Pamela Anderson vs. Kelly Monaco - "Playmate Lifeguard Catfight"
(c) 2003 by John
Pamela Anderson vs. Kelly Monaco "Playmate Lifeguard Catfight" by John J.

Hef decided to imitate the extremely popular Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and do a "Luscious Lifeguards" special edition of Playboy. A number of Baywatch Babes, Playmates and swimsuit models all did poses and took pictures for the issue. The only issue left to be resolved was the covergirl. It was quickly apparent that the two main contenders were Pam Anderson and Kelly Monaco. They were both gorgeous, busty, and they disliked each other with a passion. Though similar in curviness, that was the end of their similarities in looks. Kelly had dark hair and eyes, while Pam was blonde.

Hef tried to end the squabble in a civil manner as he offered one the front cover and the other the rear cover. That led to an argument as to who gets to be on the front. Every other resolution that Hef suggested also led to bitchy comments being slung back and forth. It became apparent that only one girl could grace the cover of the "Luscious Lifeguards" issue, both front and back, and that matter needed to be settled.

Hef made his final suggestion, and said, "OK, neither of you liked any of my other ideas. So, why don't you two have a Playmate catfight, and settle it that way?"

Pam smiled as she said, "When and where! I'm ready."

Kelly sneered, "I'll kick your peroxide poisoned ass, bitch!"

Hef said, "OK. That settles it. The fight is on. Tomorrow afternoon, at five o'clock on the beach where we did the photo shoots. Any special rules or requests for the catfight?"

Pam said nastily, "Yeah. Let's fight topless."

Kelly snarled, "Fine, bitch! And the fight only ends with a knockout, too."

Pam snarled back, "You got it, slut!"

Hef said, "Alright, girl. That's it for tonight. Save it for the fight."

Hef sent Kelly off one direction and Pam in the other direction. Both ladies got a good night sleep, and did a short workout in the morning, in preparation for the fight. They spent the afternoon fixing their hair and makeup just right, and picking out the perfect bikini to start the fight in. The last couple hours passed by like an eternity as the beauties waited in separate dressing rooms in the beach front house for the fight to begin.

Finally, the calls came. Kelly was brought out one way, and Pam was brought out another, so they would get into it before the start of the fight. The two Playmates waited at opposite corners of the beach arena, as Hef spoke to the small, but very exclusive, crowd.

Hef said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a very special grudge match for you this evening. As you all know, we've been shooting the pictures for the 'Luscious Lifeguards' special edition of Playboy. The photo shoots are done, except for the decision of the covergirl Playmate. Kelly Monaco and Pam Anderson are the two contenders for the covergirl spot. After several attempts to reach a decision on who should get the honor unsuccessful, the ladies decided that they would prefer to make the decision this way, in a catfight. So, we are here tonight to settle this matter."

Hef took a moment to drink a little water and then continued, "Our first contender for the coveted covergirl spot is Miss April 1997, Kelly Marie Monaco. She measures in at 34D-21-32."

"Her opponent is Pamela Denise Anderson, Miss February 1990. She measures 36-22-34."

He moved back and took his seat, then called out, "OK, girls. FIGHT!"

It took both beauties a few moments to establish their footing in the sand, as they lunged toward each other, in their high heels. They locked up in the middle of the beach arena. They pushed, shoved, and grabbed at each other, as they both tried to gain an early advantage in the fight. Pam won out as she clamped on a reverse headlock. Before she could capitalize, Kelly landed a solid left to the tit. They broke up and began circling each other. Kelly thought she saw a chance, and she sprang. Pam gracefully did a duck and roll. She lashed out with a kick to Kelly's midriff as she rolled and knocked the wind out of the brunette.

As Pam finished her roll, she jumped to her feet and went after Kelly. As Kelly pulled herself up to her knees, Pam jumped on her back and knocked her back down into the sand. Pam nearly secured a full nelson on Kelly, but Kelly bucked and bridged wildly, and Pam couldn't keep her hold and slid off Kelly's back. As Pam slid, Kelly kicked and knocked the blonde away. Both Playmates scrambled to their feet quickly. Neither gained an advantage as they faced off and circled each other.

They locked up and went right for the hair. Four hands grabbed at long lustrous hair, and they tugged and pulled violently from side to side, and forward and backward. Both gorgeous Playmates grunted and groaned as their heads bobbed around from the pulling and tugging battle. Pam's height and weight advantage eventually overwhelmed the feisty brunette as Pam began to back Kelly up until she finally managed to take her feet out from under her. Kelly lost her balance and toppled over on her back. Pam maintained her hair grip and allowed her own weight to come down and crash into Kelly's tits.

Pam slid forward and tried to secure a grapevine hold on Kelly, but Kelly twisted and smashed her knee up into Pam's pussy. Pam yelped in pain and rolled off Kelly, clutching her wounded crotch. Kelly got up fast and went after the blonde. Kelly nailed Pam with a couple vicious stomps with her high heel to the pussy. Kelly stomped at Pam's big tits a few times as well. Pam cried out in pain as Kelly dug her heel into the nipple and crushed Pam's boob into her ribcage. Pam retaliated as she gave Kelly's foot and twist and knocked the brunette off balance.

Kelly lost her balance a little, but she didn't fall. She quickly turned back to Pam, who had just gotten up to her knees. Kelly grabbed her by the hair and gave her a hard knee lift to the face. Pam moaned and cried out, as Kelly busted her nose and bloodied her face. Pam dropped down. Kelly moved in to continue, but Pam grabbed a fistful of sand and threw it in Kelly's face. Kelly shrieked as she was blinded by the sand. As Kelly struggled to regain her sight, Pam got up and tackled the brunette down to the sand. Pam tore Kelly's flimsy bikini top off and started to choke her with it. Kelly gasped and choked as Pam leaned in and pulled hard on the flimsy bikini top in an attempt to choke out the brunette.

Kelly retaliated quickly as she ripped Pam's bikini top off as well, and sunk her nails into the tender flesh. Kelly dug in hard and twisted at Pam's tits with her nails. Pam responded with another hard pull on the bikini she wrapped around Kelly's neck. Kelly choked again as the strings dug into her neck. Kelly responded and dug her nails into Pam's tender tits, and then raked her nails down the sides, leaving a trail of bloody scratches in their wake. Pam shrieked in pain and immediately released her chokehold and yanked Kelly's hands free of their targets.

In her anger, Pam moved into a bad position. She tried to move to hold down Kelly better, but she inadvertently gave Kelly some room. Kelly bucked and toppled the blonde. The two beauties lay side by side in the sand as they pulled and yanked on each other, in an attempt to regain control. They struggled and fought with their arms and legs for a controlling hold. Finally Kelly won out as she got on a scissors hold across Pam's ribs. Pam grunted as Kelly clamped down hard and crushed her ribs. Kelly smiled sadistically as she put her strength into her legs and squeezed as hard as she could. Kelly added insult to injury as she grabbed at Pam's ravaged tits and sunk her nails back into the scratches that she had left just a few minutes earlier.

Pam howled in pain, but quickly went back on the attack as she tried to unclasp Kelly's legs and break free of the scissors. Pam quickly saw that she couldn't be able to unhook the legs, so tried a different approach. Pam grabbed at Kelly's top leg with both hands, and dug her nails in. Pam raked her nails down the length of Kelly's thigh and left a set of long scratches down her beauties leg. Kelly screamed and rolled away in pain. Kelly yelped again as the sand irritated the new bloody scratches. Pam rolled the other direction, and yelped as well, as the sand irritated her scratched up tits.

The two gorgeous Playmates rested momentarily as they separated and got up to their feet. They quickly went back to business, as they closed and went for a lockup again. Kelly ducked under Pam's attempted headlock and instead tackled the blonde down to the sand. Pam used the momentum to twist Kelly over, and soon the two Playmates began to roll over and over, as they each struggled to gain the dominant position, and control of the fight. They began to roll closer and closer to the water. Finally, Kelly stopped the roll and gained her perch atop Pam's body. Kelly bounced a few times on Pam's stomach and tits, just to show her superiority.

Thinking that she had Pam beat, Kelly slid forward and planted her gorgeous ass on Pam's tits for a schoolgirl pin. Kelly wanted to show her dominance. Pam tried to buck, but Kelly maintained her position. Kelly thought Pam was done, and slid forward again, this time into a facesit position. Kelly had decided that this was how she planned to knock Pam out, with her butt. Kelly planted her ass and started to grind. Kelly shrieked in pain and tumbled off, as Pam bit down into her pussy. Kelly rolled away from Pam in pain. Pam got up and followed. She stomped on Kelly's crotch a few more times to add to the pain.

Pam didn't notice Kelly start to swivel. When she did see what Kelly was up to, it was too late for the blonde to avoid getting taken down by the leg sweep from Kelly. Kelly grabbed hold of Pam's leg as the blonde dropped and twisted it. Pam howled in pain as Kelly twisted her over into a figure-4 leglock. Kelly released the figure-4 and then skillfully twisted her enemy into a double-toed leglock. Pam cried out in pain, as Kelly continued to work over her legs. Pam bucked and powered her way out of the toehold, and then rolled away after she landed a solid kick to Kelly's head.

Kelly lifted herself up groggily after that kick. Pam connected solidly, and the brunette was a little dazed getting to her feet. Pam came over and helped her rival the rest of the way up. Pam held her up by the hair with one hand as she pounded her face and tits with her other fist. Several landed blows brought Kelly back to the present. She blocked a blow intended for her jaw and countered with a quick jab that snapped Pam's head back. Pam staggered back, surprised at the counterattack. Both beauties raised their fists, as they started to circle each other, ready for a fistfight.

Pam rushed and charged at Kelly swinging. Kelly sidestepped the blonde, and put her down with a kidney punch, as she passed. An infuriated Pam got up and rushed and Kelly again. She swung at Kelly's head. Kelly ducked and countered with a solid right into Pam's left tit. Pam staggered back. Kelly went after her and hammered her with a combination of lefts and rights to the face and tits that backed the blonde up, closer and closer to the water. Kelly dropped her with a big left to the jaw, and Pam fell hard.

Kelly raised her arms in victory. Her celebration was cut short as Pam's left foot came up and cracked into the back of her head. Kelly flopped forward, dazed. Pam pulled her up by the hair and started to smash her face and tits with a flurry of punches until the brunette went down. Pam grabbed her rival by the hair and dragged her over to the water. Pam straddled her back and held Kelly's head down as the water moved in. The water rushed in and covered Pam's legs, putting Kelly completely under water. Pam held down her, trying to knock the brunette out cold.

In a quick move, Kelly pitched and bucked and flipped Pam off her back. Kelly lunged at Pam and sat down on her tits. Kelly wrapped her hands around Pam's neck and started to choke her. Once again the water approached, and Kelly dug in and held Pam down. The water rushed in, and Pam tried to buck Kelly off, but Kelly held firm and kept the blonde under the waves. The water receded and Pam coughed and choked, as she could once again breathe. Kelly got up off her chest and hauled the blonde up with her. Pam continued to cough and choke as she rubbed her neck and caught her breath. Kelly didn't intend to allow her to catch her breath though. Just as Pam took in a deep breath, Kelly hammered her with a sudden left to the gut, that took the air right out of her. Pam gasped again, and Kelly pounded her again, this time with a hard right to the tit, that flattened her right boob.

Kelly gave Pam a hard shove back toward Hef and the rest of the crowd. Pam lurched forward, but flopped to the sand. Kelly gave her a kick in the ribs, and the dragged her by the hair back to Hef. Kelly hoisted Pam up by the hair. She doubled the blonde over with a knee to the gut. With Pam doubled over, Kelly put her down with a double ax-handle across the back.

Pam gasped and struggled back up to her knees, as Kelly hovered over her. Just as Pam got to her knees, Kelly moved in behind her, and hit her as hard as she could with a kick to the pussy, with her high-heeled shoe. Pam could barely scream, it hurt so bad, and she dropped in a heap. Kelly moved in and grabbed Pam by the hair and put her into a figure-4 headscissors. Kelly secured her calf across Pam's neck and squeezed as hard as could and choked the rest of the fight out of her blonde rival.

Pam tried to fight and pull out, but she couldn't. Just before Pam slipped into unconsciousness, Kelly released the hold. Kelly grabbed Pam by the hair and put her down on the sand. Kelly kept a firm hold on Pam's hair and sat down into a facesit position. Kelly ground her gorgeous ass into Pam's face and pulled her head up by the hair, making sure not to let her catch her breath. When she could feel that Pam had stopped struggling, Kelly yelled to Hef and the audience, "Count her out, everyone!"

The crowd chanted, "1... 2... 3... 4...."

Pam hadn't even budged but Kelly continued to grind.

The crowd went on, "5... 6... 7...."

Pam still didn't move.

They continued, "8... 9...."

Pam was still not moving.

They finished up with, "10!!!"

Kelly got up and raised her arms in victory, as Pam lay motionless beneath her feet.

Hef came over and took the microphone, "The winner and Covergirl for the 'Luscious Lifeguards' special edition of Playboy is KELLY MARIE MONACO!"

Kelly once again raised her arms high in victory. Kelly posed for a few pictures with her high heel on Pam's chest. Some did some poses flexing her muscles.

Pam was checked and revived. She was just fine. She quietly went back to the house and tended to her fight wounds, got dressed and left. Kelly and Hef conducted a press conference, announcing her as the covergirl.

The end.