruel grin appeared across her face. The redhead began hitting Alyssa's breasts with the heels of her shoes, enjoying herself as Alyssa screamed and desperately tried to cover her breasts.

Tossing the shoes aside, Gillian taunted, "What's wrong, bitch? Giving up already? Let me give you something to scream about first..."

She began slapping Alyssa's tits, knocking them back and forth as the brunette cried out in pain. Her wails filled the air as the redhead attacked her nipples, pinching and twisting them mercilessly. Desperate to free herself, Alyssa reached up, grabbed Gillian's hair and began yanking; forcing the redhead to bend over to alleviate the pain as she screamed aloud. Gillian began slapping Alyssa's face, struggling to free herself as the brunette held on, pulling even harder on the redhead's hair. Unable to get Alyssa to let go, Gillian grabbed her hair and pulled it as well. The two began rolling around on the floor, struggling to gain the upper position as the crowd now encircled them, cheering on their favorites.

Suddenly, Alyssa screamed in agony as Gillian rammed her knee twice into her cunt. On top once again, Gillian straddled Alyssa and began punching her face. She cried out in pain as each blow crashed into her face, snapping her head back and forth as her left eye was blackened. Grabbing Alyssa's hair, Gillian began slamming her head on the hardwood floor, stunning the brunette as she let out a weak moan of pain.

Reaching down, Gillian caressed Alyssa's tits and smiled, taunting, "You dumb slut. You won't be so proud of these balloons of yours after I'm through with them!"

With that, she grabbed Alyssa's tits with both hands and began squeezing. The brunette moaned loudly as Gillian crushed her tits, but soon screamed in pure agony as she began yanking on them, pulling them left and right. Gillian pushed forward with her hands, flattening Alyssa's tits on her chest, her boobs mushrooming outward as she screamed aloud. Alyssa screamed even louder when Gillian dug her nails into her tits and began squeezing again.

Alyssa grabbed Gillian's wrists and pulled futilely on them. Tears ran down her cheeks as her tits were ravaged. Alyssa desperately reached up and began punching Gillian in the face. The redhead cried out as punches crashed into her face, visibly hurting her until blood trickled from her left nostril - but she continued to attack Alyssa's tits relentlessly.

Frantic, Alyssa ripped down the front of Gillian's dress, baring her tits. She grabbed them and began twisting back and forth. Screaming as Alyssa sank her nails into her tits and began clawing them, Gillian began punching Alyssa's breasts, gaining a brief respite as Alyssa cried out in pain. The redhead's face suddenly twisted in pain, however, as Alyssa grabbed her nipples and began twisting and pulling. Gillian screamed in agony as Alyssa slammed her tits together until she grabbed her wrists and frantically trying to free her breasts. Alyssa grinned, finally throwing the redhead off her.

As the two women lay on their sides, Alyssa grabbed Gillian's tits and began pulling and twisting them as the redhead screamed in agony. Suddenly, the smile was wiped off Alyssa's face as Gillian wrapped her legs around the brunette's waist and began squeezing the life out of her. Alyssa groaned as she writhed between the redhead's strong legs, unable to free herself. Bringing her fists to bear, Gillian began hammering Alyssa's face with punches, stunning her. Smiling, Gillian grabbed Alyssa's tits and began squeezing and twisting them again, relishing Alyssa's cries as she grabbed at her wrists, trying to free her aching tits. Alyssa moaned as Gillian squeezed tighter with her legs, increasing the pressure on her sides. Desperate, Alyssa grabbed Gillian's tits and began pulling on them, but the redhead let go of hers and began punching them, flattening them against her chest as she cried out with each blow.

Tears streaming down her cheeks, Alyssa sobbed aloud as Gillian grabbed her nipples and yanked her tits downward by them, pulling and twisting them. Desperate, Alyssa slipped her hand down Gillian's panties, the redhead's eyes going wide before she screamed in pure agony as Alyssa ripped out a handful of pubic hair. Howling as the brunette pulled and twisted her pussy lips, Gillian reached down with both hands, tugging at Alyssa's wrists. Finally, pulling Alyssa's hand away, Gillian screamed again as Alyssa attacked with her other hand, clawing at her cunt walls. Smiling, Alyssa punched the redhead twice in the face, stunning her.

Grabbing Gillian's ankles, Alyssa spread her legs apart and punched her twice in her pussy, making the redhead scream in agony.

Rising slowly, Alyssa smiled cruelly when Gillian made it to her knees dazed and she groaned weakly. Grabbing her hair, she began punching Gillian's face, hurting the redhead who cried out with each blow. Alyssa grabbed onto Gillian's nipples with her free hand and began tugging her around by it as Gillian screamed in pain.

Her face twisted in pain, Gillian pulled at her rival's hand as Alyssa continued to tear her nipple around, taunting, "Awww, what's wrong? Do your weak little titties hurt too much? Let me give you something to really scream about!"

Letting go of the nipple, Alyssa began slamming her knee into Gillian's tits, flattening them, as the redhead cried out in pure agony. When Gillian desperately tried to shield her tits from more abuse, Alyssa rammed a knee into her nose, snapping her head back as blood now flowed freely from both nostrils.

Grabbing Gillian's panties, Alyssa yanked them upwards, giving the redhead a wedgie. The redhead's eyes went wide as the material dug into her crotch, screaming as each pull drove the panties deeper into her erogenous zone. Finally, much to Gillian's relief, the material ripped and she collapsed forward on the floor.

Standing over her, Alyssa shouted, "Not so tough now, huh bitch?"

Suddenly, the brunette realized that she was still wearing her shoes. Smiling, she rolled Gillian over and ripped away the tattered remnants of her panties, leaving her totally naked except for her pantyhose. Spreading the redhead's legs, Alyssa began to stomp her cunt, driving the heel of her shoe into Gillian's pussy. As the redhead's screams echoed off the walls, some guests began to wonder if things had gone too far; others urged Alyssa to finish Gillian off while still others shouted for Gillian to fight back.

Taking off her shoes, Alyssa straddled Gillian and hit her in the forehead with one of them, stunning her.

Grinning, Alyssa shouted, "Don't worry bitch, it's almost over!"

She grabbed the back of Gillian's head and pulled her face into her cleavage. Gillian struggled weakly, her cries muffled by Alyssa's breasts as the brunette smiled triumphantly atop her beaten foe.

Suddenly, Alyssa's eyes went wide and she screamed in pure agony.

Desperate and out of options, Gillian had bitten Alyssa's right tit. She sobbed loudly as she grabbed Gillian's hair and tried to pull her from her breast but Gillian refused to let go. She shook her head back and forth and tugged at Alyssa's tit while the brunette shrieked loudly. Punching Alyssa several times in her gut, Gillian grabbed her hair and rolled her off, still biting down on her tit.

Reaching down, Gillian tore off Alyssa's panties and began viciously ripping out her cunt hair as Alyssa screamed in agony. Rolling Alyssa onto her back, Gillian straddled her, letting go of her tit, but she immediately began punching her face, Alyssa cried out with each blow. Then, lowering her sights, Gillian began to claw, squeeze, and pull on Alyssa's tits as she sobbed uncontrollably. Gillian got off Alyssa who cupped her tits and weakly tried to massage away the pain.

Grinning, Gillian shouted, "You dumb slut! I'm not through with you yet!"

Grabbing Alyssa's tits, Gillian yanked upward, pulling her to her feet as she screamed in agony. Grabbing Alyssa's hair, Gillian dragged her to the wall, wading through the crowd as her supporters cheered and egged her on. Using Alyssa's tits, she pressed forward, mashing them against her chest as Alyssa's anguished cries filled the room. Gillian sank her nails into Alyssa's tits and began clawing and pulling while Alyssa howled in pain. With no more fight left in her, Alyssa sank to her knees, sobbing uncontrollably and holding Gillian's wrists as she tried to free her badly mauled tits even with the redhead still gleefully squeezing and twisting them.

Suddenly, Alyssa screamed aloud as Gillian jerked her up by her tits, slamming her against the wall again.

Gillian wrenched Alyssa's tits back and forth as she dug her nails into them, shouting, "You stupid bitch! You're not getting off that easily!"

Gillian began punching Alyssa's tits, flattening them and knocking them back and forth as the brunette cried out with each blow. As Alyssa slowly slid down the wall, Gillian grabbed her hair to keep her up, a cruel smile crossing her face. Reaching down with one hand, Gillian began pulling and twisting her pussy lips; Alyssa screaming aloud. She dug her fingers in Alyssa's cunt and began gouging and clawing at her inner walls as Alyssa howled; weakly trying to pry Gillian's hand from her pussy. Finding Alyssa's clit, Gillian began pulling and twisting it until Alyssa was blinded by her tears. Letting go, Gillian began viciously ramming her knee up into Alyssa's pussy - the brunette crying out with each blow until she collapsed on the floor.

Rolling Alyssa over on her back, Gillian sat on her chest, flattening the brunette's chest beneath her ass as Alyssa moaned in agony. She bounced several times on Alyssa's tits, then turning around to face her legs, Gillian began ripping out more cunt hair as Alyssa's screams filled the room while her body bucked wildly in a futile attempt to unseat the redhead. Digging into Alyssa's pussy, Gillian clawed the inner walls, ripping at her cunt as Alyssa sobbed uncontrollably, begging for mercy. Ecstatic, Gillian began punching Alyssa's cunt, toying with her as she showed off for the crowd. Alyssa lay weakly whimpering beneath her.

Suddenly, Gillian's eyes opened wide as Alyssa's legs came up and wrapped around her neck. With her remaining strength, Alyssa pulled the redhead forward, stunning Gillian when her head hit the hardwood floor. Rolling away, Alyssa pushed herself up to her feet, ignoring the aches and pains that coursed through her battered body. Rising as well, Gillian glared at Alyssa as she raised her fists. Smiling, she relished the chance to beat on her some more.

As they came together, Alyssa threw a right at Gillian's face which she easily dodged. She fired back with a right cross and a left hook, staggering Alyssa and snapping her head. Hurt, Alyssa cried out in pain again as Gillian began punching her repeatedly in her belly. Suddenly, a left crashed into Gillian's face, stunning her. Coming forward, Alyssa threw a pair of uppercuts to the redhead's chin, sending her stumbling backward.

Alyssa continued to press the offensive, throwing lefts and rights at Gillian's tits, flattening them against her chest and knocking them back and forth as she screamed in agony. Struggling to defend her breasts, Gillian threw a right hook to Alyssa's face, snapping her head back. Hurt, Alyssa cried out when Gillian's hit her with a right uppercut to the chin. Dazed, she fell forward, clinching with the redhead in a desperate attempt to stay on her feet. Hanging onto Gillian, Alyssa moaned as her bruised and battered tits ground against Gillian's. The crowd noticed how the redhead's perky pair overwhelmed Alyssa's.

Grinning, Gillian taunted, "You pathetic little slut! Your ass is mine!"

She began punching Alyssa's belly as she hung on her, relishing Alyssa's gasps of pain. Out of options, Alyssa mustered all of her strength and rammed a knee up into Gillian's cunt. The redhead's eyes went wide and her face paled; dropping her jaw and opening her mouth to scream - but no sound came out. Furious, Alyssa rammed her knee again and again to Gillian's cunt, the redhead grunting with each blow until Alyssa let go and let her fall to the floor.

Gillian lay on her back, sobbing as she tried to massage the pain from her cunt. On her foe immediately, Alyssa straddled Gillian and began punching her face, snapping her head back and forth as Gillian cried out with each blow. Desperate, and near the end of her rope, Gillian desperately reached up and grabbed Alyssa's tits, squeezing them and crushing them in her fingers as Alyssa gasped in pain. She began wrenching Alyssa's breasts left and right then yanking them downward. Alyssa screamed and grabbed at the redhead's wrists, trying to free her tits.

With her battered and bruised tits unable to take much more punishment, Alyssa began slapping Gillian's tits, rocking them back and forth as now Gillian howled in agony. Grabbing the nipples, Alyssa began crushing and twisting them as Gillian shrieked in pain. Unable to take any more, Gillian let go of Alyssa's tits and grabbed the brunette's wrists, trying to free her tits. Easily breaking free of her grip, Alyssa punched Gillian's tits; pounding them until the redhead's hands dropped to the floor.

Sinking her fingers into Gillian's tits, Alyssa began squeezing and clawing as the redhead screamed, tears streaming down her cheeks. Unable to take anymore pain, Gillian's screams were soon replaced by sobs.

Gillian cried out her submission, totally defeated.

Getting up, Alyssa shouted, "Stay down where you belong, whore," as she slammed a kick into Gillian's cunt.

The redhead screamed in agony as she curled up into a fetal position, sobbing loudly. Walking over to the table, Alyssa came back with a chair. Wrapping her arms around Gillian's waist, Alyssa lifted her up and dropped her down into it. Gillian tried to resist, but offered little resistance as her exhausted body was wracked with pain. Sitting straddling Gillian's lap, Alyssa grabbed Gillian's tits in her hands, gently massaging them as the redhead moaned softly.

Suddenly, Gillian screamed when the brunette began squeezing and pulling on her tits, attacking them mercilessly. Gillian's face contorted in pain as Alyssa sunk her nails into the soft flesh, clawing viciously as Gillian shrieked in agony. Letting go of her tits, Alyssa began punching Gillian's belly. The redhead groaned with each blow. Then, grabbing Gillian's tits again, Alyssa began raking her nails down them as the redhead cried out in agony.

Totally at the brunette's mercy, Gillian weakly begged, "Please, no more...you win...stop hurting me..." as sobs flowed freely from her mouth.

Smiling, Alyssa replied, "Who's washed up now, you dumb bitch? Next time, keep your big mouth shut before you say anything stupid!"

With that, she began squeezing the redhead's tits and wrenching them back and forth as Gillian cried out again in total anguish.

Finally rising, Alyssa took Gillian by the hair and threw her forward to the floor. Face down and battered on the floor, she sobbed weakly, hoping for a merciful end to come quickly. Standing over her beaten foe, Alyssa put a foot under Gillian's body and rolled her onto her back.

Straddling her, Alyssa stared into her eyes and said, "You stupid piece of gutter trash. I hope you learned your lesson."

Grabbing her hair at the back of her head, Alyssa lowered her chest and pulled Gillian's face forward into her cleavage, breast smothering her again. The redhead struggled weakly beneath her brunette conqueror, but her efforts soon subsided and she passed out. Alyssa continued to grind her breasts on Gillian's face, enjoying herself for several minutes before she finished her rival with one final coup de grace. Rising, Alyssa planted her foot on Gillian's chest, posing victoriously as she took in the cheers of the crowd. Once again, she was the true queen of the party.